Chapter 393: Snatching the Tombstone!

Chapter 393: Snatching the Tombstone!

The pitch black Soul Suppressing Orb squeezed its way to the surface of Qin Lie’s forehead. Like a third eye, it stared coldly at the jade tombstone in the god corpse’s navel.

Suddenly, a tremendous blood energy fluctuation burst out of the tombstone and headed toward Qin Lie.

It actually went straight into his mind!

Qin Lie shuddered and felt as if he had sunk into a sea of corpses. He could vaguely see millions of strangely shaped corpses lying all over a desolate, icy cold land.

Some of the corpses resembled the five Evil Gods from the Nether Realm, the Giant Spirit clansmen, the god corpses, and even creatures that looked like they evolved from ancient trees and had odd bodies similar to twisting tree roots...

There were plenty of strangely shaped corpses, and all of them extremely large. Some of their heads had been decapitated, some of their limbs had been severed, the blood of some had been bled dry, and some of the bodies had even rotted and merged with the earth.

Qin Lie’s soul floated in this world. He felt an overwhelming fear that stemmed from the death of the world and all of the life in it.

In this world filled with coldness, desolation, and despair, his soul was alone and devoid of hope. Qin Lie could see himself slowly give in to death’s embrace...

Suddenly, a clear, gentle light shone from somewhere and wrapped around his soul, instantly taking him away from this illusion.

Qin Lie woke up.

“Qiu Yun! You’re courting death!”

“I’m just getting the tombstone for you!”

The argument between Jiang Tianxing and Qiu Yun and the sounds of their spirit artifacts clashing sounded incredibly jarring.

The confusion in Qin Lie’s eyes gradually faded.

The pitch black Soul Suppressing Orb in his forehead shone with a beautiful light, as if it had quietly locked on to the tombstone.

“There’s something strange about this tombstone…”

After regaining his senses, Qin Lie no longer stared at the tombstone incessantly and instead turned his attention to Jiang Tianxing and Qiu Yun.

The gargantuan headless god corpse was currently far quieter than it had ever been. It had truly become harmless.

The jade tombstone lay between the wrinkles of the god corpse’s navel. Seven prismatic divine lights quietly sat inside the tombstone like exquisite streaks of lightning.

The immense blood energy fluctuation that had always existed in the god corpse had entirely vanished.

Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing were currently fighting right on top of the god corpse’s navel. They no longer had to worry about an overwhelming amount of blood energy suddenly erupting from the god corpse and crushing them to bits.

Jiang Tianxing, a Celestial Artifact Sect disciple, was at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. His realm was slightly stronger than Qiu Yun’s. With a blade in one hand and a crystal shield in the other, his longblade glowed with a sparkling light as it was swung.

Although Qiu Yun’s realm was weaker than Jiang Tianxing’s, he was skilled with all kinds of water spirit arts. He was very good at using the strength of the sea to his advantage when fighting in it. As a result, he was not actually at as much of a disadvantage.

While the two were locked in battle, Qin Lie had already arrived.

“Not good!”

While the two were fighting, they detected Qin Lie’s presence through the vibrations in the flowing water.

They exchanged glances, immediately coming to a mutual understanding that they should stop their fight and first take Qin Lie out of the equation.

Six stone pillars that were each a dozen meters tall and around the width of a person floated through the sea, suddenly enveloping Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing in a spherical barrier.

The six spirit pattern pillars were inscribed with exquisite diagrams, and as Qin Lie poured spirit energy into them, they began to glow with a hazy, translucent light. The spirit diagrams in the pillars were unleashed.

A vast river of stars appeared above the surface of the sea. Colorful flowers blossomed as much as they wanted. Strange ancient spirit birds flew above the heads of Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing, and long, winding rivers crisscrossed in dense formation and enveloped both heaven and earth.

A binding power was unleashed from the six spirit pattern pillars, spreading in every direction and threatening to seal the world itself.


The six spirit pattern pillars unleashed numerous dazzling screens of light at the same time, which connected to seal the area at their center in many layers.

Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing were trapped inside of the seamless cage formed by the six spirit pattern pillars. Light continuously poured from the top, and icy cold air emerged below their feet.

Trapped within the Universal Celestial Sealing Formation, Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing actually began to feel tired in both mind and body. Even their soul consciousnesses had instantly shriveled up.

The True Souls in their Soul Lakes felt as if they’d been trapped for an eternity, and they simply wanted to fall asleep like that.

Their eyelids had become incredibly heavy.

Flowing light spilled from top of the layered light barrier, and icy cold mist emerged from the bottom. Under the effects of the bizarre Universal Celestial Sealing Formation, both Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing slowly closed their eyes as they felt the strength leave their bodies and souls.

The fact that the twelve spirit pattern pillars were hailed as one of Celestial Artifact Sect’s eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts more than a thousand years ago—the fact that it could trap even someone like Xue Li—showed just how extraordinary they were.

Although Qin Lie could not control all twelve spirit pattern pillars, Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing were not Xue Li. Therefore, when the six spirit pattern pillars enveloped them and unleashed their pressure, the two were ultimately suppressed and sealed within the formation.

Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing were both Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners. The pressure that Qin Lie faced when he fighting Qiu Yun alone was already too much. If Jiang Tianxing joined the fray, there would have been no way for Qin Lie to beat them.

He once again had no choice but to use the twelve spirit pattern pillars.

“Krak krak!”

With the Frost Arts, sea water gathered in his left hand and a sharp blade of ice was formed

Holding the icy frost blade, Qin Lie calmly walked toward the spirit pattern pillars and prepared to take out Qiu Yun and Jiang Tianxing. He would deal with the tombstone later.

