Chapter 448: Suppression

Chapter 448: Suppression

For a time, Du Xiangyang had become Ye Yihao, Su Yan and the others must kill target, whereas no one was bothering with Qin lie.

They did not think of Qin Lie as a threat.

In reality, even Xue Moyan, Luo Chen, the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect also thought that it was Du Xiangyang who broke Ye Yihao and the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s control over the infected people.

Chu Li was the only person among them who knew that Qin Lie was the one who did it during this critical juncture!

“Xue Moyan! What else are you waiting for? Help me kill Ye Yihao!” Chu Li yelled.

A glittering banner abruptly flew out of his spatial ring, and it unfolded to reveal a full sky of dazzling starlight.

A mysterious and grand star energy abruptly rippled from the banner, and as if it had transformed into a dazzling river of stars that would penetrate both heaven and earth, it abruptly fell on Ye Yihao’s head.

Illusory Demon Sect’s Xue Moyan abruptly reacted and cried out, “Help me deal with Black Voodoo Cult’s Yu Family!”

She herself grabbed the Illusory Demon Orb and ran towards Ye Yihao while dragging many dreamlike illusory shadows behind her back.

She had seen through the situation.

No matter who it might be, the targets to kill after the three Qilin flames had destroyed the control Ye Yihao and the Eight-winged Centipede Queen had over the infected were still Ye Yihao and the mother insect.

Illusory Demon Sect and Black Voodoo Cult had always clashed against each other like fire and water on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. The two voodoo insects she currently sealed killed Little Die and Little Wan, so even if she acquired the mother insect’s blood, she would still go back to Ye Yihao later to take revenge.

Now that there was such an excellent opportunity in front of her, she obviously knew what she should do.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The three Fire Qilin flames continued to wrap around Ye Yihao and the Eight-winged Centipede Queen, burning them intensely.

The winged voodoo insect howled shrilly within the flames. Its howl shook until everyone felt that their scalps were numb and that their souls were about to crumble.

Dark green haloes rippled from Ye Yihao’s body as he defended his body with the energy light shield and resisted against the flame’s fiery refinement with everything he got. He was also baring his teeth in a sinister look.

“Kill Du Xiangyang now!” Ye Yihao yelled angrily.

Su Yan, Lin Dongxing, Xiahou Yuan, and two other martial practitioners attacked Du Xiangyang continuously as they threw spirit artifacts at him and fired spirit lights splashed from their bodies.


Su Yan wielded a feather fan forged from gold iron and inscribed with an exquisite running dragon totem. As her spirit energy gathered, the pitch black young dragon actually leaped out of the fan while howling.

It bit ferociously at Du Xiangyang’s chest.

Lin Dongxing pointed a finger and conjured an arm long golden axe shining with sharp, golden light. This weapon also sliced towards Du Xiangyang’s direction.

Meanwhile, Xiahou Yuan was howling angrily while channeling his spirit art. He caused tornadoes to appear around Du Xiangyang and blocked both Du Xiangyang’s sight and senses.


The fiery phoenix Du Xiangyang conjured with his power of flames abruptly shattered, and amidst torrential flames his body was suddenly thrown into the air.

Bang! He landed beside Qin Lie.

Blood flowed down the corner of Du Xiangyang’s mouth, and his face was completely flushed red. His eyes were filled with bitterness.

“Protect Du Xiangyang!”

It was at this moment the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect, and Luo Chen finally arrived.

They immediately joined the battle and blocked the core ringers of the three great families, stopping them from attempting to kill Du Xiangyang once more.

“It’s not me. I really didn’t conjure those Qilin flames…” Du Xiangyang explained with a bitter smile.

“I know it’s not you.” Qin Lie was feeling helpless as well.

He didn’t think that he would attract the crowd’s attention for only an instant when he yelled out that he was the one who unleashed the Fire Qilin flames just now.

After that, everyone assumed that Du Xiangyang, the practitioner who was at the late stage of Netherpassage Realm and cultivated the fire spirit art was the true culprit.

In their eyes, he was simply covering for Du Xiangyang.

“I seriously took a bullet for you.” A stomach of gloominess filled Du Xiangyang.

Qin Lie didn’t answer him anymore, instead focusing on Ye Yihao and connecting with his three lifeblood essences through his mind.

The three lifeblood essences transformed into Fire Qilins and burned intensely while wrapped around Ye Yihao and the mother insect. They were stopping Ye Yihao and the mother insect from regaining control of the situation in this instant.

