Chapter 456: Luo Chen Kneels!

Chapter 456: Luo Chen Kneels!

“Sister Xue?”

Pan Qianqian stared at Xue Moyan while her face was riddled with worry and seriousness.

Huang Zhuli and the few other Illusory Demon Sect girls looked worried and solemn as well.

They were all scared of running into Ye Yihao and the three great families’ martial practitioners in this lush forest. It was obvious that Ye Yihao and Ling Dongxing’s group had formed an alliance. In this case, it wasn’t really smart to go against them with Illusory Demon Sect’s power alone.

They also thought that it was for the best if they do not leave for now.

After thinking for a moment, Xue Moyan nodded slightly under the girls’ expectant gazes, saying, “We shall stay with them for the moment.”

The five girls all let out secret sighs of relief.

Chu Li rubbed his chin while staring back and forth between Xue Moyan and Qin Lie with an odd gaze. He was obviously delighting over the misfortune he foresaw would fall onto Qin Lie.

“That is hell in front of you, kid…” Chu Li thought on the inside.

He thought that Xue Moyan was Qin Lie’s fiancée, but Qin Lie had gone through heaven and hell to save Song Tingyu. The second Xue Moyan realized Qin Lie’s identity, would she fly into humiliated rage? How would she treat Qin Lie?

Chu Li was starting to feel a headache for Qin Lie.

“Over there!”

The battle’s over there!”

It was at this moment He Wei’s voice came from afar.

Chu Li suddenly turned spirited at the voice as he yelled, “We’re over here!”

The crowd turned towards the direction of the voice.

Before long, He Wei, Song Tingyu, Ren Peng and the others had appeared one after another.

“Chu Li, are you fine?” He Wei cried.

“Qin Lie, how are you doing?” Song Tingyu exclaimed.

The gazes of the Illusory Demon Sect’s girls suddenly shot towards Song Tingyu all at once. Their eyes were filled with curiosity.

They knew very well just how heavy the price Qin Lie had paid in order to save this woman, to the point where he nearly lost his life in the process. They wanted to know what kind of woman she was to be able to make Qin Lie willing to sacrifice his own life.

The second the glanced at Song Tingyu, they immediately understood why. They all exclaimed inside their hearts, “What a beautiful woman!”

Although she was infected with the voodoo toxin and looked both haggard and spiritless, Song Tingyu’s perfect proportions and extraordinarily beautiful face were undeniable.

No one could deny that she was a beauty who could capture every man’s heart if they took even a single glance at her.

“Qin Lie has acquired the voodoo insect’s blood!” Chu Li exclaimed.

He Wei, Song Tingyu and the other infected people looked like they had lit up and become several times spirited the moment they heard the news.

“Here, five voodoo insect blood droplets. You will take one drop each and put it at your forehead. The blood will automatically suck out the toxin…”

Qin Lie smiled and took out another jade bottle. He poured five blood droplets into that jade bottle and passed it swiftly to Chu Li so he could help cure his friends’ ailment.

Chu Li accepted the jade bottle and glanced once at the final two droplets of blood. Suddenly, he let out an odd chuckle.

On the other side, Luo Chen, who had been quiet all this time suddenly looked towards this side.

He stared straight at Qin Lie’s hands.

There were a total of ten blood droplets inside the jade bottle. In order to coerce Xue Moyan to go up against Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect, he had burned away two blood droplets and passed one to Pan Qianqian later on.

Now, he had taken out another five blood droplets to cure He Wei, Song Tingyu and the others.

Now, he only had two blood droplets left in the jade bottle in his hands.

He had promised one blood droplet to Luo Chen as a reward for him killing a Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner.

The other blood droplet would only be given if Luo Chen knelt to Qin Lie on one feet.

However, Qin Lie himself had been poisoned by the voodoo toxin. Didn’t he need a voodoo insect blood to cure himself as well?

There were plenty of people who came to realization...

“This guy is so bad. He’s obviously just playing Luo Chen. There’s no way he’s not using a drop of blood on himself.” An Illusory Demon Sect girl muttered and rolled her eyes at Qin Lie from afar.

The rest of the girls also thought that Qin Lie was purposely toying with Luo Chen.

Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong also thought that they figured out what was going on as their expressions abruptly turned dark.

They thought that even if Luo Chen was willing to kneel and beg the voodoo insect blood for their sake, Qin Lie would never pass the two blood droplets to Luo Chen.

This meant that one of them was going to waste away slowly due to the voodoo toxin.

No one here realized that Qin Lie still had another jade bottle containing seven unused voodoo insect blood.

“Qin Lie! Are you toying with me?” Luo Chen suddenly yelled.

Qin Lie went blank for a moment before he suddenly coming to realization when he stared at the two remaining voodoo insect blood droplets in his hand. After a frown, he shook his head and laughed coldly, “I am not toying you. As long as you’re willing to kneel on one knee, as long as you’re willing to beg me, then I will pass the remaining blood to you. I only have one question. Will you do it, or not?”

“You obviously only have two blood droplets left, and you are infected by the voodoo poison as well!” Luo Chen roared angrily.

“You don’t need to worry about me.” Qin Lie chuckled oddly, “I am simply asking if you’re willing to kneel to me for their life? Are you willing to put down your so-called pride?”

“Give me the two blood droplets first! Then, I’ll kneel!” Luo Chen sucked in a deep breath and exclaimed in a cold tone.

“No problem!”

