Chapter 404: Scanning the Island

Chapter 404: Scanning the Island

At the top level of the spirit artifact hall inside Sea Moon Trade Group, someone rushed in to report while Han Xing, Luo Chen, Zhang Chendong, and Zhao Xuan were speaking. “Celestial Artifact Sect’s Bi You has arrived.”

The group stopped talking amongst each other.

“Send him in,” Han Xing ordered.

Before long, Celestial Artifact Sect’s Bi You arrived at the top level, bringing Jiang Tianxing with him.

“President Han, I am here to discuss some matters.” The moment that Bi You entered, he went straight to the heart of matter and said, “I am searching for a martial practitioner who cultivates both the power of lightning and ice. This person has obtained something important from the god corpse that is related to the Graveyard of Gods’ stability. The nine great forces have come to a unanimous agreement that this item must be found as soon as possible.”

Bi You had figured out the truth after meeting Jiang Tianxing, and they were now in a hurry to find Qin Lie.

Han Xing looked at Luo Chen.

Luo Chen nodded slightly. “Our superiors told us to cooperate with Celestial Artifact Sect and find the person who took the item from the god corpse.”

“What are you going to do?” Han Xing frowned.

“I plan to search all of Sea Moon Island with my mind consciousness!” Bi You was at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, and he was actually a bit weaker than Han Xing. However, he came from Celestial Artifact Sect and worked as their deacon. He was not lesser in status than Han Xing.

“You plan to scan every martial practitioner on this island?” Han Xing asked in surprise.

“Mm. I admit that, with my realm, it will be a little difficult to cover the entire island with my mind consciousness.” Bi You sighed softly. “However, this matter is urgent, and the Trial is about to start. The nine great forces need that item to stabilize the Graveyard of Gods and reduce the risk to the participants.”

“Alright, do it.” Han Xing nodded.

With that, Bi You sat down on the ground.

Jiang Tianxing, who hailed from Celestial Artifact Sect just like Bi You, stood beside him. He had regained his sense of reason and wore a kind look since he had not channeled the Blood Spirit Art.

He was quietly examining Luo Chen who was in front him.

Luo Chen was also looking at him.

“Brother Jiang, I have a list of names in my hand. You will be representing Celestial Artifact Sect in this Trial, correct?” Luo Chen suddenly asked in a casual manner.

Jiang Tianxing chuckled. “That is correct. I will represent Celestial Artifact Sect in this Trial. I will do my best.”

Luo Chen raised a corner of his lips while revealing a hint of scorn in his eyes. He did not say anything else.

It was at this moment that a terrific mind fluctuation emerged from Bi You’s body.

The pupils of everyone in the room shrank.

Everyone could feel an enormous magnetic field of mind energy spread from Bi You, flooding in every direction like a tidal wave.

It spread outward to cover the entirety of Sea Moon Island!

It spread across the streets, the houses, Sea Moon Trade Group, Blue Star Association, the strongholds of many great forces, and the shops. Several thousand martial practitioners of different realms detected the tremendous surging aura.

People raised their heads and felt the terror of a giant, invisible web covering all of Sea Moon Island.

Han Xing also wore a look of surprise.

Sea Moon Island was several hundred acres across, and even at the peak of the Fragmentation Realm, it would’ve been incredibly difficult for him to cover the entire island with his mind consciousness.

Furthermore, Bi You was only at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, but he already possessed such a terrifying mind consciousness. This caused Han Xing to be inwardly surprised.

“As expected of someone from a Silver rank force.” Han Xing felt fear and respect, making up his mind to acquire a good position at Heavenly Sword Mountain once he ascended to the Nirvana Realm. He would borrow Heavenly Sword Mountain’s resources in order to increase his own strength.

Han Xing was treating Luo Chen carefully because he wanted to get on his good side. He hoped to acquire Luo Nan’s help in the future and stand tall in Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Invisible ripples that resembled intangible waves of water spread outwards in many waves.

Wherever the wave of mind energy went, martial practitioners caught within it would feel from their very souls that they were being watched. It was as if a bolt of electricity were passing through their bodies.

They felt a very uncomfortable feeling, quickly realizing that a powerful martial practitioner was covering all of Sea Moon Island and was specifically searching for something.

Those who were wise did not resist it and disregarded the surveillance, allowing Bi You’s mind consciousness to seep in.

Of course, there were people who weren’t wise and forcefully formed a barrier to isolate their mind consciousnesses, not understanding the situation.

Immediately, these people were grievously injured. The barriers formed from their mind consciousnesses were instantly blasted apart by Bi You.

