Chapter 453: Quarrel!

Chapter 453: Quarrel!

The voodoo toxin slowly dissipated.

The martial practitioners of various factions had waited for a long time. When the last wisps of the black mist dissipated, they rushed towards Qin Lie’s location.

“Are you really alright?” Chu Li came over and looked closely. He could not see any signs of serious injury on Qin Lie’s body and couldn’t help but ask for confirmation.

Qin Lie smiled as he shook his head. “I’m fine!”

“Good! Very good!” Chu Li grinned.

“Calamities last for a thousand years as expected.” Du Xiangyang tsked in wonder. “You are a calamity and didn’t die. Ye Yihao, that calamity, escaped. Even that voodoo insect escaped. It seems that being good does not pay off and evil people live longer.”

He was putting Qin Lie among the ranks of evil people.

“You got the blood from the Eight-winged Centipede Queen?” The eyes of a martial practitioner from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were bright as his gaze was locked at the jade bottle in front of Qin Lie.

The half-filled bottle contained ten drops of blood.

Everyone’s gazes focused on that jade bottle. Their expressions changed slightly and their gazes were curious.

“Inside this bottle are ten drops in total.” Qin Lie reached out to grab the jade bottle.

“Only ten drops?” Chu Li’s mind was alarmed.

“Ten drops?” The martial practitioner from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain who had inquired first stilled. He turned back to look at the people behind him and suddenly said. “That’s enough, There are eight people in total that are poisoned. There are even two extra drops.”

“Until now, Qin Lie and I have been fighting for the death of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen and its blood. The two of us will require at least five drops!” Chu Li snorted coldly.

When these words were spoken, the group that had thought there was more than enough voodoo insect’s blood immediately became silent.

“Qin Lie himself is poisoned, and needs a drop. This way…” Du Xiangyang dragged out the world and said, “There is only four drops left for other people.”

Pan Qianqian, Zhao Yuan, Zhang Chendong and the other five that were poisoned had a desirous glint burning in their eyes.

They were staring unwaveringly at the jade bottle in Qin Lie’s hand.

Chu Li’s expression suddenly became serious. He shouted, “Qin Lie! Keep a firm grip on the jade bottle!”

“Heh!” Du Xiangyang started to laugh strangely.

Qin Lie gripped the jade bottle tightly in one hand and sat motionlessly on the ground. He glanced at everyone and used his gaze to indicate a wing of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen. He said, “There is some concealed blood on its wings. Can that blood be used as an antidote to the voodoo poison?”

“No.” Xue Moyan was the first to speak. “The congealed blood is not fresh enough and cannot attract the voodoo poison from the soul. Only liquid blood, even just one drop, can take out the voodoo toxin from inside a person’s soul. Once the blood is permeated with poison, it cannot be used twice…”

She furrowed her brow, sighed inside and said, “Ten drops of fresh voodoo insect blood can only heal ten, and not one more.”

Everyone became even more quiet.

At this time, their eyes burned with an ever greater desire as they looked at the jade bottle in Qin Lie’s hand.

The atmosphere became tense, almost hostile.

Especially the martial practitioners of Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain whose eyes betrayed their murderous intent. Even their bodies started to exude a cold presence.

There were only ten drops of fresh voodoo insect blood. Taking the six drops of Qin Lie and Chu Li’s side into consideration, there were only four drops to be divided.

But there were eight people here that were poisoned, how could this be divided?

Those that did not get one would slowly walk towards death. Their life and soul power would slip away. They would have to watch as their relatives and friends leave them.

Thoughts of stealing or attacking arose in their minds.

At this point, after a battle, Chu Li was injured and his spirit power was used up. Luo Chen was even worse off. Qin Lie was poisoned and his cultivation was low…

In their view, only Du Xiangyang and the people of Illusory Demon Sect were of any threat to them.

Du Xiangyang was not poisoned, but he was alone. They did not need to pay too much attention to him.

There was only one poisoned among Illusory Demon Sect. If they reached an agreement with them, and gave them one drop of blood, it would be enough to take care of the others.

Thinking this way, there were not many present that could threaten them.

They could take all the voodoo blood for themselves!

