Chapter 390: The Bloody Battle Under the Sea

Chapter 390: The Bloody Battle Under the Sea

Sea water wildly spun around the god corpse’s exposed neck. A terrifying soul sucking force emanated from the deep whirlpool.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Qin Lie vaguely felt as if he could hear the low wails of souls deep within the whirlpool.

He suddenly had a very bad feeling about this...

He thought that, if his soul were dragged into that soul devouring whirlpool, it would become one of the wailing souls inside the whirlpool as well.

He would not be able to escape for the rest of his life.

Qin Lie’s face rapidly changed when the thought appeared in his mind, and he was no longer able to keep his cool.

“The Terminator Profound Bomb! Blast it with a Terminator Profound Bomb!” Xue Li screamed, reminding him from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Qin Lie abruptly came to a realization!

Focusing all of his mind consciousness, he hung on to his Soul Shadow with everything he had, slowing the speed at which it was slipping away from him.

Meanwhile, a wisp of his mind intent stabbed into the spatial ring like lightning.

Three Terminator Profound Bombs remained at the corner of the spatial ring, lying together with the wooden sculpture his grandfather left him.

His thought wrapped around a Terminator Profound Bomb, and with a shake of his mind, a bolt of dazzling lightning flashed past.

A silvery and shiny metallic ball flew out of his spatial ring, and accompanied with low rumbles of thunder and the “zzzt” noise of lightning, it fell like a rock into the whirlpool.


The Terminator Profound Bomb exploded, the dazzling lightning and roaring thunder instantly killing many of the bizarre soul auras.

The powerful soul suction force coming from the god corpse had also abruptly disappeared. While its pulling force was gone for an instant, Qin Lie’s Soul Shadow instantly returned back to its Soul Lake.

Like a broken dam, all the spirit energy inside his dantian’s spirit sea poured madly into his every vein.

Qin Lie swam away from the neck of the god corpse as fast as he could, with a speed that resembled lightning!

He stopped when he was several hundred meters away from the god corpse, floating above the giant’s navel. He could no longer sense a trace of the soul devouring energy from its neck.

A translucent barrier of icy light covered Qin Lie’s entire body. He repeatedly gasped for air from within the barrier of frost spirit energy, his face pale. He felt lucky to have narrowly escaped certain doom.

“The whirlpool around this god corpse’s neck recently devoured many martial practitioners from Blue Star Association and the ship I was on. Yet it actually started trying to devour souls again even though it was supposed to be dormant…” Qin Lie sucked in a cold breath and exclaimed in a solemn tone. “What is this damn thing?”

Xue Li’s bloody soul flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb again. He was also shocked by the incident just now, and said gravely, “I’m also not too sure about the sudden appearance of these god corpses from deep under the sea. These corpses are related to the secret realm of the Graveyard of Gods, and the nine Silver rank forces already control seven of these headless god corpses in secret. This god corpse was discovered recently, and it probably won’t be long before it is controlled by the elites of the Silver rank forces in order to stop it from rampaging any further.”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and watched the copper colored god corpse underneath him. Sensing the tremendous, frightening blood energy of the corpse, he said, “If we can extract and refine the dreadful blood energy of this corpse, then it could be of unimaginable help to the cultivation of the Blood Spirit Arts!”

“Stop dreaming.” Xue Li didn’t hesitate to strike that thought down. “Forget about you—even if my true body hadn’t been killed by Jiang Zhuzhe and were right here at this moment, it would still be impossible to extract blood from this god corpse!”

“What a shame then.” Qin Lie shook his head in disappointment.

“Let’s go. You’re not capable of using this thing, and since we’ve made no discoveries, we might as well go,” Xue Li suggested.

“I suppose so.” Qin Lie sighed and decided to retreat.

He had walked right up to death’s door, and it was only thanks to the explosion of a Terminator Profound Bomb that he managed to escape from the soul whirlpool at the god corpse’s neck.

The god corpse currently alarmed Qin Lie. He felt that, with his current realm and strength, there was no way he could obtain any benefits from it.

“I’m tired. I might rest for quite a while. If possible, help me find some herbs that can heal the soul,” Xue Li said wearily before slipping back into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Qin Lie also prepared to leave the sea.

