Chapter 430: Thunder and Lightning Soul Refinement!

Chapter 430: Thunder and Lightning Soul Refinement!

“Does that mean there’s no way to survive?” Qin Lie asked, his brow furrowed.

“It’s possible that… there really isn’t,” Song Tingyu said with a sigh.

“There is no poison that cannot be neutralized! As long as we believe, there’s definitely a way!” Qin Lie already decided to actively oppose the people of the Black Voodoo Cult. He wanted to kill Ye Yihao and burn the Eight-winged Centipede Queen to death.

To that end, he took out a Black Voodoo Cult token and tied it to his waist, intent on waiting for the martial practitioners from Black Voodoo Cult to come find him.

“Don’t worry. We killed three of their people. They’ll come find us again,” Qin Lie said coldly. “Next time, that Ye Yihao might actually appear in person.”

“No, he won’t.” Song Tingyu shook her head. “He will arrange for people from the Yu Family to come for us. With his realm and identity, he wouldn’t consider us important.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Lie’s expression became even uglier.

In the following three days, he and Song Tingyu moved toward the area where the Black Voodoo Cult was.

In that time, Qin Lie did everything he could think of to try and eliminate the voodoo toxin in their True Souls, but none of the methods were effective.

Spirit power couldn’t purge the toxin, and normal antidote pills were also unable to get rid of it. Even when he used Frost Arts to freeze himself and Song Tingyu, it was still impossible to prevent the loss of soul and life energy.

He finally understood how terrifying the Black Voodoo Cult’s toxin was.

Three days later, Song Tingyu became even weaker. Her long, glossy black hair gradually lost its sheen, and her bright eyes became dim, still, and devoid of hope.

“I should only have about ten days left,” she said peacefully.

She had gradually accepted the situation as it was. She seemed to understand that her life was coming to an end and thus did not struggle.

“There’s still time!” Qin Lie shouted.

Song Tingyu gave him a tragic smile and shook her head. However, she did not say anything.

Qin Lie went silent as well.

The fourth day.

Qin Lie was sitting under the canopy of a great ancient tree with one hand caressing the token from the Black Voodoo Cult, probing it with his mind consciousness. He wanted to see if martial practitioners from the Black Voodoo Cult would come find him.

He found that his mind consciousness was gradually becoming scattered and it was difficult to focus.

His expression became extremely solemn. He knew that, in these four days, much of his soul and life energy had been lost.

This greatly decreased his fighting capability.

“This can’t go on! I need to find a way to at least slow the poison, otherwise I’ll lose the ability to fight before I even see Black Voodoo Cult’s Ye Yihao.”

Holding his head, Qin Lie’s expression was twisted as he thought of all kinds of extreme ways to fight the toxin.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication! The five levels of Heavenly Thunder Eradication: Thunder Lightning Body Refinement, Thunder of the Ninth Heaven, Thunder Lightning Soul Refinement, Thunder Conception, Lightning Pool Refinement. After reaching the Netherpassage Realm, one can enter the third level of Heavenly Thunder Eradication,Thunder Lightning Soul Refinement, to temper the soul. The soul will gradually become able to tolerate thunder and lightning, and it will even be unaffected by lightning in the future!”

A spark flashed through his mind. His eyes lit up, and he decided to try this method.

Any ghosts, evil spirits, vengeful spirits, and wraiths who did not have tangible bodies considered thunder and lightning their nemeses. Even the souls of powerful martial practitioners were unable to endure being attacked by thunder and lightning.

Xue Li’s restored realm was powerful, and his soul was strong.

Yet even he had been imprisoned and suppressed by the lightning seal in the Soul Suppressing Orb, unable to escape.

If it were a soul, they would not dare to remain exposed to thunder and lightning. Xue Li was not an exception.

To use thunder and lightning to refine one’s body, to have the soul become able to endure thunder and lightning... this was the third level of Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

It was a level that he had to reach.

Only upon reaching the Netherpassage Realm, when the Soul Lake turned into the True Soul, could Qin Lie finally cultivate to this level of Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

Presently, he had finally reached this level and met the necessary requirement to cultivate it.

Under the ancient tree, tendrils of lightning emerged from Qin Lie’s body. A boom of thunder came from his chest and made Song Tingyu’s expression change slightly.

