Chapter 449: Joint Attack

Chapter 449: Joint Attack

The six spirit pattern pillars released rivers of starlight, twisting long rivers, and flying spirit birds before falling down on Ye Yihao’s head.

“Universal Celestial Sealing Formation!” Qin Lie exclaimed in a low tone from afar.

A shackling power that could bind the heaven and earth, imprison one’s soul, and even stop the channeling of spirit energy abruptly appeared in the space amongst the six spirit pattern pillars.

Ye Yihao was right within them!

Just as Ye Yihao was raising the Sky Wood Staff and was about to ram it into Chu Li’s chest, his body abruptly stopped.

Every one of his actions suddenly became impossibly slow, difficult and exhausting.

Chu Li spat out a mouth of blood before flying out of the center of the six spirit pattern pillars.

Meanwhile, Xue Moyan had dove head first into the formation, and her actions also became sluggish the second she entered the Universal Celestial Sealing Formation’s area. She felt as if her soul was being imprisoned, and the circulation of her spirit energy had become indistinct. Even her limbs felt like they were being bound by ropes, greatly hindering her movement.

“Qin Lie!”

The second Chu Li exited the formation and raised his head, he immediately saw Qin Lie charging rapidly towards him. He could not help but cry out.

“Suppress!” Qin Lie yelled heavily.

Strange rings of light rippled from the six spirit pattern pillars like the ripples on a lake, both gorgeous and dazzling.

The ripples seemed to have formed into a new round of shackles that applied themselves layer after layer on Ye Yihao’s body. They also landed on Xue Moyan, who had barged into the formation.

Inside the Universal Celestial Sealing Formation, the duo felt like they were sunk deep inside mud. Their movements were restricted, their spirit energies were affected, and even the perception of their soul had fallen off greatly.

Chu Li immediately reacted to the scene. It was Qin Lie who had suppressed Ye Yihao with the spirit pattern pillars at a critical moment!

On the other side, Du Xiangyang was also staring with bright eyes and a surprised expression at the six spirit pattern pillars.

“Isn’t that one of the eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts of our Heavenly Artifact Sect, the Sealing Obelisks?”

“There are a total of twelve sealing obelisks in total. Why are there only six? That being said, their appearance and power do indicate that they are indeed the sealing obelisks!”

“The sealing obelisks have been lost for many years. Why are they in this person’s hands?”

“Who knows.”

While the few Heavenly Artifact Sect martial practitioners were aiding Du Xiangyang by intercepting Su Yan and the others, they suddenly saw the six spirit pattern pillars ascend. They were all shocked by the sight.

The twelve spirit pattern pillars had originated from Heavenly Artifact Sect. They were one of the eighteen great Earth grade spirit artifacts of Heavenly Artifact Sect.

Every disciple in Heavenly Artifact Sect was extremely familiar with these Earth Grade spirit artifacts. They knew about their traits and rough appearances.

Now that they saw the sudden appearance of the six spirit pattern pillars, and the spirit formations familiar to Heavenly Artifact Sect such as the Radiant Galaxy Diagram, the Nine Winding River Diagram and so on, they abruptly came to a realization.

These six spirit pattern pillars were the lost sealing obelisks of Heavenly Artifact Sect. They were one of the eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Heavenly Artifact Sect!

“Do you really think you can seal me?” Ye Yihao howled angrily.

The natural patterns on the Sky Wood Staff in his hand wriggled unnaturally like many tiny fear-inducing snakes.

The Sky Wood Staff was stabbed into the ground in an instant once more.

As if attracted by the strange energy inside the Sky Wood Staff, fifteen ancient trees nearby that were at least several dozens meters tall moved swiftly underground and actually pierced right through the defense line formed by the spirit pattern pillars, forcing their way into the formation.

The many lush ancient trees immediately rooted themselves around Ye Yihao and suddenly unleashed a severe aura from their leaves and branches.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

As if turned into many sharp wooden swords, the tree branches were scattered towards every direction.

At the same time, an immense wood energy abruptly erupted from inside Ye Yihao.


The seal formed by the six spirit pattern pillars was instantly shredded in an instant. The six spirit pattern pillars were blasted by the shockwaves into the air, unable to shackle Ye Yihao any more.

As the ancient trees closed in, even the Fire Qilin flame on Ye Yihao’s body was unable to hurt him again.

“Bzz bzz bzz!”

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen continued to whistle sharply. Its whistle was capable of tearing apart one’s eardrums and causing massive headaches to anyone who heard it.

