Chapter 391: Rampage!

Chapter 391: Rampage!

Qiu Yun was at the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm. He was born in this vast region of the sea, and he had played in the sea since he was young.

He was well versed in the power of water, and all the spirit arts he cultivated were related to the sea. He could utilize his spirit energy to draw in the pressure of the sea’s water. He could make the pressure of water in a certain range increase by a shocking amount in a short time!

This aspect of his power was a different, but essentially the same as Qin Lie’s manipulation of the power of earth. Resonating with geocentric magnetism through his Natal Palaces, Qin Lie would forcefully manipulate and multiply gravitational force.

“Swish swish swish! Gloop gloop gloop!”

A strange noise came from the heavy sea water. The water felt as heavy as mountains, pressuring his body from every direction, inch by inch.

The skin and flesh of Qin Lie’s body began to be crushed in a very strange fashion.

Even his face had been distorted. The flesh around his cheeks were pressing toward his nose, making him to look rather silly.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie could not laugh at his situation.

“Krak krak krak!”

The bones all throughout his body were enduring a tremendous amount of pressure. They sounded like old furniture that was about to be crushed by a heavy weight, resonating with groans that indicated they were about to break under the pressure.

“I will crush your bones, your innards, and your skull. My ‘Soul Crushing Song of the Sea’ will first crush you into a ball of meat, then you will explode with a bang and become meaty scraps. Heh... that scene will be quite beautiful. It’s unfortunate that you won’t be there to enjoy it.”

The sea water automatically parted before Qiu Yun, who was carrying a trident. Chuckling, he walked freely at the bottom of the sea, getting closer and closer to Qin Lie.

The closer Qiu Yun got to Qin Lie, the more his water-agitating power would gush from his body and permeate the sea water near Qin Lie

The pressure of the sea water continuously increased. As Qiu Yun walked closer and closer, the sea water became heavier and harder to resist.

“Krak krak krak! Krak krak krak! Krak krak krak!”

The sound of Qin Lie’s bones cracking was incredibly rhythmic. Although it was impossible to see Qin Lie’s expression through his distorted face, his eyes stared straight at Qiu Yun.

His eyes gradually turned crimson. Faint tendrils of bloody lightning flashed deep within his pupils.


Several hundred tiny bolts of bloody light shot out from Qin Lie’s eyes. They resembled tendrils of lightning traversing the water, or a myriad of small, swimming fish.

A clear, bright bloody light passed through the vacuum passage in front of Qiu Yun and struck him right in the face.

This light was a simple fusion created by merging Blood Spirit Arts and Heavenly Thunder Eradication that Qin Lie fired through his eyes.

When Qiu Yun saw that something resembling a mask of blood was flying toward him, he was unable to stop the attack in time. The moment he realized things had gone awry, he only managed to form an aqueous mask on his face with water spirit energy.

The mask that had been hastily formed was incapable of entirely blocking Qin Lie’s attack. Miniscule bloody holes instantly appeared on Qiu Yun’s face.

Blood dripped down his face as if he had been stabbed by hundreds of silver needles.

Qiu Yun couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

The Soul Crushing Song of the Sea, which he had focused his mind and all of his spirit energy to create, instantly collapsed.

The overwhelming pressure that had been slowly crushing Qin Lie from every direction immediately vanished. Qin Lie subsequently pulled free and felt extremely light.

“Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!”

Qin Lie’s right hand turned a terrifying crimson. The veins on his arm bulged ominously, and his blood vessels looked like writhing worms or bloody snakes. The swift flow of blood was visible.

He made a grasping motion with his right hand, and five bloody lights that were as sharp as blades appeared on the tips of his five fingers with the sound of wailing ghosts accompanying it.

The bloody ghost claw locked onto Qiu Yun’s face and struck out to tear it apart.

“Swish swish swish!”

Qiu Yun screamed and ferociously waved his trident in front of him. The sea water around him formed a thick shield of water amid the gurgling bubbles.


The instant that it was struck by the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw, the shield burst into a shower of water as bloody light clashed with the power of water.

“Get out of the way!”

Qiu Yun’s blood drenched eyes finally opened.

His trident twisted in Qin Lie’s direction!

Three surging rivers shot from the trident’s prongs, tearing toward Qin Lie like fearsome water dragons.


Suddenly, a large amount of frosty white mist appeared inside of the translucent shield of icy light that Qin Lie was in. When the three water dragons tore in his direction, the mist suddenly poured from the barrier.

All of the sea water within a ten meter radius of Qin Lie froze at a shocking rate.

“Krak krak krak!”

In that instant, be it the three water dragons or the sea water around Qin Lie, everything turned into clear, icy crystals.

Qin Lie was now inside a huge cubic crystalline box that was an even ten meters in height, length, and width. Qin Lie moved as he pleased within that crystalline box, not forgetting to grin at Qiu Yun. “The power of ice can borrow the power of the sea as well! I’d like to see you try and kill me with that Soul Crushing Song of the Sea again.”

