Chapter 441: Bloody Fight!

Chapter 441: Bloody Fight!

The dozen silver Terminator Profound Bombs rolled and fell towards Luo Chen’s position.

The terrifying fluctuations of thunder which came from within each thunderball caused everyone’s expression to change.

Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing, the poisoned Zhao Yuan, and Zhang Chendong all felt their souls about to leave their bodies.

They cursed, screamed, and shouted, as they resented their parents for not giving them two more legs so that they could flee even faster.

Of them, only Luo Chen was still calm. With just his sword, he still released a sharp sword concept that could tear the sky.


Chu Li’s eyes were filled with shock as he looked dazedly at Qin Lie. As he watched the Terminator Profound Bombs roll out, he quickly understood something.

Chu Li’s mind shifted.

He suddenly shouted, “Ye Yihao! You scum! I will bomb your voodoo insect!”

As Qin Lie leapt towards Luo Chen, Chu Li also started to move. He roared like a lion and also took out several Terminator Profound Bombs.

There were numerous martial practitioners from Black Voodoo Cult around Ye Yihao, as well as Su Yan and several Su Family martial practitioners.

These people’s attention had originally been on Qin Lie and Luo Chen’s sides as they watched Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing haphazardly try to escape.

They hadn’t expected Chu Li to also go crazy and start throwing out Terminator Profound Bombs like Qin Lie.

The expressions of Su Yan and the Su Family martial practitioners changed just like the expressions of Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing’s group. They didn’t even notify Ye Yihao as they screamed and cursed while they fled.

Only the Yu Family martial practitioners from Black Voodoo Cult had terrified expressions but did not dare to flee.

“Get out of my way!” Ye Yihao shouted.

The black-robed people from Black Voodoo Cult were finally allowed to leave as they quickly fled, chasing after Su Yan and the others.

The situation had originally been at a standstill. Ye Yihao had been gathered with the Su Family in one area while Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing had surrounded Luo Chen in another area.

Yet because Qin Lie and Chu Li both took out Terminator Profound Bombs, the entire battlefield had become chaotic.

The ground became pitted with holes as ancient trees fell to the ground. Rubble was strewn everywhere, as were signs of the intense battle. A new storm had come.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The Terminator Profound Bombs would spin after Qin Lie and Chu Li released them as they flew in the direction of Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing as well as the direction of Su Yan and the Black Voodoo Cult escapees as though they were intelligent.

The duo’s targets were not just Luo Chen and Ye Yihao, but everyone!

To the two of them, everyone was a target. Back to back with each other, they each took out Terminator Profound Bombs and threw them.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...”

The destructive sounds of explosions drowned out the area as the ground began to violently shake and even frightening cracks appeared in the grey sky.

Crack after crack apparently emerged in the sky as if the sky had been sliced open by sharp blades.

Within the cracks, it was possible to see countless rays of light and the tails of meteors.

An eternal and desolate presence which could extinguish life emanated out from these space cracks.

Everyone’s minds felt like they had frozen over. It was as though they had suddenly entered the apocalypse and pulled into the current of ancient chaos.

Everyone felt terror.

“Boom boom boom!”

In this moment, the entire densely packed forest was violently shaking and furiously exploding.

All of the martial practitioners in the area could clearly feel the brutal vibrations and the enormous transformations which were shaking the ground.

Xue Moyan of Illusory Demon Sect and her sisters had been struggling to find Ye Yihao’s precise location, but after the explosion, they immediately figured out the location.

Du Xiangyang had been roaming alone aimlessly within the dense forest.

But after the frightening noise in the area, he immediately moved in that direction without almost any hesitation.

There were also many scattered martial practitioners from other major factions that were in this dense forest. They all felt the roaring of the earth and hurried over.

They all wanted to know what had happened.

“That was the explosion of several Terminator Profound Bombs! So strong. H-how many would have needed to explode together to create an explosion this terrifying?” Exclaimed He Wei, who had been hiding in a dense patch of wood on the other said.

“It’s only Qin Lie and Chu Li, how could they create such a great disturbance?” Song Tingyu was secretly also shocked on the inside.

“Let’s try to approach towards that area,” He Wei suggested.

Everyone nodded.

They all started to move.

All of the martial practitioners in this dense woods felt the shocking change and weren’t able to suppress their curiosity as they gathered over from all directions.

In one corner of the forest was a rotten old tree, one which had thicker rhizomes than all of the trees around it.

It was bald and leafless, and there were profound marks of age on its gray-colored branches. It was unknown how long it had lived.

There were no signs of any life on its trunk and portion of its rhizomes above the ground. It seemed to have died a long time ago.

Yet for some reason, as the forest shook due to the explosion of the Terminator Profound Bombs, a trace of life suddenly reappeared in the roots of this enormous old tree which were most deeply rooted in the ground.

