Chapter 442: Fearsome!

Chapter 442: Fearsome!

The four martial practitioners of the Xiahou and Lin Family were all at the middle stage of Netherpassage Realm, wielded exquisite spirit artifacts, and looked to be utterly furious right now.

After all, their close ones had all perished in the explosion earlier.

Their four respective spirit artifacts, the Frost Bone Thorn, the Purple Flame Wheel, the Rainbow Sound Sword, and Seven Birds Tail Feathers were all Profound Grade Seven spirit artifacts!

The reason these four people were able to wield these spirit artifacts was because they were all among the core members of the Xiahou and Lin Families and because their own household seniors held some status within their families.

Under the control of their respective practitioners, these four spirit artifacts dazzled with spirit light, shot lightning rainbows and clusters of purple flames, and unleashed terrific waves of energy.

Qin Lie tightly gripped his Astral Thunder Hammer as thunder and lightning crawled atop his entire body. Secretly gathering the power of blood, he used his powerful physique and a dense web of lightning and explosive thunder to defend himself against the quartet’s attacks.

His abnormal body was further covered in a layer of brown yellow light and frost.

This was a precious spirit energy armor formed from both the power of both earth and ice.

When he swung the Astral Thunder Hammer, a violent energy slammed heavily into the flying wheel ablaze with purple flames.

The sides of the disc-like flying wheel were embedded with many sharp thorns. The Astral Thunder Hammer clashed against those thorns and let out many sparks.


Sparks flew off the Purple Flame Wheel as it was struck by the Astral Thunder Hammer and sent flying into the distance while roaring.

Like a flash of lightning, Qin Lie then instantly moved horizontally, dodging the Rainbow Sound Sword’s piercing attack.

Afterwards, a translucent ice shield swiftly formed on his back over his heart, blocking the Frost Bone Thorn’s ambush.

Channeling Records of Geocentric Magnetism, the gravitational field around him abruptly changed, causing the flying, unpredictable Seven Birds Tail Feathers to abruptly fly erratically and lose track of his position.

Right now, the four miraculous spirit arts he mastered: Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Records of Geocentric Magnetism, Frost Arts, and Blood Spirit Art were all being switched around naturally and smoothly.

After another short moment, Qin Lie’s eyes turned cold as wisps of frost energy gathered on his body and shot ice blades in every direction following his arms movements.

Then, his spirit art changed yet again as his aura turned immovable and earthly as he caused the gravitational field around him to abruptly increase.

Before the quartet was able to adapt to it, he changed his spirit arts once again as thunder began to rumble inside him and bolts of lightning shot from his body.

Normally, some time for transition and conflict between spirit arts were unavoidable when a martial practitioner attempted to switch between them. Some people would expose huge openings when they were switching out their spirit arts.

However, Qin Lie did not seem to have this kind of weakness at all.

Because of a godlike technique called the Spirit Arts Fusion, the four spirit arts were merged and smoothed out, allowing for the transformation of spirit arts to become natural and allowing for no pauses whatsoever in between switches.

It was as if it had no flaws at all.

At the very least, the four clansmen of the Xiahou and Lin Families could not notice any flaws.

Qin Lie fully brought out his various spirit arts and powerful physique into battle. With his great physical advantage, Qin Lie could clash forcefully against the quartet’s attacks when need be, and dodge out of the way when he could not.

Sometimes, the Purple Flame Wheel would ram into him, or the Seven Birds Tail Feathers would scratch him, leaving wounds on his body.

However, he overall did not fall into a situation of absolute disadvantage. He hadn’t collapsed from the first blow like many people had imagined he would.

Meanwhile, Chu Li clashed against Su Family and Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners. He was howling and fighting madly at the same time.

Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing had obviously underestimated Qin Lie’s tenacity a little, as well as his strength.

In their opinion, Qin Lie, who was only at the early stage of Netherpassage Realm, should’ve been instantly taken out under the attacks of their four clansmen.

However, the current situation was a far cry from what they’d predicted earlier.

Yet, despite wanting to kill Qin Lie very much, neither Xiahou Yuan nor Ling Dongxing participated in the battle.

The reason for that was because Luo Chen was right beside them.

Both Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing were afraid that Luo Chen would take the opportunity to charge out of the encirclement if they exhausted much of their spirit energy. Therefore, they had to place a certain amount of attention on Luo Chen.

