Chapter 435: Winning Respect!

Chapter 435: Winning Respect!

The voodoo insect was ultimately burned to ash, refined by the blistering hot flames of the Fire Qilin.

Chu Li wore an expression of irritation. He constantly growled in a low tone like a bloodthirsty animal.

An hour later, He Wei and the two Terminator Sect martial practitioners opened their eyes one after another and stood up.

Their eyes were dull.

All three of them had given up on trying to cure the voodoo toxin.

“It cannot be cured.” He Wei’s expression was dim. “Our soul and life energy are gradually fading, and although we can’t stop it at all, we can clearly sense it happening… This is the kind of despair that is felt when you see your own death, but have no choice but to walk toward it.”

“I finally understand how Ren Peng feels,” a Terminator Sect martial practitioner said.

“I’ll go check on Song Tingyu.” Qin Lie wasn’t sure what to say when he looked at these people. He was worried about Song Tingyu, so he turned and left.

“This Qin Lie actually wasn’t poisoned by the voodoo toxin,” a member of the Terminator Sect said in realization.

“It’s really strange. This person’s realm is average, but not a single one of the voodoo insects dared to go near him while they were rampaging,” another person said.

“He even refined a voodoo insect to death. Even I have no way to deal with the voodoo insect. I also can’t think of a way to refine them to death.” Chu Li sucked in a deep breath. “This Qin Lie is very powerful. It appears that I will truly need him to kill Ye Yihao.”

“Chu Li. Qin Lie… more or less shares a subtle connection with Terminator Sect,” He Wei suddenly said.

Chu Li went blank, staring at her in surprise and waiting for her to explain further.

“He knows how to forge Terminator Profound Bombs. He should have some in his possession,” He Wei explained.

All three of the Terminator Sect martial practitioners were surprised when they heard this.

“What? He knows how to forge Terminator Profound Bombs? But... how did he learn to do so?” Chu Li cried out in surprise.

“The blueprint in his possession is the one that my father gave to Uncle Mu. Uncle Mu then passed it down to him,” He Wei said, somewhat embarrassed.

“But that was just a forging blueprint. Did he have a detailed blueprint of its spirit diagram combination?” Chu Li frowned.

“Of course not. My father would never be that careless. He would never give out a detailed blueprint of the Terminator Profound Bomb’s spirit diagram combination,” He Wei cried out.

“He managed to forge Terminator Profound Bombs with just this spirit material forging blueprint?” Chu Li couldn’t believe it.

“It’s true. Uncle Mu told me this, so it’s shouldn’t be a mistake,” He Wei said in confirmation.

“This guy…” Chu Li’s eyes were filled with shock and doubt.

In the other area.

Leaning against an ancient tree, Song Tingyu and Terminator Sect’s Ren Peng appeared dispirited.

Seeing Qin Lie walking over, Song Tingyu softly asked, “How is everything?”

Ren Peng also looked at him.

Qin Lie’s face was grim as he shook his head and sighed, “It’s very bad.”

Song Tingyu and Ren Peng’s expressions changed.

“Aside from Chu Li, everyone has been poisoned by the voodoo toxin. The situation is grave,” Qin Lie said honestly.

Ren Peng opened his mouth and weakly cried out. His eyes were filled with despair.

Song Tingyu let out a quiet sigh.

The fact that He Wei and the other two Terminator Sect martial practitioners had been poisoned by the voodoo toxin meant that they would not be able to participate in the attack on Ye Yihao.

Everyone afflicted by the voodoo toxin would be detected by the mother insect coiled around Ye Yihao’s heart. If they got within range of the mother insect, not only would the voodoo toxin spread faster, an unforeseen event could happen as well.

This meant that Qin Lie and Chu Li were the only ones who had managed to preserve their combat power.

Just how were they going to fight against Black Voodoo Cult, kill Ye Yihao, and cure everyone of the voodoo toxin?

Both Ren Peng and Song Tingyu felt hopeless.

