Chapter 445: Soul Control

Chapter 445: Soul Control

Ye Yihao was calm and collected.

Su Yan was gritting her teeth. Half of her beautiful face was covered in blood, greatly damaging her beauty.

If Ye Yihao hadn’t stopped her with a smile, she would’ve charged towards Chu Li and destroyed him.

Right now, Qin Lie had earned a brief moment as he used the Accumulation Pills to heal himself and observed Chu Li’s battle with narrowed eyes.

Accumulation Pills were not exceptionally rare but they had an incredible healing effect on his wounds’ stability and recovery.

He began to channel the Blood Spirit Art in secret.

“Eh?” He couldn’t help but exclaim softly in his heart.

To his surprise, he discovered that while he was utilizing the Blood Spirit Art and summoning the power of blood, the blood spirit energy in his blood vessels actually converged onto the two wounds on their own.

Traces and wisps of refined blood energy quickly converged where his body was injured.

The blood spirit energy and the medicinal energy of the Accumulation Pills were mingled in one another as they began to heal his wounds through an extraordinary method.

When he used his mind to probe his wounds, he even felt that his pierced lung and foot were recovering little by little!

He subconsciously lowered his head to look.

After the frost energy around his chest had dissipated, he discovered that his wound was slowly forming a scab.

The same was happening to his legs as well.

The formation of the scab meant that his wounds were healing and stabilizing swiftly.

This caused him no small measure of surprise.

“Accumulation Pills shouldn’t be this powerful. It was after all just a profound grade pill. There’s no way it can achieve such a powerful healing effect.” Qin Lie thought in silence before his eyes suddenly lit up, “The Blood Spirit Art! The refined blood can swiftly recover a physical body’s wounds. Although my lifeblood essences aren’t around, the effects still happened when the energy in my blood flowed to the wounds! Blood energy is also a kind of life energy, and it is capable of healing the heavy injuries of one’s corporeal body!”

He suddenly understood.

He thought of the way to form one’s lifeblood essences recorded in the half volume of the Blood Codex. He recalled one of the many miraculous uses of the lifeblood essences—the healing of the heavy injuries of one’s mortal body!

Therefore, he began operating the Blood Spirit Art with even greater concentration than before, using the energy contained inside his blood to nurture his wound and increase the rate of recovery.

His wounds swiftly stabilized.

“Sister Xue, what do we do now?”

On the other side, a Illusory Demon Sect girl subconsciously looked towards Xue Moyan and asked softly.

Xue Moyan looked through the bushes at the faraway battle with clear eyes. She said with a soft voice and calm expression, “Let’s wait some more.”

She was not in a hurry. She knew that it was imperative to be calm the more critical the situation was.

“Don’t worry, Qianqian. I have two voodoo insects in my hands. We have the ability to bargain with Ye Yihao.” Xue Moyan said.

“Mm. I believe that Sister Xue will save my life.” Pan Qianqian said obediently.

“Big Brother Ye, why do you not let me act? Why… aren’t you getting anxious?” Su Yan looked towards Ye Yihao.

Ye Yihao’s eyes were indifferent. From the beginning to the end, he had just been standing there and giving off a feeling of enigma. She did not know how she should cooperate with him, “More and more people would notice the activity going on around here and come to us. When more people came and found out that you are poisoning the people with the voodoo poison, I’m afraid that they will…”

“Attack me en masse?” Ye Yihao smiled coldly.

“That is the obvious outcome.” Su Yan said worriedly.

“In fact, the reason I haven’t acted all this time is to wait for these people to come!” Ye Yihao said with a dark and cruel grin, “Moreover, you don’t know that there are already quite a lot of people who are hiding around us.”

His cold, dark eyes couldn’t help but gaze towards where the Illusory Demon Sect girls were hiding. It was as if he had seen through their hiding spot already.

“Ah?” Su Yan cried out in surprise.

She grew even more confused as to what Ye Yihao was trying to do.

“There is no need for you to bother with Chu Li. Go there first.” He pointed a finger at Qin Lie and Luo Chen before instructing indifferently, “Take care of those troubles first. You are not needed here; someone else will handle him. Chu Li… is dead for sure!”

“This…” Su Yan was both shocked and confused.

Ye Yihao did not explain anything.

He suddenly sat down on the ground.

Under Su Yan’s confused gaze, Ye Yihao tore away the clothes before his heart and revealed the half translucent chest.

Su Yan looked deeply at the spot.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen was encircled around Ye Yihao’s heart at the half translucent chest area. Its body thumped along with his heartbeat, expanding and contracting rapidly. Its many legs were sunk deep into Ye Yihao’s blood vessels and nerves like sharp blades, seemingly connected to his entire body.

It was at that moment the Eight-winged Centipede Queen abruptly howled and pierced through Ye Yihao’s half translucent chest and bore out under Su Yan’s shocked gaze.

While howling harshly, it abruptly floated above Ye Yihao’s head and stayed suspended above his hair.

Many invisible soul threads flew out of Ye Yihao’s temples and become connected with the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s hundreds of feet.

An eerie aura of connecting souls were unleashed from his and the mother insect’s body, causing people to feel anxious and worried.

“Zzz zzz zzz!”

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen suspended above his head suddenly howled towards the sky. The half wings that were as black as the reaper’s blade flapped continuously.



“Something’s invading my mind!”