The second Luo Chen moved and displayed any intent to leave the fight, they would join hands and kill him, no matter what the cost.

Previously, much of Luo Chen’s strength had been exhausted by the nine men’s joint attack. Then, he had been blasted once by Qin Lie’s Terminator Profound Bombs. Right now, Luo Chen had to be at his weakest state, so naturally the two of them were unwilling to let go of this opportunity.

That was why they hadn’t acted immediately.

While Chu Li was just observing Qin Lie, Qin Lie similarly observed Chu Li’s condition.

Chu Li was even unluckier than him for six Su Family and Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners were attacking him at once.

Moreover, Ye Yihao was watching like a predator on the side, as was Su Yan, who was gritting her teeth with a cold expression on her face.

Chu Li’s was being pressured even more than him.

“Go!” Qin Lie ordered with his mind.

As he dodged yet another attack, three blood droplets fell off his palm. The blood droplets withdrew their auras and sneakily left amidst dust and soot on the ground without unleashing their terrifying fiery powers.

They headed in Chu Li’s direction in preparation for ambushing Ye Yihao when the time was right.

Qin Lie was multitasking as he had never forgotten his trip’s real objective—to kill Ye Yihao and the mother insect.

While the intense battle ensued, a couple of people had arrived from amidst the parts of the forest which had not been blasted by the Terminator Profound Bombs.

Du Xiangyang blankly watched the battle with shock and amazement atop of a big tree that was tens of meters tall.

On the other side, the trees had completely vanished. What was left were many gigantic pits which clearly manifested the terrible destruction from earlier.

From this, Du Xiangyang was sure that this place had been given much "care" by the Terminator Profound Bombs earlier.

Since there were no trees blocking his sight, he could clearly see the people battling and the minor changes which occurred in the area even though he was somewhat far away from them.

“I can’t believe it’s that Qin Lie guy again,” Du Xiangyang muttered.

As he furrowed his brows, he chose to watch from the sidelines. He did not want to get himself into that mess.

On another side directly opposite of Du Xiangyang’s current position, Illusory Demon Sect’s Xue Moyan and five other girls were hiding behind an ancient tree’s leaves like lightweight birds.

They were also seriously observing the situation.

“It’s actually that guy!” The poisonous tendrils in Pan Qianqian’s eyes had already seeped to the pupils. Her face was ashen, and she appeared to be in low spirits, “Why has he gotten into a fight with the Xiahou and Lin Family?”

“Su Yan is standing beside Ye Yihao. This means that the three great families have joined forces with Black Voodoo Cult. I knew this would happen even before I came in.” Xue Moyan’s clear eyes were immediately filled with a cold, murderous intent the moment she saw the martial practitioners of the three great families from Heavenly Calamity Continent.

Although she knew that Blood Fiend Sect’s destruction was largely due to Jiang Zhuzhe, she also knew that the three former vassal forces of Blood Fiend Sect, the Xiahou Family, Lin Family, and Su Family had also played a definite role in it as well.

In fact, her hatred and anger towards the three great families were even greater than her hatred and anger towards Jiang Zhuzhe.

“Sister Xue, what should we do?” Huang Zhuli asked softly.

“We must seek out Ye Yihao and ask for the voodoo poison antidote. However, we can just wait and observe for now.”

The five Illusory Demon Sect girls nodded lightly and grew quiet, their bright eyes widening as they stared at the intense battle.

“Quick, look at that guy!” Pan Qianqian pointed at Qin Lie.

The girls’ gazes immediately focused onto Qin Lie, their eyes sparkling.

“He’s about to die,” Huang Zhuli suddenly said in a soft tone.

At this moment, the quartet who had been unable to truly severely injure Qin Lie suddenly made a massive breakthrough.

The Lin Family martial practitioner called Lin Yenian wielded his Rainbow Sound Sword as he rushed towards Qin Lie as if intending to fight Qin Lie in close combat.

This was exactly what Qin Lie had been hoping for, so he allowed Lin Yenian to get close to him. When Lin Yenian came close to him, Qin Lie abruptly charged and snatched Lin Yenian’s sword right out his grip.

He clearly did not care about Lin Yenian’s attack at all!

Qin Lie was extremely confident with his powerful physique. He was sure that there was nothing Lin Yenian could do which would severely injure him as long as Lin Yenian wasn’t using the Rainbow Sound Sword.

