Chapter 389: Soul Extraction

Chapter 389: Soul Extraction

Suspended at the bottom of the sea, the nearly two hundred meter tall corpse was completely copper in color.

This was an adult male’s corpse that only had a thick animal skin wrapped around its waist. This man was completely muscular, and his body glowed with a metallic copper light. It was filled with terrifying energy that could move mountains and overturn seas. A single glance was enough to fill anyone with awe and respect.

“A god corpse!”

Lowering his head to look at this giant headless corpse, the term immediately appeared in Qin Lie’s mind.

He suddenly recalled when he had been inside the last of the twelve spirit pattern pillars. It had felt as if he were in a trance, having returned to ancient lands.

The distant, ancient world contained enormous giants. When the giants walked, it was as if the mountains would crumble and the earth would shatter. With their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds, the mere movement of their limbs contained a strength capable of destroying the world.

Upon closely examining the corpse that had sunk into the sea, Qin Lie came to the conclusion that it might be one of those terrifying creatures that only existed in ancient times.

The giant corpse’s head had been severed with a sharp weapon, and there was no telling where it had gone. There were no nerves or blood vessels in the neck of the corpse. There was only a spinning whirlpool.

It was clear that this giant copper corpse was the cause of the shocking commotion from earlier, having formed many gigantic whirlpools and created massive tidal waves!

This was a god corpse that was actually two times the size of Mang Wang’s true body.

Qin Lie frowned deeply. He stayed above the god corpse and did not dare to dive any deeper, instead closely examining it from afar.

He wasn’t sure why, but the second he laid eyes on this corpse, the words “god corpse” immediately appeared in his head. He seemed to recognize this ancient creature, yet when he thought about it carefully, he could not recall such a memory.

This headless god corpse had lain motionless at the bottom of the sea, and it was unknown how many years it had been dead. However, the corpse had obviously been causing a commotion just now. So was this god corpse... truly dead?

Qin Lie wasn’t sure.

After a moment of hesitation, Qin Lie touched his forehead and sent a soul message to Xue Li. “Come out and take a breather.”

Xue Li flew out of his forehead like a blob of bloody flame. His soul appeared somewhat blurry, obviously still feeling the wounds from his last battle.

Xue Li’s soul flames trembled the second that he emerged, and he immediately felt an aura of flesh and blood coming from the water. It was so overwhelming that even he was shocked and frightened. “What tremendous blood energy! What terrifying blood!”

Xue Li immediately noticed the existence of the headless god corpse!

“A god corpse! This place actually has a god corpse!” Xue Li cried out in surprise.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up. As he revolved his spirit energy, isolating his entire body from the sea, he exclaimed, “Senior Xue Li, do you know where this headless god corpse came from?”

Xue Li wore an odd expression as his bloody soul shadow quietly sat on Qin Lie’s shoulder. He did not urgently rush downward, and instead carefully examined the corpse below before explaining, “Now that you mention it, these corpses share a delicate connection to the Trial that is about to be held in the Land of Chaos.”

“What makes you say that?” Qin Lie’s curiosity was piqued.

“Once, when a disciple of the Celestial Artifact Sect was training in a region of the sea near the Heavenly Fissure Continent, he accidentally discovered a secret realm. This secret realm was where a Trial was about to be held, which only allowed martial practitioners beneath the Fulfillment Realm to enter. It was said that the disciple who discovered this secret realm saw a giant human head inside of it. He was instantly frightened to the point of insanity, and he did not dare to explore any further. Then, in confusion, he left the secret realm just like that.

“When the disciple emerged, his True Soul was chaotic, and he was on his last breath. Celestial Artifact Sect spent a huge amount of effort before being able to extract his memories before he died. It was only then that they knew he discovered the secret realm.

“It was unknown whether it was caused by the secret realm’s entrance being opened, or because the disciple touched something inside of it, but in just half a year, these giant, headless corpses began to appear in the seas around the Land of Chaos’ five continents.

“No one knew where they came from under the sea. It was only known that, after these headless corpses had appeared, they would cause huge commotions every so often as if they were suffering something like a muscle spasm, capturing and killing all living things in their vicinity.

