Chapter 452: Controlling the Crux!

Chapter 452: Controlling the Crux!

The voodoo insect successfully escaped from his hand at the cost of eight wings that had been left behind.

There was clearly blood of the voodoo insect on the eight wings. The fresh blood was one of the antidotes to the voodoo toxin!

Qin Lie paused only for a second.

In the next moment, he reacted. He immediately took out a jade bottle from his spatial ring and carefully picked up a wing.

There were some drops of blood that had yet to dry on this wing. He carefully moved it to the mouth of the bottle and shook slowly to tip the drops of blood into the bottle.

One drop, two drops, three drops, four drops…

There were only four drops of blood on this wing, and also a portion of sticky dried blood that would not come off. Qin Lie didn’t know if it had any value so he did not touch it.

He picked up the second wing and continued to harvest the blood carefully. His expression was unusually serious.

He knew better than anyone else that each drop of blood represented a life, it meant that he could rescue one person who had been poisoned.

Because of the voodoo insect’s escape, the voodoo toxin that covered this area did not shift or thicken.

It was gradually dissipating.

“Qin Lie! How is it?”

“The voodoo toxin has not moved and there isn’t any sound from inside, what happened?”

“Qin Lie, are you still there?”

Many people on the outside saw the signs and started to ask. They wanted to know what had happened inside.

Focused on harvesting the voodoo insect’s blood, Qin Lie did not immediately respond. With a grave expression, he carefully and cautiously collected the drops of blood on the wings.

He gathered them into two jade bottles.

“Seventeen drops! There are seventeen drops in total!”

Moments later, he looked at the two jade bottles in his hands. The careful and nervous expression on his face eased slightly.

Seventeen drops of blood. Seven of those were prepared for his side, Song Tingyu, He Wei, and the three martial practitioners of Terminator Sect. All five were poisoned and needed the blood of the voodoo insect.

One of the extra drops was for Xie Jingxuan and the other was for Gao Yu.

Even though he heard He Wei say that Xie Jingxuan had not lasted and was going to find a quiet place to wait for death and also thought that Xie Jingxuan was most likely not alive… they hadn’t seen Xie Jingxuan’s corpse.

As long as there was a thread of hope, a drop of the voodoo insect’s blood could save her life.

As for Gao Yu, he didn’t know if Gao Yu was able to escape if so many people got afflicted with the voodoo toxin.

So, as an insurance, he left a drop for Gao Yu.

He put the other ten drops in a new jade bottle and prepared to have a good discussion with the people outside.

He sat down where he was with the eight wings of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen in front of him. The blood on these eight wings had turned sticky and congealed. He didn’t know if he could use this. He was waiting for the voodoo toxin to dissipate.

“I’m still here.” After planning in his mind, he shouted in response to the urgent calls of the martial practitioners outside.

“Friend, did you kill the voodoo insect?” a martial practitioner from Heavenly Artifact Sect inquired.

“Did you get the blood?” someone from Ten Thousand Beast Sect spoke.

“Qin Lie, are you alright?” That was Chu Li’s voice.

“Haha, you really are lucky, you survived even that!” Du Xiangyang laughed strangely.

There were great differences in the words said by different people in Qin Lie’s ears.

Chu Li was firstly concerned if he was alright, and did not mention the voodoo insect and the blood.

Du Xiangyan was alone and was not poisoned. He did not have much interest in the life and death of the voodoo insect and was purely bantering.

The people from Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were clearly more concerned about the voodoo insect and its blood. They clearly wouldn’t be interested in him if he didn’t get the voodoo insect’s blood.

Through these simple questions, Qin Lie judged and had his own thoughts.

“The Eight-winged Centipede Queen sacrificed his eight wings and managed to escape from me. However, I did get some fresh blood. After the voodoo toxin dissipates, you guys can come in and we can chat,” Qin Lie responded calmly.

“Good! As long as you have got the blood!”


