Chapter 451: He Did It For A Woman

Chapter 451: He Did It For A Woman…

The Black Voodoo Cult’s voodoo insects were as tough as steel and difficult to harm physically. The usual fire and water powers were hardly a threat either.

This was also why Black Voodoo Cult had a shady spirit art like ‘Wound Transfer’. A martial practitioner would be able to transfer their heavy injuries to the voodoo insects through the shared flesh and soul connection between the martial practitioner and the voodoo insect.

This way, the martial practitioner that was struck with a terrible blow would be able to minimise the damage they suffered.

Ye Yihao had transferred a large majority of the damage he suffered directly to the mother insect instead. This caused the lively Eight-winged Centipede Queen to become instantly dispirited and listless, unable to flap its wings and even fly to the air.

“Clak clak clak!”

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s hundred feet danced across the ground like many sharp blades. They gleamed with confusing spirit light.

The voodoo insect that had escaped Ye Yihao’s body was only half a human male arm’s length and completely black in color. It looked like it was forged from highly perfected iron, and when it flapped its eight wings blood droplets could be seen seeping out of them.

Extraordinarily, the blood droplets did not fall off its wings. Instead, they stuck onto the voodoo insect’s wings as if they had extraordinary viscosity.

“Qin Lie! Do your best to eliminate that voodoo insect. If you really can’t, then do your best to acquire as much of its blood as possible!” Chu Li’s shouts rang through the thick mist of voodoo poison outside.

Qin Lie did not answer. Instead, he watched the voodoo insect closely while holding the Astral Thunder Hammer in his right hand. He immediately channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

Bolts of lightning shot out of the Astral Thunder Hammer. Locking his gaze onto the Eight-winged Centipede Queen, Qin Lie concentrated and chased after the voodoo insect.


His entire being seemed to have transformed into a thick and long bolt of lightning. Seamlessly united with the Astral Thunder Hammer in his hand, he created a violent and invincible aura.

He slammed the Astral Thunder Hammer hard towards the Eight-winged Centipede Queen.

“Bzz zz zzz!”

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen suddenly sensed the danger behind it and let out an ear bursting howl while flapping its eight wings.

The howl was as sharp as iron needles piercing into everyone’s minds and innards nearby. It caused everyone to abruptly shudder and feel pain coursing all over their bodies.

Qin Lie was closest to it, and thus bore the full brunt. Instantly, he felt a kind of fear that was as if his heart was pierced by ten thousand arrows. Even his consciousness had blurred instantly.


Along with his hammer, Qin Lie crashed heavily from midair and completely lost all sense of direction.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen abruptly came to a stop and turned around. Its little dark green eyes shone with a cold and ruthless gleam. This voodoo insect had high level intelligence, and it could think and have its own opinions just like a human.

When it turned around, it stared coldly at Qin Lie and experienced an instantaneous moment of hesitation.

It was hesitating whether it should take the opportunity to kill Qin Lie.

It immediately noticed the black tendrils of the voodoo poison in both of Qin Lie’s eyes. It knew immediately that Qin Lie was infected with the voodoo poison, and thus thought that Qin Lie’s death was inevitable.

Those who were poisoned by the voodoo poison would walk step by step towards death while clearly feeling the loss of their own soul and life energy.

That lost energy would then be consumed by both it and Ye Yihao, helping them both recover swiftly...

It did not think that it needed to kill Qin Lie immediately. It thought that allowing Qin Lie to die a slow death would be more beneficial to both it and Ye Yihao.

Therefore, it decided that it no longer needed to waste time on Qin Lie.

And so, after it hesitated for just a moment, it then moved its hundred feet and ran far away again once more.

It had obviously misjudged Qin Lie’s persistence and tenacity!

Just as it ran for about three hundred meters, Qin Lie regained consciousness and noticed that he was now at the edge of the area covered in voodoo poison the second he opened his eyes.

He did not look towards the voodoo insect immediately, and instead watched Chu Li, Xue Moyan, Du Xiangyang and the others chasing closely from behind. These people did not dare to go too close to the voodoo poison in fear that their souls would be penetrated by the voodoo poison. Therefore, they could only chase from the back.

“Qin Lie! How is it?” Chu Li yelled.

“Where is the Eight-winged Centipede Queen?” Du Xiangyang asked.

“You’ve gotten inflicted with voodoo poison!” Xue Moyan covered her mouth and exclaimed softly.

Qin Lie finally recovered, and did not answer any of them. Instead, he charged head first into the black area covered in voodoo poison once more while howling angrily.