“Thump thump! Thump thump!”

A powerful heartbeat suddenly resounded from Jiang Tianxing’s chest. The thick stench of blood spread from Jian Tianxing.

Jiang Tianxing opened his eyes.

They had turned crimson, and the corners of his eyes were leaking blood!

It was at this moment that Jiang Tianxing seemed to have become an entirely different person. He had become evil, sinister, and insane, making Qin Lie feel like Jiang Tianxing wasn’t human.

“Blood Spirit Art! A member of Blood Fiend Sect!” Qin Lie exclaimed solemnly.

“Oooou! Ooou!”

Jiang Tianxing released a low cry that sounded is if it were coming from a wraith. A sliver of blood dripped down the corner of his mouth. He licked it, looking like a man who had been thirsty for too long and needed water to drink.

He immediately looked at Qiu Yun.

Jiang Tianxing’s bloody pupils shone with a glow of extreme excitement, and before Qin Lie could reach them, he grabbed Qiu Yun and bit right into his neck.

“Glug! Glug!”

Jiang Tianxing sucked Qiu Yun’s blood crazily, and Qiu Yun’s skin quickly turned pale.

In only ten seconds, Qiu Yun’s skin had become terrifyingly pale.

Qiu Yun’s body shuddered and his limbs twitched. He seemed to be enduring an unimaginable pain with shut eyes. As his blood energy swiftly faded, his body got thinner and thinner

He was transforming into a mummy!

A new energy quickly grew in Jiang Tianxing’s body as an extremely dangerous aura emanated from his person.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The six spirit pattern pillars continuously shook. They seemed to sense that the situation had gone wrong and were trying to suppress Jiang Tianxing once more.

“What a thick stench of blood!” The voice of Xue Li’s soul resounded in Qin Lie’s mind as a dot of bloody light blossomed from Qin Lie’s forehead.

Through that bloody light, Xue Li saw Jiang Tianxing trapped at the center of the six spirit pattern pillars.

“Jiang Zhuzhe!” Xue Li’s angry roar rumbled within Qin Lie’s mind.

“His name is Jiang Tianxing!” Qin Lie explained.

“Jiang Tianxing!” Xue Li immediately reacted to the name. “He must be related to Jiang Zhuzhe! He’s currently sucking human blood to recover his strength. His strength will increase exponentially once he finishes feeding, and the Universal Celestial Sealing Formation created by these six spirit pattern pillars might not be able to restrain him!”

“Then I’ll kill him now,” Qin Lie exclaimed gravely.

“Don’t! Don’t go near him! The current you is definitely not a match for him!” Xue Li hurriedly stopped him and screamed, “The Universal Celestial Sealing Formation created by the six spirit pattern pillars does not possess a much killing power. It can only suppress and imprison a target. He is currently at his strongest, so you must leave immediately, not fight him head on!”

Inside of the six spirit pattern pillars, Jiang Tianxing was taking big gulps of Qiu Yun’s blood. His bleeding eyes were staring straight at Qin Lie with a bizarre intensity.

The current Jiang Tianxing gave Qin Lie an inhuman feeling, as if he weren’t staring at a person, but a beast or monster that only knew how to consume blood.

He chose to believe Xue Li’s judgement.

Qin Lie looked away from Jiang Tianxing who was trapped inside the six spirit pattern pillars and immediately charged toward the god corpse’s navel. He arrived at the tombstone and extended a hand, seeking to grab this two meter tall, one meter wide jade tombstone for himself.

Just when his hand was half a meter away from the tombstone, an overwhelming blood energy erupted from within the tombstone.


Qin Lie felt a mouthful of sweet blood rush through his throat and spray out of his mouth. It flowed down his neck and reached his chest.


Inside of the six spirit pattern pillars, Jiang Tianxing let out a ghastly cry as his pupils turned blood red, and blood red hair grew from his body. Each of his fingers grew half a meter long, resembling ghost claws, and even his head seemed to be dyed in blood.

Jiang Tianxing was transforming into an inhuman blood demon!

Overwhelming blood energy mixed with scarlet blood light crazily exploded from his body.

“Boom! Boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The six spirit pattern pillars all shook intensely. The sealing power they had formed and the layers of flowing light were exploding.

“He’s about to charge out!” Xue Li yelled urgently.

“I know!” Qin Lie gritted his teeth and stared at the tombstone just a few feet away from him. Feeling the pain in his chest, he extended his hand once more.

He attempted to touch the tombstone again, trying to extract it from the god corpse’s navel and put it into his spatial ring.

When his fingers were half a meter away from the tombstone, another wave of overwhelming blood energy erupted from the tombstone.


Qin Lie spat out another mouthful of blood.

He wasn’t able to hold back the blood this time, and instead of flowing down his chest, it was instead sprayed directly onto the tombstone.

The blood seeped into the tombstone like water into a sponge.

As if being stained with his blood had activated them, the seven divine lights flew out of the tombstone. Like ropes of light composed of seven different colors, they wrapped tightly around the tombstone and pulled it out of the god corpse’s navel.

The tombstone floated out of the god corpse!


All of the divine light sunk into the tombstone once more. The tremendous blood energy that had appeared in the tombstone vanished entirely.

Qin Lie touched the tombstone with his spatial ring, and it disappeared.

“Go!” Xue Li yelled hurriedly.

Qin Lie charged toward the sky, and just as he was about to break the surface of the sea, he thrust his hands below him and made a grasping motion.

The six spirit pattern pillars transformed into rays of flowing light, whistling out of the sea and entering his spatial ring.

At the bottom of the sea, Jiang Tianxing howled mournfully as he condensed into a ray of bloody light and desperately chased Qin Lie.

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