Chapter 399: Spirit Artifact Store

Chapter 399: Spirit Artifact Store

The stores on Sea Moon Island that sold spirit materials and spirit herbs were dazzling to the eye.

Within a ten thousand kilometer radius of Sea Moon Island, martial practitioners from continents like the Scarlet Tide Continent, the Flowing Cloud Continent, and the Heavenly Fate Continent treated Sea Moon Island as the largest trading hub for spirit materials and spirit artifacts.

The teleportation formation constructed on Sea Moon Island was able to reach another island that was ten thousand kilometers away. From that island, travelers would then be able to teleport even further away. After five teleportations overall, they would be able to arrive at the Heavenly Wither Continent.

It was exactly because of the existence of that teleportation formation that Sea Moon Island became a crucial territory for the seven continents that were within a radius of ten thousand kilometers. Various Copper rank forces had established strongholds on Sea Moon Island in order to conveniently gather information about the Land of Chaos and purchase high grade spirit artifacts from the Land of Chaos through Sea Moon Island.

As for Blue Star Association, since they were in charge of Sea Moon Island on behalf of Heavenly Sword Mountain, they had become the strongest among the Copper rank forces and were regarded highly by Heavenly Sword Mountain.

In the afternoon at the doorstep of a spirit stone exchange, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, who had changed their appearances, walked out.

At this place, Qin Lie had exchanged the spirit stones he obtained from the Scarlet Tide Island along with the random materials within Kong Xiang’s spatial ring for high grade spirit stones that were usable in the Land of Chaos.

There was currently a total of two hundred and thirty Earth Grade spirit stones in his spatial ring.

“Let’s go. Let me take you around to purchase the materials needed to forge Terminator Profound Bombs.” Song Tingyu moved to another store that specialized in selling Common Grade and Profound Grade spirit materials.

An hour later, many of the spirit materials needed to forge Terminator Profound Bombs were inside Qin Lie’s spatial ring. Song Tingyu paid for materials worth a total of seventy Earth Grade spirit stones.

“Is that enough?” Song Tingyu asked with a smile after they left.

Qin Lie nodded continuously. “It’s nearly enough. We will be able to forge twenty Terminator Profound Bombs at the very least, which should be enough to use, but, we are still missing the main components. We need a few high grade lightning spirit stones or beast cores from a lightning attribute spirit beast.”

“Let’s go to another store,” Song Tingyu said with a smile.


At that very moment, a spirit eagle appeared above their heads. Aboard the spirit eagle were three martial practitioners dressed in Celestial Artifact Sect’s uniforms.

Those three surveyed the ground from up above as they patrolled the crowds of people from one store to another.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu unconsciously kept their heads down, frowning slightly.

This was already the fifth patrol they had seen today.

According to Tian Pu, Celestial Artifact Sect had dispatched at least two hundred martial practitioners, rented spirit eagles from Spirit Eagle Island, and split them into several patrols to keep watch over the seas near Sea Moon Island.

Among the Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners, one of them held a portrait that he referenced when inspecting the people below.

“Let’s go.” After looking for a short while, that person waved his hands, and the spirit eagle brought them away.

“I had Uncle Tian ask about the situation. Bi You found Jiang Tianxing. From his account, they probably discovered that the tombstone is in your possession,” Song Tingyu said with a soft voice. “The portrait those people are holding on to has the other ‘Yao Tian’ drawn on it. It’s the face that you used to… trick Liu Ting back at Ling Town.”

“It seems that they value the tombstone quite a bit,” Qin Lie said while stroking his chin.

“It’s not just a matter of it being valued. The teleportation formation on Sea Moon Island can only make return trips at the moment. It cannot be used to move to the Heavenly Wither Continent. In its restricted state, people can only enter, not leave.” Song Tingyu’s voice grew even softer. “They did this because they are afraid that you might leave through the teleportation formation.”

“Sea Moon Island belongs to Blue Star Association and takes orders from Heavenly Sword Mountain. Why would they help Celestial Artifact Sect search for someone?” Qin Lie was dumbfounded.