“He had obviously been inflicted with the voodoo poison. If he can’t kill the mother insect and acquire its blood, then he will die slowly just like all other infected. He will see his life slip through his fingers.” An Illusory Demon Sect girl said in a low voice.

“This person is truly a mad man.” Another person interrupted.

“When he was fighting the two martial practitioners, he had pierced his lungs without hesitation to kill the enemy. From this alone you can see just how crazy he was.”

“From the moment he charged into the area covered in voodoo poison, we all knew that he would definitely be inflicted with the voodoo poison. What’s so strange about that?” Du Xiangyang countered.

The group suddenly turned silent.

That’s right. From the moment Qin Lie took the step no one dared to, they all knew that Qin Lie would definitely be inflicted with the voodoo poison!

In that case, why were they still surprised after he was poisoned by the voodoo poison for real?

Perhaps, they all had the tiniest bit of illusory hope in their hearts that Qin Lie could avoid the effects of the voodoo poison?

“He would be fine!” Chu Li suddenly let out a heavy snort.

The shock in everyone’s eyes grew even brighter.

Heavenly Sect Artifact and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s people shook their heads lightly and sighed, “Although he was brave, it was ultimately a stupid and rash action.”

“A person who was inflicted with the voodoo poison, chasing after the mother insect that released that voodoo poison in the first place. This is an absolute dead end.” Another person agreed.

“This is why I didn’t charge in in the first place. It’s not that I do not have the courage to save my cousin, but, but… I just know that I won’t survive it.” Someone voiced an excuse for his own weakness.

“Stop finding excuses for yourself. To put it bluntly, we are all not as courageous as he was.” Xue Moyan’s thin and long eyebrows wrinkled as she spoke softly, “That friend of his who was inflicted with the voodoo poison must be very important to him. They must be so important that… he would even stake very life in attempt to save them.”

“He did it for a woman.” Du Xiangyang suddenly said.

“For a woman…” Xue Moyan was slightly surprised by the revelation before nodding slightly, saying, “That woman is so lucky.”

The eyes of the group of Illusory Demon Sect girls, and the girls from Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain all shone with a strange light. They all thought higher of Qin Lie and thought that he was truly a good man.

A woman was most likely to open her heart to a man like this.

Meanwhile, Chu Li stared at Xue Moyan with an odd expression on his face.

In his mind, Xue Moyan was Qin Lie’s fiancée, and right now Qin Lie was staking his life to save Song Tingyu. This made him feel a little weird.

“Gravity Change!”

It was at this moment, Qin Lie’s loud cry rang from inside the area thick with voodoo poison.

Even the people outside could sense that the gravity around them had suddenly grown several times stronger.

“Clak! Clak clak!”

Inside the poison entangled area, The escaping Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s footsteps abruptly slowed due to the abrupt change in gravity.

The powerful gravity field caused its tiny body to suddenly become as heavy as a mountain.

Ye Yihao had transferred a large amount of damage to it in the first place, making it incapable of even flapping its wings and flying away. Now, this change in gravity had brought it a whole new pressure.

While it was caught off guard, Qin Lie crashed down from the sky with his hammer like a cannon ball, dragging with him a skyful of thunder and lightning.

This time, Qin Lie’s body was wrapped in icy light and lightning. He had also protected his ears with spirit energy. This was purposely done to prevent the insect’s howl from invading his body.

“Bzz zzzz!” As expected, mother insect began to howl once more.

However, this time Qin Lie wasn’t shaken off as pathetically as before. He continued to lock onto the voodoo insect’s position and abruptly swung downwards.


The Astral Thunder Hammer heavily struck the voodoo insect’s pitch black back armor. Countless sparks sputtered as the voodoo insect was sent straight into the underground, being dealt heavy damage once more.

Countless blood droplets seeped out and became attached to its wings. They were ripe with a strange fragrance.

Qin Lie raised his Astral Thunder Hammer and was about to swing down yet again.


Suddenly, the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s eight wings separated from its body.

Eight bizarre energies instantly shot out and covered the voodoo insect’s body. The energies were like a vanishing art that instantly caused the voodoo insect to disappear.

Qin Lie was struck dumb while the hammer was still raised in his hand.

Beneath him, there remained the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s four pairs of wings. The main body of the voodoo insect had obviously escaped already.

This voodoo insect actually knew how to cut off a part of itself to form a secret escape art.

This greatly exceeded Qin Lie’s expectations.


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