Chapter 428: Burning the Voodoo Insects!

Chapter 428: Burning the Voodoo Insects!

The explosion of the Terminator Profound Bombs instantly injured the two Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners. They had been charging at Qin Lie and Song Tingyu as their leader yelled for them to retreat.

Huge pits were now separating Qin Lie and Song Tingyu from the three Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners. The dense lightning, rumbling thunder, and distorted spatial energy mingled, making that particular area chaotic and unstable.

“He purposely pretended to be weak so that you would look down on him and then detonated the Terminator Profound Bombs while you were careless. What a ruthless, malevolent heart.” The leader’s serpentine eyes shone with a dark icy light. “Yu Xi, have you planted the voodoo toxin’s seed?”

“It has been planted!” The black robed martial practitioner smiled wickedly.

The explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs had blown away their long, black robes. The black hats that connected to their robes has similarly been reduced to shreds.

It was in this way that two young faces were revealed.

Embedded in the center of each Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioner’s forehead was a tiny black centipede. Half of the centipede’s body was deep inside of their flesh, while the other half protruded from it. They wriggled every so often, as if absorbing the flesh blood of the foreheads they were in to nurture themselves.

These two could have been considered handsome, but they appeared unfathomably sinister because of the black centipedes in their foreheads.

The centipedes in their foreheads were voodoo insects that the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners raised. The voodoo insects were embedded into their foreheads to make it easier for the insects to absorb their mind energy.

These two were called Yu Xi and Yu Jie. They both came from an ancient family in the Black Voodoo Cult. For the longest time, this family passed down the evil inheritance of the Black Voodoo Cult, assisting Yu Xi and Yu Jie in breeding voodoo insects and refining voodoo toxin.

The disciples of this family were often sent to the Black Voodoo Cult at a young age to learn its bizarre spirit arts and serve the core disciples of the Black Voodoo Cult, treating them as their masters.

Upon deciding which master they wished to serve, voodoo insects were forcefully put into their foreheads.

Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners covered their faces and wore black robes to prevent others from seeing the voodoo insects in their foreheads. They did not want anyone to see how strange and scary they were.

“Good.” The leader raised his hand and gestured for his men to stand down and be patient.

They were waiting for the distorted, chaotic energies in the area to stabilize.

From her position at the base of an ancient tree near Qin Lie, Song Tingyu cried out, “Oh no! Qin Lie, you’ve been poisoned with the voodoo toxin! How could you be so careless?”

She could see black tendrils appear from within Qin Lie’s eyes. These tendrils were a sure sign of the voodoo toxin seeping into his True Soul.

“Voodoo toxin?” Qin Lie frowned. “That shouldn’t be possible.”

He immediately examined his mind consciousness. He could clearly see the black centipede with a hundred feet being blasted to dust by thunder and lightning. When had the voodoo toxin infected him?

“The centipede in your head is the voodoo toxin!” Song Tingyu said weakly.

Qin Lie’s face became grim. At this point, even he had realized the abnormality in his mind.

Wisps of black smoky began to appear in his mind once the centipede was eradicated. Just when Qin Lie thought that he had taken care of the enemy’s soul attack, the tendrils seeped into his True Soul without him realizing it.

The True Soul in Qin Lie’s Soul Lake, which looked exactly the same as Qin Lie and was the culmination of numerous soul imprints, was currently ensnared by a myriad of thin black soul threads.

These black threads were slowly but surely seeping even deeper into his True Soul!

“This voodoo toxin can corrupt a soul and forcefully expel a person’s life force at a rapid rate. Your body will begin weakening in every way once you are poisoned.” Song Tingyu’s expression was dim, and her eyes were filled with bitterness. “If I am unable to cure the voodoo toxin, you probably won’t be able to either. Sigh… why did you ignore my advice and forcefully clash with them? Just what do you want me to say?”

The situation had turned out how she said it would.

The moment Song Tingyu finished speaking, Qin Lie sensed the changes occurring within his body. He noticed that the energy in his blood gradually seeped out of the pores of his body against his wishes.

His soul aura also began to weaken bit by bit.

His True Soul slowly became indistinct.

These were the effects of the voodoo toxin.

It was only then that he realized how truly terrifying the Black Voodoo Cult was. He finally recognized the source of Song Tingyu’s fear and anxiety.

After a martial practitioner was infected with the voodoo toxin, their life force would fade and their True Soul would gradually dissipate. They could feel themselves get weaker every second, yet they were unable to stop it. This feeling could make many people immediately go insane.

The stronger a martial practitioner was, the harder it would be for them to face their inevitable weakening. Seeing their incoming death yet being unable to do anything but inch closer to it… such terror was truly frightening.

Qin Lie understood Song Tingyu’s fear and despair. He understood why Song Tingyu, who was usually confident and shrewd, would become depressed to the point of losing the courage to fight her enemies to the death.

As time passed, the distorted energy of the blast site between the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners and Qin Lie gradually stabilized.

The three Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners exchanged glances before standing up all at once. As they secretly scanned for any abnormalities around them, they took slow steps toward Qin Lie.

They all saw the black tendrils in Qin Lie’s eyes.

This put them at ease and made them think that, even if Qin Lie had the power to surprise them, it would be nothing more than a pathetic last ditch attack.

