Chapter 388: The Corpse of a Headless God Under the Sea!

Chapter 388: The Corpse of a Headless God Under the Sea!


A ball of dazzling light mixed with tendrils of lightning exploded on Kong Xiang’s chest.

The battle armor woven from snake bones that Kong Xiang was wearing instantly emitted a brilliant electrical light. His chest crumpled inward, and the sound of chest bones breaking rang out at this moment.


Kong Xiang was blasted right off of the Sword Leaf Boat. He fell into the the sea, sinking.

“Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

Tendrils of lightning wrapped around Qin Lie’s arms like bright, silver ropes as a violent, thunder energy radiated from his tightly clenched fists.

A hint of splendor shone from his eyes as he looked below the Sword Leaf Boat and searched for Kong Xiang’s figure.

He could vividly feel the thunder spirit energy he had just fired rampaging inside of Kong Xiang’s chest, destroying his flesh and nerves.

He could even sense Kong Xiang doing everything he could to prevent his physical body from being severely damaged, condensing traces of green spirit energy to defend against the lightning that Qin Lie fired.

He had never experienced such a strange sensation.

Qin Lie didn’t think that he would be able to vaguely sense the thunder spirit energy he fired into the enemy’s body, even vaguely controlling the extent of its damage and activity as well.

“Could this be because of the Soul Shadow that formed within the Soul Lake? Since it’s kind of a True Soul? This must be the case!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up and quickly guessed the heart of the matter. He knew that, after a period of hard cultivation, his senses would greatly improve as a Soul Shadow vaguely appeared inside of his Soul Lake.

The power of thunder and lightning that he had fired came from within his dantian’s spirit sea. It had a subtle connection with him.

Since his realm had been insufficient in the past, and his senses had not been strong enough, he had not been able to actually sense his spirit energy after it left his body.

Now, however, things were different.

With his enhanced senses, as long as the spirit energy belonged to him, he would still be able to vaguely sense its movements even after it left his body and his dantian’s spirit sea.

Since Kong Xiang wasn’t able to quickly flush the power of thunder from his body, Qin Lie was able to ascertain his position.

Narrowing his eyes, Qin Lie held his left hand above the surface of the sea and chuckled softly.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Wisps of freezing white mist flowed from his palm and sank into the sea like smoke.

The sea water below where his left hand was suspended swiftly froze, becoming thick ice. The ice visibly grew in size, quickly affecting the surroundings.

Qin Lie was going to freeze this small section of the sea’s surface, forcing Kong Xiang to suffer a frustrating blow when he tried to escape the water.


Half a meter of thick, solid ice suddenly erupted as Kong Xiang’s body pierced outward like a sword.

He had been hiding underneath, preparing to break through the surface and fight Qin Lie while his guard was down. He was going to make Qin Lie pay.

Yet he rammed into thick ice instead. He was out of the sea, but his head was completely muddled after ramming head first into ice.

Then he heard Qin Lie’s strange chuckle.

A terrifyingly cold aura suddenly approached through the white mist, and Kong Xiang immediately noticed that he was in danger.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

A blade formed from ice gleamed in the white mist and stabbed straight through Kong Xiang’s chest.

A bone-chilling cold was unleashed from the ice blade, and tendrils of ice slipped directly into Kong Xiang’s internal organs.

Kong Xiang’s chest was already heavily injured after suffering the thunder blast, and now his internal organs were pierced by icy blades and penetrated by an intensely cold chill.

A thin layer of ice formed on the surface of Kong Xiang’s body, and the life in his eyes slowly faded as the chill seeped deeper and deeper.

Standing on the Sword Leaf Boat, Qin Lie stretched out his hand and pulled the spatial ring off of Kong Xiang’s finger. He looked inside of it with a wisp of mind consciousness.

He immediately revealed a cheerful look and nodded with a chuckle. “And here are our traveling expenses.”

Once he finished, Qin Lie flew to the rear of the Sword Leaf Boat and pressed a hand against the spirit stone slot that was there. After a moment of sensing, he more or less understood how the Sword Leaf Boat functioned.

The Sword Leaf Boat was a sea spirit artifact, and fell under the category of spirit artifacts that were propelled by spirit stones.

There was a composite spirit diagram inside of the slot where spirit stones were placed. This composite spirit diagram was made from six different spirit diagrams that would activate the spirit stone’s energy and control the Sword Leaf Boat’s direction.

With Qin Lie’s mastery over spirit diagrams, although he might not immediately understand the workings of the composite spirit diagram, it was still a piece of cake to understand how the Sword Leaf Boat functioned.