She turned to look at Qin Lie.

Lightning roamed Qin Lie’s body like snakes, moving from his limbs and chest to gather at his neck.

Blinding light that resembled silver metallic hoops clung to his neck.

Roars came from the lightning. Thunder energy was being compressed and shrouded by the lightning and slowly rose to the point right below his jaw.

Qin Lie’s face suddenly went completely red as if he were suffocating. His expression was frightening.


Immediately after a muffled sound, slender threads of faint lightning shot from his neck, charging deep into his mind.

Appearing in his mind, the lightning carried heavenly thunder and slowly gathered at his Soul Lake.

Qin Lie’s Soul Lake became filled with flashes of thunder and roars of lightning. Thunder and lightning collided and exploded as they headed for the True Soul inside his Soul Lake.


Under the barrage of thunder and lightning, the True Soul in his Soul Lake exploded.

Threads of soul imprints that had been pieced together, essence, memories, and thoughts scattered. They flew out of the Soul Lake and turned into wisps of light that spread to every corner of his mind.

The cultivation of Qin Lie’s Netherpassage Realm seemed to have taken a step back, returning to the Manifestation Realm.

In the Manifestation Realm, the soul was not cohesive, it was scattered. The essence, memories, and thoughts were disorganized and chaotic.

Martial practitioners would usually be seriously injured after their True Soul collapsed. They would lose their combat ability and would even be unable to recover for a lifetime.

However, Qin Lie did not feel weak at all.

It was the opposite for him. To his surprise, he discovered that, after his True Soul exploded, the feeling of weakness in his soul and life force had miraculously disappeared.

Qin Lie became excited.

The voodoo toxin from the Black Voodoo Cult had permeated his True Soul. By corroding the True Soul, it had slowly consumed his soul and life force.

Since his True Soul had just exploded, the voodoo toxin naturally scattered as well.

Qin Lie hurriedly searched through his mind. As expected, he found black threads that remained in the center of the lake. They were like poisonous snakes calmly waiting for his True Soul to gather again.

It was as though the voodoo toxin would immediately infect and consume his True Soul if he formed it again. It would devour all of its power.

Qin Lie did not rush to reform his True Soul.

Instead, he channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication, gathering the thunder and lightning to attack the voodoo toxin.

The black threads did not react to the ferocious assault of thunder and lightning!

This greatly astonished Qin Lie.

“The poison of the voodoo toxin is not formed from the soul... it’s an actual poison! It’s a tangible existence!” Qin Lie finally understood the problem.

Thunder and lightning had absolute destructive power against things in soul form, but it didn’t have any way of dealing with a poison like this.

“The blood of the Fire Qilin!” A new idea floated into Qin Lie’s mind.

The blood of the Fire Qilin could purify the voodoo insect and burn it to dust. Would it be able to eliminate the voodoo toxin that it had left in his True Soul?

When Qin Lie thought about this, he realized that the three blood essences that had been sleeping within his blood vessels had flowed to the artery at his neck, easily reaching the depths of his mind.

The three blood essences took the shape of the Fire Qilin, appearing above his Soul Lake.

A terrible scalding heat filled his mind. It was so hot that his Soul Lake was almost unable to withstand it.

Qin Lie hesitated.

He did not know what the consequences of throwing these flames shaped like the Fire Qilin into his Soul Lake would be.

Yet, as he hesitated, he was surprised to find that the voodoo toxin seemed to recognize the current situation was not good for it.

Before Qin Lie could hurl the flames into the Soul Lake, the black toxin actually flew out of it and fled from his mind.

“Just as I suspected… the Fire Qilin’s blood has purifying effects!” Qin Lie exclaimed in realization.

The balls of flame resembled enormous Fire Qilins that flew into his mind and killed the voodoo toxin.

The threads of voodoo toxin were purified by the Fire Qilins before they could escape.

The poison was burned to dust!

Qin Lie opened his eyes. No black threads remained in his body!

He had completely purified the voodoo toxin!

“I’m fine.” Qin Lie looked at Song Tingyu and gave her a wide smile, his expression completely relaxed.

“You... really?” The light of hope appeared in Song Tingyu’s eyes once more.

“I really am okay, I’ve purified the voodoo toxin,” Qin Lie said confidently.

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