Chapter 446: Paranoia

Chapter 446: Paranoia

“They truly are from Black Voodoo Cult, trapping everyone with their belly full of evil schemes.”

Du Xiangyang scolded once and walked out from his hiding spot. Step by step, he shifted toward Qin Lie’s position with a relaxed expression.

He was alone, and he was not infected by the voodoo poison. His companions were safe as well.

Among the crowd, he was the only one who could ignore Ye Yihao’s threat completely.

This was because he had no weaknesses in Ye Yihao’s hand.

After Pan Qianqian had left their hiding spot, Xue Moyan and the four Illusory Demon Sect girls knew that they had been exposed and that there was no need to hide any longer. They walked out into the open one by one.

They walked towards Ye Yihao.

“You have two voodoo insects in my hands.” Xue Moyan tried to keep her tone calm as much as possible, “My objective here is very simple. Give me a drop of your mother insect’s blood, and I’ll return you two live voodoo insects.”

She did not plan to play around with Ye Yihao any longer. She immediately showed him her bargaining chips and forced Ye Yihao to submit.

“I want Qianqian to be safe, or I will kill these two voodoo insects.” She took out the Illusory Demon Orb.

Inside the orb filled with many unpredictable illusions, two small sealed voodoo insects could be vaguely seen inside it. While raising the orb towards Ye Yihao, she said, “I know that the creation of the voodoo insect is not cheap. Every voodoo insect’s nurturement requires a portion of the mother insect’s blood and your own soul to raise them slowly. A drop of mother insect blood for your two voodoo insects should be a very worthwhile trade. What do you think?”

Ye Yihao’s dark eyes stared deeply at the Illusory Demon Orb and the two voodoo insects trapped inside it.

After a moment of pondering, he frowned and said, “If Chu Li is killed beforehand, and if your companion is still alive, then I can trade the voodoo insect with you. Just wait, wait until their battle has come to an end. In the meantime, you have better stand at the sidelines and do nothing.”

“You aren’t afraid that I will kill your two voodoo insects?” Xue Moyan’s face turned cold.

"The voodoo insect is very important to me, but I believe that your companion is more important to you as compared to the voodoo insects to me, am I correct?” Ye Yihao smiled coldly, “If the two voodoo insects die, I only need to spend some time and effort to have the mother insect breed more of them. At best, I will exhaust some blood and soul energy. However, the moment your companion is dead, I doubt you can revive her, can you?”

Xue Moyan suddenly fell silent.

Terrible murderous intent and chilliness shone from her clear, cold eyes. A while later, she said, “Let my companion go, and give me a drop of blood. I will put down the voodoo insects and leave immediately.”

Ye Yihao chuckled and shook his head.

Xue Moyan sucked in a deep breath and stared at Pan Qianqian from afar. Gritting her teeth on the inside, she suddenly warned Chu Li, “If you kill Qianqian, I will not let you go!”

Her words meant that she had compromised.

Therefore, Ye Yihao let out a mad laughter.

“Go over there. Kill Luo Chen and Chu Li’s companion!” he instructed Su Yan.

“Alright!” Su Yan completely lost her worries.

This was because she believed that Ye Yihao had taken control of the situation.

Therefore, she obediently headed towards Luo Chen and Qin Lie.

Qin Lie, who was recovering from his injuries with the Blood Spirit Art suddenly grew cautious when he saw Su Yan coming towards his directions.

The two Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners who were entangled by Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had begun controlling the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers and gotten ready to attack him once more.

Su Yan’s eyes looked at him from afar, looking like she would start her slaughter with his life first.

This forced him to stop recovering for the moment and get prepared for battle.

“I will buy you fifteen minutes’ time.” Suddenly, Du Xiangyang’s voice rang from behind him.

Du Xiangyang actually stood still in front of him and stared lazily at Su Yan and the other two Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners, “You guys will have to get through me first.”

Qin Lie suddenly froze.

With a frown, he said in a low tone, “Our grudge has been written off already.”

“I just want you to owe me a favor! What, you don’t allow that?” Du Xiangyang turned his head and let out a bright smile, “I want you, Qin Lie to owe me once!”

While he was speaking, Su Yan floated over and said, “Du Xiangyang, this has nothing to do with you. Do you really plan to interfere?”

“This had nothing to do with me.” Du Xiangyang smiled at Su Yan and the Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners. However, his expression abruptly darkened as he yelled, “But Qin Lie had come here holding the sword token of our Heavenly Sword Mountain! Luo Chen, Zhao Xuan, and Zhang Chendong are also holding our Heavenly Sword Mountain’s sword token! There are also a few Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners who had died horribly under the voodoo poison’s toxin!”

Su Yan looked startled.

She had researched Du Xiangyang before and knew that Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen did not mesh well with each other. Before the examination, he had even lost to Luo Chen, and participated in the examination as a loner.

She did not understand why Du Xiangyang would jump out at this critical moment and say something like this.

She couldn’t understand.

“It is because they belong to Heavenly Sword Mountain, and I am a Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner as well!” For once, Du Xiangyang had grown serious, “They cannot tolerate my existence, and view me as a thorn in their side. But they are still Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners! If you want to kill them in front of my eyes, then I forbid it! They represent the honor of Heavenly Sword Mountain, and I forbid anyone from humiliating Heavenly Sword Mountain’s honor!”

The moment he said this, blazing fire abruptly gushed madly from Du Xiangyang’s body.

The blazing flames had transformed into a fiery and colorful phoenix. While carrying a sky full of fire, it flew towards Su Yan and the other two martial practitioners with unmatchable grace and beauty.

At the same time, Du Xiangyang also swung his sword while his entire body was enveloped in flames.

The sky full of flames gushed towards Su Yan and enveloped them entirely.

