Chapter 394: Song Tingyu’s Resentment

Chapter 394: Song Tingyu’s Resentment

When he shot out of the sea, Qin Lie’s eyes were like bolts of lightning as they searched the nearby Sword Leaf Boats.

As a result of the god corpse’s sudden rampage, Qin Lie’s Sword Leaf Boat, which had come to a stop above the sea, had been completely smashed to pieces by the waves. Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing had come with their own Sword Leaf Boats, but had stopped at a position that was slightly further away because they were also afraid of being crushed by the waves that the frenzied god corpse had created.

There were only bits and pieces of Sword Leaf Boats floating on the surface of the sea. Not a single boat was left intact.

Suddenly, a Sword Leaf Boat that had been split in two, yet still had a functioning energy source at its tail, appeared in Qin Lie’s view.

Qin Lie rushed toward this wrecked Sword Leaf Boat without hesitation.

In the depths of the sea below him, Jiang Tianxing had transformed into a terrifying blood demon. His body was covered in long, crimson hair. Howling like a bloody ape, he also rushed over.


Qin Lie cursed from the bottom of his heart. Atop a block of solid ice, he shot toward the Sword Leaf Boat, which was split into two halves, like an arrow shot from a bow.


His figure descended upon the wreckage. As soon as he landed, he took out several spirit tablets and quickly stuffed them into the spirit stone slot, stimulating the spirit energy within the spirit stones to enhance the engine of the Sword Leaf Boat.

At Qin Lie’s command, the spirit energy within the spirit tablets inscribed with the ancient Amplification and Spirit Gathering diagrams quickly began to circulate.

A dense white fog emerged from the energy source of spirit stones and began to explode since their energy was quickly being depleted.

The wreckage of the Sword Leaf Boat instantly turned into a streak of cold light as it surged across the surface of the sea in the direction of Spirit Eagle Island.


A blood red streak of light erupted from within the ocean. Jiang Tianxing roared at the sky as his body violently discharged rays of crimson light

He also selected a wrecked Sword Leaf Boat. Using the frenzied stimulation of the blood energy within his body, he powered the boat and turned it into a streak of blood red light that flew across the sea. He roared in pursuit of Qin Lie.

After sucking all of Qiu Yun’s blood, Jiang Tianxing had gone mad and lost all sense of reason. The only thing that remained in his mind was his desire to kill Qin Lie and smash him to bits and pieces.

This obsession had triggered Jiang Tianxing’s potential, causing his blood to surge and bubble like seething magma.

Ray after ray of terrifying bloody light was constantly discharged from Jiang Tianxing’s body. Whenever the light touched the sea water, an earsplitting explosion would occur.

The more that Jiang Tianxing resembled a bloody, enraged demonic beast, the more powerful his aura grew. It condensed a long, bloody stream of energy that rushed directly toward Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was several thousand meters away from Jiang Tianxing, but he could still clearly feel the monstrous blood energy, which contained Jiang Tianxing’s crazed murderous intent, firmly lock onto him.

Qin Lie discovered that Jiang Tianxing was gradually closing in on him!

“If I saw everything correctly, this Jiang Tianxing should definitely be the son of my good junior brother Jiang Zhuzhe!” Xue Li’s voice rang out within Qin Lie’s mind once more. “After more than a thousand years, it seems that my junior brother’s Blood Spirit Art cultivation resorted to consuming human blood in the end. He has immorally turned himself turn into a blood demon, a crazed beast that only knows how to kill, all in pursuit of the pinnacle of strength! Not only has Jiang Zhuzhe done this himself, he actually let his own son cultivate the same kind of extreme Blood Spirit Art!”

“This guy won’t stop chasing me. His strength and speed have doubled after he stimulated his blood energy!” Qin Lie furrowed his brows as he spoke, continuing to take spirit stones out of his spatial ring and shove them into the energy source of the Sword Leaf Boat.

The spirit energy of one spirit stone after another was furiously stimulated, causing the Sword Leaf Boat to become as fast as lightning, but the spirit stones were also being quickly consumed.

In this short time alone, the three round Earth Grade spirit stones that were originally glowing had become gray and dull, their surfaces covered in fractures.

