Chapter 421: The Tombstone That Flew Back On Its Own!

Chapter 421: The Tombstone That Flew Back On Its Own!

A spirit stone in Qin Lie’s hand turned grayish-white, its spirit energy completely exhausted.

“Crack!” The spirit stone shattered to pieces.

Qin Lie didn’t pay attention to it, instead continuing to absorb spirit power from other spirit stones and fill his dantian’s spirit sea with spirit energy.

Wisps of refined spirit energy were slowly extracted from his dantian’s spirit sea like rays of light or streaks of lightning before melting into his blood.

Other than enhancing his blood spirit energy through the blood pond, cultivating the Blood Spirit Art could also convert the spirit energy inside his dantian’s spirit sea and fuse it with his blood.

At this moment, Qin Lie channeled the Blood Spirit Art and absorbed the spirit energy within his dantian’s spirit sea into his blood to replenish the blood he used for Blood Escape.

The blood in every one of his blood vessels energetically flowed like rivers that extended in every directions.

An extremely thin mist of blood quietly seeped from his pores, making it look like Qin Lie was covered in bloody smoke. It was incredibly strange.

Then, all of a sudden, Qin Lie’s blood began to boil!

It was as if the activity in his blood had triggered something from extremely far away.

A thick blood energy a great distance away was unleashed. It felt as if it had reached right into Qin Lie’s mind.

“The blank tombstone!”

Qin Lie shook, opening his closed eyes. They shone with a strange light.

His blood seemed to have triggered a change in the blank tombstone, and even from a far distance, he was able to sense the aura of his own blood!

Qin Lie suddenly recalled that, when he took the tombstone, he had spat a mouthful of blood on its surface. Furthermore, the blood had immediately soaked into the tombstone’s seven divine lights and turned them into the color of blood.

In the Graveyard of Gods, Qin Lie was actually able to sense the blood aura within the tombstone from afar while channeling the Blood Spirit Art and absorbing spirit energy into his blood.

What was going on?

Qin Lie was surprised.

At the other end of the Graveyard of Gods.

There was a strange land covered in poisonous clouds that kept all martial practitioners inside of it from seeing more than a dozen or so meters of their immediate area.

Luo Chen was seated on a bush that was knee height. His face was grim, and his eyes stared directly at the tombstone in front of him.

He had attempted to touch the blank tombstone many times, standing tall amidst the bushes, but he would be repulsed by the force inside the tombstone every time.

“It’s still not working!”

He originally thought that, by bringing the blank tombstone into the Graveyard of Gods, he would be able to trigger a change in it tombstone and decipher its secrets.

Yet, after trying to do so multiple times, he discovered that he was still unable to touch the tombstone. Even staying close to it would generate such a strong repulsive force that made it hard for him to breathe.

“Perhaps that Qin Lie lied to me from the start!” Luo Chen’s expression was icy as he inwardly thought, “He must have done something to it! That must be why I have been unable to approach the tombstone this entire time!”


A blurry bloody light abruptly shone from the blank tombstone. The seven godly lights inside of it became bright with color.

Luo Chen grew excited. “It’s reacting! It’s finally reacting!”

He was utterly overjoyed.

However, just as he was about to try and touch the tombstone again, it suddenly flew into the sky. The tombstone that had been standing tall amidst the bushes turned into a ray of rainbow light and flew off into the distance.

Luo Chen screamed at the top of his lungs and pursued relentlessly the tombstone like a flying sword.

Unfortunately, the blank tombstone flew faster and faster—to the point where he was unable to even track it with his soul consciousness.

Ultimately, Luo Chen could only watch the tombstone farther and farther until it completely vanished from his sight and the range of his other senses.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?” Luo Chen refused to give up. With a dark expression, he continued to chase the tombstone in the direction it had disappeared.

He believed that the direction which the tombstone had flown in harbored huge secrets. Perhaps the Graveyard of the Gods’ essence was there!

In the fiery land.

Qin Lie’s sword token rang again, indicating that yet another person with a sword token had found him.

“How persistent.” His expression turned cold as he stood up from the ground. The spirit stones in his hands had completely shattered.

Qin Lie thought that Du Xiangyang had come to fight him again after regaining his strength, so he prepared for battle.