“You’ll be fine.” Qin Lie said softly, trying to comfort Song Tingyu. “Don’t worry. I’ve been making preparations to face all of Black Voodoo Cult by myself since the beginning.”

Song Tingyu shook her head, a distressed look on her face. “Forget about it, Qin Lie. Seriously, don’t push yourself any more. In order to cure the voodoo toxin, you had to fall to the Manifestation Realm. No matter how you look at it, you are not Ye Yihao’s match right now. You will only add to the death toll if you go.”

He Wei lost control of herself and cried out, “What? Qin Lie was previously poisoned by the voodoo toxin?”

She, Chu Li, and the others had come over, and when she heard Song Tingyu’s words, she was incredibly shocked.

Chu Li, Ren Peng, and the other two Terminator Sect martial practitioners that had been poisoned by the voodoo toxin wore strange expressions, their eyes wide with disbelief.

“There isn’t a trace of black threads in your eyes at all. Your soul and life energies are incredibly vigorous!” He Wei sucked in a deep breath, clearly growing excited. “You’ve actually cured the voodoo toxin! How did you do it, Qin Lie? Quick, tell me!”

He Wei could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The eyes of Ren Peng and the others who had been poisoned by the voodoo toxin also lit up as they grew excited.

Chu Li was both shocked and doubtful. “Qin Lie, you seriously cured the voodoo toxin?”

“I did,” Qin Lie said earnestly.

“How did you do it?” Chu Li grew lively. “Do you have a way to cure He Wei and the others too?”

“If I did, Song Tingyu would’ve already been cured. I would’ve treated her a long time ago.” Qin Lie smiled bitterly.

As soon as he said this, the excited crowd cooled down like someone had poured buckets of ice water over their heads.

Song Tingyu’s condition was obvious to everyone. If Qin Lie could truly cure the poison, would she be looking like this?

“But Qin Lie, how’d you do it? Just tell us. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to copy you.” He Wei was not willing to give up just yet.

“Well… first I destroyed my True Soul with thunder so that it would shatter and my realm would fall to the Manifestation Realm. The voodoo toxin was forced from my True Soul when this happened. Then I poured flames into my mind and gradually refined the voodoo toxin just like how I used flames to refine the voodoo insect just now…” Qin Lie explained the process in great detail, serious and sincere. “If you can use the same method that I did—destroying your True Soul with thunder and enduring my flames—then maybe you will be able to cure the voodoo toxin and return to normal.”

When he finished explaining, he noticed that everyone had grown silent. Everyone, including Chu Li, was staring at him as if they had seen a monster.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lie wore a look of confusion.

The crowd was still silent.

After a long time, He Wei quietly said, “You destroyed your own True Soul in order to cure the voodoo toxin? You poured fire into your mind and burned the voodoo toxin with it?”

“Yes.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Your determination is formidable!” Chu Li sighed and shook his head. Then, with a complicated expression, he said, “Even if I had a way to shatter my True Soul, I would never do such a thing so confidently. Shattering one’s True Soul means the fall of one’s realm. We may never recover our full strength, or our souls might just explode and die right there and then. This kind of destruction… might be even scarier than slowly being eaten alive by the voodoo toxin.”

“For a martial practitioner, the fall of one’s realm and strength, the possibility that one might not recover in their entire lives, can sometimes be even harder to accept than death itself!” He Wei finished.

When they looked at Qin Lie again, there was a bit more respect in their eyes. They all thought that this guy was terrifyingly insane.

“He’s a ruthless character,” Chu Li thought.

It was only now that Qin Lie finally won a place of respect in his heart. It was only now that he truly considered Qin Lie a person worthy of respect.

A person who could decisively shatter their own soul and use a near suicidal method to cure the voodoo toxin was, in Chu Li’s opinion, truly terrifying.

“If you can shatter your own soul and endure fire seeping into your own mind, then I can help you cure the voodoo toxin. What do you think?” Qin Lie’s gaze swept across their faces.

