Chapter 382: Saying Farewell

Chapter 382: Saying Farewell

Xue Li’s words were like a pail of icy water poured over everyone’s heads. It caused Song Yu, Ruan Zhantian, Li Yi, and the others go silent.

They’d only heard that this Trial was an extremely precious opportunity for lower ranking martial practitioners. However, they had not realized that it would be so bloody and cruel. When Xue Li’s stopped speaking, their expressions when looking at the five sword tokens changed immediately.

“This is your sword token!” Ruan Zhantian frowned, suddenly feeling that the sword token in his hand had become a hot potato.

He first threw a sword token at Qin Lie.

The palm-sized sword token glowed with a bright white halo. Like a butterfly, it gently floated to Qin Lie, and Qin Lie caught it with one hand.

The sword token was warm to the touch, and Qin Lie subconsciously released his mind consciousness to deeply probe the token. He discovered that the token contained harsh sword beams that joined to form an image of Heavenly Sword Mountain. It was magically beautiful.

“Your sword tokens!” Ruan Zhantian tossed them out casually.

The remaining four sword tokens landed in the hands of Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, Zhang Chendong, and Zhao Xuan respectively. These four were the leaders of the new generation of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect.

They were all in the Netherpassage Realm!

“Brother Song, Brother Li… shouldn’t we discuss this examination in detail?” Ruan Zhantian asked with a heavy expression.

Song Yu and Li Yi nodded slightly.

“This matter shall end here for now.” Ruan Zhantian glanced at Qin Lie before hopping onto the blue crystalline war chariot that belonged to him. The chariot charged away, heading in the direction of the closest Eight Extreme Temple.

“Let’s go,” Song Yu exclaimed softly.

Both Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan looked at the sword token in Qin Lie’s hands, their eyes overflowing with a trace of curiosity. They nodded slightly and climbed into the crimson tent.

Soon enough, the flying spirit artifacts—the crystalline chariot, the giant golden chariot, and the crimson tent—left one after another.

In short order, no one from the three great forces remained in the vicinity of Herb Mountain.

“Qin Lie, please unseal our soul bindings as soon as possible. We would like to leave the Scarlet Tide Continent and immediately travel to a certain place!” the vicious beasts roared frantically.

“Qin Lie, we also wish to depart for the Nether Continent as soon as possible,” Ku Luo also declared.


Qin Lie did not waste time thinking and headed straight toward the belly of Herb Mountain after putting the sword token into his spatial ring.

Before long, he, Ku Luo, Ku Lu, Ka Meng, Duo Luo, and Ling Yushi’s group had arrived at the spatial teleportation formation in the mountain cave.

The intricately structured teleportation formation was only thirty meters wide. It was formed from eighteen boulders, and lights were crisscrossing inside of it. Symbols reminiscent of lightning darted about within the rocks, and there was a distinct spatial energy wave emanating from within them.

There was a slot the width of a well at the center of the teleportation formation. This was where the Spatial Spirit Stones were supposed to be placed to power the formation.

“Place the Spatial Spirit Stones into the center slot one by one, then use spatial energy to slowly activate the teleportation formation. When the time comes, the center of the formation will create a passage through time and space that will reach the Nether Continent.” Xue Li’s soul floated as he explained everything to Qin Lie. “It would be best for the Horned Demon clansmen to prepare themselves immediately so that they can enter the center of the teleportation formation in a continuous, single-file line. The trip might even be more exciting than that of the evil nether passageway—they will directly reach the Nether Continent in just a dozen or so seconds of dizziness.”

Qin Lie took out the Spatial Spirit Stones but did not rush to place it in the slot. Instead, he turned around to look at Ku Luo and the others, saying, “Have your clansmen be ready as soon as possible.”

Ku Luo immediately turned to give his orders.

All of the Horned Demon clansmen hurriedly prepared and fell into an orderly line. They resembled a long dragon blocking the inside of the cave.

“Have the Ling Family clansmen come in as well.” Ling Yushi exclaimed in a soft tone, her purple eyes dim.

Soon enough, all of the Ling Family clansmen appeared inside the cave as the Horned Demon clansmen willingly made way for them.

“What about you, Qin Lie?” Ling Xuanxuan’s petite face was unusually excited as she cheerfully asked, “Are you coming with us?”

Ling Yushi’s eyes flashed with a purple gleam.

“I may not be able to come for the time being.” Qin Lie shook his head slightly.

“Why?” Ling Feng frowned.