“Plop! Plop! Plop!”

It was at this moment that Qin Lie heard the sound of things hitting the water, and upon lifting his head, he saw blood drenched corpses being tossed down from above.

Looking up from under the sea, he discovered that there were many martial practitioners dressed in blood red robes who had entered the sea other than the newly dumped corpses.

These people were neither Blue Star Association martial practitioners, nor the nine people who had ridden the same ship with him and were lucky to survive.

On the contrary, some of the corpses that were dumped into the sea clearly wore the uniforms of Blue Star Association martial practitioners.

“A new force has entered the fray!”

The thought flashed through his mind, and not only did Qin Lie refrain from emerging, he even circled around and went underneath the god corpse once more, secretly hiding beneath its waist.

“Qiu Yun! We have much to thank you for on this trip. When everything's said and done, I will definitely reward you well,” a raspy voice buzzed under the sea. It sounded somewhat distorted.

“Tianxing, you and I can be considered brothers. Helping you is the same as helping myself. As long as you remember to do what you’ve promised, everything will be fine.” Qiu Yun also sounded kind of weird under the sea. “This god corpse was discovered recently, and I’ve been keeping things quiet. I did not report to my superiors and just waited for your arrival.”

“Relax, I will definitely not forget what I’ve promised you!” the man exclaimed. He instructed, “Toss all of the fresh corpses into that whirlpool!”

Qin Lie was currently beneath the waist of the god corpse and could not see what was happening above. He could only hear the conversation between Qiu Yun and the other man.

“There was another person who came here just now. That kid’s origin is unknown, but his strength was quite impressive. Pay attention and see if he’s dead or hiding somewhere,” Qiu Yun yelled.

As Qiu Yun spoke, Qin Lie noticed that the Blue Star Association martial practitioners who had just been killed were being tossed into the whirlpool at the god corpse’s neck.

The martial practitioners dressed in blood red robes gradually spread out as they worked, encircling this giant god corpse and searching for traces of Qin Lie.

“Pay attention to the god corpse’s navel! When the god corpse begins its rampage, the wrinkles of its navel will loosen. You must pay attention and see if there is a tombstone inside of it!” The man that Qiu Yun called “Tianxing” was probably the leader of the group. He obviously knew a lot about the god corpse, and when his men were tossing corpses into the whirlpool at the god corpse’s neck, he seriously instructed them.


Qin Lie grew interested as he listened to their conversation. From Xue Li’s information, he learned that the nine great Silver rank forces examined the seven god corpses carefully after gaining control over them. They seemed to be looking for something.

Did the people who had stealthily arrived also belong to the nine great Silver rank forces? Were they looking for that particular thing as well?

Could it be that this tombstone was their target?

“Someone’s beneath the god corpse’s waist!” a rough voice rang out from the god corpse’s left thigh.

“That kid is actually alive!” Qiu Yun laughed coldly. “Tianxing, you carry on with your work. I’ll deal with that kid myself.”


Qiu Yun wore a set of spirit armor that resembled the scales of a fish. Bubbles appeared on the scales as if it were breathing, enabling Qiu Yun to breathe.

He did not form a protective light barrier around him with his spirit energy. With this spirit armor alone, not only was he able to breathe under the sea, he could even swim as fast as a fish.

Wrapped in a translucent barrier of icy light, Qin Lie did not hurry to leave. He just quietly waited beneath the god corpse’s waist for Qiu Yun to arrive.

Qiu Yun’s appeared, his figure shrouded in bubbles. With a wave of the two meter long trident that he carried, he actually caused the sea water to part and open a path of empty space for him.

Qin Lie saw exquisite river patterns on the trident. Distinct water energy emanated from the trident, and it seemed to constantly affect the sea water.

As if it were stirred by the trident, the water spirit energy inside the sea water lost control, causing the pressure around Qin Lie to suddenly skyrocket.

The heavy pressure of the water crushed Qin Lie from every direction. As if stuck to the walls of water, the pressure of the water increased to the point where his entire body started to ache. It was actually difficult to just move a muscle.

“The spirit energy I cultivate is related to sea water. Inside the sea, all martial practitioners in the same realm as me have no choice but to die, let alone a weakling like you!” Qiu Yun chuckled.

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