Chapter 418: Graveyard of Gods!

Chapter 418: Graveyard of Gods!

There were no stars in the sky, nor was there a sun. Instead, fire blazed through the air.

Falling from the sky like meteors, long trails of fire burned through the sky as they descended.

Like a meteor shower, the fire continuously fell. The terrifying fiery power contained within it was enough to instantly reduce Fulfillment Realm and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners to dust.

Streams of fire erupted from burning volcanoes in an area low elevation. The lava resembled waterfalls as it flowed down toward the base of the volcanoes in long streams.

The crimson ground was filled with a dry, burning, suffocating flame aura. The curving, winding streams flowed with with terrifying lava.

All of the rocks that were visible were red. They were surrounded by the lava on the ground and the flames in the sky.

Neither vegetation nor weak individuals could survive in such an extreme environment.

A figure suddenly appeared at the base of a volcano.

Upon appearing, this figure exclaimed, “This is the secret realm called the Graveyards of Gods?”

Qin Lie landed on a giant red boulder. He felt as though his shoes were going to spontaneously combust any second. Smelling the stench of sulfur in the air, his expression became extremely grim.

He did not feel any spirit energy in the dry, hot air!

This meant that there was no spirit energy in all of the Graveyard of Gods to help him recover spirit energy and continue cultivating.

This also meant that, once all of his spirit energy was used up, he would be as weak as an ordinary mortal and would not be able to tolerate the cruel environment.

“Spirit stones! Surely I have spirit stones!”

He immediately reacted and hurriedly inspected his spatial ring to see how many spirit stones he had.

After using his mind consciousness to check, he felt reassured and his expression became slightly better.

Luckily, before he left the Heavenly Calamity Continent, Qin Lie used Terminator Profound Bombs to flatten a compound and take some spirit stones to gather what was needed to use the teleportation formation.

More than seven hundred Earth Grade spirit stones were in his spatial ring.

These spirit stones would be vital to the recovery of his spirit energy in the Graveyard of Gods!


A bright, fiery meteor fell from the sky. Its fiery presence filled the sky as it descended.

The skyfire meteor was several dozen meters away from him, yet an overwhelming wave of burning heat washed over him. It made all of his clothing and flesh start to burn.

Qin Lie was astonished.

He did not care about preserving his power and had to channel his Frost Arts. He used the three frost natal palaces in his body and formed a glowing shield over of his skin.

The power of the ice emerged and its cool aura immediately made him feel comfortable.

He quickly calmed down.

Seeing that the skyfire meteor was about to land near him, he grew frightened and hurriedly moved away so he wouldn’t be affected.


The flame meteor landed in a stream of lava with a splash. Drops of burning liquid sprayed in every direction, carrying a shocking light.

The enormous crimson boulder that Qin Lie had landed on was hit by one of the burning beams of light and immediately shattered.

As it shattered, many pieces of it flew through the air. Five of the pieces were as clear and luminescent as carnelian. When they spun in the air, they released a bright prismatic light that was beautiful and eye-catching.

“Heavenly Flame Crystal!

When Qin Lie flew away in retreat and saw the enormous boulder get hit by the beam of fire, he shouted as it promptly exploded.

His eyes became bright as he looked at the five wondrous, clear crystals that seemed to have flames flickering inside of them.

Those crystals resembled the best, brightest carnelians. Their red sheen was intoxicating.

This was an Earth Grade spirit material. Heavenly Flame Crystal was a very rare source of fire used for forging. Those that cultivated the power of fire could absorb this rare fire crystal directly to increase their spirit power.

A Heavenly Flame Crystal the size of a walnut would be worth one thousand Earth Grade spirit stones in the Land of Chaos!

“What a wondrous place. It doesn’t have any worldly energy, but it has produced Heavenly Flame Crystals!”

Qin Lie sighed in wonder. Watching the ripples of lava and the lights die down, he hurriedly flew in the direction that the Heavenly Flame Crystals had fallen.