These were signs that the spirit energy had almost been completely used up.

“Is there any way to stop him?” Qin Lie asked gravely.

“Jiang Tianxing was originally in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. You can only be considered to have just barely entered the Netherpassage Realm. Your True Soul has only just formed. There was a massive gap between your cultivation and his to begin with. Now that he has consumed fresh blood to temper his body, his flesh has also become incredibly strong and is no weaker than yours. Including his current state of madness caused by the excessive consumption of blood, his strength has increased another level. Under these circumstances, it is unwise for you to try and fight him to the death.”

Xue Li was extremely calm as he continued, “Don’t fight him right now. Wait until his initial high has passed. Once that happens, he will experience a period of weakness. If you can take advantage of this period to fight him, it will be possible for you to come out on top.”


Jiang Tianxing roared loudly as he continued to charge toward Qin Lie from behind. The crimson blood energy, which resembled a bloody cloud floating in the sky, was also still chasing him.

Qin Lie felt extremely annoyed.

At this moment, he suddenly heard another cry that was reminiscent of a spirit bird.

This cry was one he was very familiar with—it was the cry of Song Tingyu’s Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly!

Above the sea, Qin Lie turned toward the sky and shouted, “Song Tingyu!”


From the skies in the distance, a gentle, pleasant voice rang out. A rainbow light emerged and shot over from the same direction.

The splendid, beautiful Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly gradually appeared in the sky above the vast sea.

A captivating woman dressed in rainbow colored attire stood atop the rainbow butterfly. With an expression of curiosity on her strikingly beautiful face she asked, “Who are you?”

Song Tingyu leaned over and looked down toward the ocean at the strange man who was making the wreckage of a Sword Leaf Boat accelerate madly. For some reason, she felt that this person was very familiar.

Qin Lie stared at her, then shouted sternly, “You don’t recognize me, but surely you recognize the fox skin mask on my face?”

When Qin Lie left the collapsed Herb Mountain, he swapped his face for another using the fox skin mask. To Song Tingyu, he basically looked like a stranger.

“You bastard!” Song Yingyu immediately regained her senses. A hint of joy appeared on her beautiful face as she sat upright on the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

Then this joy immediately vanished as a chill crept into her eyes. She said coldly, “I don’t know you.”

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly flew above Qin Lie’s head like a multicolored cloud, following him closely.

Song Tingyu sat on the body of the colorful butterfly and calmly took out a copper mirror, welcoming the sea breeze as she fussed with the stray hairs near her ear. She was completely minding her own business, taking an arrogant stance that refused to acknowledge him.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but smile wryly as Jiang Tianxing approached from behind him. He cupped his hands before him helplessly, bowing as he forced out an embarrassed laugh. “My good grandaunt, the wild dog behind me is pursuing me far too closely. Please let me on.”

“Who are you?” Song Tingyu didn’t even bother to look at him, ignoring him as she fiddled with her messy hair atop the rainbow butterfly. A frosty expression emerged on her charming, beautiful face which was like a flower in bloom.

“You damned bastard! You left without saying a word, making me search for you around Herb Mountain and Ling Town for a good ten days. You didn’t even leave a sliver of news, so I thought that you had encountered some problems. I never thought that you, being the bastard you are, would have almost reached Spirit Eagle Mountain already! You knew our destinations were the same, and that we were both going to the Heavenly Wither Continent, yet you actually didn’t travel with me!”

Song Tingyu cursed from the bottom of her heart. Her face then regained its calm as she played with her hair and admired the sunset. Clicking her tongue, she was histrionic in her praise, “What a beautiful sunset over the vast sea. The boundless glow it has while setting is so pretty… someone, however, may never be able to see it again.”

“Grandaunt, when did I offend you?” Qin Lie laughed bitterly.

“You didn’t offend me,” Song Tingyu replied. Yet she still didn’t look at him. She just chuckled and lazily stretched atop the rainbow butterfly, watching the glowing rays of the sun gradually descend. As she stretched, her voluptuous bosom followed suit in a tempting manner, accentuating her already alluring curves. “I really don’t know you. Oh, I am still in a hurry to reach my destination, so I can’t talk with you any longer. Perhaps we will meet again!”