At this moment, a rainbow light descended from a distance and landed right in front of him.

Qin Lie initially thought it was a fiery meteor and was caught off guard. However, after looking at it closely, he froze.

It was actually the blank tombstone he had lost!

Standing upright in front of him, the tombstone shone with blurry bloody light. It had actually flown back to him.

This surprised and delighted Qin Lie. He rushed next to the tombstone, prepared to put it back into the spatial ring.

However, just as he was about to raise his hand, the blank tombstone actually flew up into the air once more and off into another direction.

Qin Lie was surprised. He did not know what was going on, nor did he understand the situation.

He only knew that the tombstone seemed to be kind of different after entering the Graveyard of Gods.

Seeing the tombstone floating into the distant sky like a lantern, he didn’t think too much and simply hurried to follow it.

Qin Lie followed the tombstone as it flew leisurely, a frown on his face.

At the same time.

Xiahou Yuan’s group of four had locked onto Qin Lie’s position with a sword token and were rapidly approaching.

Having recovered significantly, Du Xiangyang noticed that another disciple with a Heavenly Sword Mountain sword token had already found him and Qin Lie. That person was closing in on Qin Lie.

Du Xiangyang smiled cheerfully. “It must be one of Luo Chen’s men.”

He was happy to watch a show from the sidelines, so he rushed toward Qin Lie’s position while tracking him with his own sword token.

If someone were to look at this fiery land from a bird’s-eye view, they would see a strange sight.

A tombstone was leisurely soaring through the air toward a certain direction while a person that wore an expression of surprise was below, struggling to follow it.

Another two groups of people were approaching toward the tombstone’s location with excited expressions, as if they were about to begin a hunt.

One of the groups was even crying out, making weird noises and yelling, “We’re close! We’re almost there!”

This chase had been going on for four entire hours, stretching over hundreds of kilometers.

Suddenly, the tombstone stopped above a giant lake.

This lake, the endpoint of countless fiery streams, was at the center of a gushing volcano.

Fiery liquid ferociously burned inside of the giant lake. Every so often, the lake would bubble with flame and lava, creating waves of heat and causing explosions

Standing beside the lake, Qin Lie had to continuously exhaust his power of extreme frost just to barely be able to endure the terrifying heat.

He did not know why the tombstone had come here.

Concentrating on the lake, Qin Lie discovered that he could not see through the boiling heat, serpentine outpours of fire, and constant explosions.

Suspended above the fiery lake, the tombstone abruptly shone with seven godly lights that penetrated deep into the liquid of the lake below.

“Boom boom boom!”

Giant waves of fire rose from the lake’s interior. As if the lake itself was roaring, the explosions grew more and more intense.

Deep within the lake, the seven divine lights formed a shield of light around a particular object.

The seven divine lights resembled dazzling ropes that continuously twisted upward, slowly pulling the foreign object that had been submerged in the lake toward the surface.

“A Fire Qilin! Oh my god, that’s actually the corpse of a rank eight spirit beast, a Fire Qilin!”

At the other side of the lake, Du Xiangyang lost his composure and cried out, his eyes shining with extreme desire.

He stared dead-eyed at the body that had appeared from deep within the lake.

The corpse of a Fire Qilin, a creature with the head of a dragon that had four limbs and a fiery tail similar to those of a majestic lion, was slowly pulled to the surface by the seven divine lights. Its body burned with bright flames.

Qin Lie was also completely stunned by the sight.

A rank eight spirit beast like a Fire Qilin was the equivalent of an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner. This was a legendary beast with unstoppable strength and fire all over its body. It could also fly through the air.

This Fire Qilin’s body had been submerged within this giant lake for god knows how many years. Its soul had long since disappeared, yet its body still burned with such a terrifying, stifling pressure.

“Could this lonesome Fire Qilin corpse be the reason why this land of fire, with its endlessly erupting volcanoes, is so terrifying?” Qin Lie subconsciously thought.

“A Fire Qilin! It’s the body of a Fire Qilin, a rank eight spirit beast!”

At this moment, Xiahou Yuan’s cry rang from the other side of the lake.

The eyes of the other three Xiahou Family martial practitioners were bloodshot, as were Xiahou Yuan’s. Like leopards and wolves that smelled blood, their eyes shone with the red light of greed.

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