Two of the five Heavenly Flame Crystals had fallen into the stream of lava. The burning heat from this stream made it something that Qin Lie did not dare to touch, so he had to give up.

There were three other Heavenly Flame Crystals. The two smaller ones were each the size of a fist. One of them would be worth at least twenty five hundred Earth Grade spirit stones. The biggest piece was the size of a person’s head. It would be worth at least ten thousand Earth Grade spirit stones!

If he sold these three Heavenly Flame Crystals in the Land of Chaos, they would be worth fifteen thousand Earth Grade spirit stones in total. Qin Lie would be able to buy an Earth Grade one or two spirit artifact.

Putting the three Heavenly Flame Crystals into his spatial ring, Qin Lie’s gaze turned to the stream that was spitting burning flames.

A Heavenly Flame Crystal was at the bottom of that stream. If he squinted his eyes, he could make out a blurry shape.

Taking a deep breath, he channelled his Frost Arts at full power. His left hand immediately became covered in a layer of hard ice. This ice gradually thickened to cover his arm.

Cold white mist rose from his arm. If he used the Frost Arts in this burning land, the expenditure would be great.

The burning heat could melt the ice energy on his body, so he had to constantly channel frost energy to support it.

“People die for riches, and birds die for food! I’ll do it!” Qin Lie gritted his teeth. His left hand darted out like lightning and entered the stream of lava.

He immediately grabbed the fist-sized Heavenly Flame Crystal and threw it into his spatial ring.


Qin Lie’s left arm was encased in an icy glove. When he dipped his arm into the lava, it started melting at a terrifying rate, as if it were soaking in boiling water.

The drops of lava that were on him were a horrifyingly high temperature. The flame power quickly permeated the ice he created using Frost Arts, meaning that it would not last long.

In a flash, the ice that had been several inches thick was almost completely melted.

Qin Lie started to shout and wave his hand to shake off the drops of lava.

He finally managed to clean off the drops of lava from the stream before the ice on his arm had completely disappeared. He went slightly pale.

“There is one more Heavenly Flame Crystal. How about...” He looked toward another spot, his gaze was filled with hesitation.

A long time later, he took a deep breath. Using the same method, he took the other Heavenly Flame Crystal out of the fiery liquid.

He shook his arm furiously.

Several drop of lava accidentally flew onto his chest while he hastily shook his arm.


The thin glowing shield covering his body was not able to withstand this and immediately melted.

His chest was instantly burned by the fiery liquid. The drops of lava also had a corrosive property. After his initial fright, Qin Lie decisively used a blade of ice to carve that piece of flesh from his chest.

This finally stopped the fiery corrosion from spreading!


Qin Lie’s expression was ugly as he panted. He looked at the fiery meteors that were falling out of the sky, the long, winding streams of lava, and the flickers of flame that came out of the volcanoes that could erupt at any moment.

He gradually realized that, even if the people from the nine great Silver rank forces weren’t hunting him, it would be a luxury to manage to survive in this secret realm.

“I first need to find somewhere to recover spirit energy!”

In this little bit of time, one of his three frost natal palaces had nearly run out of frost power.

Qin Lie had been jumping on rocks and avoiding the skyfire meteors. He had also used a lot of spirit energy when he had fished out the two Heavenly Flame Crystals.

Also, he had to continuously to gather his power to form the ice shield while in this area of flame to keep the flame power from getting to him.

At this time, thirty percent of his power had been used up.

In this place, he could encounter martial practitioners from the nine forces at any time. If he used up too much power, he wouldn’t be able to fight at full power when he encountered an enemy.


The clear sound of a bell suddenly rang out from the sword token at his waist. Qin Lie, who had been preparing to find a place to recover using spirit stones, suddenly wore a serious expression.

The sword token on him wouldn’t do that for no reason. Someone else with a sword token must’ve been within a hundred miles of him, feeling out the surroundings and ascertaining his presence and position. That was probably what triggered the sword token.

“Who could it be?” Qin Lie’s brow was deeply furrowed. He raised his guard and prepared for battle.

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