Chapter 444: Accumulation Pill

Chapter 444: Accumulation Pill


A mouthful of blood forced its way out of Qin Lie’s mouth once more.

Although their physical bodies were not as tough, and their spirit arts were not as varied and refined as his, Lin Yenian and Xiahou Tai were both still martial practitioners at the middle stage of Netherpassage Realm, which was a full cultivation level above him. As a result, their combat experience and use of strength were not in any way weaker than him.

The reason he was able to kill both of them was purely because of his ruthlessness and his willingness to risk his own life for theirs!

As of now, he had traded heavy injuries for both Lin Yenian and Xiahou Tai’s deaths. His lungs and one of his legs were pierced through by his own hands by using the Rainbow Sound Sword, and his chest had suffered from the Frost Bone Thorn’s terrific blow.

He was completely drenched in blood, as if he was born a blood man. His appearance was miserable and sorry to the max.

It seemed that no extra push was needed before he himself would simply falter and collapse.

But at least for right now, he was still standing there tenaciously.

His foot was still stepping on Xiahou Tai’s foot, and both of their feet were still strung together by a broken Rainbow Sound Sword.

The remaining two martial practitioners who had been attacking him together all this time were in fact not far away from Qin Lie, and were still capable of starting a new wave of attacks.

However, for some reason or another, the duo had surprisingly become frozen where they stood, and did not attempt kill Qin Lie while he was heavily injured.

This was because the duo were terrified by Qin Lie’s methods!

They were both deeply frightened by both Qin Lie’s brutality and valiantness. They couldn’t shake off the feeling that they would turn into miserable corpses just like Lin Yenian and Xiahou Tai if they attacked him immediately.

That was why they had hesitated.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Xiahou Yuan’s roar resounded at an appropriate time.

When the two hesitating martial practitioners had heard his roar, they immediately woke up from their dilemma.

The duo matched eyes and steeled themselves once more.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Bird Tail Feathers simultaneously roared once more as they began unleashing a terrific amount of spirit energy.

The Purple Flame Wheel spun madly in midair like a burning disc. A terrific flame that could extinguish the very soul was unleashed by the Purple Flame Wheel, purple, bright-colored and bizarre flames which blossomed on the on the disc like many blossoming, purple demonic flowers.

Meanwhile, the Seven Birds Tail Feathers transformed into a rainbow peacock about a dozen or so meters long. Its entire body sparkled with the colors of the rainbow, and when it flapped its wings, it released a cold and harsh wind.

Neither martial practitioners dared to go too close to Qin Lie. They both only dared to remotely control their spirit artifacts from afar with their True Souls as they tried to minimise the danger to their own lives while they attempted to kill Qin Lie.

Qin Lie grabbed the broken Rainbow Sound Sword as he channeled wisps of frost energy through it to his hurting leg, swiftly decreasing the pain.

It was a lot harder for him to move agilely due to this leg injury.

So he gave up on trying at all and just sat down on the spot.

He secretly summoned the Blood Spirit Art, ready to expose its existence at this critical moment to catch the remaining two off guard and kill them with it.

He was ready to throw everything away.

“Zhao Xuan! Zhang Chendong! What are you waiting for?”

At this moment, Luo Chen, who was equally bathed in blood and setting off a gigantic sword storm suddenly yelled harshly.

After they were poisoned by the voodoo poison, attacked together by Xiahou Family and Lin Family, and scattered by Qin Lie’s Terminator Profound Bombs, Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong had finally returned after staying away from the battlefield for a long while.

The moment they appeared and heard Luo Chen’s yell, they subconsciously charged over to help Luo Chen deal with Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing.

“Get out of the way!” Luo Chen yelled with a frigid expression as he formed many sword rainbows amidst the giant sword storm, “I do not need your help! Kill the rest of the Xiahou and Lin Family clansmen!”

The gigantic sword storm was like a tornado that could destroy any hard objects in the world as it travelled on the ground.

The earth, the rocks, the wood and even the air itself were crushed to bits by the ball-shaped sword storm.

Right now, Luo Chen’s eyes were looking at the remaining two Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners.

He was staring right at the martial practitioners who were remote controlling the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers to kill Qin Lie.


Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong froze.

They both saw the doubt in each other’s eyes.

Since Sea Moon Island, the moment Luo Chen learned of Qin Lie’s existence, he had been directing his animosity at Qin Lie at every corner.

When Qin Lie was ready to leave Sea Moon Island by using the spatial teleportation formation, it was he who stepped out and stopped Qin Lie’s footsteps, forcing Qin Lie to surrender the blank tombstone.

Even then, he wasn’t ready to let things end there, and had even promised Blue Star Association’s president that he would kill Qin Lie in the Graveyard of the Gods.

Zhao Xuan did not know what kind of hatred existed between Luo Chen and Qin Lie, but they knew that Luo Chen was extremely disgusted by Qin Lie and had every intention of killing the man.

But right now, Luo Chen’s instruction was clearly and aid to Qin Lie. This caused them to be both confused and puzzled, to the point where they even thought that they had understood Luo Chen’s meaning wrongly.

That was why they froze and did not act immediately, wanting to further confirm Luo Chen’s intention once more.

It was at this moment Luo Chen said yet again, “I must kill that person with my own hands!”

He had his own pride!

It was a pride neither Zhao Xuan nor Zhang Chendong could understand!

In his entire life, Li Mu was the only one who humiliated, looked down and even ignored him.