“Cousin can be saved!”

“Qianqian can be saved!”

Many people became excited.

Even Chu Li had an expression of joy. He clearly was relieved. He said, “Brother Lie! Great!”

Many people discussed heatedly around the dissipating voodoo toxin with joyful smiles on their faces.

Among these people, only Luo Chen had an awkward expression. He stood there silently and his gaze was also strange.

Of all the people present, only he had disagreements with Qin Lie.

Zhang Zhendong and Zhao Yuan had come with him at his invitation. He had promised the two that he would do his best to protect them.

Right now, the two were poisoned, and desperately needed the voodoo insect’s blood.

But the blood was under Qin Lie’s control.

Consequently, everyone would fawn over Qin Lie. Xue Moyan, the people of Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Chu Li and Du Xianyan were all on Qin Lie’s side.

Even if he wasn’t wounded gravely now, even if he was at full power, he probably wouldn’t have a chance of stealing from Qin Lie under the eyes of these people.

Then what should he do now?

Luo Chen’s expression changed. He stood there along with a great conflict inside. His expression turned from twisted to depressed and was changing constantly.

Inside the area of dissipating voodoo toxin, Qin Lie sat with his legs in lotus position. He was adjusting himself and inspecting his wounds before the voodoo poison dissipated.

He found to his wonderment that his injuries were not as serious as he had imagined. The blood spirit energy in his body clearly was of great benefit to his injuries at his lungs and at the bottom of his foot.

At this time, he used his mind to feel and found that the holes in his chest and foot had already scabbed over. Also, his cells and fibres were coming back together!

The power of blood was quickly healing the wounds of his physical body. His freakish body possessed an extraordinarily strong healing power.

When the abilities gathered together, it caused his heavily injured body to heal at a fantastic speed.

His mood was stabilized and he relaxed after his inspection.

One hand was channeling blood spirit art, while the other was holding several pieces of spirit stones. As he recovered his spirit energy, he had the three drops of Fire Qilin blood absorb fire power.

In this manner, he waited for the voodoo poison to dissipate.

It took a full hour for the voodoo toxin to dissipate. In this hour, the people that had fled after being poisoned were summoned back by their friends and relatives using the tokens in their possession.

Pan Qianqian, Zhao Yuan, Zhang Chendong, and the other five martial practitioners from Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, eight in total, came back.

These people quickly familiarized themselves with the situation. They learned that Qin Lie had the antidote to release them from the corrosive pain of the voodoo toxin. This caused all eight of them to become excited.

“Sister Xue.” Pan Qianqian looked piteously at Xue Moyan.

Xue Moyan nodded. Her clear and beautiful face was serious. “Do not worry. No matter what, I will ask this person to give you a drop of blood!”

“Sister Xue, d-didn’t we offend him earlier? We misunderstood him and Chu Li, and chased him for such a long time. He probably won’t forgive us so easily…” a young female from Illusory Demon Sect said worriedly.

“Ah, that was our mistake, it’s bad.” Another young female sighed.

Pan Qianqian also panicked. “Then, then what do we do?”

“We will pay the price!” Xue Moyan gritted her teeth. “If he is willing to give a drop of blood, no matter what condition he raises, I will agree! At most, at most, we will all kneel down and beg him!”

“Sister Xue…” Pan Qianqian’s eyes turned wet.

“Brother Luo.” On the other side, Zhao Yuan and Zhang Chendong were dispirited. “Is it that guy that has the voodoo insect blood?” Zhao Yuan asked.

Luo Chen’s complexion was gray like a defeated roost. He lost his past pride and his head was lowered. He said, “Yes.”

Zhao Yuan and Zhang Chendong looked at each other and wanted to cry.

Luo Chen had targeted Qin Lie and they were his accomplices. Even at Scarlet Tide Continent, the roles they had played were not good.

But now Qin Lie had the antidote that could decide their life and death. What should they do now?

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