Martial practitioners who were skilled in the power of water weren’t the only ones who could unleash a level of power in the sea that exceeded their usual ability.

Those who were skilled in the power of ice could freeze the sea water into offensive and defensive weapons, borrowing the sea’s strength to greatly increase their own.

This was why Qin Lie dared to go under the sea alone, examine the god corpse, and stay in the water for so long.

“Prak prak prak!”

Qin Lie laughed loudly while gathering his strength inside of the box.

Bolts of lightning that were as thick as arms went straight through the solid box and shot toward Qiu Yun like octopus tentacles.

“Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

As soon as the thick, long bolts of lightning touched sea water, it became filled with electricity.

Those dazzling bolts promptly surrounded Qiu Yun.

At first glance, it was as if a domain of water and lightning were rushing toward him, threatening to completely flood over him.

Once inside the sea water, the power of lightning did not fade in the slightest. Furthermore, it completely soaked into the sea water. This was yet another disadvantage for Qiu Yun—Qin Lie was also skilled in the power of lightning!

Qiu Yun suddenly realized that he couldn’t do anything to Qin Lie.

He could vaguely sense that Qin Lie was in a very special state between the Manifestation Realm and the Netherpassage Realm.

In this state, Qin Lie had some insight to the secrets of the Netherpassage Realm, but was unable to completely unleash them. Logically speaking, be it the amount and quality of spirit energy or the tenacity and strength of the body, Qin Lie should have been weaker than him.

Yet at the beginning of combat, despite unleashing the full strength of the Soul Crushing Song of the Sea, Qiu Yun still failed to crush Qin Lie’s bones with the heavy pressure of the sea water.

At that point, he already knew that Qin Lie’s body was far stronger than most Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners!

When Qin Lie was able to skillfully utilize the power of ice and lightning, acquire new strength from fresh blood, and unleash all kinds of amazing techniques in succession, he eventually realized that Qin Lie wasn’t an easy foe to deal with.

“Tianxing! This guy is a little stronger than I thought!” Qiu Yun asked for help shamefully.

Above the god corpse, a handsome young man dressed in crimson robes was instructing his subordinates to toss the corpses dripping with fresh blood into the whirlpool at the god corpse’s neck.

He had thought that Qiu Yun, with his strength, would be able to quickly take care of Qin Lie, who was hiding beneath the god corpse. From beginning to the end, he hadn’t been worried at all.

However, when he heard Qiu Yun’s request for help, his expression changed a little as he promptly yelled, “Stop tossing fresh bodies into the neck for now! First kill the kid at the bottom to avoid any unexpected occurrences!”

“Understood!” the martial practitioners wearing blood red robes answered in low, raspy voices, preparing to momentarily stop working.

“I think it’s too late...” one person exclaimed weakly.

He had just finished speaking when violent blood energy erupted from the god corpse like a volcano, turbulent and blazing.

Originally, the group only needed to stay ten meters away from the god corpse to generally remain unaffected by the blood power of the god corpse.

However, even the people who were currently fifty meters away from the god corpse felt a magnetic blood field cover their blood, nerves, and innards. Their throats become moist, and they nearly sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Qiu Yun and Tianxing were no exception!

Both of their faces were red as they summoned all of their strength to suppress their boiling blood, crying out at nearly the same time, “He’s about to rampage again!”

“Watch the navel! The navel!” Tianxing yelled explosively.

At this moment, none of the martial practitioners in the sea could bother with Qin Lie. They all stared at the god corpse as if they were facing a terrible enemy, and the martial practitioners who were closer to the whirlpool at the god corpse’s neck wore fearful looks as they escaped from it as quickly as possible.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A violent soul sucking force came from the neck area of the god corpse, and the terrifying energy was at least ten times as powerful as the one that had targeted Qin Lie earlier!

The eyes of three martial practitioners who were about thirty meters away from the god corpse’s neck sank deep into their pupils, and their entire bodies actually began to visibly shrink.

Suddenly, three blurry Soul Shadows and bloody energy, which flowed out of every pore in their bodies, floated toward the god corpse’s neck.

They first lost their souls and their blood energy, and then their bodies fell into the spinning whirlpool.

The god corpse, which was quietly floating under the sea, suddenly waved its hands fiercely. Like a man that had been asleep for many years, it actually began to sit up within the sea water.

The god corpse’s navel had been in plain sight when he was lying down, but now that he sat up and crazily stirred the sea with his hands, creating a multitude of shocking tidal waves, his navel was suddenly hidden inside of his skin.

“I can no longer see his navel!”


“Why is this happening?”

Tianxing and his subordinates were all crying out urgently as they swam around the god corpse like fish, trying to find their target.

At this moment, the god corpse under the sea sat straight up. A gigantic whirlpool was violently spinning on his headless stump of a neck, and his enormous body was gradually floating upwards like a ferocious beast of the sea.

The giant copper arms of the god corpse reached out to the surface of the sea once more, frenziedly waving while his headless neck formed multiple new whirlpools that were spreading in the region of the sea above.

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