Chapter 439: Ambush

Chapter 439: Ambush

“Something’s not right!”

Qin Lie stopped walking and gripped the two tokens, his expression grave.

Chu Li also noticed that something was wrong and shouted in shock, “Ye Yihao and people from Heavenly Sword Mountain are together?”

“The tokens are telling us that they’re in the same place.” Qin Lie’s brow furrowed. “When Luo Chen’s group left, they said that they found Xiahou Yuan and the others. Why would they be with people from Black Voodoo Cult?”

“Who knows?” Chu Li felt that things had become slightly difficult.

He would have had trouble with just Ye Yihao of Black Voodoo Cult, but he was confident that he would be able to face him.

The ringers from the nine great silver forces were all at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm. They possessed rare, high level spirit artifacts, spirit pills, spirit medicines, spirit armor, and other equipment.

Strictly speaking, other than the three families’ Xiahou Yuan, Su Yan, and Lin Dongxing that were slightly weaker, the best of the other six forces had slightly differing levels of power, but that difference would not be very great.

In other words, Chu Li, Ye Yihao, Luo Chen, Xue Moyan, Feng Yiyou, and Yu Men were similar in strength.

Chu Li always thought of himself as the strongest. He was confident that he wouldn’t lose when facing any of the remaining five.

He had a reason for that.

—If he were facing two of them, however... his confidence would be non-existent.

If Ye Yihao and Luo Chen were working together, Chu Li did not think he would be able to achieve victory and kill Ye Yihao along with the Eight-winged Centipede Queen.

Chu Li was arrogant and domineering, but he wasn’t stupid.

The moment he realized that Ye Yihao and Luo Chen might be working together, his expression turned grim and he seemed restless and irritated.

Common sense told him that he shouldn’t go because he might end up being killed.

Yet when he thought of Ren Peng’s state, and He Wei also being inflected by the voodoo poison in need of an antidote, he could not stand by and watch.

Chu Li fidgeted frantically.

At this time, Qin Lie was silently looking at him with a cool gaze and calm expression.

Qin Lie’s personality had been strange from the start as a kind of craziness had always been hidden in his bones.

Prior to merging with his previous personality, he would usually seem gentle and stoic, although wooden at times.

Yet upon being stimulated in a certain matter, he would show his crazy side and become hysterical!

This could be seen from how he had challenged Du Haitian in the past in Icestone City when he learned that Du Haitian had caused the deaths of Ling Ying, Ling Xiao, and the other Ling Family clansmen. He used the Terminator Profound Bombs to kill Du Haitian without regard to its consequences.

If not for Li Mu’s protection at the time, he probably would have died a terrible death.

Later on at Armament Sect, Liang Shaoyang became the focus of attention after causing a change in the spirit pattern pillars, receiving acknowledgement from Ying Xingran and the three reverends and he had been thought of the future successor of Armament Sect. It had been Liang Shaoyang’s most glorious time.

Yet even during Liang Shaoyang’s most glorious and brightest time, Qin Lie had dared to thrust an ice blade through Liang Shaoyang’s heart and destroy the hope of Armament Sect right in front of its own gates.

That time, if it wasn’t for his own outstanding performance and the change he caused in the twelve spirit pattern pillars, he would also have died a terrible death.

However, the current him had even more craziness in his bones than before.

Thus, he had already decisively made a decision at the start—a decision to kill Ye Yihao!

After all, Xie Jingxuan had possibly died from poisoning, and Song Tingyu was now on her last gasps. There seemingly wasn’t much time left for her.

Determined, Qin Lie’s expression was calm, unlike Chu Li, who was still bitterly struggling between reason and emotion.

A moment later, Chu Li inhaled deeply and shouted, “If Ye Yihao and Luo Chen have teamed up, I’m afraid the outcome will not be in our favor should we go over. Little Brother Lie, even I, for one, am hesitant right now. What about you, what do you think? I would like to hear your opinion!”

“I don’t care if you go or not.” Qin Lie said, pausing after each word. “Either way, I’m definitely going!”

Chu Li’s expression shook as he looked at Qin Lie in shock . “You... have you clearly thought about this?”

“I’m not thinking about anything right now! All I know is that if that bastard Ye Yihao doesn’t die, my woman will definitely die!” Qin Lie grit his teeth as his eyes became filled with savagery and viciousness and his body began to release an intense murderous intent.

“Damn it! It seems that I have thought too much!” Chu Li suddenly bellowed, his blood boiling from Qin Lie’s words. His rationality, thoughts of death, and plans, were all suddenly thrown to the back of his mind. “Qin Lie! You really have style! Let’s go and kill those two scum!”

“I was just waiting for those words!” Qin Lie grinned viciously.

At this time, although Qin Lie’s cultivation realm, status, and strength were weaker than Chu Li’s, the presence of his craziness, brutality, and savagery was in fact slightly greater than Chu Li’s.

When the two crazed people agreed on a decision, they both felt their blood rise. Red glints flashed through their eyes as they began to charge towards Ye Yihao and Luo Chen with great murderous intent.

At their normal speed, a distance of a hundred miles would take around an hour.

But in their crazed states, their spirits had seemingly increased. Even their speed increased!