“Heavenly Sword Mountain seems to be keeping track of this issue as well. They must have come to a consensus with Celestial Artifact Sect. They both wish to find the tombstone. As a result, they have helped Celestial Artifact Sect by making Blue Star Association close the teleportation formation.” Song Tingyu furrowed her brow. “The two of us must be more cautious.”

“It seems that the tombstone in my possession might be related to the secrets of the Graveyard of Gods.” Qin Lie had a rough idea of what was happening.

“That should be the case.” Song Tingyu faintly smiled, then said, “Let’s head over to Sea Moon Trade Group. It was established by Blue Star Association, so their catalogue is the most complete, and there are various grades of spirit artifacts which you can purchase immediately.”


Sea Moon Trade Group was located in the central district of Sea Moon Island and was extremely close to the teleportation formation. The headquarters of Blue Star Association was right behind it.

The trade group was split into many different districts—the Spirit Material District, Spirit Herb District, Spirit Artifact District, Spirit Stone District, Auction District, and so on.

As the largest trade group of Sea Moon Island, the managers representing the various continents on Sea Moon Island would choose this place to purchase and sell spirit materials in bulk. Back when Tian Pu purchased the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle and spatial spirit stones for Song Tingyu, they all came from Sea Moon Trade Group.

Towering buildings made of stone that reached several dozens of meters high were situated at the center of Sea Moon Island. They resembled a tall, stone forest that took up several acres of land.

“This is Sea Moon Trade Group.” Seeing many people at the doorstep, Song Tingyu and Qin Lie walked in. Martial practitioners of different realms were moving in and out of the entrance.

Qin Lie observed for a bit and discovered that the martial practitioners entering and leaving Sea Moon Trade Group were in the Manifestation Realm at the least, while Netherpassage Realm and Fulfillment Realm experts were also very common. Occasionally, he would even spot some Fragmentation Realm experts arrogantly walking around the trade group with their subordinates and followers.

“Sea Moon Trade Group is the largest store in a ten thousand kilometer radius, and many experts from large forces personally come over to pick out spirit artifacts. The spirit artifacts of my father, Uncle Xie, and the palace chief of Eight Extreme Temple all came from Sea Moon Trade Group. Even our flying spirit artifacts were custom made by the Sea Moon Trade Group. The fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle and the spatial spirit stones also came from this trade group,” Song Tingyu explained softly.

Qin Lie quietly nodded.

After the two of them changed their faces, their appearances looked especially normal. Among the waves of people in the entrance to the trade group, they were the most inconspicuous, and no one would spare them a second glance.

The martial practitioners of Celestial Artifact Sect were searching throughout Sea Moon Island while riding spirit eagles, but they would not do anything above Sea Moon Trade Group.

After all, Sea Moon Island was still a territory that belonged to Blue Star Association, and Sea Moon Trade Group was where Blue Star Association made most of its money. Celestial Artifact Sect had to give some face.

Without the people from Celestial Artifact Sect occasionally patrolling around, Qin Lie felt at ease. With a smile, he and Song Tingyu stepped into Sea Moon Trade Group.

Qin Lie was completely unfamiliar with Sea Moon Trade Group which covered a vast area of land. He merely followed Song Tingyu’s footsteps the entire time without speaking up or interrupting her.

“Since we’re here in Sea Moon Trade Group, we must stroll around the spirit artifact district. My father’s spirit artifacts were all purchased here. There are many Profound Grade and Earth Grade spirit weapons here. Even low rank Heaven Grade spirit artifacts are occasionally sold!” Song Tingyu said in high spirits.

“You lead the way,” Qin Lie said with a smile.

After walking for a total of twenty minutes, the two of them finally arrived at the so-called Spirit Artifact District by following the endless stream of people.

A magnificent building that took up several thousands of meters appeared before Qin Lie’s eyes. The stone building had four floors, and each floor was several dozens of meters in height. There were small windows on every floor, and the bottom floor had wide open doors in all four directions.

Martial practitioners were constantly moving in and out of the four doors. Some wore downcast faces, probably because they were unable to acquire anything. The faces of some, however, were all smiles, as though they had found spirit artifacts suitable for them.

