Chapter 447: Breakthrough

Chapter 447: Breakthrough

Right now, Chu Li’s body was rammed repeatedly by the spirit artifacts due to the fearless attacks of the eight infected practitioners.

Chu Li wobbled in midair while garbed in starlight. His expression was twisted into a sinister snarl, desperately trying to hold himself back.

He was holding back from killing the eight people outright.

He knew very well that this was Ye Yihao’s devious scheme. The second he fell for it, not only would Xue Moyan and the other onlookers not help him, they would even turn on him.

Staring at Chu Li from afar, Qin Lie knew his predicament and that he would absolutely not go down quietly at the end.

He would kill all eight people to protect his own life.

From Chu Li’s expression, Qin Lie knew that that moment was approaching closer and closer.

He understood that Chu Li would not be able to hold himself back much longer.

Beside him, Du Xiangyang was defending himself against Su Yan and the two martial practitioners’ attacks. While wielding a burning sword and commanding a fiery phoenix conjured from his fire spirit art, he did not manage to gain too great of an advantage from the three opponents.

Not far away, Luo Chen had long since been bloodied all over and looked to collapse at any moment under both Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing’s attacks.

Every other person who could threaten Ye Yihao were either wary of the consequences and thus did not dare to act recklessly, or in great danger themselves.

No one could afford a hand to kill Ye Yihao. They were either afraid to do so, or could not.

The situation was still in Ye Yihao’s hands. He continued to observe the general situation coolly with a calm expression.

“Sister Xue…” an Illusory Demon Sect girl exclaimed softly with a look of worry.

The other four Illusory Demon Sect girls were equally wrought with worry. They were all looking anxiously at Pan Qianqian and did not know what to do.

“We wait. We wait and hope that an opportunity would present itself. Otherwise, otherwise we can only hope that Qianqian and the others can kill Chu Li.” Xue Moyan sighed in her heart. There were no better plans, so she had no choice but to wait and observe for an opportunity.

She did not dare to act recklessly.

If she dared to raise a hand against Ye Yihao, Pan Qianqian would die a horrible death instantly. This was absolutely not the results she was hoping for.

But she also knew that Chu Li was absolutely not the negotiable type of person. When he was ultimately forced to a dead end, he would definitely act to kill to protect his own life.

There was a huge likelihood that Pan Qianqian was going to be killed by Chu Li.

When that happened, even if she knew that it wasn’t Chu Li’s fault, there was no way she wouldn’t feel a grudge towards Chu Li.

This would cause her to be unable to work seamlessly with Chu Li.

The other few Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners at the side were watching the battle with a cold eye just like her. They too had friends and brothers who were attacking Chu Li, which was why they did not dare to act recklessly.

They had the same idea as Xue Moyan.

They were hoping for a turning point that enabled them the opportunity to overturn this disadvantaged situation in one go.

They were all waiting quietly with hope in their hearts.

Suddenly, three scarlet blood that looked like bloodstones transformed into three beams of light and appeared from in front, behind and Ye Yihao’s left side instantly.

They were so fast that it almost escaped a person’s eyes!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The three bloody beams of light transformed almost instantly into three balls of Fire Qilin. They burned hotly with flames that reached the sky.

They charged straight at the Eight-winged Centipede Queen above Ye Yihao’s head.

Beside Ye Yihao, the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners who had been guarding him closely all this time failed to react in time at all.

While they were all screaming, the three Fire Qilin flames had wrapped themselves around Ye Yihao and the Eight-winged Centipede Queen abruptly and burned them intensely.


Ye Yihao’s expression changed for the first time as he howled at the sky. Dazzling dark green rings appeared around him and protected his body tightly.

However, there was only one Fire Qilin blood that was actually aimed at him.

The objective of the other two burning Fire Qilin flames was the Eight-winged Centipede Queen. While he was busy protecting himself, the two burning flames had already wrapped around the Eight-winged Centipede Queen and scorching it with wild and tremendous flames.


The Eight-winged Centipede Queen let out a shrill whistle that was like a sharp weapon that pierced fiercely into the people’s eardrums.

Everyone’s heads hurt so much that it was like it would break. Pan Qianqian, Zhao Xuan, Zhang Chendong and the others began bleeding dark blood from their eyes, nose, ears and their mouth in this instant, painting the infected group in an extremely scary light.

Surprisingly, although the eight people were bleeding from all seven apertures, their mad attacks on Chu Li had also stopped all at once.

The dark and merciless light in their eyes swiftly faded away, and a perplexed look appeared on all of their faces. They actually seemed like they’re regaining their rationality.

