Chapter 403: Netherpassage!

Chapter 403: Netherpassage!

Only the basic spirit diagrams inside the Astral Thunder Hammer were damaged. It might take Qin Lie some time to repair it, but it wouldn’t be too difficult

Spirit Storage, Spirit Gathering, Amplification, and Strengthening were the most basic spirit diagrams, and Qin Lie had them memorized. The basic spirit diagrams inside this Astral Thunder Hammer were Spirit Storage, Spirit Gathering, and Strengthening.

It was clear that these three spirit diagrams had been simplified from the ancient spirit diagrams that Qin Lie knew of. From his perspective, the structure was very simple.

“Help me buy the main components needed to make Terminator Profound Bombs. I won’t be leaving this place for now.”

Gripping the Astral Thunder Hammer, Qin Lie took a deep breath. His mind gradually calmed down and he prepared to get to work.

“Mn, I know.” Song Tingyu moved over with a smile on her face and stood next to him. Her eyes shone as she looked at the Astral Thunder Hammer, and she did not seem like she would leave.

“Then go.” Qin Lie raised his head to look at her.

“I arranged for Uncle Tian to do that before I came here. He will purchase all of the materials needed for the Terminator Profound Bombs. I don’t need to work on that.”

Song Tingyu glanced at him and raised an eyebrow. “What? Do you want to send me away? Are you worried that I’ll disturb you?”

“I need silence.” Qin Lie raised his hands helplessly. “You know that one cannot divide their attention when inscribing spirit diagrams. Any break in concentration can cause a mistake and waste all earlier effort.”

“Me being here... will divide your attention?”

A blush appeared on Song Tingyu’s exquisite face, her beautiful eyes filled with an intoxicating warmth.

She got closer and stopped a few inches away from Qin Lie. Her pink lips parted slightly, and she exhaled on Qin Lie’s face. Then she said in a light seductive voice, “Will this divide your attention?”

A cunning light flashed through her eyes.

She was deliberately teasing Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s gaze suddenly became feverish.

With the mask off, Song Tingyu was like a blossoming flower. Her movements and smile were capable of overwhelming a person’s mind, and could prevent that person from taking their eyes off of her body.

At this moment, the naturally mesmerizing Song Tingyu was intentionally being flirty. She made people’s minds wander and got their blood to race.

“Fine, you don’t need to go. I won’t touch the Astral Thunder Hammer for now.” Qin Lie put away the Astral Thunder Hammer. His eyes clearly shone with the light of desire, and he reached out to pull her into his arms.

“Go away!”

An orange-red light appeared on Song Tingyu’s translucent palm, and she slapped his hand. The light gave off a bright rainbow.


Qin Lie’s outstretched arm went numb when it was swatted away by her jade hand.

“Haha! You can stay here and focus on repairing your spirit diagram. Big Sis won’t tease you.” Song Tingyu sauntered out, a bell-like laughter left in her wake.

She entered the room next to Qin Lie’s.

Inside the room was an enormous copper mirror. Her seductive body suddenly froze when she saw herself in the mirror.

It showed a beautiful, flushed face with a provocative smile. Her bewitching eyes were filled with glee, clearly showcasing her happy mood.

Song Tingyu unconsciously touched her cheeks, feeling heat. This made her feel even more embarrassed.

“The person in the mirror... is me. When did teasing a man start making me so happy?” Her eyes looked pensive, and a complex and strange expression appeared on her face.

She started to think back to how she and Qin Lie met.

Song Tingyu originally found Qin Lie because of the Terminator Profound Bombs which significantly hurt the five factions and opened the evil nether passageway. That was the first time she paid attention to this unknown youth.

Profound Heaven Alliance had arranged for her to go to the poisonous bog to meet Qin Lie and negotiate a partnership. She met him for the first time in the poisonous bog.

When she used her charm concept on Qin Lie, it was the first time it had failed. She was hurt by the backlash and felt that she and Qin Lie had been married for three lifetimes as a side effect. It had taken her a lot of effort to resolve the backlash.

Then, in order to fool Mo He, she lied and said she was engaged to Qin Lie. The two of them had pretended to hug for a while.

