Chapter 443: Trading Injury For Life!

Chapter 443: Trading Injury For Life!

Du Xiangyang and the six Illusory Demon Sect girls who were hiding in the shadows and observing all cried out at once.

A hint of shock even emerged on Luo Chen’s cold face as his eyebrows wrinkled.

He was also shocked by Qin Lie’s ferocity.

By mutilating himself, Qin Lie had broken free from this sure death scenario, even though it had caused him some grievous injuries!

Right now, the thin and sharp Rainbow Sound Sword was still stringing Qin Lie together with Lin Yenian. Although Qin Lie was screaming harshly, Lin Yenian had drawn his last breath.

“Fearsome!” Du Xiangyang thought silently.

Xue Moyan’s clear eyes also shone with a hint of admiration as she spoke softly, “A truly fearsome person should look like him. They must not only be cruel to their enemies, but also cruel to themselves. Such people generally have hearts and minds far more tenacious than others, will also be the ones who survive in the endwhen fighting against an opponent of equal strength.”

Pan Qianqian and the other Illusory Demon Sect girls all nodded lightly. Their bright eyes all shined with the light of shock and fear.

They were all intimidated by Qin Lie.

“Thank goodness I was smart enough to avoid provoking this fellow any further. Otherwise, I would’ve met with severe consequences. This lunatic, this fellow is a true lunatic. I must avoid him in the future…” Du Xiangyang silently made up his mind.


The three Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners couldn’t help but scream as their eyes became bloodshot upon seeing his instant death.

Even Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing’s pupils shrank as cold murderous intent filled their faces.

They were growing restless.

At this moment, Luo Chen’s sword abruptly overflowed with a lonely, sharp, and terrifying sword intent.

Many sword beams shot out of the tip of his sword like rays of light flying towards the sky.

With a pair of narrowed eyes and a straight back, Luo Chen was like an unsheathed sword gleaming with incredible sharpness.

“Your opponent is me.”

The dozen or so sword beams that had just flown up into the clouds abruptly shot downwards from the sky once more like a rain of meteors.

Their targets were none other than Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing!

The several dozens sword beams were all filled with a dense, flowing sword intent. The two felt like a sword that vaguely enveloped them.

Thus, Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing’s pressure immediately increased, forcing them to no longer put their attention on Qin Lie. They immediately focused all of their strength on Luo Chen.

At this critical moment, Luo Chen, who had been clashing head to head against Qin Lie and attempting to kill him, actually changed his target and locked onto Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing once more.

“Kill him! He has already severely injured himself!” Xiahou Tai roared angrily.

Like a maddened wild beast, Xiahou Tai swung his Frost Bone Thorn and generated a sky full of white, boney thorns which whistled towards Qin Lie like a rain of arrows.

The other two martial practitioners who were slightly further away from Qin Lie also controlled their respective Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers and unleashed all of their power toward Qin Lie.

Qin Lie, who had pierced his own lung abruptly shook and blasted Lin Yenian off his back.

He pulled out the Rainbow Sound Sword from his chest, spraying blood, which landed on the floor like bright, bloody flowers, everywhere.

“Crack crack!”

The second the Rainbow Sound Sword was pulled out, his wounds were quickly encased in ice as he used the Frost Art to suppress his wounds temporarily.


While roaring angrily, Qin Lie gripped the Astral Thunder Hammer with his right hand and Lin Yenian’s Rainbow Sound Sword with his left hand as he unleashed a terrific and heavy aura from his body.

He flew tens of meter into the air like a human tank and brutally charged head on towards Xiahou Tai.


The second the Astral Thunder Hammer was swung, it formed several thunderous stars that exploded beside Xiahou Tai.

The explosions were so fierce that Xiahou Tai was frightened.

Xiahou Tai had not missed a single detail when Qin Lie had cruelly and brutally dispatched Lin Yenian. Thus, he now had a deep recognition towards Qin Lie’s madness and brutality.

He was now deeply wary of Qin Lie and felt a hint of fear towards him.

This fear prevented him from unleashing his full strength, and prevented him from steeling himself and fighting against Qin Lie with his life on the line.

“Fight harder!” Xiahou Tai yelled.

The other two martial practitioners, who were on Qin Lie’s left and right, were still a distance away from Qin Lie and unable to arrive instantly.

But their spirit artifacts could!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Purple Flame Wheel burning with purple flames and the Seven Bird Tail Feathers that had seemingly transformed into a beautiful peacock charged towards Qin Lie even faster than the two martial practitioners.

Thus, Xiahou Tai’s courage was abruptly bolstered, but in the next moment, fear quickly reappeared in his eyes once more!

Qin Lie actually ignored both the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers and simply glared at him with his scarlet eyes which were filled with infinite killing intent.

Xiahou Tai felt as if he was being watched by a savage primitive beast.

“Pop pop pop pop!”

The boney white thorns of the Frost Bone Thorns and the Astral Thunder Hammer’s astral thunder exploded against each other.

Thunder and lightning roared in the area where he and Qin Lie were battling as countless sparks scattered towards the surroundings and countless boney white thorns vanished, one after the other.

Qin Lie, who was descending from the sky, looked like he would charge right into Xiahou Tai in the next moment.

It was at this moment that the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers simultaneously rammed into Qin Lie’s left and right shoulders.

The brown yellow halo on Qin Lie’s figure instantly shattered and turned into many fragments of scattered light.

A portion of the thin ice surrounding his shoulders had also stabbed into his own flesh, tearing both flesh and blood.


