Chapter 423: Blood of the Fire Qilin!

Chapter 423: Blood of the Fire Qilin!

Xiahou Yuan screamed in pain as he escaped from the explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs, leaving behind a trail of blood in the blast radius.

“What a pity.” Qin Lie frowned and snorted softly before putting away the other Terminator Profound Bombs he tightly gripped in his left hand.

Xiahou Yuan’s realm was powerful, his spirit energy was immense and refined, and he wielded many high rank spirit artifacts. He was a formidable individual.

Qin Lie had to completely focus to fight Xiahou Yuan, unleashing his Frost Arts, Records of Geocentric Magnetism, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and Blood Spirit Arts. Even with all of that, Qin Lie only managed to fight him to a standstill.

Qin Lie’s realm was weaker than Xiahou Yuan’s, and the quantity of Qin Lie’s spirit energy could not compare to Xiahou Yuan’s.

Were it not for the Terminator Profound Bombs in his possession, he wouldn’t have necessarily been able to win if the battle had continued.


At the same time, a terrible cry of pain erupted from a person who had been attacking Du Xiangyang.

Xiahou Qiang’s forehead had been pierced by a beam of fire. His eyes were bulging, and all seven of his orifices were bleeding.

The True Soul in his Soul Lake had actually been ignited by a wisp of fire and swiftly began to burn intensely.

Xiahou Qiang’s soul aura quickly weakened, and in just a moment, his True Soul was burned to oblivion.

The beam of fire was none other than Du Xiangyang’s Burning Soul Firebeam and it was also that speck of fire which could reduce a soul to nothing.

Last time, Qin Lie had noticed the terrifying power hidden within this Burning Soul Firebeam, which was why he used Blood Escape to avoid it.

Xiahou Qiang was in the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm, yet his soul had been quickly incinerated, and he was killed. From this, one could tell just how deadly that beam of fire was.


Since Xiahou Qiang had been killed and Xiahou Yuan had been forced to escape in humiliation after being bombarded with Terminator Profound Bombs, Xiahou Shang and Xiahou Ta did not dare to stay behind any longer.

Their gazes lingered on the tombstone and the Fire Qilin one last time before they finally left.

The pitch black smoke, the purple flames, and the strange chuckling skulls turned into rays of light that followed them closely.

Du Xiangyang, who had been flooded by three kinds of attacks, burned with purplish red flames. His eyes were also alight with fire.

His Scarlet Fire Sword resembled a roaring fire dragon that flew out, dragging a tail of flames that was several meters long behind it.

The Scarlet Fire Sword relentlessly chased after Xiaohou Shang and Xiahou Ta.

Meanwhile, Du Xiangyang was panting heavily, blood seeping from his chest and waist.

Even though he had managed to kill Xiahou Qiang, Du Xiangyang had suffered grievous injuries under the assault of the three Xiahou Family martial practitioners.

Yet his eyes were still staring greedily at the Fire Qilin. He obviously wasn’t willing to give up just yet.

At the same time, the tombstone had arrived above Qin Lie’s head, and the Fire Qilin’s body, which was as red as hot iron, had also landed near him.

The energy that remained in the Fire Qilin might have been mostly extracted by the tombstone, but Qin Lie was still able to feel a terrifying wave of heat from the Fire Qilin rush at his face.

He turned his gaze from the Fire Qilin, narrowed his eyes, and looked toward Du Xiangyang with a grin.

From Du Xiangyang’s perspective, that smile was unspeakably cold.

“You seem to be injured.” Qin Lie smiled and walked toward Du Xiangyang.

Du Xiangyang’s expression changed. He gathered his fiery power as the orange flames on his body trembled.

He had transformed into a man on fire.

“Cough, cough... Qin Lie, I wouldn’t dream of obtaining that Fire Qilin any longer. It’s yours, it’s yours!” Du Xiangyang forced out a smile and hurriedly said, “Everything from earlier was just a misunderstanding! I wasn’t really trying to kill you. You’re very strong, and your existence can cause a lot of trouble for Luo Chen. I loathe Luo Chen—he plans to kill me here! We actually have a common enemy. We can work together! Seriously, we can work together!”


The Scarlet Fire Sword returned to Du Xiangyang, summoned to him while he spoke. He raised his hands and grabbed it tightly, yelling, “Qin Lie! We don’t have a grudge between us. There really is no need for us to fight to the death over a small misunderstanding!”

“A misunderstanding?” Qin Lie shook his head. “I don’t think that what happened earlier was a misunderstanding! If my strength had been any weaker, my soul would’ve been incinerated, and I would’ve ended up like that corpse beside you. My True Soul would’ve been burned to oblivion by your beam of fire!”


