Chapter 431: Chance

Chapter 431: Chance

Qin Lie’s eyes no longer held any hint of black smoke and were once again full of energy.

His soul and life energy had stopped seeping away. None of the voodoo toxin remained in his mind.

The voodoo toxin had been purified by the Fire Qilin’s blood.

“So... can I also do this? Can I also cure myself?” Hope welled inside of Song Tingyu. She urgently asked, “How did you do it?”


Qin Lie opened his mouth but suddenly froze. His brow furrowed.

“What’s wrong?” Song Tingyu detected his anxiety.

“I first used thunder and lightning to attack my True Soul and destroy it, then used the Fire Qilin’s blood to slowly purify the voodoo toxin.” Qin Lie’s expression was solemn. “I don’t know if you can use this method.”

Song Tingyu’s face paled, and then she shook her head bitterly. “My True Soul is already very fragile. I won’t be able to even tolerate one strand of lightning. I am not the same as you. I have not cultivated thunder and lightning spirit arts. My True Soul cannot endure lightning—it would just be destroyed.”

“Sit down. I will try using the Fire Qilin blood to see if it can force the voodoo toxin out of you.” Qin Lie did not give up and instead prepared to try another method.

Once Song Tingyu was ready, Qin Lie used his mind consciousness to manipulate the Fire Qilin’s blood. Three drops of crimson blood emerged from his chest and transformed into burning flames.

Three flames shaped like Fire Qilins slowly approached Song Tingyu.

Bathed in red by the light of the fire, Song Tingyu’s face seemed like she had recovered.

“How is it? Is there any change?” Qin Lie asked.

“No. The voodoo toxin is deep inside my True Soul. It hasn’t reacted at all.” Song Tingyu sighed.

Qin Lie manipulated the blood essences to approach Song Tingyu until they threatened to burn her clothes.

“Don’t move them any closer. I fear that I’ll be burned to dust by the fire before the voodoo toxin is forced out.” Song Tingyu’s face was full of helplessness.

Qin Lie had to recall the blood essences.

“It’s no use. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to die.” Song Tingyu smiled weakly.

Qin Lie was silent. A long time later he said, “Are you not able to destroy your True Soul?”

“Destroy my True Soul?” Song Tingyu was shocked.

“Mn, if your True Soul is destroyed, your essence, soul, memories, and thoughts will be scattered. You will fall from the Netherpassage Realm to the Manifestation Realm. This might force the voodoo toxin that has penetrated your True Soul to be exposed.” Qin Lie tried to find the words to explain. “If that happens, I can try to use my True Soul to attract the voodoo toxin and absorb it from your mind into my True Soul. Once I’ve done that, I can refine it. Do you think this could work?”

“I don’t know how to destroy my soul.” Song Tingyu said with a furrowed brow, thinking. A long moment later, she shook her head helplessly.

She then said, “Didn’t you destroy your soul? How will you lure the voodoo toxin away?”

“I can gather and reform my soul after destroying it. I actually cultivate a kind of spirit art that refines the soul with thunder and lightning. In the early stages of this, my True Soul was continuously destroyed and reformed. This process is repeated over and over. It is difficult for the True Soul to get used to the attacks of thunder and lightning, so I needed to go through it incrementally,” Qin Lie explained.

“I don’t know how to destroy my soul.” Song Tingyu understood what Qin Lie was saying, but she could not do it. Her mood worsened even more.

Qin Lie knew that his method of destroying the soul was not suitable for Song Tingyu. She did not cultivate thunder and lightning spirit arts, so she was unable to tolerate the attacks of thunder and lightning.

Qin Lie went silent once more.

Later, after a long time had passed, he still didn’t have a good solution. He could only stand up and say, “I’m no longer affected by the voodoo toxin. I will find Ye Yihao as fast as possible and kill the Eight-winged Centipede Queen coiled around his heart and cure you!”

“Don’t! You’ll just end up dying as well. That Ye Yihao is terrifying and much stronger than his followers. The voodoo insect at his heart is evil and strange. You are no match for him. Don’t worry about me...”

“I have to do this!”

“To tell you the truth, I am already content with just seeing you in the last moments of my life and having you keep me company.”

“That’s not enough! It’s far from enough!”

Another two days passed.

Song Tingyu’s situation became even worse. It was even difficult for her to channel spirit power.

Qin Lie was stubborn. He carried her on his back as he charged in the direction that Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners were gathered.


A pleasant tone rang clearly from the sword token at Qin Lie’s waist. This meant that people from Heavenly Sword Mountain were nearby and had detected his position with sword tokens of their own.

Qin Lie did not pay any attention to it. He didn’t care who they were and continued to travel in the direction of Black Voodoo Cult.