“I am not from the Nether Realm. I don’t belong to the Nether Continent, and I am also unable to use nether demonic energy to cultivate.” Qin Lie smiled bitterly. “Furthermore, I need to find my grandfather. There is news of my grandfather in the Land of Chaos, so I need to head to there…”

Ling Yushi sighed quietly.

“Does that mean it will be difficult for us to meet in the future?” Ling Xuanxuan cried out in surprise. “What about you and my sister?”

“There is a way to travel to the Nether Continent from the Land of Chaos. I will definitely be able to find all of you.” Qin Lie looked deeply at Ling Yushi.

“It’s fine! Go make yourself busy. Finding Grandpa Qin Shan is the important thing here.” Ling Yushi strained to smile, and with a firm tone she gently said, “All of us... and the three great races of the Nether Realm… we are strongly tied to Grandpa Qin Shan. I believe that we will have many opportunities to meet in the future. We will definitely come together again before long!”

“Definitely!” Qin Lie nodded deeply.

They looked into each other’s eyes and both saw reluctance and profound helplessness.

“Get ready to move then,” Ling Yushi said encouragingly.

“Got it!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Under Xue Li’s guidance, he placed the Spatial Spirit Stones into the slot one by one and activated the formation.


Rings of rainbow light instantly shrouded the entire teleportation formation, and a terrifying spatial shockwave radiated from the rings.

“Step inside one by one!” Xue Li yelled.

“Thank you, Qin Lie!” Ku Luo sucked in a deep breath and said in a serious tone, “We will engrave everything you’ve done for the Horned Demon Race into our hearts! If you need us in the future, we will do everything we can to assist you!”

“Thank you!” Ka Meng yelled.

“Qin Lie! You are the Ling Family’s fated benefactor!” Ling Chengzhi also yelled.

“Qin Lie, come to the Nether Continent and find me!” Ling Yushi exclaimed softly.

“I will!” Qin Lie said.

The Horned Demon clansmen and Ling Family clansmen said farewell while walking into the spatial teleportation formation and disappeared one at a time.

An hour later, all of the Horned Demon clansmen, nether beasts, and Ling Family clansmen had vanished into the teleportation formation.

The formation continued for a while, then there was a sudden, terrifying shockwave.

“Leave now! It’s about to explode! Your grandfather left a backdoor that will destroy the entire formation once the teleportation ends!” Xue Li screamed.

Qin Lie, who was standing beside the teleportation formation looking sad, hurriedly left the cave amidst Xue Li’s cries.

Not long after he left, all of Herb Mountain exploded from within. Several seconds later, countless dazzling blades of spatial light shot outward and utterly annihilated Herb Mountain.

Many waves of white light later, Herb Mountain had completely vanished, only leaving behind a landscape of shattered stone.

“We are still here,” Mang Wang roared in a low tone.

“I know.” Qin Lie stared blankly at Herb Mountain. His heart and mind had not yet settled as he took out the Eye of Frost once more and sat down beside the ruins. With his soul consciousness, he began isolating the souls of the ferocious beasts that were still sealed within the tendrils of ice.

After four hours, all of the ferocious beasts looked toward the sky and roared. They all felt as if they had been reborn.

The frost seal on their bodies and souls had been completely undone.

“Qin Lie, we desperately need to go to a certain place. We will remember everything you’ve done for the Giant Spirit Race.” Mang Wang also said farewell Qin Lie. “In the future, if we meet again, we will definitely repay you for the goodwill you’ve shown us today!”

Qin Lie, still feeling unhappy, did not say anything. He just smiled and nodded.


Mang Wang released an explosive roar.

The giant beasts began to majestically head east under his command. They made the earth shake, and caused the mountains to rumble.

As the Horned Demon Race, Ling Family, and Giant Spirit Race departed, the land regained its peace and quiet. The sky had become completely dark.

Under the moonlight, Qin Lie sat alone beside the Herb Mountain that had been reduced to piles of shattered rock. His face was contorted into an expression of deep loss.

Xue Li stayed suspended beside him like a soul, saying nothing.

The next day, when the sunlight shone down onto Qin Lie’s body, he suddenly stood and said, “How does one get to the Land of Chaos?”

“Hehe, finally made up your mind?” Xue Li chuckled and asked.

Qin Lie nodded. “Yes.”

“Very good. Go, head east. I will guide you so that you will reach a most interesting world at the fastest speed!” Xue Li laughed madly.


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