Chapter 450: Out Of The Way! Allow Me!

Chapter 450: Out Of The Way! Allow Me!

Attracted by the Sky Wood Staff, the ancient trees coming from every direction were all burned by Qin Lie and Du Xiangyang’s flames.

Ye Yihao was absorbing the ancient tree’s refined wood energy to empower himself and increase his combat power.

When the ancient trees had all been burned, when he no longer had any refined wood energy to borrow, he obviously wouldn’t be able to unleash strength beyond his usual limits.


Chu Li’s angry roar pierced through the sea of flames as many dazzling stars appeared out of nowhere and abruptly fell down.

Immense energy brimmed from the stars, causing the burning flames to suddenly become suppressed.

“Half Moon Slash!” Luo Chen was also yelling coldly at the side.

A glittering silver sword arc the shape of a half moon fell down from the sky like a crescent moon. It was sharp and deadly, landing straight toward the sea of fire.

“Mind Capture!”

While holding Illusory Demon Sect’s Illusory Demon Orb and channeling her magical spirit art, Xue Moyan’s eyes lit up and seemed to knock right into Ye Yihao’s heart.

Du Xiangyang was also hooting and pointing the flames gushing out of his body at Ye Yihao.

All of the strong attacked Ye Yihao at once, unleashing their distinguished spirit arts, extraordinary spirit artifacts, and techniques in attempt to kill Ye Yihao on the spot.

Qin Lie stood outside the sea of flames and controlled the three refined Fire Qilin blood droplets to burn the ancient trees while probing carefully the activity inside the flames.

Through the thick smoke, he could see many rays of colorful spirit light that clashed against one another like radiant meteors, spraying extremely beautiful and dazzling sparks everywhere.

He could hear Ye Yihao’s severe shouts and the shrill whistles of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen. From their howls, he knew that Ye Yihao had probably suffered a terrible blow and was dealing badly with the group beating.

He realized that he probably did not need to do anything more now that the situation had reached this point.

On the other side, the martial practitioners of Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain dragged down Su Yan, Lin Dongxong, and the others so that they were too busy to help Ye Yihao.

The Illusory Demon Sect girls Xue Moyan had brought over were also preventing Black Voodoo Cult’s Yu Family members from assisting Ye Yihao.

No matter how one looked at it, Ye Yihao was most likely going to die at that place after being attacked by so many people.

This caused Qin Lie to relax just a little.

While surrounded by fire, Ye Yihao also looked shocked and fearful for his life now that he was being attacked by Chu Li, Luo Chen, and Xue Moyan—three martial practitioners at the same level as him—and Du Xiangyang.

He formed a dark green shield of light with the Sky Wood Staff in his hand, and an emerald, leaf-shaped light appeared on the barrier covered in green, wooden patterns.

Originally, he could absorb the energy from the ancient trees around him through the Sky Wood Staff to greatly enhance the light shield’s defensive power and protect himself from all angles.

However, after Qin Lie and Du Xiangyang had burned the ancient trees with intense flames, he could no longer borrow any refined wood energy from them.

Therefore, he was no longer certain of his victory.

But just as the entire barrage of skills were about to land on him, an extraordinarily powerful life energy suddenly appeared at a corner of this lush forest. At the same time, an immense wood life energy gushed beneath his feet like a spring!

It poured straight into the Sky Wood Staff!

In an instant, Ye Yihao’s energy increased by almost three times, and the Sky Wood Staff in his hands also unleashed a terrific and dazzling green light.

“Boom boom boom!”

The falling stars, the crescent sword beam, Xue Moyan’s soul strike and Du Xiangyang’s burning sun were all blocked by the light shield.

Meanwhile, the hand Ye Yihao used to hold the Sky Wood Staff had only become bloodied from the shockwave inside the light shield.

The green shield actually did not shatter under the combined attack, and although Ye Yihao was bleeding from the corner of his mouth, his eyes were still bright.

On the contrary, blood droplets actually appeared all over the slightly distant Eight-winged Centipede Queen that looked spirited just moments ago. It began spasming repeatedly in midair.

“Wound transfer!”

“He transferred a portion of the wounds he had suffered onto the voodoo insect. This guy is ruthless!”

“God dammit, did he seriously survive that?”

Everyone cried out at the same time.

An unusual soul aura entered Ye Yihao’s mind straight from beneath his feet.

A voice was calling to him from a forest corner, telling him to come over as quickly as possible.