However, what he did not expect was for Lin Yenian to directly give up his sword!

While Qin Lie snatched the Rainbow Sound Sword, Lin Yenian used a strange footwork technique to suddenly slip from his armpits to his back like a slippery mud fish.

Before he could react, Lin Yenian abruptly jumped onto him from the back and tightly gripped his shoulders. With his entire body pushing down from Qin Lie’s back, he used every bit of his remaining strength to yell, “Xiahou Tai! Stab his forehead with the Frost Bone Thorn and crush his head directly! Quickly take him out!”

Lin Yenian’s arms were tattooed with an extremely bizarre and strange, greenish brown vine picture.

While the vines on his arms grew madly, a dark green wood spirit energy gushed out from both his arms, causing them to become unbelievably tenacious and filled with great gripping power as if his arms had turned into a ten thousand year old vine demon.

At the same time, Lin Yenian’s legs tightened around Qin Lie’s with the same method.

They felt just like two thick vines.

Even with Qin Lie’s abnormal physique and strength, he wasn’t able to struggle out of Lin Yenian’s grip.

Although he had gripped Lin Yenian’s Rainbow Sound Sword, he wasn’t able to find a good angle at all to reverse stab the sword at Lin Yenian, who was sticking to his back like glue, to force him off his back.

Lin Yenian himself was extremely cunning. After he hid himself behind Qin Lie, he curled himself up and hid his head under the Qin Lie’s nape.

This foiled Qin Lie’s thoughts of stabbing Lin Yenian’s head with the Rainbow Sound Sword as well.

So Qin Lie channeled the Frost Art and filled his body with an intense frost energy, but Lin Yenian grit his teeth and endured it without a sound.

Then, Qin Lie unleashed Heavenly Thunder Eradication and blasted bolts of lightning into Lin Yenian’s body from his back behind his heart.

However, Lin Yenian was a middle stage Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner after all. He had immense spirit energy, and thus both the frost and lightning energies were both entangled by the wood spirit energy upon entering into his body. Consequently, Qin Lie wasn’t able to severely injure him in a short period of time.

As for the power of earth, it was good for defending, but no so much for offense. It would similarly be ineffective against Lin Yenian.

The Blood Spirit Art techniques could only be unleashed when he was directly facing Lin Yenian, so he wasn’t able to explode Lin Yenian to death in an instant either.

Qin Lie howled and struggled madly as he angrily grit his teeth, but he wasn’t able to find a way to quickly escape Lin Yenian’s grasp.

“Yenian! Well done! Just hold on for a bit longer! I’m coming!”

Xiahou Tai, who wielded the Frost Bone Thorn, was the closest to Qin Lie. He laughed savagely as he flew towards Qin Lie.

He only needed to stab forward with the Frost Bone Thorn and pierce Qin Lie’s forehead while Qin Lie was immobilized by Lin Yenian to immediately kill him.

“He’s dead.”

This was the unanimous thought of the six Illusory Demon Sect girls and Du Xiangyang.

After all, they themselves would not have been able to escape Qin Lie’s predicament had they been in his position.

This was pretty much a situation of certain death.

Illusory Demon Sect’s Huang Zhuli had even turned her head away to observe Chu Li.

She believed that Qin Lie’s ending was already decided.

“Ah!” It was at this moment she heard Pan Qianqian crying out, “This person, this person… is so ruthless! He’s even so ruthless towards himself!”

Huang Zhuli abruptly turned back towards Qin Lie and shuddered as tremendous shock surged into her eyes.

“Holy shit! What a man! What a true man!” Du Xiangyang abruptly cried out in an odd tone.

Just as Xiahou Tai had been about to reach him, Qin Lie had grit his teeth and resolutely stabbed the Rainbow Sound Sword at the spot beneath his heart.

He actually pierced his own body with that strike!

The tip of the Rainbow Sound Sword pierced through his body, coming out from his lungs and continuing forwards!

It directly pierced right through Lin Ye’s neck curled up behind him.

It was a one hit kill!

At a glance, the Rainbow Sound Sword was like the wooden pole of a sugar coated Chinese hawthorn fruit stringing both Lin Yenian and him together as one.

Qin Lie was severely injured, but at least he was still alive.

However, Lin Yenian had perished on the spot!

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