He Wei and the others who had been poisoned by the voodoo toxin shook their heads repeatedly, their faces pale.

“F-forget about it. That’s impossible for us. Our souls could not endure lightning, and our minds could not endure those flames either.”

“Those flames killed even the voodoo insects. What are we compared to them?”

“I may have been poisoned, but I am currently alive. I have no intention of dying right away.”

Qin Lie looked around and found that all of them were shaking their heads and waving their hands. He had no choice but to helplessly say, “Then I have no way of helping you.”

“Killing Ye Yihai and eliminating the mother insect is still the easiest method of curing the voodoo toxin,” Chu Li exclaimed.

“I guess so,” Qin Lie agreed.

“Let’s go.”

Six hours later.

Qin Lie’s expression changed and he suddenly said, “We should not be far from Ye Yihao.”

Chu Li looked at He Wei.

Having roughly figured out where Ye Yihao was using the Memory Fragment Crystal, He Wei nodded and said, “He should definitely be close.”

“He Wei, you guys find a spot to hide,” Chu Li said with a helpless expression. “Since you’ve been poisoned with the voodoo toxin, you guys can’t get close to the mother insect. I cannot bring you with me.”

“I understand,” He Wei said bitterly.

On the other side of the group, Qin Lie put Song Tingyu down and said with a low voice, “Relax. I’ll make sure that you’ll be fine. Just stay with them for the moment, okay?”

“Qin Lie, you can choose not to go, you know? I… don’t want be a burden.” Song Tingyu sighed quietly.

“I’ll be fine.” Qin Lie waved his hands.

“You guys watch yourselves, okay?” Chu Li instructed.

“Relax, we still have some combat strength for now. Plus, we have already been poisoned by the voodoo toxin. No one would care about someone already slated for death,” He Wei said in dismay.

Chu Li said nothing more. After glancing at Qin Lie, he took his leave first, leading the way.

Qin Lie followed closely behind him.

Two hours later.

Stepping into a lush forest, Chu Li’s expression suddenly changed as he yelled, “Someone is rapidly approaching us!”

He had just finished speaking when two women dressed in Illusory Demon Sect attire, each with a bloody hole in their foreheads, suddenly attacked Chu Li and Qin Lie.

The eyes of these two women were strange and overflowed with an inhuman light. Their bodies were icy cold and lacked heat like a corpse would.

However, they were as swift as lightning, and when they moved, all kinds of realistic illusions materialized out of thin air.

In an instant, it was as if there were a dozen women charging toward Qin Lie and Chu Li from every direction.

An evil, freezing aura enveloped Qin Lie, making every hair on his body stand on end.

This feeling was extremely disturbing to say the least.

“Chu Li! Guard your mind and beware of the voodoo toxin! Voodoo insects have bored into their brains and are controlling them!” Qin Lie cried out.

At the same time, his three blood essences flew out into the open.

Keeping one of them nearby to protect himself, Qin Lie sent the others into the air and had them charge at the two women.

“Buzz buzz buzz!”

The moment the two voodoo insects detected the Fire Qilin aura, they let out a shrill cry.

They immediately understood that they’d run into Qin Lie once more. Almost instantly, they flew out of the women’s foreheads and escaped before the flames could catch them, howling all the while.

The Fire Qilin’s flame captured and burned the two Illusory Demon Sect women alive, but they were one step too late.

The voodoo insects had escaped once more.

“Over there! I saw Little Die and Little Wan running over there. Sister Xue, come quickly!”

At the same time, a feminine cry came from in front of Qin Lie and Chu Li.

A couple of Illusory Demon Sect women swiftly moved through the forest and appeared in front of them.

They saw the burning visages of their companions as soon as they arrived. Their eyes immediately turned bloodshot.

Qin Lie and Chu Li exchanged glances and saw the bitterness in the other’s eyes. They both inwardly lamented their bad luck.

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