Chapter 457: New Lease on Life

Chapter 457: New Lease on Life

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Qin Lie was caught a little off guard. He also did not expect that Luo Chen would actually kneel before him.

“Then this is the end of this matter!” Qin Lie exclaimed in a low tone.

“I hope to see you alive next time!”

After throwing down this line, Luo Chen abruptly went zipped far away like a sword beam.

He did not allow anyone to see his facial expression.

Both Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong froze and wanted to leave immediately as well. However, the voodoo toxin on their bodies was not completely cured yet.

Therefore, they did not depart immediately.

“He wants to see me alive next time…”

Qin Lie shook his head while rubbing his chin with an odd expression.

“Hehe.” Chu Lie also smiled.

He knew that Qin Lie could live even without the voodoo insect blood despite being poisoned.

He Wei, Song Tingyu, and the others also wore relaxed expression on their faces.

Du Xiangyang and the confused Illusory Demon Sect girls were the ones who were still in shocked and doubtful.

“Actually, I still have seven voodoo insect blood drops with me.”

Qin Lie grinned at Du Xiangyang, Xue Moyan and the others with a great deal of satisfaction. He seized the moment to take out the other bottle containing the other voodoo insect blood.

“At first, I merely wanted to coerce Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect to give us some valuables, but I didn’t think that they would harbor malice in their hearts and attempt to rob us when they see that we’re weak.” Qin Lie explained.

When the Illusory Demon Sect girls saw that he still had a bottle of voodoo insect blood with him, they were all unsure whether to laugh or cry at the outcome.

“You are such a bad person!” Pan Qianqian curled her lips and rolled her eyes at him, “You brought this upon yourself. If you haven’t thought to extort them a ridiculous sum of valuables, would they have been driven into desperation?”

“Why should I give someone else for free something I literally fought with my own life to obtain?” Qin Lie snorted coldly, “If those people from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect wanted to get the voodoo insect blood, why haven’t they charged into the voodoo toxin area themselves?”

Pan Qianqian was instantly at a loss for words.

“I simply wanted them to pay a price, that’s all. But who would think that not only did they try to get away for free, they even tried to join hands with your Illusory Demon Sect to kill me and forcefully snatch away my voodoo insect blood!”

“That is true.” Pan Qianqian nodded.

“Qianqian, let us find a place to recover our spirit energy.” Xue Moyan beckoned her.

The Illusory Demon Sect girls chose a spot with tree leaves not far away from Qin Lie’s group and sat down.

They took out their spirit stones to recover their spirit energy and maintain peak condition.

“Here, the Heavenly Flame Crystals I promised you.” Qin Lie raised his hands.

Ten fiery red crystals flew out of his hands like beautiful meteors towards Du Xiangyang.

Du Xiangyang was overjoyed. While laughing loudly, he stretched his hands to withdraw the ten Heavenly Flame Crystals and said, “Qin Lie, oh, Qin Lie, you sure are an interesting fellow.”

“Du Xiangyang, you know this guy?” He Wei said doubtfully.

“Of course, of course!” Du Xiangyang said with a cheerful expression, “When I first met this guy I almost tried to kill him, but I was the one who got played instead. After that, every time I encounter this malefic lunatic I would avoid him. Haha, thank goodness that he and I are not enemies now though.”

The enmity was finally in the past after recent developments.

“I still owe you a favor.” Qin Lie pondered and said suddenly while rubbing his spatial ring, “If possible, I would like to return this favor through the Heavenly Flame Crystals. Give me your price.”

When he was attacked by Su Yan and the others, Du Xiangyang was the one who jumped out and defended him for a moment so he could recover smoothly.

He had acknowledged Du Xiangyang from the bottom of his heart, and realized that this guy was actually not a bad person.

“Oh no, let’s have you owe me for now.” Du Xiangyang waved his hands hastily, “There may be a time when I, Du Xiangyang, would have need of you in the future. Let’s have you owe me for now so you can repay me in the future.”

“Sure.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Everyone, go get some good rest. As long as Ye Yihao isn’t dead, we haven’t truly escaped danger yet.” Chu Li said solemnly.

He was the first to sit down and swallowed a couple of Terminator Sect’s pills in a gulp. He suddenly looked towards Qin Lie and asked, “Do you need some pills to recover your spirit energy faster?”

“It’s fine, the spirit stones are sufficient.” Qin Lie turned him down with a smile.

Chu Li did not force the issue either. The pills he took were refined for him specifically by the Terminator Sect. they might not necessarily have been one hundred percent compatible with Qin Lie.

While conversing, the crowd sat down one by one on this former battlefield and began recovering their strength through the spirit stones.

Before long, Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had finished curing the voodoo poison in their True Souls with the help of the two drops of voodoo insect blood.