Tendrils of green refined energy flew out of Ye Yihao’s hair and entered the mother insect’s body, aiding it in swift recovery.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen swiftly became spirited once more. A thin green film even appeared on its pitch black surface and formed a defensive barrier.

Seemingly knowing that they had lost their best chance to refine the Eight-winged Centipede Queen to death, the three life blood essences automatically flew into the air.

The three blazing fire Fire Qilin blood transformed into three rays of light and whistled towards Qin Lie.

Then, they entered Qin Lie’s body.

Everyone was caught off guard.

“It actually wasn’t Du Xiangyang!”

“It really was him!”

“How strange!”

It was only now that the crowd realised that they all had been mistaken. It was only then that they learned that the person who had burned Ye Yihao and the Eight-winged Centipede Queen with the three Fire Qilin flames, causing him to lose control of the infected people at a critical moment was actually Qin Lie.

This greatly exceeded their expectations.

“So it was you! My larvae were refined to death by your flames, weren’t they?” Ye Yihao finally understood the situation.

“So what if they were?” Qin Lie frowned and withdrew the six spirit pattern pillars one by one. He sighed on the inside.

It was the same problem. He was lacking in cultivation, and thus could not control more spirit pattern pillars than six. If he could control all twelve spirit pattern pillars and form the strongest "Universal Celestial Sealing Formation,” he believed that Ye Yihao would definitely not be able to struggle his way out.

After all, even Xue Li was suppressed by the twelve spirit pattern pillars. How could Ye Yihao possibly escape?

Unfortunately, due to his weak realm and strength, he could only control six spirit pattern pillars. That was why Ye Yihao had managed to escape.

“You must die!” Ye Yihao exclaimed harshly.

“Crack! Crack!”

Wooden armor began to grow on his skin as if his body was made of wood. At first glance, it was as if Ye Yihao had turned into an impossibly strange wooden man.

However, an extremely terrifying aura was unleashed from his body at the same time.

The aura caused everyone’s expression in the area to change!

“The spirit art that Ye Yihao cultivates is bizarre, and he is able to use these trees’ life force to boost himself for a short period of time!” Chu Li yelled.

“Everyone be careful!” Xue Moyan also screamed.

On the other side, Luo Chen and the others’ expressions changed. They could all sense the powerful wood aura that had sprung up within the area. Some of these aura obviously contained Ye Yihao’s soul will.

This caused everyone to become worried!

“Qin Lie! Come and burn these ancient trees with me!”

Du Xiangyang led the assault and shot an ancient tree while drawing a long flame tongue with his sword.

At the same time, the spirit energy inside his body sprung up as many clumps of flames flew out of every part of his body, forming a gorgeous fiery phoenix.

“He can temporarily sap strength from these ancient trees! If we burn them, he will have no external power to borrow from!” Chu Li also reminded.

“Okay!” Qin Lie exclaimed softly.

The three refined Fire Qilin blood droplets shot out out his body and turned into three fire beams, shooting towards an ancient tree each.

The ancient trees that were coming in from the sides were flooded by huge flames in succession as Qin Lie and Du Xiangyang burned them.

Chu Li, Xue Moyan and the far away Luo Chen actually charged all at once into the huge flames. Amidst the sea of fire, they unleashed their powerful spirit arts and terrifying spirit artifacts, madly attacking Ye Yihao all at once.

Qin Lie, who had released the three refined Fire Qilin blood droplets, wasn’t idle either. He also threw out his Astral Thunder Hammer and imbued the weapon with all the thunder energy inside his body. With his mind consciousness, he controlled the Astral Thunder Hammer and tossed it at Ye Yihao.

Surrounded by the burning ancient trees, Ye Yihao howled harshly and angrily as dark green beams flew all around his body.

Countless wooden swords, branches, and blocks scattered towards every direction from where he was. They were all incredible powerful.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen was also whistling sharply and flying out from the top of his head. It charged towards Xue Moyan and the others to kill them while its entire body was enveloped in thick, black smoke.

“Don’t allow the voodoo insect to get close! It has the voodoo poison all over it!” Xue Moyan reminded.

“Use your spirit artifacts to attack the voodoo insect! We will deal with Ye Yihao!” Luo Chen yelled in surprise.

At that time, Du Xiangyang had already charged head first into the burning combat zone. He too was howling in a strange note and catching Ye Yihao in a pincer.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie, who had been injured severely earlier did not choose to charge in recklessly. While watching the smoke-filled area, listening to the crowd’s shrill cries and the spirit artifacts’ mad banging noises, he cautiously maintained a connection with the three refined Fire Qilin blood essences.

He focused all of his concentration on burning the shifting ancient trees with those lifeblood essences.


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