They were extremely confident in the voodoo toxin, and they believed that very few experts participating the Trial would be able to survive it.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu obviously weren’t counted among them.

“There are no more Terminator Profound Bombs.” The leader of the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners, Yu Yuan, was in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. He stopped thirty meters away from Qin Lie and stared at him wickedly, saying, “Your Terminator Profound Bomb seems to be of inferior rank, and its explosive power is too scattered… it isn’t concentrated enough. How unfortunate for you. If you were Terminator Sect’s Chu Li, then my two companions definitely would not have survived the explosion. Even I would have only been able to escape in defeat. However... you are not Chu Li.”

After a momentary pause, Yu Yuan gravely said, “So death is your only option!”

Qin Lie said nothing in return.

Yu Yuan waved his hands and leisurely said, “Have the voodoo toxin penetrate deeper.”

Yu Xi took out a Black Voodoo Cult token and activated the evil formation inside of it. The token suddenly began to wail.

The moment the wail began, Song Tingyu immediately cried out in pain, her face deathly pale. She writhed in terrible pain, clearly suffering.

Even Qin Lie noticed that the black tendrils digging into his True Soul began to constrict, torturing it.

The black tendrils felt like iron strings and sharp blades, cutting deep into his True Soul. Even Qin Lie trembled slightly because of the pain.

What was even scarier, however, was the speed at which the black tendrils seeped into his True Soul. It clearly grew faster as the token wailed

Qin Lie realized that he had to kill these Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners with his fastest, deadliest skill. Only then would he be able to focus on destroying the voodoo toxin.

He had to kill them while he could still fight.

The spatial ring in Qin Lie’s hand suddenly lit up, and the six spirit pattern pillars flew out. The Universal Celestial Sealing Formation took shape before Yu Yuan and the other two could react, descending upon them

The second the sealing formation was complete, Qin Lie’s eyes shone with a bloody light as he immediately summoned the three drops of Fire Qilin blood with his mind.

Three finger-sized blood crystals emerged from his chest, turning into sanguine streaks of light that shot toward Yu Yuan and his subordinates. Each one headed for their own target.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

As if sensing Qin Lie’s anger and killing intent, the fire inside of the Fire Qilin blood burned brighter and fiercer.


The astounding three droplets of lifeblood essences suddenly transformed into the shape of three lifelike Fire Qilins.

Terrifying flames capable of reducing every creature in the world to ash surrounded the Fire Qilins, charging at the trapped trio with a soundless roar.

“Fire Qilins?! Fuck, why are there Fire Qilins!”

“Oh no!”

“I’m trapped!”

Layers of pitch black light shields covered and protected the three. Despite the lack of wind, their black robes flapped as the spirit armor underneath them unleashed all of the defensive energy they had.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The three Fire Qilins snarled, growing increasingly larger.. Resembling giant fiery clouds, they flooded over the trio.

“Plink plink—ka-crack!”

The defensive light shields of the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners could not endure the Fire Qilin’s heat. Seconds later, the shields shattered into numerous rays of pitch black light and scattered.

In the same way, the spirit armor beneath their black robes could not protect their bodies. The countless flames of the Fire Qilins scorched their bodies.

Yu Yuan and his followers immediately became actual flaming men, screaming in terrible pain as their hair, faces, clothing, and blood were set alight.

“They truly are exceptional!” Qin Lie grew spirited.

Next to the heat of the searing flames, Song Tingyu’s dark gray eyes also seemed to regain a trace of excitement.

“The fiery soul of the Fire Qilin, a rank eight spirit beast!” Song Tingyu exclaimed.

“Leave one alive! Qin Lie, leave one of them alive!” she suddenly cried out to remind him.

Qin Lie came to a realization and formed a thought. The burning Fire Qilin wrapped around Yu Yuan immediately weakened the intensity of its flames.

Meanwhile, the terrifying flames completed evaporated the blood and water in the bodies of the other two Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners. They burned to death in short order, becoming as black as charcoal.

Since the intensity of the flames engulfing him had been reduced and he was powerful in the first place, the leader, Yu Yuan, was the only one to survive.

Yu Yuan’s black robes had been reduced to ash, and his body had been burned black. The surrounding air smelled of charred flesh.

After being scorched by the flames, Yu Yuan’s face looked unbelievably ugly and disgusting. Worse yet, the horrible centipede in his forehead actually wasn’t dead. It still writhed with life.

“Qin Lie! The voodoo insects on the foreheads of the other two are still alive!” Song Tingyu said, bringing the matter to his attention.

It was only then that Qin Lie noticed the hundred feet centipedes in Yu Xi and Yu Jie’s foreheads were still alive. Even though their hosts had been burned to cinders, they continued to squirm erratically. The life force of these insects was truly terrifying.

“Keep burning!”

The two fearsome clusters of flame immediately grew ferocious once more, burning the two voodoo insects with even greater intensity.

The two voodoo insects actually flapped their little wings and tried to slip away from Yu Xi and Yu Jie’s bodies, but they were tightly trapped by the Fire Qilins that burned with even greater heat than before.

Soon enough, the voodoo insects were slowly burned to death by the frightening heat.

“The young master will not let you escape! The young master will definitely torture you to death!” Yu Yuan’s screams were as terrible as a wraith’s.

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