Right now, Chu Li and Xue Moyan flew out and were attacking Ye Yihao in unison.

Chu Li’s banner floated in midair and continuously formed stars and rivers of light to blast him from every angle.

Xue Moyan conjured hundreds of illusory shadows and surrounded Ye Yihao. Her force was equally impressive.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Illusory Demon Sect girls held back the Black Voodoo Cult’s Yu Family clansmen so they could not assist Ye Yihao.

“Get out!”

Ye Yihao pressed a hand on his heart while his other hand suddenly took out a wilted wooden staff from his spatial ring.

The wilted wooden staff was faint gold in color and had natural wooden patterns in it, and it contained a certain wisdom and magic of the world.

The moment the wilted wooden staff was taken out, the dark green ring on Ye Yihao’s body abruptly expanded rapidly.

He swung the staff at Chu Li.

“Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

Countless vines and dark green light beams that were like tree branches shot right at the starry light screen on the sky, piercing Chu Li’s banner until it was completely torn up.

“My Sky Wood Staff is an Earth Grade Four spirit artifact. Your Nebula Banner is only an Earth Grade Three spirit artifact! Moreover, you’ve exhausted yourself far too much during the previous combat and could not unleash its full power at all. How are you going to beat me?” Ye Yihao grinned and laughed madly.

While laughing, he stabbed the Sky Wood Staff fiercely into the ground before him yet again.

A tremendous amount of wood energy surged through the Sky Wood Staff and rippled outward, spreading towards the surroundings within a radius of a few kilometers


Many ancient trees actually started swaying on their own without a backwind. It was as if they were responding to the Sky Wood Staff in Ye Yihao’s hand.

Surprisingly, many vines and sharp shrubberies abruptly appeared from the feet of the illusions of Xue Moyan that were flying in the sky.

The illusions were attacked by the wood energy as they exploded swiftly.

There was only one person who charged within ten meters of Ye Yihao while holding the Illusory Demon Orb.

This was her true body.

Ye Yihao was well versed in wood spirit arts. That was why he had chosen this lush forest to set up his trap. Here, he was like a fish in water, capable of borrowing the land advantage and enhancing his own combat power at a critical moment.

“The ancient trees are moving! They’re coming towards us!” the girls of the Illusory Demon Sect suddenly cried out.

They noticed that the land that was once flattened by the Terminator Profound Bombs had become filled with life once more.

The many big trees far, far away from this land were actually moving strangely towards their direction through gliding roots after Ye Yihao had stabbed the Sky Wood Staff into the ground. They were swiftly approaching Ye Yihao’s position.

“Not good!” A Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner couldn’t help but cry out, “This guy cultivates the wood spirit art, and at this place his strength becomes stronger than usual. He can even use his spirit artifact to control these ancient trees. What a headache!”

“This doesn’t change anything.” Xue Moyan suddenly said softly.

The Illusory Demon Orb in her hand abruptly shone with countless beautiful light. A violent magnetic field abruptly spread out from inside the orb.

Ye Yihao abruptly looked loss for a moment. He stared at Xue Moyan and looked like he had gone stupid for a moment.

It was as if Xue Moyan had transformed into the person he was closest with and most respected.

He was obviously taken in by Illusory Demon Sect’s illusion arts!

“Chu Li!” Xue Moyan yelled in a low tone.

A Frost Steel Blade glittering with starlight appeared in Chu Li’s hand, and he instantly slashed it on the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s body.


Sparks flew as the Eight-winged Centipede Queen screeched in pain. Its violent eyes were filled with irritation.

It had obviously been severely damaged by Chu Li.

“How is it not dead yet?!” After a shocked pause, Chu Li got ready to slice downward yet again.

It was at this moment Ye Yihao suddenly woke up and said sinisterly, “You’re digging your own grave!”

Several dozen of dark green wooden arrows formed from spirit energy instantly pierced Chu Li’s chest like sharp blades.


Chu Li’s chest immediately became bloodied as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Universal Celestial Sealing Formation!” Qin Lie yelled in a heavy tone.

Six sky obelisks glittering with refined light whistled to the sky from Qin Lie’s position and enveloped Ye Yihao abruptly with a world shackling aura.

Qin Lie’s eyes stared firmly at Ye Yihao. With his soul consciousness, he controlled the spirit pattern pillars and built the great shackling formation.

He only needed to seal Ye Yihao for an instant so that he wouldn’t be able to afford the time to attack Chu Li.


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