“The first floor sells various Profound Grade spirit artifacts, the second floor sells Earth Grade spirit artifacts, and a small number of Heaven Grade spirit artifacts of low rank will occasionally appear on the third floor. Heaven Grade spirit artifacts are usually bought by Blue Star Association on behalf of Heavenly Sword Mountain since they themselves… do not have the financial power to possess Heaven Grade spirit artifacts. They also do not have the ability to keep hold of them either. Lastly, the fourth floor is where they entertain important guests,” Song Tingyu explained softly.

Qin Lie’s eyes shone faintly.

On the Scarlet Tide Continent, Profound Grade spirit artifacts were already extremely valuable and were suitable for Manifestation Realm and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners. Earth Grade spirit artifacts were suitable for Fulfillment Realm and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners, and only an extreme few in Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were able to use them.

As for Heaven Grade spirit artifacts, according to what Qin Lie knew, not a single person in the Scarlet Tide Continent possessed one.

Heaven Grade spirit artifacts could only belong to Nirvana Realm and Imperishable Realm martial practitioners. Only an extremely small number of people in the Land of Chaos could possess Heaven Grade spirit artifacts, let alone in the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Back when Armament Sect was situated at Flame Volcano, their strongest artificer Mo Hai was unable to forge an Earth Grade spirit artifact. Just from that, one could see how valuable Earth Grade spirit artifacts were, to say nothing of Heaven Grade spirit artifacts.

“I’ll just say this first—if a Profound Grade spirit artifact catches your attention, I will be able to purchase it for you. As for an Earth Grade spirit artifact… I won’t be able to help you with it.” Before they stepped in, Song Tingyu coughed lightly and stuck Qin Lie with a preventative needle.

“Alright!” Qin Lie smiled as he stepped into the hall.

The first floor was several thousand meters wide, and all of the spirit artifacts were kept in clear, white crystal cupboards. They were placed in a circular manner, and all the martial practitioners who entered were moving in the center of the circle.

The receptionists of Blue Star Association were standing behind the cupboards. Dressed in their unique uniforms, they looked at the martial practitioners in front of them with smiles on their faces.

Enormous lights crafted from bright gems hung high above everyone’s heads, shining brightly upon the area below.

Inside of the crystal cupboards, hundreds of Profound Grade Seven spirit artifacts radiated gentle or dazzling glows under the bright lights, resulting in the sparkling eyes of martial practitioners that saw them. They could not help but want to immediately put the spirit artifacts that they fancied right into their bags.

“A Profound Grade Five spirit weapon already costs three hundred Earth Grade spirit stones. Profound Grade Six spirit weapons cost eight hundred, while Profound Grade Seven spirit weapons cost nearly fifteen hundred!” When Qin Lie entered the place, he casually glanced around and spotted a sword, a shield, and an accessory placed in a crystal cupboard next to him. After looking at the prices, he could not help but secretly gulp.

After he had sold all of Kong Xiang’s random materials, adding them to the ones he already had, he only had two hundred and thirty Earth Grade spirit stones in his possession.

He was actually unable to even purchase a normal Profound Grade Five spirit artifact.

“You think they’re expensive?” Song Tingyu asked with a laugh.

“They’re more than just expensive!” Qin Lie nodded deeply.

“Pick one that suits you. As long as it’s below a thousand Earth Grade spirit stones, I can give it to you as a gift!” Song Tingyu said delicately.

“Alright!” Qin Lie exclaimed joyfully.

He began to seriously walk over to every single crystal cupboard, searching for a spirit artifact that suited him and could increase his combat strength.

In reality, Qin Lie did not have a single spirit artifact in his possession up to this point.

Terminator Profound Bombs were one-time consumables and could not increase his battle power. Strictly speaking, they were not considered spirit artifacts.

The wooden sculpture his grandfather left him was not forged specifically for him, and earlier on, since pure spirit energy was stored inside of it, he could still use it.

Later, as the spirit energy gradually flowed out, he was no longer able to increase his strength through the wooden sculpture, so he eventually stopped using it.

Qin Lie definitely needed to search for a few spirit artifacts that complemented his Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Frost Arts, and Records of Geocentric Magnetism, which would then increase his combat strength and increase his chances of surviving the Trial.

“Ah!” Qin Lie suddenly stopped at a crystal cupboard in the front, pointed to a small, exquisite silver hammer, and said, “Take that out for a look.”


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