When this trace of vitality appeared, the ancient tree seemed to awaken slowly as if it had recovered its consciousness.

Extremely strangely, its withered, rotted, and dried roots gradually began to show tints of  greenness as its rhizomes slowly began to give off vitality.

But the branches and leaves of the large trees around it were quickly yellowing as they withered away and rotted at a visible rate.

It was as though their wood essence energies were being pulled out.

No one knew of the situation occurring here. No one knew that a new change was happening in this corner of the forest.

Because everyone was heading towards the depths of the forest.

There, Qin Lie, Chu Li, the Black Voodoo Cult, the three families, and the martial practitioners of Heavenly Sword Mountain were all howling deafeningly as they fought.

“You already knew that the Terminator Profound Bombs which you released would have their powers spread out, and that their energies cannot all gather in one area.” Inside a large pit, Luo Chen’s face was ashen and his eyes were sharp as he said coldly, “So, regardless of whether I fled or not, I would experience the same impact within this large area!”

He looked with a strange expression at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was being attacked by four martial practitioners from the Xiahou and Lin Family.

“I’m going to skin him alive!” a martial practitioner from the Xiahou Family howled angrily. “He killed my younger brother! Damn it, I don’t care what grudge he has with Luo Chen, I’m going to kill him with my own hands!”

“My cousin also died in his explosion! Damn it, I want to kill him first!” a member of the Lin Family also shouted.

The simultaneous explosion of a dozen Terminator Profound Bombs had caused a large area around Luo Chen to be affected by thunder, lightning, and the sharp blades of space.

Luo Chen knew so he had not tried to dodge. Instead, he had used his strongest defensive method of numerous sword rays to defend the place he was at.

While he had used up large amounts of energy, he had managed to survive unharmed.

Zhao Yuan and Zhang Dongchen had already known about Qin Lie from Scarlet Tide Continent. The two had fled even faster than the Xiahou Family and the Lin Family when they saw Qin Lie come.

Those two had also surprisingly managed to survive.

But three martial practitioners of the Xiahou and Lin Family had been torn apart by the space barrier of the Graveyard of Gods. They had been hit by several of the spatial blades and directly rendered to pieces.

Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing, and the remaining four had avoided the spatial blades but were affected by the furious wave of lightning and thunder. They had all either spat blood, become burnt all over, or begun to strangely howl.

They were all wounded to some degree.

When the explosion dissipated, they had immediately attacked Qin Lie without a care for the enmity between Qin Lie and Luo Chen. They were afraid that Qin Lie would die too quickly at Luo Chen’s hands, making them unable to get revenge for their brothers.

Qin Lie’s dozen of Terminator Profound Bombs had killed three and resulted in the Xiahou Family and the Lin Family chasing him.

Meanwhile on the other side, Chu Li had been even more vicious.

All of the trees within several miles of Chu Li had been turned to powder, and numerous deep, seemingly bottomless, holes  had appeared in the ground. The cracks in space were like wounds on a body and had not healed even now.

There weren’t any bits left of six Su Family and Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners.

In Su Yan’s hand was had a large scale Earth Grade Four defense spirit artifact. It had been turned to powder, and she had to spit out blood before she managed to successfully protect three members of the Su Family.

Ye Yihao of Black Voodoo Cult had also used up a valuable spirit artefact. It was called “Firecloud Amitabha Shield,” and was Earth Grade Five!

This “Firecloud Amitabha Shield” had been specifically prepared for use against Chu Li by him even before he had entered the Trial. It was to face Chu Li’s madness and the explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs.

Ye Yihao did not seem to care at all that the spirit artifact had shattered as he calmly stood beside an enormous hole atop this field now covered in giant holes and devoid of trees. “I knew a long time ago that you, Chu Li, would be the most difficult of all the opponents in this Trial. My “Firecloud Amitabha Shield” was specifically found just to face you. I knew that it would shatter sooner or later. Thankfully, it hasn’t disappointed me and has helped me survive this.”

Pausing, Ye Yihao suddenly started to laugh darkly. “Now then, you should have used up all the Terminator Profound Bombs you have right? Haha, I want to see what you can do now!”

“Chu Li! I want you to die a horrible death!” Su Yan shrieked. The left side of her face had been wounded by the explosion of her spirit artifact. It was bloody and had greatly reduced her beauty. “Kill him! Kill him for me!”

“Go.” Ye Yihao narrowed his eyes and ordered.

The remaining martial practitioners of the Su Family and the Black Voodoo Cult immediately charged at Chu Li under his and Su Yan’s orders.

Before Chu Li entered the fight, he reflexively looked behind him to check on how Qin Lie was doing.

As expected, Qin Lie was surrounded and being attacked by the four Xiahou and Lin Family martial practitioners who had higher cultivations than him.

But what astonished Chu Li was that Qin Lie was still standing strong under their attacks.

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