They reached Ye Yihao’s position a full ten minutes earlier than it would have normally taken them.

“Boom-om-om! Woosh-oosh-oosh! Crack! Pah-pah-pah!”

The clashing of spirit artifacts, the collisions of spirit energy, and the sound of power exploding could be heard from a long ways off.

At their destination, they saw enormous old trees breaking and falling, brilliant displays of spirit lights, various spirit artifacts spiralling into the air, and violent explosions of power.

The two people brimming with murderous intent exchanged looks with each other and saw the joy in each other’s eyes.

“Brother, it seems that we are not destined to die. Damn it, it seems like Ye Yihao and Luo Chen are infighting. Hahahaha!” Chu Li laughed madly.

Qin Lie’s eyes also lit up.

Both of them became excited.

Regardless of how crazed they were, they still knew that there was a higher chance of death if it was the two of them facing Ye Yihao, Luo Chen, and their protectors.

But if Ye Yihao and Luo Chen had become enemies and were fighting, then it really was a chance for them.

“It seems that the heavens are on our side!” Qin Lie also howled.

“Ye Yihao, you son of a bitch, your daddy Chu Li is here!”

“Luo Chen, haven’t you been wanting to settle your debts with me? Your granddaddy has come!”

Qin Lie and Chu Li both laughed arrogantly as their bodies flashed across the enormous trees on the ground and appeared on the battlefield.

When they stopped and looked, they became stunned.

Atop the chaotic battlefield, swords, long blades, short spears, and other spirit artifacts continuously collided as fire, wind, and frost energies clashed together. In the very center,group of people were intensely fighting.

Those people were Luo Chen, Zhao Yuan, Zhang Chendong and the others, and they were fighting against Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing’s group.

There were two corpses on the ground already. Based on the clothing, the two were from Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Zhao Yuan and Zhang Chendong both had blood flowing from their bodies, and their eyes had dimmed. Faintly visible black threads were apparent within their pupils.

They had been poisoned with the voodoo poison.

Only Luo Chen in his silver robes was still wielding his sword and fighting back against the attacks of Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing, and the seven other martial practitioners.

As he swung his jade-like longsword which was as thin as a cicada’s wings, sharp sword beams were continuously released. These sword beams resembled a rain of jade-like crystal meteors that were ten meters long and two fingers wide and contained a terrifying sword concept.

Xiahou Yuan and Ling Dongxing, as well as their respective clansmen, had surrounded Luo Chen and were casting all kinds of spirit artifacts and spirit arts in a barrage against Luo Chen.

With one sword, Luo Chen managed to block the attacks of all nine people.

But occasionally, wounds and streaks of blood would appear on his body.

On the side, Ye Yihao of Black Voodoo Cult and Su Yan of the Su Family were standing side by side as they chatted idly with relaxed expressions.

They were clearly prepared for the Xiahou and Lin Families to exhaust Luo Chen till his death.

Even though Luo Chen was stronger than Xiahou Yuan and Lin Dongxing, the two had teamed up together and also enlisted the help of seven other people. Eventually, Luo Chen’s spirit power would be exhausted.

That time would be the calling of death for Luo Chen.

There were three sides fighting and two sides that were watching. Upon hearing Qin Lie and Chu Li’s laughter and seeing the two charge in, they all stopped what they were doing.

Everyone’s gazes gathered on the two of them.

When Qin Lie and Chu Li saw the scene in front of them, they were stunned.

The two of them who had become as excited as if they had discovered a new continent upon seeing the intense fighting happening in this place suddenly felt as if a bucket of cold water poured over their heads and immediately became clear minded.

The two of them became bitter as they realized that they had guessed the process but not the result.

Ye Yihao and Luo Chen were on opposite sides, but it had never occurred to them that the Xiahou, Su and Lin Family would side together with Ye Yihao.

This situation was likely worse than them facing Ye Yihao and Luo Chen together!

How could they laugh?!

“So unfortunate.” Chu Li cursed as he spat on the ground. Under the unfriendly gazes of Ye Yihao and the others, he shouted harshly, “Damn it, what are you looking at! I’m just here to kill you, Ye Yihao, you bastard! Do you think that I’m afraid just because there are more people?”

“Brother Chu, I have already waited a long time for you.” Looking at the two, Ye Yihao suddenly laughed as if in a good mood.

In his eyes, Qin Lie and Chu Li were two rash idiots. They charged in without even knowing the full situation and had believed that they would be the side that would benefit… they were adorably stupid.

“Was it you who killed my voodoo insect?” Ye Yihao only looked at Chu Li.

In truth, from beginning to end, he didn’t even look at Qin Lie.

Just like Xue Moyan, he didn’t recognize Qin Lie. To him, people he didn’t recognize were just minor people not worth mentioning.

“Four voodoo insects, I first refined three to death, and then another one later on. The other two escaped.” Qin Lie cut in with a smile. After a short moment, he calmed down again. “However, it’s too troublesome to refine the little insects one after another so I came this time to be more efficient and just directly kill the mother insect.”

When he spoke these words, he didn’t just successfully attract Ye Yihao’s attention, he also immediately enraged him.

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