After that, they fell into the Nether Realm together. They fought side by side against the Horned Demon Race, slowly making their way back to the Scarlet Tide Continent step by step.

She gradually discovered that Qin Lie had all kinds of secrets. She became more and more curious. She wanted to know about Qin Lie’s identity and origins, of his past, and where many of Qin Lie’s special abilities came from.

Just like that, her relationship with Qin Lie had grown closer. They started to trust each other. There were no barriers between them and they could talk to each other freely.

A long time later, Song Tingyu sighed softly.

“It shouldn’t be like this,” she thought inwardly, lying to herself. “This is definitely the backlash from the concept which hasn’t been completely eliminated. It seems like I need to cleanse my mind.”

Qin Lie sat in the other room, a burning heat in his eyes.

A moment later, he grimaced and shook his head. He took out the Astral Thunder Hammer again and slowly calmed his mind.

He first examined his Soul Lake.

“Hm?!” he suddenly exclaimed.

The Soul Shadow in the middle of the clear lake that had been blurry had grown and become clearer.

Qin Lie used his mind consciousness to feel it.

Suddenly, a wondrous feeling flowed into his mind and entered every part of his soul.

All of his memories, thoughts, consciousness, past, remnants of thoughts, emotions… all of them turned into threads of wondrous flowing light that flooded toward the Soul Shadow inside his Soul Lake.

Memories, thoughts, personality traits, and other things that filled every part of his mind had been scattered and disorderly.

At this moment however, all of the soul thoughts, memories, experiences, personality traits, and other things that belonged to his soul flooded into the Soul Shadow in the middle of the Soul Lake.

The Soul Shadow, which had been intangible, suddenly became became an actual, tangible existence, and formed a True Soul.

With a shudder, he discovered that his original body, his true self, was the True Soul in the Soul Lake!

Then he felt like he was inside of the Soul Lake—like he was the true form of the True Soul!

Once the source of his soul and all of its imprints melded together, he clearly felt the existence of his soul for the first time. He realized for the first time just how wondrous a fully formed True Soul was.

A Soul Lake was made from mind consciousness and mind power. A True Soul was immersed in the depths of the Soul Lake, and one could use their soul to feel the mind consciousness and mind power within the Soul Lake.

With a thought, threads of mind consciousness within the Soul Lake turned into flowing threads of light that spread outside of his body like thousands of tentacles.

Once the mind consciousness left the Soul Lake, it was invisible to his eyes. However, after his True Soul had formed, he could feel the mind consciousness that had flown out from the True Soul in the Soul Lake.

Qin Lie closed his eyes. When his mind consciousness went out, he could slowly “see” everything in the surroundings.

The mind consciousness was like multiple pairs of eyes. Everything it came into contact with was relayed back to his True Soul.

This was the genuine Netherpassage Realm.

Qin Lie grinned.

When he laughed, he was immediately forced back into his original form, and the wondrous feeling disappeared.

“The Netherpassage Realm! I finally crossed the threshold and formed my True Soul!” His mood shifted, he laughed. He calmed down again and used one thread of mind consciousness to try and reach the neighboring room.

The mind consciousness could easily pass through obstacles like walls, objects, and earth.


His thread of mind consciousness suddenly hit a thin barrier like a fly and was bounced back.

Qin Lie felt Song Tingyu’s presence in that “thin barrier.” He immediately understood that Song Tingyu had detected his arrival and used her mind consciousness to form a barrier to stop his mind consciousness from going in.

A mind consciousness could fly into the sky and pass through the ground, walls, and other objects. Only barriers that were also made out of mind consciousness could stop it.

“Qin Lie, don’t you need to focus on repairing the spirit diagram?” Song Tingyu’s soft voice came from the other side of the wall. “Does your mind consciousness get split when you forge artifacts? Does it spread into the surroundings? I’m about to rest, and you released a thread of mind consciousness this way. What do you want?”

Her tone gradually became irritated by the end.

“This is just a misunderstanding.” Smiling weakly, Qin Lie hurriedly retrieved that thread of mind consciousness. “I am about to start now. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you in the future.”

“If you dare send mind consciousness over here, I’ll have you know that you will pay a price for disturbing me.” Song Tingyu snorted.

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