Li Mu said that he wasn’t qualified to become his disciple, but Qin Lie was the person Li Mu acknowledged as half his disciple.

Therefore, he had to kill Qin Lie with his hands and decapitate him with his own sword. Only then he would be able to prove Li Mu wrong and continue to protect his own pride!

That was why Qin Lie must live!

Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong did not understand Luo Chen’s pride but they did understand his words. Therefore, they no longer hesitated and charged towards the remaining two Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners.

The duo who was going to kill Qin Lie while he was heavily injured lost their best chance to do so due to Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong’s interference.

After killing Lin Yenian and Xiahou Tai in a row, thanks to Luo Chen siphoning the pressure from Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing, thanks to Zhao Xuan and Zhang Chendong’s interference, Qin Lie actually had some free time to himself now.

No one had the leisure to deal with him.

Miraculously, he had a moment’s leisure to enjoy while many sides were battling each other intensely in this chaotic area.

Not daring to waste even a single moment, he hastily took out the spirit stones and recovered in secret while he was still seated at the same spot. At the same time, he opened his eyes and examined his surroundings closely in case a new change was to occur. He used the Blood Spirit Art to heal his injuries and suppress the pain of his wounds, stabilizing them so that they would not worsen further.

It was at this moment a white jade porcelain bottle wrapped in orange flames suddenly flew out of a thick bush, looking to land on top of his head.

Qin Lie’s expression changed like he had encountered a mortal enemy, and got himself ready to act at any moment.

“This is the Profound Grade Six Accumulation Pill. It helps heals the physical body’s wounds and is extremely beneficial to the user’s heart and lungs. This pill isn’t too precious but it is very suitable for the injuries you’re suffering from right now.” A lazy voice rang from the bush. It was none other than Du Xiangyang.

There’s someone there!” The Illusory Demon Sect girls hurriedly looked in Du Xiangyang’s direction the moment they heard him speak.

Worldly spirit energy did not exist inside the Graveyard of the Gods. This caused the hearing of a martial practitioner’s True Soul to become greatly weakened.

Du Xiangyang and the Illusory Demon Sect girls were hiding at different places, and they were a little far apart from each other. That was why they had not realized each other’s existences.

It was only until Du Xiangyang had spoken up on his own and appeared that Xue Moyan and the others realized that someone was even there earlier than they were.

“You don’t seem like a kind person.” Qin Lie’s expression was dark as he stared at the fire wrapped bottle landing slowly and stably in front of him.

The fire automatically flew away after putting down the white porcelain bottle, not hanging around for even a second longer.

“This is a show of good will.” Du Xiangyang smiled, “Back at the Land of Fire, it was I who acted too rudely and provoked a madman like you. However, I have avoided you since, and I was the one who told you that your friend was poisoned by the voodoo poison. I know that you are in a hurry to take revenge from Ye Yihao, and that you must have managed to find your friend through the information I give you. Now that I think about it, you actually owe me one…”

Qin Lie snorted.

“The Accumulation Pill is right in front of you. It is up to you whether to use it. I am here only as a bystander. It’s not as if I or a friend of mine got inflicted with the voodoo poison so all this has nothing to do with me.” Du Xiangyang said leisurely.

Qin Lie thought with a darkened face before picking up the white porcelain bottle in front of him. After pulling its stopper and sniffing it once, he swallowed all five Accumulation Pills inside the bottle and said indifferently, “From this point onwards, the grudges between you and I are completely settled.”

Du Xiangyang let out a bitter laughter and said casually, “As long as you don’t look for me with trouble in mind in the future. Let’s just say that I’m scared of you.”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and did not answer him. Instead, he used his heart and sensed the medicinal powers of the Accumulation Pills.

The second the five Accumulation Pills had entered his stomach, he immediately forced them to spread out with his powers. Five wisps of gentle and nurturing medicinal energy were pulled towards his heart, lungs, and leg like five streams of warmth.

The pain of the these two injuries immediately lessened quite a bit.

This caused his eyes to lit up. He realized that Du Xiangyang’s gift really was incredibly effective to his injuries.

Therefore, he split out a wisp of consciousness and guided the medicinal energies of the Accumulation Pills to heal his two wounds.

However, his eyes were still focused onto Chu Li and Ye Yihao. He secretly paid attention to the three Fire Qilin blood essences, not daring to relax for even a second.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Chu Li was like a star that flashed non-stop amidst the galaxy as he dodged the Black Voodoo Cult and Su Family’s martial practitioners attacks. He was so swift that it was almost impossible to catch his figure with one’s eyes.

Two out of the six martial practitioners who surrounded Chu Li had already died horribly under his retaliations. They were both Su Family martial practitioners.

Chu Li’s spirit armor looked like it was woven from many stars. It was dazzling, magical, and filled with a grandiose and beautiful aura of the stars.

From time to time, his body would shake and stars would abruptly shot out of his body.

Like a porcupine’s needles, the stars would shoot everywhere with terrific force behind them.

The explosive power of the stars caused his attackers to be bitter beyond words. It forced them to cease their attacks and surrender their greatest defenses to block the attack.

Chu Li did not seem to have fallen into a disadvantageous position despite fighting six martial practitioners on his own and killing two of them already.

If Ye Yihao and Su Yan wasn’t here, then Qin Lie would even think highly of his position and believe that he would quickly secure victory.

Unfortunately, Ye Yihao still hadn’t acted and simply watched from the sidelines coolly all this time.

It was as if everything was proceeding according to his plans.

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