For a time, every person that was in hiding began to hug their heads and scream. Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong were also included in that group.

Their eyes instantly became distant, and this bewilderment did not last for long before their eyes suddenly shone with an inhuman, cold and dark light.

They felt as dead as corpses.

“Qianqian!” Xue Moyan’s shocked cries rang at the same time.

The pure and intellectual gleam in Pan Qianqian’s eyes were completely gone. Poisoned by the voodoo poison, what replaced that light was a cold and merciless expression that struck fear into people’s heart.

Ignoring Xue Moyan’s obstruction, Pan Qianqian abruptly ran out of the bushes and headed towards Ye Yihao like lightning.

While Xue Moyan was crying aloud, five other figures had also run out from the surrounding large forest.

Those people were dressed in the clothing of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect. Their eyes were covered in black tendrils, and their expression were cold and merciless.

They were all poisoned by the voodoo poison!

Even Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had their minds robbed away by the harsh cry and began charging towards Ye Yihao’s direction.

Pan Qianqian, Zhao Xuan and eight other figures quickly arrived at Ye Yihao’s location before attacking Chu Li without the slightest hesitation.

“Have your Su family members depart the battle.” Ye Yihao chuckled strangely while instructing.

The obvious light of shock shone from Su Yan’s eyes.

In just ten short seconds, Ye Yihao had suddenly joined the fray and turned the entire situation on its head.

Ye Yihao actually could control the martial practitioners who were poisoned by the voodoo poison directly through the Eight-winged Centipede Queen!

As Pan Qianqian and another six people charged out, people began to emerge one after another from the forests that weren’t flattened by the explosions yet. The people in hiding were exposed all at once!

Since there was no worldly spirit energy in this place, every martial practitioner’s senses had been limited greatly. No one could notice the surrounding lives and souls around them.

Du Xiangyang and Illusory Demon Sect’s Xue Moyan were not too far apart form each other, but before Du Xiangyang had opened his mouth, Xue Moyan did not kow that Du Xiangyang was hiding there either.

However, even if the others couldn’t, Ye Yihao could.

Through the Eight-winged Centipede Queen, through the voodoo poison’s aura, he could sense more clearly the people hiding around him.

He was stronger than everyone in this place based on this point alone. He could also retailor his plans to fit the arrival of the poisoned.

“Chu Li! One of the eight people who are attacking you madly now hails from Illusory Demon Sect, and another two from Heavenly Sword Mountain. The remaining five comes from Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Heh, they have all been poisoned by the voodoo poison, so let’s see if you’re going to kill them or not!” Ye Yihao laughed madly, “While they would do everything in their power to kill you, the second you kill them the onlookers from Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect would never help you and team up against you! Hahaha! Let’s see how you choose this!”

He then looked at Su Yan once more, “Now, are you still worried that we would be teamed up against? Let me tell you this. Anyone who is poisoned by the voodoo poison who dares show up within five kilometers of me would immediately have their True Souls and mind controlled by me through the mother insect. I can kill them immediately if I want to!”

Su Yan was incredibly shocked.

She finally understood why Ye Yihao hadn’t acted all this time.

This was because Ye Yihao did not need to do so at all. He wasn’t afraid about being teamed up against in the least.

On the contrary, he waited on his leisure for more people to come because he knew that some of these people would be poisoned by the voodoo poison.

These people would become Ye Yihao’s blades. Not only would he be able to borrow their hands to kill Chu Li, he could control the infected’s companions through them.

For example, Xue Moyan was one of them.

“Just stand there and watch. If you dare attack me, I can guarantee you that your poisoned companion will commit suicide in three seconds.” Ye Yihao stared at Xue Moyan who had revealed herself in the distance and laughed cheerfully.

A few Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners were included in Ye Yihao’s warning as well, “If you do not wish your companion to die a horrible death then just stand there and watch! Haha, either they kill Chu Li, or Chu Li kills them! Heh, if Chu Li did kill them, what will you all do, I wonder?”

Xue Moyan and the other martial practitioners who were not poisoned wore dark and ugly expressions on their faces.

The reason they brought their poisoned companions was to cure them.

Judging from this, it was likely that they shared a good relationship with each other. The reason they rushed over was because they did not wish to see their companions die bit by bit.

Xue Moyan especially viewed all of her sisters with great importance. She treated Pan Qianqian as her sister, and she absolutely would not allow Pan Qianqian to die just like that.

She absolutely could not accept Chu Li killing Pan Qianqian either.

In this case, the groups of martial practitioners who had gathered over from all directions because of the rampant energy exposing Ye Yihao’s position in this place were unable to form a threat against Ye Yihao at all because of their controlled companions.

On the other hand, Ye Yihao could cause Chu Li to hesitate through the infected.

If Chu Li fought carefully and was unwilling to kill his attackers, then he might very well be killed by the infected after Ye Yihao had expended much of his strength through sheer numbers.

If he threw aside all caution and destroyed all of the infected around him, then Xue Moyan and the others would absolutely not ignore this act. At least half their hatred would be transferred to Chu Li instead.

In that case, not only would Chu Li not be able to obtain their assistance, he would have made some new enemies instead. He was one hundred percent going to die in this place.

The second Ye Yihao acted after observing from the sidelines all this time, he had managed to control the entire situation. This caused everyone to lean heavily onto the defensive and become fearful of acting carelessly.


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