Without a word, the duo simultaneously stood up and took out their Heavenly Sword Mountain sword tokens. After confirming Luo Chen’s direction, they rushed over to him.

After they left, the Illusory Demon Sect girls were the only ones left nearby who were recovering their combat strength.

“Prak prak prak!”

Lightning shot out of Qin Lie’s body and entered his brain instantly.

Once again, he shattered his True Soul with thunder and lightning!

The shattering of his True Soul caused his soul threads, imprints and thought origin to become scattered once more.

Two Fire Qilin blood essences seized the moment to enter his mind. The second they went in, the voodoo poison immediately noticed something amiss and was about to exit his body through his pupils.

However, there was another Fire Qilin blood essence that was suspended in front of his eyes and waiting for these voodoo toxin to come out.


This ball of burning Fire Qilin blood instantly wrapped around the voodoo toxin and refined them with crackling sounds.

The voodoo poison was refined completely.

The voodoo toxin discharged by the Eight-winged Centipede Queen was destroyed by him just like that without leaving behind even a bit of residue.

On a floor of scattered leaves, Xue Moyan had opened her eyes while surrounded by the Illusory Demon Sect girls without anyone noticing and stared curiously at Qin Lie.

After Qin Lie had refined the voodoo toxin and opened his eyes, he noticed her gaze and subconsciously gave her a bright smile.

Xue Moyan nodded slightly as a hint of understanding appeared within her clear eyes. She seemed to realize that Qin Lie had unwittingly cured the voodoo poison just now.

Qin Lie smiled again and did not explain anything. He simply returned a nod of respect.

Xue Moyan no longer paid attention to him and bowed her head, concentrating on absorbing the spirit energy inside the spirit stones.

Qin Lie had become quiet as well.

The group of people gripped their own spirit stones and absorbed the spirit energy inside them to replenish their own powers.

The stronger one’s realm, and the worse their injuries, the harder and slower it was to recover.

For example, Chu Li and Xue Moyan’s process of recovery was much slower and difficult compared to the others.

This was especially true for Chu Li.

Not only did he exhaust most of his strength, his injuries were not light as well. It was nearly impossible for him to become fully revitalised in a short period of time.

If Ye Yihao led the three families’ martial practitioners and returned during this period, then it would be extremely difficult for them to resist.

This was also why the Illusory Demon Sect girls did not leave in a hurry. Although Luo Chen was gone, he too hadn’t gone too far away from this place.

Everyone was wary of Ye Yihao.

“The feeling of being free of voodoo poison is so good, so relaxing, so comfortable.”

Ren Peng, who was poisoned the longest let out a long sigh of relief after the voodoo toxin was fully cured. His expression was incredibly relaxed and comfortable.

He had a feeling that he was reborn into the world again.

“Yeah, it feels as if the countless shackles on our bodies were released all at once. It is instantly relaxing.” He Wei also let out a smile.

Song Tingyu nodded slightly in agreement.

An attractive luster appeared on her beautiful and seductive face once more. Every move and every smile she made was now charming again.

Suddenly, she looked deeply at Qin Lie while her eyes flowed with a dazzling, attractive luster.

Four hours later.

Everyone opened their eyes one after another. Most of them had recovered their spirit energy. Chu Li was the only one who hadn’t fully recovered because his exhaustion was too great and his injuries were pretty serious.

“This is a Heavenly Sword Mountain sword token for you Illusory Demon Sect. If you run into Ye Yihao again, you may summon us within fifty kilomters.”

Du Xiangyang was full of energy since a while ago, and when he saw that Xue Moyan was about to leave, he willingly searched a token from a Heavenly Sword Montain martial practitioner’s body and tossed it to Xue Moyan.

Xue Moyan grabbed the sword token and touched it for a moment. Then, she hung it at her waist and nodded towards Du Xiangyang, saying, “If you ran into Ye Yihao, please notify us as well. We have lost two our sisters to the voodoo insects.”

“No problem.” Du Xiangyang agreed immediately.

“Let us leave now.” Xue Moyan stood up.

The five Illusory Demon Sect girls moved along with her and slowly disappeared before the crowd’s eyes.

“The Graveyard of the God’s Trial has just started not long ago. Before the end is over, anyone can become our enemies!” Chu Li suddenly said this.

The group had turned silent once more.

That’s right. The Trial at the Graveyard of the Gods lasted for an entire year. This was just the beginning.

If they were to experience any conflicts of interest in the future, there was no telling if they would clash against Xue Moyan and the others.

“But no matter what happens in the future, I, Chu Li, and you, Qin Lie, will never clash against each other!” Chu Li promised solemnly.

Qin Lie opened his eyes and grinned at him.

The words need not be said.

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