Finished speaking, she giggled. Her lithe legs gracefully swayed and tapped the rainbow butterfly.

The speed of the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly increased, and like a rainbow soaring across the sky, it instantly flew into the distance from where it had been above Qin Lie’s head.

Qin Lie watched as the rainbow butterfly slowly flew into the distant sky. He gnashed his teeth together in annoyance, unable to help himself as he jumped up and swore.

“Shit! Just when did I offend that girl?”

Even now, he couldn’t understand what he had done wrong. He couldn’t figure out where all of Song Tingyu’s anger was coming from.


Jiang Tianxing’s loud roars were like needles as they violently echoed toward him.

A current of fiendish aura that was condensed from blood energy finally shot down from above Qin Lie’s head. Within the fiendish aura was a wave of negative, life-extinguishing spirits that had been formed from all of the violent, murderous, crazy, and insidious thoughts.

“Scram!” Qin Lie loudly screamed as he raised his head toward the sky.

“Boom boom boom!”

The oppressive sound of rumbling thunder suddenly echoed out from the depths of the clouds. Several bolts of lightning descended through the red sky accompanied by claps of thunder.

All of these lightning bolts fell toward Qin Lie’s body.

At this moment, the fiendish aura, which had been formed from blood energy, was about to descend upon Qin Lie’s head. However, it was shattered to pieces by the bolts of lightning.

“Boom boom boom!”

The sea water in Qin Lie’s surroundings were also blasted upward by the lightning, creating wave after wave.

However, when Qin Lie was channeling Heavenly Thunder Eradication to call lightning from the skies to eliminate the blood cloud and its fiendish aura, the speed of the Sword Leaf Boat beneath him slowed.

Jiang Tianxing had finally caught up while attacking.

Having transformed into a blood demon, Jiang Tianxing was filled with a terrifying bloody glow. Like a bloodthirsty beast, he fell from the sky and tore at Qin Lie with his jaws.

Jiang Tianxing’s hands made intersecting strokes in the air. Like sharp daggers, streaks of blood red light mingled, condensing into a huge blade of blood that shot down from above his head.

He wanted to dice Qin Lie into thousands of pieces!

“Thunder of the Ninth Heaven!”

Qin Lie roared into the sky as all the bones in his body erupted with crackling noises. Streaks of dense lightning, all varying in degrees of thickness, twisted around his entire body.

His internal organs, bones, muscles, veins, blood, and flesh all resounded with the furious rumbling of thunder.

Deep within the skies, dozens of lightning bolts that were as thick as arms came booming downward.

This was thunder and lightning from the Ninth Heaven, as well as the thunder and lightning that his body created. The two different sources of electricity, one falling from the skies and the other shooting upward from Qin Lie’s body, blasted toward the huge bloody blade at their center.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

Countless rays of light from the blood, thunder, and lightning exploded and then scattered. The sky above this region of the sea resembled an incomparably enchanting explosion of bright fireworks.

Piercing through the sky filled with bloody light, Jiang Tianxing’s shrill howl became even more wild and frenzied.

“Swish swish swish!”

Wisps of blood flew out from Jiang Tianxing’s body, exploding into a thick rain of blood that cascaded from the sky.

This rain of blood smelled horrible, as though it contained a highly toxic poison.

“This is blood poison! Don’t let it hit you or your blood will become like Jiang Tianxing’s! You will become a slave to your own blood!” Xue Li warned hastily.

The thick rain of blood was especially dense, and the range it could cover was enormous. Qin Lie, who had just fended off one of Jiang Tianxing’s attacks, was unable to gather all of his strength in a short period of time. He simply couldn’t dodge.

“Hmph! If you dare disappear without saying a word next time, I won’t care if you die.”

A streak of beautiful rainbow light swept past Qin Lie as Song Tingyu’s voice resonated throughout the sky, and he was suddenly grabbed by a jade hand. He instantly disappeared from atop the Sword Leaf Boat.

Just when Qin Lie disappeared, the blood poison rain that blotted out the sky began to fall.

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