Qin Lie even had to spit out a mouthful of blood.

His charging figure abruptly wobbled as if he was about to drop out of his mad charge towards Xiahou Tai.

Xiahou Tai looked overjoyed by the sight as he stabbed forward with the Frost Bone Thorn in his hand towards Qin Lie’s forehead again.

“No matter how crazy or brutal you are, you cannot escape death!” Xiahou Tai laughed madly.

“I will have you die ahead of me!” Qin Lie roared savagely.

While wobbling, he fell unsteadily towards Xiahou Tai without the staunch and brutal aura from before. After the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers had rammed into him, his figure looked as light as a falling leaf, giving off the feeling that a single breeze could blow him away.

However, he still swung the Astral Thunder Hammer in his right hand towards Xiahou Tai.


Sparks flew everywhere as the Frost Bone Thorn and Astral Thunder Hammer clashed against each other.

Xiahou Tai’s figure shook once under the impact.

However, as he knew very well that Qin Lie had a powerful physique and a great close combat power, Xiahou Tai ignored the shaking of his body and got ready to retreat.

He wanted to wait for the next attacks of the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers.

Right now, after being rammed by the Purple Flame Wheel and Seven Birds Tail Feathers, Qin Lie’s unsteady, stumbling figure was falling towards Xiahou Tai.

“Clang! Clang!”

When the two came close to each other, Qin Lie swung the Astral Thunder Hammer in his hand continuously against the Frost Bone Thorn, causing many sparks to scatter through the sky.


Qin Lie finally landed on the ground and noticed Xiahou Tai’s intent to retreat from the battle. Abruptly, his expression grew grim with determination.

Right now, he was almost within reach of Xiahou Tai. Sparks flew everywhere between the two as the great waves of energy from their spirit artifacts clashed against one another.

A brutal energy was about to form between the duo and push them away.

This was exactly what Xiahou Tai was hoping for.

He wasn’t good at close quarter combat and his physique was far inferior to Qin Lie. He had no intention of getting too close to Qin Lie!

The second he managed to pull away and start a new round of attacks with the other two people, Qin Lie would be dead for sure!

“You can’t leave!” Qin Lie laughed sinisterly.

“How can you possibly stop me?” Xiahou Tai also laughed madly.

Right now, the spirit energy that was becoming increasingly stronger in between the two continuously pushed them apart.

As long as their spirit artifacts continued to clash against each other and cause greater and greater spirit energy shockwaves, Xiahou Tai believed that Qin Lie could not do anything to him.

However, before Xiahou Tai could react, Qin Lie’s foot abruptly stepped out like lightning just as he was about to be blown away.

He had stepped directly onto Xiahou Tai’s foot.

Qin Lie had stepped fiercely onto Xiahou Tai’s right foot with his left foot!


At the same time, Qin Lie threw out the Rainbow Sound Sword that had snapped in half like lightning.

The broken Rainbow Sound Sword was now like a dagger, and about an arm’s length. It first penetrated through Qin Lie’s foot before nailing his left foot and Xiahou Tai’s right foot together.

This was almost exactly the same tactic he used to kill Lin Yenian!

He first stepped onto Xiahou Tai’s foot with his own so that he would not be able to pull free immediately.

Then, he stabbed his own leg with the broken Rainbow Sound Sword and nailed his and Xiaohou Tai’s feet into the ground!


Xiahou Tai immediately let out a bloodcurdling scream.

“Hehe, your physique is so much weaker than mine. I can bleed more and endure more pain, and thus am able to exchange one leg for your life!” Qin Lie laughed madly and savagely, “It is very much worth it!”

Xiahou Tai screamed in terrible pain as they were both blasted by the rampant spirit energy exploding between them.

Qin Lie forcefully endured it all like a rock even as his chest was torn into bloody pieces by the bone thorn.

As for Xiahou Tai, he failed to escape in time and had astral thunder entering his chest, causing the bones in his entire body to explode like fried beans.

Blood poured incessantly out of Xiahou Tai’s mouth. He hadn’t been able to escape at first notice and had endured the full brunt of the thunderous explosion created by Qin Lie’s Astral Thunder Hammer. As a result, he died horribly.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie relied on his powerful physique to forcibly endure the Frost Bone Thorn attacks. But as a result, his chest was badly mangled and he had broken more than just a bone.

But Qin Lie had survived yet again.

Xiahou Tai was the one who had followed Lin Yenian’s footsteps and been forcibly killed.

Di Xiangyang and the six Illusory Demon Sect girls who were hiding in the forest were once again shocked by the series of events.

“The man is literally more brutal than a beast!”

“He is a savage beast wearing human skin!”

“He is a lunatic, an utter and complete lunatic! He is willing to sacrifice anything and even mutilate himself without any hesitation to kill his enemy! He is the most brutal and terrifying kind of opponent to face!”

“Mm. He is only at the early stage of Netherpassage Realm, but he has managed to kill two martial practitioners at the middle stage of Netherpassage Realm in this way!”

“It is simply too brutal!”

“I can’t believe it. Did he actually tell Chu Li not to clash against us earlier? I thought he was just cowardly and afraid of going up against us. I thought he was afraid of our strength and identity. Thank goodness he didn’t fight us earlier. When this guy goes crazy, he’s even scarier than Chu Li!”

When the six Illusory Demon Sect girls recalled what had happened earlier, fearful, yet thankful looks appeared on all of their faces.

—They were thankful that Qin Lie hadn’t minded their accusations earlier.

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