“The experts of the nine great Silver forces seemed to know the origin of these headless corpses and called them god corpses. Before I was caught at Celestial Artifact Sect, I had already learned that there were seven giant god corpses appearing in different regions of the sea. Every time the elites of the nine great Silver forces discovered these god corpses, they would immediately rush over.

“I heard that these seven god corpses were all under their respective control.

“There are many rumors claiming that these headless god corpses are related to the secret realm of the Trial. They say that the nine great Silver forces are holding this Trial to have their disciples figure the secrets behind them.

“Many people say that the heads of these god corpses are in a place within the secret realm called the ‘Graveyard of Gods.’ They say that these headless god corpses have appeared because of their undying will, and are searching around the secret realm for their own severed heads.”

Xue Li looked at the headless god corpses and said, “It would seem that this is the eighth god corpse. Since this god corpse is not under anyone’s control yet, it was probably just recently discovered.”

Once he finished listening to Xue Li, Qin Lie wore a shocked expression and murmured, “It’s related to the secret realm?”

From Xue Li’s words, it seemed that the disciple of Celestial Artifact Sect must have touched something in the secret realm when he found it, therefore causing the god corpses, which were submerged deep within the sea, to float upward one by one.

These god corpses seemed to possess residual instincts as they searched for the secret realm and their lost heads.

The nine great Silver forces probably found something, which was why they were holding the Trial and sending their disciples into the secret realm to explore the mysteries of the “Graveyard of Gods.”.

“I also heard that, after secretly taking control of these god corpses, the forces would look for something on their bodies.” Xue Li’s bloody eyes glinted, and after pondering for a moment, he asked, “How long has it been since he last went on a rampage?”

“No more than an hour,” Qin Lie answered.

Xue Li suddenly grew interested as he exclaimed, “Between each rampage of a god corpse, there is a gap of at least a day or two. It will be a long time before its next rampage. Since you’re right beside him, you simply can’t pass up this golden opportunity. Hurry, get closer and see if you can find something on him.”

“The nine great forces are all searching for something on the god corpses?” Qin Lie looked surprised. “What are they looking for?”

“I don’t know, and I’m not sure if they’ve found anything, but the god corpses are certain to have something mysterious on them.” Xue Li urged him to act quickly.

“Alright!” Qin Lie no longer hesitated, and he slowly approached the enormous god corpse while protecting himself with spirit energy.

Ten minutes later, when he was just ten meters away from the god corpse, a tremendous aura of flesh and blood radiated from its exterior, causing his own blood to fall into disorder.

Qin Lie’s blood began to boil uncontrollably because of the aura. His nerves and his entire person was trembling.

“What powerful blood energy! This is even more frightening than the energy inside of Mang Wang!” Qin Lie exclaimed in shock.

“This god corpse is probably dead since its head has been severed, but to think it would still contain such tremendous blood energy. If it were alive… just how terrifying would it be?” Even Xue Li was astounded by it.

“I’ll circle around him first and see if he has anything on him.” Qin Lie did not dare to land directly on the skin of the god corpse.

He slowly moved ten meters away from the god corpse, closely examining every inch of the corpse from head to toe.

After circling the god corpse, Qin Lie moved beneath it. He examined it closely, but did not discover any trinkets or random items on the corpse.

“Check around his neck,” Xue Li encouraged.

So Qin Lie slowly swam toward the neck.

When he was about ten meters away from the god corpse’s neck, a powerful soul sucking force suddenly erupted from it!

It was as if there were a giant, invisible hand pulling at Qin Lie’s soul, dragging him into the whirlpool in an attempt to eat him alive.

“Not good!” Xue Li screamed and turned into a ray of bloody light, immediately escaping.

He slipped into the Soul Suppressing Orb and exclaimed from inside of it, “Get out of here! Quickly!”

Qin Lie wanted to leave, but his soul had become impossibly heavy. He felt as if he were caught by countless ropes, and he could see that the faint Soul Shadow inside of his Soul Lake was being extracted little by little.

The whirlpool’s soul sucking force had already locked onto his Soul Shadow, and it shot out from inside the whirlpool.

His Soul Shadow was slowly pulled from his Soul Lake and flew outside his mind.

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