The rumble of thunder endlessly sounded from within the Astral Thunder Hammer. It looked fearsome with the interweaving of the arcing lightning that covered it.

“I... I’ll leave right away!”

Du Xiangyang gritted his teeth, turned around, and headed in the direction opposite from the one that Xiahou Yuan had gone.

Du Xiangyang’s body had been severely injured by the terrifying attacks of the Xiahou Family members, and his spirit energy had been greatly exhausted. If he actually tried to fight Qin Lie to the death here and now, the chances of him being killed would have been extremely high.

All he could do was forcefully suppress his desire for the Fire Qilin. No matter how much he didn’t want to do that, escaping was the only way for him to survive.

Qin Lie did not pursue him.

On one hand, he had the tombstone and the Fire Qilin’s body behind him.

On the other, he wasn’t sure if those people from the Xiaohou Family had really left.

Qin Lie was afraid that the Xiahou family members would be hiding nearby. He was also afraid that, if he engaged Du Xiangyang in a battle to the death, Xiahou Yuan’s people would ambush them.

Qin Lie actually just wanted to force Du Xiangyang away and have him disappear from his sight.

“A spatial ring and a Xiahou Family token…”

He walked forward and removed two items from Xiahou Qiang’s corpse.

Qin Lie invaded the Xiahou Family token with a wisp of his mind consciousness, surveying his surroundings through the token.

The word "Xiahou" on the token suddenly lit up. This meant that Xiahou Yuan and his men had not gone far!

Carefully taking stock of the area through the Xiahou Family token, Qin Lie was sure that Xiahou Yuan and his men weren’t more than five kilometers away from him.

This was a dangerous distance.

“Whew. Good thing I didn’t continue to tangle with Du Xiangyang. If I had, Xiahou Yuan would have definitely struck back,” Qin Lie said with a grim face, then turned around and walked to the tombstone.

He knew that the Xiahou Family must have had a Heavenly Sword Mountain sword token in their possession. Through that sword token, they would be able to track both his and Du Xiangyang’s activities and accurately sneak toward them.

Arriving beside the tombstone, Qin Lie discovered that the seven divine lights were still wrapped around the Fire Qilin’s body. The tombstone was still absorbing a large amount of energy from it.

Frowning, Qin Lie wasn’t sure if he should store the tombstone and leave the area first.

After the energy in the Fire Qilin’s body had been almost entirely extracted, the burning flames on it went out, and it gradually returned to normal.

Qin Lie’s pupils suddenly shrank.

The seven divine lights wrapped around the Fire Qilin gradually withdrew, pulling the body toward the tombstone.

At the center of the tombstone, where the seven divine lights were, a dazzling light that was the size of a grain of rice had appeared.

The dot of light grew larger, then it suddenly devoured the Fire Qilin’s body whole like a giant, gaping maw.

A bolt of fiery light instantly entered the tombstone as the Fire Qilin vanished.

The tombstone shook intensely as the seven divine lights grew brighter and brighter.

A short while later, the seven divine lights stopped shaking. It was as if they had finished digesting the Fire Qilin. The entire situation was extremely bizarre.

Qin Lie looked shocked.

He did not dare to closely examine the tombstone right this moment. He reached out, preparing to put the tombstone into his spatial ring.

However, just as his fingers were about to touch the tombstone, drops of blood seeped out of its surface. Like morning dew, they quietly remained on top of the tombstone and didn’t move.

There were three drops of blood!

Each drop of blood was only the size of a toe, was as blood red as bloodstones, and had fire in the shape of a Fire Qilin burning within them.

It was extraordinary!

“This is…” Qin Lie stood with shock filling his eyes.

While he was dumbfounded, the three drops of blood that burned with the Fire Qilin’s flames suddenly slid off of the tombstone.

Qin Lie subconsciously grabbed them.

“Zzzt! Zzzt! Zzzt!”

The second that Qin Lie grabbed them, the three droplets that resembled bloodstones immediately corroded his palm like acid.

His palm bled profusely.

The blood that came from his palm instantly mixed with the three blood drops that burned with the Fire Qilin flames. The terrifying heat that exploded from his palm almost made him go insane.

He cried out in pain, shaking his hand in an attempt to rid his body of the three drops of Fire Qilin blood.

Unfortunately, no matter how he twisted or struggled, the three drops could not be cast from his body. They had already merged with his own blood.

As Qin Lie swung his arm, a terrible heat spread from the blood in his arms to every blood vessel within his body!

His skin and flesh turned fiery red at a shocking rate. His blood boiled at a shockingly high temperature.

Just as Qin Lie was about to succumb to the heat and be burned to dust from inside out, the seven divine lights suddenly flew out from the tombstone and wrapped around his body.

And his painful howls immediately stopped.

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