Chapter 455: Curing the Voodoo Toxin!

Chapter 455: Curing the Voodoo Toxin!

“Then let’s kill them all!”

Qin Lie stomped heavily on the ground as an immense power of the earth immediately penetrated deep beneath the ground, causing its internal gravity to change abruptly.

Situ Tong and Niu Shaojun’s group immediately paled when they saw the tide turning against them instantly.

Just when they were ready to do something and turn things around, Xue Moyan’s clear eyes abruptly shone with sharp killing intent. She actually became the first person to charge towards the front.

“Thousand Threaded Illusory Demon Hands!”

Many thin, long arms stretched out of the Illusory Demon Orb. These arms were snow white, translucent and shiny. Thousands of threads flew out tip of every finger.

In a moment, a sky full of arm shadows and silver threads enveloped every Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect martial practitioner inside it like a cloth cover.

The bright silver threads were entangled with white mists. It created a dream-like realm that could confound one’s mind, causing a martial practitioner great difficulty when attempting to arouse their fighting will.

Fear glinted through Situ Tong, Niu Shaojun and the others’ eyes. They were very worried on the inside as well.

It was at this moment gravity abruptly changed and dropped a terrific burden on them. They felt as if they were carrying a heavy mountain on their backs, and they found it difficult to even move as they wished.

These people grew more and more afraid.

“Half Moon Slash!”

The sword beam brimming inside Luo Chen’s sword transformed into a half moon’s shape before it landed right on top of the enemy like a cold crescent moon.

“For the Heavenly Flame Crystals!”

Du Xiangyang grinned and laughed loudly before he switched his sword art and conjured three gigantic fire pythons into existence, directing them with a roar right towards Situ Tong’s direction.

“Starfall!” Chu Li laughed sinisterly.

As if summoned into reality, the brilliant stars and light dots on his clothes fell from the sky with terrific impact after being mingled with Chu Li’s spirit energy.

After Qin Lie had changed gravity with a single stomp, he too raised his Thunder Hammer and joined the battle while his body was entangled with thunder and lightning, laughing harshly in the process.

Three Fire Qilin flames also roared and locked onto three different targets.

He did not feel the slightest bit of good will towards either Situ Tong or Niu Shaojun. Both of these people were complete snobs who immediately attempted to join forces with Illusory Demon Sect to kill them and snatch the voodoo insect’s blood after they realized that his cultivation was weak, and Chu Li and Luo Chen both were severely injured.

These people absolutely deserved to die for their sins!

“Boom! Boom boom boom!”

With the combined strength of the group, when the violent and forceful spirit arts and spirit artifacts were tossed towards the Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect martial practitioners, they had collapsed under the pressure instantly.



“Let’s escape this place first! We’ll find a chance to take revenge later!”

The martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect all cried out in shock and reminder as they executed all sorts of extraordinary escape techniques to outrun the devastating power that was about to fall on them.

Some of them had transformed into rainbow lights and vanished from view in a single breath. Some of them dove head first into the ground and hid underground. There were also some people who suddenly turned invisible and were gone like they never existed...

However, not everyone was lucky enough to escape.

When the group’s combined attack had fallen, those who were unable to escape in time or lacked the necessary escape spirit arts to escape in the first place were immediately flooded.

Amidst the gigantic sounds of explosion and brilliant shockwaves, the sounds of breaking ribs, bursting chests and roars of pain instantly erupted all at once.

Three people had died instantly from the attack.

Another two people had their bodies penetrated and wrapped completely by the silver threads conjured by Xue Moyan’s Thousand Threads Illusory Demon Hands.

Although the duo had not died instantly, they were trapped and were unable to escape. When Luo Chen came close, he swiped his sword across their necks and killed them both amidst blossoms of blood as well.


Another person was caught by Du Xiangyang’s orange flames and was now burning intensely.

Both Qin Lie and Chu Li had charged to the front with angry yells, but they found that their targets had escaped through the use of some escape techniques.

“Heh, thank goodness the Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners decided to help you. Otherwise, it would not have been this easy.” Du Xiangyang arrived behind Qin Lie and grinned with an open mouth, saying, “If they had joined hands with Illusory Demon Sect then we would have been the unlucky ones instead. Their downfall may have very well been our downfall…”

“Both Niu Shaojun and Situ Tong managed to escape. They are not actually weak, you know. They are both at the peak of Netherpassage Realm.” Chu Li frowned.

“I would not have given small fries like them a second glance if this was any other day!” Luo Chen exclaimed with a cold expression, “Once my strength has recovered, I will kill those two bastards with my own hands!”

“Small fries, tsk tsk, everyone is a small fry in your eyes.” Du Xiangyang ridiculed him.

Luo Chen frowned, but surprisingly, he did not retort Du Xiangyang’s words.

This was not how he used to be.

Even Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong were looking at him with a strange look in their eyes.

They knew very well how prideful a person Luo Chen was.

“You’ve only killed one person.” Qin Lie waved the jade bottle in front of Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong’s faces, “So, you can only get one drop of blood. Only one of them may continue to live…”

Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong’s expression changed at the same time.

“Give me two blood droplets. On my name, I swear that I’ll never cause you trouble again from here on out!” Luo Chen exclaimed softly.

“Hahahaha!” Suddenly, Qin Lie was amused.

He laughed so hard that he was rocking back and forth and tearing up.

He pointed at Luo Chen and said, “Since Sea Moon Island, you, Luo Chen, are the one who has been causing me trouble. Consider me curious; Just when the hell have I offended you? After the matter at Sea Moon Island, it was also you who had proclaimed that you would kill me inside the examination. Earlier just now, when you and I both encountered each other, it was again you who had attacked me first. Hah. From the beginning to the end, it was you, Luo Chen, who provoked me again and again!”

