Chapter 380: Reconciliation

Chapter 380: Reconciliation

Li Mu’s faint figure floated above the silver token, giving off a sense of extraordinary elegance.

“I’ll talk with Mang Wang.”

He looked at Mang Wang, who had turned into a small thunder python. He had managed to immediately identify Mang Wang, and revealed his intent to talk with him one on one.


Mang Wang turned into a bolt of electricity and shot from Qin Lie’s side, flashing to arrive right beside Li Mu’s soul projection.

Traces of electricity continued to flash amidst the misty clouds. Li Mu narrowed his eyes and waved a raised hand.

An invisible barrier instantly wrapped around him and Mang Wang. The two seemed to be secretly interacting with each other in the middle of the blurry clouds.

Above Herb Mountain, from the giant golden chariot, crystalline chariot, crimson tent, and other flying spirit artifacts, Song Yu, Zhao Changsheng, and Li Yi all wore heavy expressions.

On top of the mountain, Qin Lie was surrounded by the four great Horned Demon elites who feared that he would be killed by Ruan Zhantian.

“Qin Lie, just who is this person? The fact that he was able to use a mere token and form his soul from several tens of thousands of miles away says a lot about his strength,” Xue Li earnestly asked about Li Mu’s origins. He resembled a bloody ghost from his position on Qin Lie’s shoulder. “Heavenly Sword Mountain is one of the Silver rank forces that came to power in the Heavenly Wither Continent during the last millennium. The martial practitioners of this force is well versed in the art of swords and are incredibly powerful. They are very difficult to deal with. How do you know him? What kind of relationship do you share with him?”

“I’ll explain this to you in the future.” Qin Lie curled his lips.

Qin Lie had met Li Mu earlier than he had met Xue Li, and he knew that Li Mu held no selfishness in his heart when they got along with each other. Li Mu had taken care of Qin Lie the entire time.

His relationship with Li Mu was simple, and it did not have many conflicts of interest.

Not only did Qin Lie owe Li Mu his support, he also owed him his life. Therefore, when Qin Lie heard that Li Mu wanted to meet him, he immediately called off Mang Wang’s attack on the three forces without any hesitation.

This was because he owed Li Mu too much.

Li Mu and Mang Wang’s interaction ended quickly.

“That’s the gist of it. You lot should leave the Scarlet Tide Continent as soon as possible. I hope that you can control your clansmen as best you can.” Li Mu’s attitude was carefree, but there was the hint of a warning in his eyes.

“I understand. We will leave as soon as possible, and we definitely will not return to the Scarlet Tide Continent in the future!” Mang Wang answered and turned into a bolt of thunderous lightning that landed at the center of the scattered Giant Spirit clansmen. He spoke with them immediately, looking as if he had obtained some important news.

“Pant! Pant!”

The ferocious giant beasts panted heavily when they received Mang Wang’s soul transmission. Their eyes, which were larger than human heads, were filled with excitement and agitation.

They seemed to have gotten some great news from Li Mu.

“Qin Lie, I also heard that you asked these Giant Spirit clansmen to destroy Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.” Li Mu looked at him again, and after a faint smile, said, “Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple suffered heavy losses from the attacks of the ferocious beasts. The few people you hated the most… have already been killed. Is it too much to ask that you to end it here and no longer pursue the matter?”

After a pause, Qin Lie nodded.“Okay!”

“Qin Lie is working with the evil races. He is attempting to conquer the Scarlet Tide Continent!” Eight Extreme Temple’s Li Yi exclaimed softly, vaguely hinting at his dissatisfaction.

Numerous Profound Heaven Alliance martial practitioners also could not accept it because of the terrible deaths of their relatives. Since they did not dare to glare at Li Mu, they glared at Qin Lie instead.

“The evil races are still here! They are attempting to use the teleportation formation to escape from here. Are we supposed to sit back and do nothing?” Li Yi quietly looked at Li Mu.

“Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect are no longer allowed to attack Qin Lie and the Horned Demon Race. Similarly, Qin Lie, the Horned Demon Race, and the Giant Spirit Race are also not allowed to continue the war.” Li Mu frowned slightly, but his tone was unquestionable. “Regardless of how you go about it, the Horned Demon Race and Giant Spirit Race must leave the Scarlet Tide Continent within the month! This matter ends here, and neither side is allowed to continue fighting the other!”

Ruan Zhantian, Song Yu, and the others all wore shocked expressions.