Because the Eight-winged Centipede Queen was being burned by the Fire Qilins, it wasn’t able to focus its mind and combine its power with Ye Yihao’s to continue control the infected people.

The eight people whose minds and souls who were controlled abruptly returned to normal as if a shackle had been released.

“Qianqian! Qianqian looked like she woke up!’

“Qianqian regained her reason!”

“This is great!”

“Third brother! Third brother, have you awakened?” On the other side, a Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner was also yelling.

The light of bewilderment in a Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner who was also infected by the voodoo poison faded. It was obvious that he had awakened, “I’m fine now.”

The eight infected people instantly awakened and let out looks of lingering fears.

Everyone’s eyes were focused onto Ye Yihao at this moment. They all watched Ye Yihao being burned by the three Qilin flames.

Chu Li aside, no one knew what happened, or where did these three Qilin flames come from.

However, they all wore joyful looks on their faces and felt grateful at the three Fire Qilin flames and the person who unleashed it from the bottom of their hearts.

“Everyone who is infected by the voodoo poison, get out of this place! Now! With your fastest speed! Do not stay behind for even a second!” Qin Lie, who was very far away from Ye Yihao suddenly exploded into a yell, “I may not necessarily be able to refine the mother insect, and I do not know how much longer I am able to hold out! So faster!”

The moment he said this, everyone who was looking at Ye Yihao abruptly turned their eyes own Qin Lie.

Some of them even suspected if Qin Lie really was the person who unleashed the three Fire Qilin flames.

This was because Qin Lie was neither emanating with a terrific flame energy, nor a cultivator of a fire spirit art, so how could he possibly control the three blazing flames?

Many people’s eyes then turned towards Du Xiangyang in passing. This was because Du Xiangyang was surrounded in fire, and the blade in his hand was also drawing fiery lines while it cut across the air.

They thought that Du Xiangyang was the key person who had changed the situation.

“Qianqian! Leave this place!”

“Third brother! Run quickly!”

“Fifth brother! Escape now!”

“Zhao Xuan, Zhang Chendong, run at your top speed!”

They might hold doubts but they weren’t stupid. They knew what kind of decision to make was the most sensible in this situation.

Therefore, they had all raised their voices and warned the infected.

Meanwhile, with Pan Qianqian and Zhao Xuan among the first to awaken, the rest of the eight infected practitioners woke up in succession and quickly figured out the situation around them.

They were all decisive and sensible people. They knew what kind of disaster they would face if they continued to stay.

Therefore, they all escaped the place with their fastest speed.

They turned into eight beams of light that escaped towards eight different directions. While howling and screaming; like electric and escape art, they all escaped the place at top speed.

“Du Xiangyang! It must be Du Xiangyang! Su Yan! Xiahou Yuan! Lin Dongxing! Kill Du Xiangyang first!” Ye Yihao howled madly from within the three Fire Qilin flames.

He too believed that the person who unleashed the Fire Qilin flames were right among these people, and the only person who cultivated and achieved great attainment in the fire spirit art was Du Xiangyang!

Meanwhile, he viewed the yelling Qin Lie as merely a bait for Du Xiangyang. He was there only to cover from Du Xiangyang.

His roar solidified everyone’s doubts into certainty.

—Qin Lie was covering for Du Xiangyang!

Because of this, everyone was now looking at Du Xiangyang with grateful eyes.

They all assumed that Du Xiangyang was the only who overturned the tides.

In their eyes, Qin Lie was merely a leaf that added to Du Xiangyang’s greatness.

“Protect Du Xiangyang!” a person in Heavenly Artifact Sect yelled.

“Defend Du Xiangyang!” the people of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were also screaming.

Four figures zoomed out like lightning and threw the spirit artifacts in their hands from afar. Amidst dazzling spirit lights, the spirit artifacts were all aimed at Su Yan.

They had all assumed that Du Xiangyang was the key and became spirited thus staked their lives to protect him.

Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing and Su Yan also thought that Du Xiangyang was the key to everything, and thus they charged madly at Du Xiangyang in attempt to kill him immediately. They aimed to affect him so much that he could no longer control the Fire Qilin flames. They aimed to allow Ye Yihao regain control of the situation and force the infected people to return.

“I…” Du Xiangyang opened his mouth and tried to explain.

However, Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing and Su Yan’s attacks had flooded over him entirely by this point, forcing all the words in his mouth back down his throat.

Qin Lie also became dumbfounded at the situation.

He watched Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing and Su Yan suddenly went crazy and unleashed their strongest techniques at Du Xiangyang, surrounding him in a circle.

Meanwhile, Du Xiangyang felt like crying.

He knew that he was unjustly attacked on Qin Lie’s behalf, but unfortunately for him he did not even have the time to explain himself.

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