To their surprise, Qin Lie agreed to Luo Chen’s proposal and raised his hand amidst the people’s shocked gaze, saying, “You shall all be my witnesses!”

Illusory Demon Sect’s Xue Moyan, the five girls, Du Xiangyang, Chu Li, and the late coming He Wei and Song Tingyu’s group all froze at once.

Their gazes were instantly focused onto Qin Lie, and the jade bottle he was lifting in the air. They saw the two blood droplets inside the jade bottle.

“I will pass this to you first.”

Under their gaze, Qin Lie actually walked closer to Luo Chen and pass the jade bottle to Luo Chen.

Once he was done, he even said, “You can pass this to Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong first and cure them to test if this voodoo insect blood is real or not.”

Everyone froze.

Luo Chen’s gaze was indescribably odd as he held the jade bottle in his hands and froze on the spot, at a loss as to what he should do.

“Brother Luo, Brother Luo!”

Luo Chen was awakened from his daze by Zhao Xuan’s soft cries, and after he came to, he subconsciously passed the jade bottle in his hands to Zhao Xuan and said, “Test and see if this is the real thing.”

Both Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had never let their eyes move away from the jade bottle in Qin Lie’s hands. They dared say that Qin Lie absolutely did not switch it with something else, and these two blood droplets were definitely the cure to the voodoo toxin.

Both of them were incredibly excited.

Carefully, they put the two voodoo insect blood drops onto their foreheads.

Following He Wei and Song Tingyu’s posture, they sat down on the ground and used their True Souls to sense the activity inside their own bodies.

The group could clearly sense the voodoo toxin toxin exiting from their pupils like strings and flowing into the blood at their foreheads.

The effects were exactly the same as what was going on with He Wei and Song Tingyu right now.

This proved that the blood droplets were real.

Qin Lie had honored his promise beforehand and gifted them both drops.

The group subconsciously looked towards Luo Chen. They all wanted to know the decision this core ringer of Heavenly Sword Mountain, the heaven blessed son, the genius of the sword way would make.

Would he kneel?

No one could figure out the answer immediately.

They could all see the struggle, the difficulty, and the embarrassment in his eyes...

Song Tingyu’s gray eyes slowly brightened as she cured the poison inside her body. An odd light rippled through her eyes as her heart was filled with extraordinary feelings.

Not long ago, back at Sea Moon Island, Luo Chen was given great regards by Blue Star Association’s president and served greatly as the core ringer of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Meanwhile, they were discovered by them just before they were about to leave Sea Moon Island and forced to surrender the blank tombstone.

For their sake, for Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, Yi Yan, Mo Hai and everyone else, Qin Lie had chosen to endure the humiliation and submit the blank tombstone obediently.

A long time had passed since then, and Qin Lie never brought that matter up again. He was also silent for quite a while.

Song Tingyu knew very well that that incident was a huge humiliation for Qin Lie.

She thought that it would take Qin Lie another ten years or so to experience a giant leap in his realm and status before he could reclaim his pride.

He would never imagine that Qin Lie was going to clean up his shame in the Trial in just a few months time.

The humiliation to Luo Chen by asking him to kneel on one knee was probably no lesser than the humiliation he subjected on Qin Lie.

“This person will probably go back on his promise, won’t he? He is the sword genius of Heavenly Sword Mountain, and the strongest of his generation. Can he really put down his pride?” Song Tingyu shook her head slightly.

Chu Li was smiling coldly, and Du Xiangyang’s expression was cheerful. Meanwhile, Xue Moyan and the other Illusory Demon Sect girls wore odd gazes.

They were all waiting for Luo Chen’s decision, but deep inside their hearts, they did not believe that Luo Chen would kneel to Qin Lie.

After all, once today’s matter was spread out, Luo Chen would never be able to lift his head in front of Qin Lie again.

How could Luo Chen possibly do such a thing?

However, what happened in the next moment shocked everyone in the area.


Luo Chen bowed his head and knelt on one knee heavily in front of Qin Lie.

“It was I, Luo Chen, who had acted rudely. I apologize!” He gritted his teeth and exclaimed word by word.

No one saw that Luo Chen had bitten his lips so hard that they were bleeding. No one knew how terrible it was for Luo Chen to kneel either.

He was the only one who understood it.

By kneeling to Qin Lie, it meant that Qin Lie had completely torn his pride to shreds!

From here on out, he, Luo Chen would not hold the slightest bit of pride when he was before Qin Lie.

As long as Qin Lie was alive in the future, he would be a soundless badge of humiliation for Luo Chen!


Pan Qianqian covered her mouth and lost control of her voice. Her face was filled with astonishment.

The Illusory Demon Sect girls had also cried out in surprise.

Chu Li, Du Xiangyang, He Wei and even Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had frozen suddenly with shock written on their faces.

Everyone knew about Luo Chen’s pridefulness, and that he was a miracle in swords since the moment he was born. They knew that he was raised as the future leader of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

He had never let down anyone’s expectations before!

He Wei and Du Xiangyang were both talented people and sword geniuses in Heavenly Sword Mountain among the same age group. However, they were both suppressed by Luo Chen from the beginning to the end!

When Heavenly Sword Mountain was brought up, among the young generation, Luo Chen had always been the brightest and most powerful person of them all.

No one could deny this point!

However, today, this proud and bright figure had actually put down his pride in front of a nameless small fry.

Luo Chen had actually knelt down to his knee!

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