Qin Lie suddenly froze.

A dispirited Luo Chen was attacked by both Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dong and suffered a multitude of wounds while drenched in blood.

However, he was also looking at Du Xiangyang with an astonished expression.

He remembered clearly that he had to use every method he had during the competition to choose the core ringer of Heavenly Sword Mountain before he finally defeated Du Xiangyang with force, forcing him to submit the position of Heavenly Sword Mountain’s representative.

He thought that any future encounters between Du Xiangyang and him since then inside the Trial would only end with one of them dead.

In fact, he was even planning to seek out an opportunity to eliminate Du Xiangyang so as to prevent him from causing problems for him if he survived the examination.

He never thought that Du Xiangyang would help him to resist against the enemy.

He never dreamed that the one he thought to be his biggest rival in Heavenly Sword Mountain would come out at a critical moment and fight the enemy in a do-or-die battle.

He realized that he never understood Du Xiangyang.

However, Qin Lie did, if only a little.

When he first saw him, this Du Xiangyang had suddenly attacked him with the reason, “if you’re going to die in someone else’s hands anyway and humiliate Heavenly Sword Mountain’s name, then I might as well take you out myself.” He had attempted to kill him from the moment he saw him.

However, after Du Xiangyang fought him and confirmed his strength, his attitude had suddenly experienced a great change.

After that, whenever Du Xiangyang ran into him once more, not only did he not provoke him on purpose, he would even get out of his way and not enter a deadlock with him.

Even the news that Song Tingyu was infected by the voodoo poison was informed by Du Xiangyang to him. That was how he managed to find Song Tingyu.

Otherwise, Song Tingyu would probably have died a long time ago.

Qin Lie finally understood. This Du Xiangyang was a true Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner! He was someone who would be proud of Heavenly Sword Mountain’s honor, and be shamed by Heavenly Sword Mountain’s humiliation!

The reason Du Xiangyang wanted to kill him at the beginning was simply because he thought that his realm was weak and would be easily eliminated by any martial practitioners of the other eight forces. He thought that Qin Lie would shame them and cause humiliation for Heavenly Sword Mountain, which was why Du Xiangyang had acted to kill him without hesitation for Heavenly Sword Mountain’s honor.

This time, Su Yan and the others wanted to kill him, and Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing had almost ground Luo Chen to death. He had jumped out once more with the excuse that he wanted Qin Lie to owe him a favor.

It was still for Heavenly Sword Mountain’s honor!

Du Xiangyang prided himself as a Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner. He could not allow anyone to humiliate Heavenly Sword Mountain, and he and Luo Chen who wielded the Heavenly Sword Mountain sword token represented Heavenly Sword Mountain itself.

Therefore, Du Xiangyang had stood up resolutely despite the many oppositions.

This was because he wanted to protect Heavenly Sword Mountain’s honor!

Qin Lie suddenly felt a trace of respect for Du Xiangyang. This was a slightly paranoid, slightly obsessed, and slightly unreasonable fellow.

This person hailed from Heavenly Sword Mountain.

The reason Heavenly Sword Mountain was able to rise from a nameless power all the way to a silver rank force in less than a thousand years was not due to anyone but paranoid people like Du Xiangyang!

It was people like Du Xiangyang who had supported Heavenly Sword Mountain!

“Alright! I admit this. I, Qin Lie, owe you Du Xiangyang a great favor!” Qin Lie suddenly yelled, “If in the future, Du Xiangyang requests me to return this favor, then I shall definitely return it!”

“Hahaha! As long as you remember!” Du Xiangyang laughed out loud with a cheerful expression.

Qin Lie no longer said anything else and instead sucked in a deep breath and sat down once more.

He no longer paid attention to Luo Chen in danger, Du Xiangyang who had barged into the battle, Chu Li attacked by the eight infected martial practitioners or Xue Moyan...

He only looked at Ye Yihao.

He knew better than anyone that the only breakthrough in this complete deadlock lay on Ye Yihao!

If he wished to breakthrough this conundrum, then he could only focus on Ye Yihao and cause the Eight-winged Centipede Queen to lose control of the infected people!

Otherwise, every present martial practitioner and newcomer who could aid him in fighting Ye Yihao could only watch at the sidelines and do nothing. Some of them might even switch their target to Chu Li because the infected people were killed by Chu Li.

He had clearly recognized this situation.

While narrowing his eyes, he summoned the three lifeblood essences, the three scarlet blood with his mind. They had sneakily landed in the gray sand beside Ye Yihao due to his remote control earlier.

The three blood of the Fire Qilin lay very close to Ye Yihao!

Previously, Ye Yihao neither allow the Eight-winged Centipede Queen to fly out, nor built a connection with the mother insect. He had been extremely cautious to the point where Qin Lie was unable to find an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

But now, Ye Yihao had ordered the Eight-winged Centipede Queen to float above his head, and with his True Soul built a connection with the mother insect to control the eight people infected by the voodoo poison. Naturally, he would not be able to protect himself.

It was also why he had ordered the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners who were fighting Chu Li earlier back to his side.

This was to prevent anyone else from suddenly attacking him.

In reality, when Ye Yihao was building a connection with the mother insect, he had purposely put some distance between him and the battle.

Right now, not only was he extremely far away from Chu Li, he was also very far away from Xue Moyan.

Naturally, Qin Lie was even further away from him since Chu Li, Xue Moyan and the others lay between him and Ye Yihao.

There were no one else besides Ye Yihao except a few Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners.

He could never imagine that Qin Lie, who was the furthest away from him had been plotting against him since the beginning of the battle; since the moment the Terminator Profound Bombs had caused a giant smokescreen of dust.

There was no one beside Ye Yihao.

But there were three blood droplets of the Fire Qilin lying in wait at the gray sand beside him.

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