Chapter 440: Intolerable!

Chapter 440: Intolerable!

It took a great effort to get the Eight-Winged Centipede Queen to give birth to a single larva. Then, in order to get the larva to trust him and form a mental connection with him, even Ye Yihao needed to use his True Soul and his mind consciousness to nurture it for a period of time.

Thus, every larva was extremely precious to Ye Yihao.

That was why he had once told Yu Feng that the value of a larva was greater than the lives of Yu Feng and the others.

Ye Yihao did not care too much about the deaths of Yu Feng and the others because the Yu Family had many Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners. After coming out of the refinement convention, he could use the larvae to find new hosts in the Yu Family.

But Ye Yihao could not let go of the deaths of the four larvae. He could not help but feel angered.


The smile on Ye Yihao’s face slowly faded as his gaze became cold and vicious, and sparking with murderous intent.

Qin Lie said calmly, “Me.”

“I will have the voodoo insect slowly burrow into your head, bit by bit, and consume your brain.” Ye Yihao stared at him and said darkly, “You will not die immediately, but will instead be conscious and able to hear the sound of the voodoo insect devouring your brain and bones. Tsk tsk, I guarantee that this experience will be one which you have never felt before in your life. I guarantee that even when you die, you will not forget it!”

The words caused many people’s hairs to stand up on end.

Not only did the expressions of Chu Li and Luo Chen change, but also those of Zhao Yuan, Zhang Chendong, and the martial practitioners from the three families on good terms with Ye Yihao.

Many people felt terrified of Ye Yihao from the bottom of their hearts. They decided that if they accidentally landed in Ye Yihao’s hands one day, they would be decisive and kill themselves to save themselves from the inhuman torture.

Strangely, Qin Lie showed indifference as his gaze didn’t change.

He was even slightly puzzled.

For some reason, he felt that he had once tormented people in a manner like how Ye Yihao had just described, and it had not just been once.

Deep inside, he actually thought that this inhuman kind of torture was quite normal and nothing major.

It seemed that he had done things even crueller and more insane in the past...

Yet in the eyes of other people, his daze was an expression of being stricken dumb.

Ye Yihao and the martial practitioners of the three major families all had disdainful expressions. They thought Qin Lie was just a little person who had been scared to death by just words.

Even Luo Chen, who was surrounded by the Xiahou Family and the Lin Family, looked coldly at Qin Lie and snorted, “You really embarrass my Heavenly Sword Mountain.”

Qin Lie suddenly woke up.

He gradually cleared out the disorganized thoughts in his mind whilst maintaining his mental clarity and calmness.

He glanced at Luo Chen and frowned, saying, “Your mouth is still so nasty for someone about to be buried in dirt.”

“If I die, do you think that you will be safe?” Luo Chen sneered.

“Hm?” Su Yan was surprised. She giggled as though she found something new and said, “So interesting, it really is interesting. You two are both from Heavenly Sword Mountain but are enemies, this is really interesting.”

“He is not qualified to be a martial practitioner of Heavenly Sword Mountain! He only knows how to take shortcuts and fawn over elders to get a sword token.” Luo Chen said mockingly.

From the start, Luo Chen had assumed that Qin Lie was only able to receive the favor of Li Mu because Qin Lie was good at flattery and getting on the good side of people.

At Sea Moon Island, he hadn’t targeted Qin Lie just because Qin Lie had received the blank tombstone.

Actually, ever since he discovered that Li Mu had picked Qin Lie to attend the Trial and learned a bit of the relationship between Qin Lie and Li Mu, Luo Chen had desired to kill Qin Lie.

Because of Qin Lie’s status as apprentice, and the fact that he had once stayed in Li Mu’s Li’s shop.

During the time when Qin Lie had nowhere to go in Icestone City, it had also been Li Mu that stood up and helped him leave.

In Luo Chen’s view, Li Mu and Qin Lie were not only teacher and student, but also friends.

This caused  Luo Chen to feel great jealousy.

What others didn’t know was that Luo Chen had shown great talent during his youth, and had made great accomplishments in the way of the sword.

What others didn’t know was that at his most glorious moment, his grandmother Luo Nan had secretly taken him to find Li Mu in hopes that Li Mu would take Luo Chen as an apprentice.

Luo Nan understood how powerful Li Mu was, and knew his skill on the way of the sword better than anyone. She had taken Luo Chen to ask Li Mu and hoped that Li Mu would take him as an apprentice out of consideration for her and Luo Chen’s own astounding talent.

In the past, Luo Chen’s talent with the sword had astounded all of Heavenly Sword Mountain, making him very proud and arrogant. He had believed that everyone in Heavenly Sword Mountain would compete to take him on as their apprentice.

He had thought that Li Mu would not be an exception.

Perhaps it was this proud attitude which had displeased Li Mu during their meeting, and so Li Mu had refused.

Incontent, his grandmother Luo Nan had bitterly begged in hope that Li Mu would accept. But Li Mu would not allow it, his attitude cold and indifferent.

Watching his grandmother, who was so powerful in Heavenly Sword Mountain, begging for his sake in front of Li Mu, the young and proud Luo Chen impulsively attacked Li Mu verbally and began arguing with him.