Ye Yihao was greatly shocked by the voice. Then, he wiped the blood of his mouth and let out two laughs with a nasty grin, saying coldly, “You will all die. I guarantee that every one of you will die!”

After he said this, the Sky Wood Staff in his hand suddenly turned into a lush, little tree.

This dark green little tree wrapped around Ye Yihao instantly and dove into the ground. He had vanished in an instant.

At the same time, the Eight-winged Centipede Queen unleashed the pitch black voodoo poison around its body and looked like it would escape while flapping its wings and whistling strangely.

“Ye Yihao escaped! Try and kill the voodoo insect if possible, and even if we can’t, we must get as much of its blood as possible!” Xue Moyan yelled.

Everyone reacted and targeted the Eight-winged Centipede Queen in an instant. Lin Dongxing, Su Yan, Xiahou Yuan and some Black Voodoo Cult disciples all reacted at nearly the same time and escaped towards all directions.

However, everyone’s attention was attracted by the Eight-winged Centipede Queen right now. They could not be bothered to stop them at all.

Even Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s people hastily gathered over and surrounded the voodoo insect from all angles.

If the voodoo insect didn’t die, then their poisoned friends and family would all die a horrible death one after another.

This was something none of them could accept.

Even Qin Lie had grown anxious after realizing that Ye Yihao had somehow managed to miraculously escape. He charged towards the Eight-winged Centipede Queen and did not bother with the wounds on his body.

“Voodoo poison! It has unleashed too much voodoo poison! There’s no way to approach it at all!” The Illusory Demon Sect girls were screaming.

“God dammit! What a thick cloud of voodoo poison. We can’t see anything, just how are we going to attack it!” the Heavenly Artifact Sect martial practitioners were also swearing angrily.

The surrounding area was covered in a dozen or so meters of dense voodoo poison. It was as black and sticky as ink, preventing anyone from seeing anything.

It also kept everyone from getting closer.

They all knew how terrifying the voodoo poison was, and the horrendous appearance of their poisoned friends and family were etched well within their minds. They knew that there was no way for them to cure the poison at all.

Therefore, although everyone wanted to kill the voodoo insect and snatch the blood of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen, no one dared to charge into the area covered in voodoo poison.

This was one of the reasons why a voodoo insect was so scary.

Once this Eight-winged Centipede Queen had unleashed all of the voodoo poison inside its body, the surrounding voodoo poison spread further and thicker over time. While it was escaping towards the distance, the thick voodoo poison surrounded it constantly, causing everyone around the area to retreat like they’d seen a ghost.

No one dared to charge into this land that was covered in voodoo poison.

In this place, the perception of soul consciousness was restricted by the unique environment of this secret realm. This prevented them from attacking the area covered in voodoo poison with spirit artifacts and spirit arts just by feeling alone.

—it would just be a plain waste of spirit energy.

Someone needed to charge in and confirm the voodoo insect’s position. They had to be able to see the voodoo insect to be able to attack it.

Only then would they be able to severely damage or kill the voodoo insect and acquire its blood. Only then would they be able to cure the infected people.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to dare charge into the area covered in voodoo poison. No one dared to risk their life. Therefore, the group looked like they would miss their chance to surround the voodoo insect.

“Get out of the way! Allow me!”

It was at this moment Qin Lie yelled explosively and charged straight into the poison filled area like a bolt of lightning that cut through the sky.

He was the only person who could shatter his soul and refine the voodoo poison even after he was infected.

Out of everyone in the crowd, he was the only one who wasn’t afraid of dying a horrible death after being infected by the voodoo poison.

“What a suicidal maniac!”

“He truly is fearsome and fearless!”

“Qin Lie! It’s all on you now!”

Everyone cried out. Some people were secretly pleased by Qin Lie’s irrationality, whereas some people were secretly grateful for Qin Lie’s initiative.

When he charged into the thick voodoo poison, he immediately sensed tendrils of toxin seeping straight into his soul consciousness and invading his true soul.

He completely ignored them.

He realized that the deeper he went, the thinner the voodoo poison became. When he went to the deepest area, he immediately saw the Eight-winged Centipede Queen.

“Klak klak klak!”

This voodoo insect seemed to have suffered some terrible injuries. Its eight thin wings flapped with great difficulty, and right then it was actually relying on its many legs to escape quickly on the ground.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen had over a hundred legs. When they all moved at once, they actually propelled the Eight-winged Centipede Queen to move an unbelievable speed.

It was not much slower than when it was flying in the air.

There were many blood droplets on its wings. While it was crawling swiftly, new blood droplets were forming occasionally on them.

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