Yet the owner of the sword token was very curious and came looking for them.

Six hours later, a woman in blue robes with a simple ponytail suddenly appeared in front of him.

The woman wore no makeup, and her clothing was plain. Her appearance could only be considered pretty, not outstanding.

She held a sword token. She stood in front of Qin Lie, brow furrowed, and carefully examined him. Then she suddenly asked, “Are you Qin Lie from the Scarlet Tide Continent?”

Qin Lie stopped. “Are you He Wei?”

“I am He Wei.” The blue-robed woman nodded slightly. She focused on him and Song Tingyu, then became serious when she saw the black threads writhing in Song Tingyu’s eyes. Sighing, she asked, “Have you been poisoned with Black Voodoo Cult’s voodoo toxin?”

“Mn.” Qin Lie confirmed.

“Ah...” He Wei sighed again and said, “Nine days ago I saw another woman that had been poisoned with the voodoo toxin. She was from Scarlet Tide Continent just like you. When I saw her, she was almost dead.”

“Jingxuan! That was definitely Jingxuan,” Song Tingyu said weakly.

He Wei’s expression went still. “Are you Song Tingyu of the Scarlet Tide Continent’s Profound Heaven Alliance?”

“I am. What happened to the woman you saw?”

“I could not save her. She accepted her fate and left by herself. She said she was going to find a quiet place to wait for the end,” He Wei said, her tone calm. “Counting the days... she should have passed away by now.”

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s eyes dimmed.

“Ye Yihao is the leader of the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners participating in the current Trial. He has a profound mastery over the voodoo toxin. The Eight-winged Centipede Queen coiled around his heart is one of the most famous voodoo insects of Black Voodoo Cult. It is very powerful. If one isn’t careful when fighting against a member of Black Voodoo Cult, the voodoo toxin will permeate the True Soul and they will only be able to wait for death. It is rare for people to survive.”

Worry was evident on He Wei’s face as she spoke. It was clear that she also feared the voodoo toxin.

“One can either obtain a drop of fresh blood from the voodoo insect or kill it. Otherwise, the person afflicted with the poison can only wait for death.”

Qin Lie’s expression was grim. Just as he was about to respond, his eyes flickered and he looked into the forest behind He Wei.

“He Wei, are you done mincing words?” A man emerged from the woods, impatience obvious on his face. “Don’t waste time, my junior brother is badly poisoned. I need to find Ye Yihao, that son of a bitch!”

This person looked to be about twenty seven or so. His figure was athletic, and he was dressed in the robes of Terminator Sect, the chest of which was embroidered with an insignia of the Terminator Profound Bomb

Beside him were three martial practitioners from Terminator Sect. One of them had black threads in his eyes, having clearly been poisoned as well.

That person appeared to be even worse off than Song Tingyu. The veins in his face bulged, and his expression was twisted.

If this person did not receive the antidote in five days, they would die even faster than Song Tingyu.

“What are you in a hurry for, Chu Li? Do you know where Ye Yihao is? Do you know the location of the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners?” He Wei turned to glare at him.

Chu Li?

Qin Lie’s expression shifted and he examined Chu Li seriously, raising his guard.

Chu Li of Terminator Sect, just like Luo Chen and Ye Yihao, was one of the ringers from the nine great forces. Terminator Sect was famous for its strength in the Land of Chaos, and the people of that sect had fiery tempers.

Nan Zhengtian, Forefather Terminator of Terminator Sect, was famous for his protective nature. The Terminator Profound Bombs that Terminator Sect forged were divided amongst the members of the sect of various realms so that they could do as they pleased.

People in the Land of Chaos rarely dared to offend member of the Terminator Sect, afraid that doing so would cause endless trouble for them.

They were all afraid that Forefather Terminator would go crazy, charge into their sect, and activate a Terminator Profound Bomb to turn the world upside down.

“You’re searching for Ye Yihao of Black Voodoo Cult too?” Qin Lie’s interest was piqued.

“Yes, I’ve been looking for that bastard for a long time,” Chu Li snarled. “If I find him, I’ll destroy that insect of his and crush his bones to dust!”

“Then you definitely need a Black Voodoo Cult token.”

Qin Lie touched his spatial ring and four Black Voodoo Cult tokens appeared in his hand. He threw one of them to Chu Li.

“Not bad, kid! You killed four of those Black Voodoo Cult scum?” Chu Li’s eyes lit up.

“Mn.” Qin Lie nodded and indifferently said, “I will continue to kill them until everyone from Black Voodoo Cult is dead. I will only stop when I kill the voodoo insect that released the toxin.”

“Wonderful! It seems that we cut from the same cloth!”

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