On the streets, many low rank martial practitioners inside Sea Moon Trade Group suddenly sat on the ground and went pale.

A few people spat out a mouthful of blood and hatefully looked in Bi You’s direction.

There were several other elites in the Fragmentation Realm who were in secluded corners of Sea Moon Island. These people were not afraid of Bi You, and with a cold snort, they stared right at Bi You’s location as if their eyes were capable of seeing extraordinarily long distances.

They formed a barrier of isolation with their mind consciousnesses, forbidding Bi You from taking a single step into their minds.

When Bi You detected these kinds of experts, he would stop his push and automatically withdraw his mind consciousness, avoiding a confrontation with them.

The person that he was looking for was in the Manifestation Realm or the Netherpassage Realm. Anyone who exceeded this realm was obviously not his target.

Bi You’s actions made all of Sea Moon Island go into an uproar. Many people whose minds were invaded by his mind consciousness were discussing with each other, wanting to know what was going on.

At Profound Heaven Alliance’s stronghold.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were a wall’s distance away from each other. One of them was concentrating on cultivation, and the other was repairing the Astral Thunder Hammer.

Both of them felt a colossal mind consciousness land on them from the sky above. It was like a gigantic web in the sky that suddenly covered them whole.

Song Tingyu immediately came to realization and cried out, “Qin Lie! It’s coming for you!”

Qin Lie, who was absorbed in the spirit diagram of the Astral Thunder Hammer, suddenly shook and felt as if his very soul were trembling.

Bi You’s mind consciousness surged over.

Qin Lie knew that he could not resist it, and also knew that he needed to stop it from seeping into his mind or he could be exposed.

“Thoughtless Tranquility!”

In that critical moment, he remembered the Soul Suppressing Orb and cut off all random thoughts. His True Soul flew out of his Soul Lake and slipped into the orb.

Although Qin Lie did not feel anything special, Song Tingyu’s bright eyes changed a little.

She could no longer sense his existence.

Song Tingyu felt as if Qin Lie had suddenly become invisible and no longer released a single wisp of soul aura. It was as if he had teleported somewhere.

The mind consciousness covering the sky flooded the entire house like a tidal wave. Everyone felt as if their bodies were being swept through by lightning. Even Tian Pu was not an exception.

Bi You’s mind consciousness lingered for a while, and after discovering nothing, he had no choice but to leave.

At this moment, Song Tingyu walked out of her room and opened Qin Lie’s door.

Qin Lie was seated at the same spot without a trace of soul aura on him. Even his body was devoid of powerful life energy.

He felt like a beast in hibernation.

With a look of surprise, Song Tingyu’s eyes glittered, and she softly said, “He’s gone.”

“Miss!” Tian Pu’s voice came from outside. “The enemy came searching. Will there be any problems? Have they discovered you two?”

“I don’t think so,” Song Tingyu answered helplessly. Then, in a soft voice, she said, “Uncle Tian, how many people do you sense inside this room right now?”

“Only you, Miss.” Tian Pu said respectfully.

Song Tingyu smiled softly and waved her hands in assurance, saying, “Go, then. Everything is fine.”

Tian Pu left, his stomach full of doubt.

Fifteen minutes later, at the top floor of Sea Moon Trade Group’s spirit artifact hall, Bi You opened his eyes.

“I found sixty five people who cultivate spirit arts of thunder, thirty eight people who cultivate spirit arts of ice, and only five who cultivate both. Out of these five people, three are in the Manifestation Realm, one is in the Netherpassage Realm, and another is in the Fulfillment Realm.” Bi You stood up. His mind had already locked on to the five targets. He nodded toward Han Xing in gratitude and said, “I will send out people from Celestial Artifact Sect to seek out these five people and thoroughly search them. We will see if we can find the item on them.”

Han Xing smiled and said, “Please do.”

Bi You and Jiang Tianxing left as hastily as they arrived. A while later, they were completely gone.

“The person who fought against Li Rong at the bottom level of Sea Moon Trade Group is also skilled in the power of thunder. While he was fighting, I felt a vague aura of ice from him,” a Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner softly said after Bi You left.

Han Xing went blank.

“There was also the aura of earth on him as well. It was weak, but it was definitely there,” another person interrupted.

The eyes of Joyful Union Sect’s Zhao Xuan abruptly lit up. “A person who’s skilled in the spirit arts of ice, lightning, and earth. Why do I feel like I’ve heard of such a person?”

“The Scarlet Tide Continent’s Qin Lie!” Eight Extreme Temple’s Zhang Chendong exclaimed.

“That’s him!”

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