“Miss Xue, I am Niu Shaojun of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. I have a suggestion, what do you think?” that martial practitioner from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain suddenly said.

He only looked at Xue Moyan.

“What suggestion?” Xue Moyan said neutrally.

“There are ten drops of Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s blood. Our Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect will take five drops.” Niu Shaojun smiled slightly and looked at the person beside him.

That person was called Situ Tong, a martial practitioner from Heavenly Artifact Sect. He smiled and nodded as well.

Niu Shaojun had an unspoken agreement with him already. Seeing the other nod, Niu Shaojun was even more confident. “Illusory Demon Sect can do as you please with the remaining five drops. We will not have any opinions. Miss Xue, what do you think?”

When the words were spoken, the battle that had just settled down seemed as though it would start again.

At this time Luo Chen was bandaging himself, swallowing pills and medicines to recover. Zhao Yuan and Zhang Chendong were standing to the left and right of him.

Luo Chen’s ashen and handsome face turned icy. His eyes were intimidatingly murderous. “Niu Shaojun! Situ Tong! You dare to dismiss me? Even if Feng Yiyou was here, he would not disregard me so, who do you think you are?”

“Young Master Luo Chen, if this was in the past, we naturally would not dare to disregard you. In fact, in the past, we would have avoided had we seen you.” Situ Tong chuckled and looked disdainfully at him. He said, “But the present is not the same as the past. You are heavily injured, and cannot reach even three-tenths of your usual power. Hah, we can actually ignore the present you!”

“The two next to you are not martial practitioners of Heavenly Sword Mountain and are infected by the voodoo toxin. They cannot help you.” Niu Shaojun looked mockingly at him and said, “Your current combat ability is not enough to make us nervous, so you do not qualify to receive the blood.”

The duo’s words were painfully direct and self-serving.

They were as ruthless as a blade and crushed the temporary alliance that everyone had formed to face Ye Yihao to pieces.

“Damn it! I’m a dying tiger that’s being bullied by a dog. I can humiliate little people like you usually. I would have never thought that I would be ignored now!” Chu Li smiled in anger.

“Hah, Boss Chu, don’t be angry. The words that we just said to Luo Chen are also suitable for you. We also … want to say it to you.” Situ Tong’s eyes were narrowed and he was not polite at all.

“Du Xiangyang, this has nothing to do with you. You can not interfere,” Niu Shaojun said with a frown.

He was still careful when facing Du Xiangyang. Du Xiangyang was only lightly injured and was still a strong fighter. If he really became enemies against them, he could cause significant trouble.

So he hoped that Du Xiangyang would stay out of this and not interfere. This way, their chance of success would be higher.

The two of them inquired about Xue Moyan’s opinion, humiliated Luo Chen, challenged Chu Li and urged Du Xiangyan. The only thing they did not do was ask Qin Lie’s opinion.

And Qin Lie was actually the person who had risked his life and did everything he could, even at the price of being poisoned, to get the ten drops of blood.

They chose to dismiss Qin Lie’s opinion!

Because Qin Lie wasn’t just poisoned, he was wounded. Also, in their view, he was weak in cultivation—unable to be of any threat to them.

“Miss Xue, please give an answer,” Situ Tong said.

All gazes gathered on Xue Moyan.

Even the young women of Illusory Demon Sect had nervous and anxious expressions. They also wanted to know what Xue Moyan’s stand on the matter was.

Her position would decide the direction of further developments.

There were six young women from Illusory Demon Sect. Other than Pan Qianqian, none of them were poisoned. Xue Moyan had not been wounded heavily in this battle and was still in her best condition.

It could be said the present Xue Moyan was the strongest person present.

Illusory Demon Sect was not a faction that Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect could face individually.

Even if the two factions teamed up, they would not have a hundred percent chance of achieving victory against the Illusory Demon Sect young females led by Xue Moyan.

Because of their great wariness, they expressed the appropriate respect all this time and inquired for Xue Moyan’s opinion.

“Give me one drop, I will take my sisters and immediately leave this place. I only want one drop!” Xue Moyan suddenly shouted at Qin Lie.

“No.” Qin Lie coldly responded.

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