A wisp of his soul consciousness slipped into the Sword Leaf Boat. The wisp would control a rudder-shaped spirit diagram and control the boat’s direction.

The Sword Leaf Boat beneath Qin Lie’s feet immediately roared, and with the push of a thought, it changed direction with incredible agility, heading toward the sea region where the first gigantic whirlpool first appeared.

As for the battle between Blue Star Association and the remaining nine survivors, Qin Lie had zero intentions on interfering at all. He had already acquired Kong Xiang’s spatial ring, and there were plenty of random spirit artifacts and hundreds of Earth Grade spirit stones inside it.

To him, with these spirit stones in hand, he would be able to enter the Land of Chaos easily.

“Brother, we share a common enemy. If we join hands and go all out against Blue Star Association, we may yet survive this!”

While he left this land of quarrel, a red faced burly chap who had been hiding underneath the sea for a while hurriedly popped out his head and yelled toward Qin Lie.

“Little friend, don’t leave! If we join forces and fight them, we all may be able to leave together!’

Another person surfaced and did his best to keep Qin Lie around. He hoped that Qin Lie would turn around and join them in fighting back against the Blue Star Association martial practitioners’ attacks.

These people were all hiding inside the sea and were observing the situation while hiding from the Blue Star Association’s hunt.

Qin Lie’s charge and murder of Kong Xiang gave all of them strength. They thought that he could not stand Blue Star Association’s despicable methods and wanted to aid them to fight against the Blue Star Association.

However, they did not know that Qin Lie was just killing Kong Xiang justifiably and snatching his spatial ring to use as travel expenses.

Therefore, he ignored those people’s yells and cared nothing for their lives. While driving the Sword Leaf Boat, he headed toward the source of the disaster.

“Brother Yun!”

“Brother Yun! Kong Xiang is dead, what should we do?”

“We should kill and rob him!”

“Let’s kill this brat first!”

All of the Blue Star Association martial practitioners yelled grimly, driving the Sword Leaf Boats and attempting to cut Qin Lie off to take revenge for Kong Xiang.

“Let him leave!”

It was at this moment that Qiu Yun yelled in a deep voice, stopping his people from chasing Qin Lie down. He said, “First kill the ones who are hiding under the sea!”

Qiu Yun seemed to have another plan in mind. In his opinion, since Qin Lie dared to enter the region where the gigantic whirlpool had appeared earlier, he definitely wouldn’t be able to get out of there quickly. He may even encounter great danger.

In light of this, Qiu Yun was not in a hurry.

Qiu Yun had quite the reputation among his men, and since he had issued this order, the Blue Star Association martial practitioners could only obey.

Therefore, they began keeping a close eye on the survivors and energetically hunted them down.

Controlling the Sword Leaf Boat, Qin Lie smiled and took a spirit board etched with an Amplification spirit diagram out of his spatial ring. He stuffed it into the energy hub in the Sword Leaf Boat’s rear.

This Amplification spirit diagram became embedded inside the slot just like a spirit stone would. Amazingly, it bolstered the spirit stones to the point where the boat was thirty percent faster than before!

Qin Lie paid attention to the energy source in the rear and discovered that the spirit energy within the spirit stones was clearly depleting at a faster rate.

The Sword Leaf Boat beneath his feet was slightly faster than every other boat that the Blue Star Association martial practitioners were riding.

This would allow him to calmly escape, and would even prevent the Blue Star Association martial practitioners from catching up to him even if they wanted to.

Five minutes after he left the battlefield, he arrived in the region of the sea from earlier.

In the surface of the sea that had regained its calm, the remains of Sword Leaf Boats could be seen, but there wasn’t a single floating corpse.

Qin Lie understood that there currently weren’t any corpses on the surface because the gigantic whirlpool from earlier had swallowed all of the people.

“The giant hand from under the sea…”

Qin Lie stood where the gigantic whirlpool had first appeared and frowned for a moment, thinking. Then, surrounding his entire body with spirit energy, he dove head first into the water.

He dove straight to the bottom.

Almost a hundred meters later, he felt blood energy that nearly suffocated him. This blood energy was so powerful it even exceeded that of Mang Wang’s true body!

He looked underneath him.

At the bottom of the sea, there was a giant, headless corpse that was completely copper. It was about two hundred meters long, and it quietly lay suspended in place.

A gigantic whirlpool slowly rotated at the neck of the headless corpse. It was like a bloody, gaping maw that threatened to swallow all living things.

“A god corpse!”

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