Li Mu had also been infuriated by the young and proud Luo Chen. He said that Luo Chen was not qualified to be his disciple because Luo Chen was not talented enough and did not have a good personality.

This was the greatest setback which Luo Chen had encountered in his life.

Luo Chen, who had always had his eyes up in the sky and believed that no one could compare to his talent, was deeply pricked by Li Mu’s undisguised disdain.

Starting from that year, Luo Chen began to work even harder. He wanted to prove himself and give Li Mu a slap in the face. His breakthroughs on the path of the sword grew increasingly faster, and finally, Luo Chen became the strongest martial practitioner under Fulfillment Realm in Heavenly Sword Mountain!

He Wei and Du Xiangyang who were of the same generation and similarly as outstanding were completely suppressed and outshone by his light.

But even then, Li Mu only ever looked at him with mockery and disdain during their several later encounters with each other.

He seemed to still think that Luo Chen was not qualified to become his disciple.

This had always been a thorn in Luo Chen’s heart, and caused him to feel great discomfort.

Thus, when he heard that the relationship between Li Mu and Qin Lie reached a level of friends which went beyond teacher and student and discovered that Li Mu was very concerned with Qin Lie, the thorn in his heart grew.

He, Luo Chen, had never received recognition from Li Mu. How could this Qin Lie, a little martial practitioner from an unknown place of the Scarlet Tide Continent, a person who did not have outstanding talent and strength which was only between Manifestation Realm and Netherpassage Realm receive Li Mu’s recognition?

He was not willing to accept it.

However, he could not vent on Li Mu, so he could only direct it all towards Qin Lie.

This was the true reason for why he had always targeted Qin Lie from the moment he learned of Qin Lie.

“I do not qualify to become a martial practitioner of Heavenly Sword Mountain?” Qin Lie laughed strangely as he shook his head and mocked back without any politeness. “You think that everyone is the same as you, proud of the fact that they are a martial practitioner of Heavenly Sword Mountain? Just what do you have to be proud of? You were born at Heavenly Sword Mountain, and your grandmother is Luo Nan. From birth, you have grown up in an environment of medicine and all kinds of sword arts. Yet even with the teachings of your grandmother and the elders, you are just in Netherpassage Realm? Right now, aren’t you also in a dangerous situation? I don’t see you dominating? Do you really think that you are so great?”

“Ha, as long as Qin Lie is willing, after the Trial is finished, the gates of my Terminator Sect will always be open to him!” Chu Li grinned and inserted, “I am sure that if he entered Terminator Sect, he would be a core disciple personally taught by the old forefather!”

Luo Chen stilled.

Qin Lie continued to speak, “Luo Chen, you are not unique. Forget about all of the Spirit Realm, just even in this Trial, there are five people who are no weaker than you in any area. Where exactly does your pride comes from? Laughable!”

Luo Chen’s face turned into a variety of colors.

After the two had started arguing, the martial practitioners from the three major families had all stopped with strange expressions.

Ye Yihao also did not interrupt and just watched. Once the two finished speaking, he suggested, “Speak all you want, but in the end, those are just words! If you two have a score to settle, you can settle it now. I don’t mind waiting for one of you to die first.”

“We can also wait,” Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing stated after exchanging looks.

They wanted Qin Lie and Luo Chen to fight and waste more of Luo Chen’s energy—they all assumed that Qin Lie would not be a match for Luo Chen.

However, they all felt that Qin Lie was no weaker than Luo Chen in terms of scathing remarks.

But just in that.

“It won’t take much for me to kill a little martial practitioner in the early stages of Netherpassage realm,” Luo Chen said icily.

“Brother Qin, although I am a woman, even I wouldn’t be able to tolerate him at a time like this!” Su Yan cheered from the side. “If I was you, even if I died in battle, I would first settle my debts with this arrogant person! He’s really looking down on you!”

“Damn it, what is all this?” Chu Li fiercely spat on the ground.

He had never expected that the situation would intensify and degenerate further for the worse, and turn into the one which he had wanted to see the least.

He had hoped for Luo Chen and Ye Yihao to fight and for Luo Chen to exhaust at least some of the other’s energy.

Then, he and Qin Lie would at least have a sliver of a chance. If they focused on dealing with Ye Yihao, there was a tiny chance that they could kill Ye Yihao.

Now, if Qin Lie and Luo Chen had a fight to the death, Luo Chen would be unable to exhaust some of Ye Yihao’s energy, and Qin Lie would also not be able to help him.

He would have to face Ye Yihao and all the people from the three major families by himself!

In that case, he wouldn’t even have a chance, not even to escape!

But he did not urge Qin Lie to be calm and endure.

Because if he was Qin Lie, he wouldn’t be able to tolerate it at all!

Naturally, Qin Lie also could not tolerate it!

He charged straight at Luo Chen.

Several Terminator Profound Bombs suddenly appeared on his hands. Without a care for the Xiahou and Lin Family’s responses, and without care for who was beside Luo Chen, he threw a dozen of the Terminator Profound Bombs out together.

Before Luo Chen could respond, Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing’s group started to swear and scream as they all fled for their lives.

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