The smile on Qin Lie’s face faded bit by bit. When he was finished speaking, his expression was already ice cold.

“And now, you’re telling me that you will not cause me trouble any longer if I give you an extra drop of blood?” Qin Lie’s face was completely void of any temperature, “Have you ever considered that I would turn around and give you trouble instead? Have you ever thought how I plan to deal with you?”

Luo Chen’s eyes darkened.

“You’re at the end of your strength, man, what the hell are you acting so arrogant for?” Chu Li scolded without any politeness in his tone at all, “If Qin Lie, Du Xiangyang, and I were to join forces to kill you, it would not actually be too difficult at all!”

“Oh no, please count me out of this!” Du Xiangyang waved his hands repeatedly, “This is the internal strife within Heavenly Sword Mountain. At best, I would stand by and watch, but I would not interfere with either side.”

“Kneel on one knee and beg me to give you this blood droplet.” Qin Lie said coldly while gripping the jade bottle, “Originally, you’d have to kneel on both knees to get two droplets of blood, but since you did kill one person, I will only ask you to kneel on one!”

“You dare!” Luo Chen’s eyes shone with a powerful sense of humiliation.

“It’s up to you whether you want to kneel or not.” Qin Lie shrugged his shoulders, “I guess it’s understandable. Both Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong are not your brothers. You, Luo Chen, may not necessarily be willing to put down your pride just for their lives I guess.”

Both Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong suddenly bowed their heads and did not look at Luo Chen in a quiet sign of defiance.

“Make your choice.”

Qin Lie no longer bothered with them and beckoned Illusory Demon Sect’s Xue Moyan.

Xue Moyan and a hungry-looking Pan Qianqian walked over and looked at the jade bottle in his hands.

“Get a bottle. I’ll pour you a drop of blood right now.” Qin Lie said.

Pan Qianqian hurriedly passed over a jade bottle with hope in her eyes. Even her hands were trembling a little.

With every moment and every passing second, her life and soul were fading away bit by bit.

She could sense this clearly.

This pain and fear couldn’t be described with words.

Even in her dreams, she wanted to obtain a drop of voodoo insect blood.

“Here!” Now, Qin Lie was giving her the blood she desired in order to help her escape this agony.

Pan Qianqian accepted the jade bottle and immediately sat down on the ground. She carefully dropped the voodoo insect blood onto her forehead.

The crowd’s attention was instantly focused onto Pan Qianqian. They were all looking at the voodoo insect blood on top of her forehead.

Everyone at this place had more or less heard about the voodoo toxin’s secrets. They all knew that they must acquire a drop of blood from the mother insect or kill the mother insect directly to cure the Black Voodoo Cult’s voodoo toxin.

Everyone knew that the mother insect’s blood could be used to cure the voodoo toxin. But no one had actually seen it in effect before.

They all wanted to confirm this through Pan Qianqian right now.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up. He was also staring at Pan Qianqian’s forehead closely.

The blood from the Eight-winged Centipede Queen was like a cinnabar mole on Pan Qianqian’s forehead. Its color was so vivid that it was a little eerie.

Pan Qianqian’s eyes were currently entangled with many black threads. Then, the black threads actually seeped out of her eyes as if they sensed something at once and slipped into that blood droplet one after another.

Everyone could see that the gray color and paleness of Pan Qianqian’s face was fading bit by bit.

What replaced the darkness was a luster that was gone a very long time ago and an encouraging mind fluctuation.

Pan Qianqian was recovering swiftly!

“It’s working!”

That was the thought in everyone’s hearts right now.

About ten minutes later, the blood on Pan Qianqian’s forehead turned into a black lump that fell on the ground.

Pan Qianqian’s gray dark eyes had regained its light.

“All of the voodoo poison had been absorbed by that blood. I’m fine now!” Pan Qianqian exclaimed in joy like a bird.

“Burn that congealed blood now!” Xue Moyan instructed.

“Yeah, got it.” An Illusory Demon Sect girl who was well versed with fire spirit arts summoned a clump of light blue flames and burned the black blood lump completely.

“Sister Xue, I’m fine now. I’m completely healed.” Pan Qianqian said cheerfully.

Xue Moyan’s eyes also gleamed with joy as she nodded lightly and said towards Qin Lie, “I’ve misunderstood you and Chu Li last time.”

“It’s nothing.” Qin Lie waved his hands and pondered for a moment before saying, “In reality, I have planned to gift you a drop of voodoo insect blood from the beginning. I’ve never actually thought to coerce you, Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain, and Heavenly Artifact Sect with the voodoo insect blood. I hadn’t expected them to be this vicious either…”

“As long as Qianqian is healed, all is well.” Xue Moyan was indifferent now that it was over and said, “Let’s just leave it at this. Since we, Illusory Demon Sect, are fine now, we will be departing here.”

“I think that it is best if we stick together.” Du Xiangyang suddenly said.

The girls in Illusory Demon Sect all looked at him in surprise. They did not understand why he had suddenly said this.

“Ye Yihao isn’t dead. The Eight-winged Centipede Queen is still alive. The core members of the three great families are safe and sound as well.”

Du Xiangyang sighed, “In this forest, Ye Yihao has the land advantage. When he recovers and reconvenes with them, we will probably be in a disadvantage once more. Alone, none of us may stand a good chance against him. For example, both Luo Chen and Chu Li were almost killed by him this time. If it wasn’t for Qin Lie destroying Ye Yihao’s control over the infected with his flames, everyone here would have been killed by him already!”

Once he said this, the crowd suddenly turned silent once more.

The Illusory Demon Sect girls were no longer in a hurry to leave. They were obviously deeply wary of Ye Yihao and his people.


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