They originally thought that Li Mu might have been here to resolve matters, but they never could have imagined that Li Mu would side with the evil races and Qin Lie to this extent. This caused them to feel incredibly gloomy.

“I am here to mediate this issue on behalf of Heavenly Sword Mountain. My will is the will of Heavenly Sword Mountain, do you understand?” Li Mu’s fleeting figure turned solid, and a sword will so harsh that it seemed like it could tear the sky apart abruptly emerged from within his body.

In an instant, everyone’s hearts trembled. It was as if they were in a daze and could see a gleaming divine sword piercing toward them from deep within the heavens.

It was as if the sword had struck deep into everyone’s minds!

The higher one’s realm was, the more profound the feeling was. Song Yu, Zhao Changsheng, Ruan Zhantian, Xie Yaoyang, Li Yi, and the rest of the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners turned as white as a sheet.

They saw a giant sword appear in their minds out of nowhere!

The giant sword came from nowhere, but it resembled a sharpened mountain that was suspended within their minds. Its unfathomably sharp sword beam carried an intent that could kill a soul with a single strike. A terrifying aura that was capable of consigning them to eternal damnation gushed into their hearts from every direction.


“We hear you.”

“I will obey Heavenly Sword Mountain’s orders.”

“Got it.”

Five seconds later, the top elites of the three forces bowed to Li Mu’s might and made their intentions clear.

“Very good.” Li Mu smiled slightly once more.

The harsh sword intent that had seemed to hide the sky and cover the earth, as if threatening the entire world, instantly vanished without a trace.

People suddenly found their palms and the backs of their hands sweating. When they looked into each other’s eyes, they all saw shock inside of them.

“So powerful…”

Even Xue Li’s soul shadow began to grow dim like a lone candle in the middle of a gale, as if it could fade away at any moment.

He actually went back inside of Qin Lie’s forehead to hide.

“Come, Li Yi. I have something that I need to speak with you about. Alone.” Li Mu frowned and pointed a finger at the holy master of Eight Extreme Temple. His eyes obviously held displeasure inside of them.

Li Yi walked over without a word. He took every step through the air until he arrived in front of Li Mu’s soul projection.


Li Mu lifted his hand and slapped it right onto Li Yi’s face. Five sharp sword auras left glaring marks of blood on Li Yi’s gentle face.

Li Yi, Eight Extreme Temple’s holy master and one of the most powerful men of the Scarlet Tide Continent, covered his face and wore a look of absolute fury on his face. He glared at Li Mu and looked like he would lose control at any moment. “Y-you!”

Qin Lie, Song Yu, Ruan Zhantian, and the others froze at the sight.

A gentle sword intent wrapped around Li Mu and Li Yi like ripples in water or the steam of a hot spring.

The crowd could see them, but they found themselves losing track of their voices. Some of them had even released their soul consciousness, but they just couldn’t detect the existence of the two.

They then understood that Li Mu had frozen that part of the world with forbidden arts, turning himself into the ruler of that forbidden area in which he prohibited entry or examination!

They initially saw that Li Yi looked furious, but after Li Mu said something to him, he suddenly went mad with joy. His eyes were full of deep respect as he bowed respectfully toward Li Mu with the etiquette of a junior.

Only then did the crowd realize that Li Yi looked quite similar to Li Mu.

Then they suddenly realized that Li Mu might be Li Yi’s senior, which might have been why Li Yi’s attitude had suddenly undergone a complete turnaround.

“I understand. I will keep your teachings in mind from now on.” Li Yi nodded continuously, his voice suddenly audible again.

When Ruan Zhantian, Song Yu, and Zhao Changsheng saw Li Yi bowing and scraping, not only did they not feel disdain for him, they even inwardly envied him.

They envied that Li Yi was actually able to build a connection with Li Mu.

“Come here, Qin Lie.” Li Mu looked at Qin Lie with a smile again, wanting to speak with him alone.

“Uncle Li, I’m not a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner. I don’t have the ability to step on air.” Qin Lie laughed dryly.

“Alright then. I’ll speak, and you can just listen.” Li Mu’s attitude was obviously different when he spoke to Qin Lie. With a relaxed, casual smile, he said, “If you have nothing else to do on the Scarlet Tide Continent, you can come around Heavenly Wither Continent for a trip. I have something to ask you… about your grandfather.”

Qin Lie trembled abruptly, crying out, “Uncle Li, y-you know about my grandfather?”

“I learned a bit from Little Ice, then I asked around after I returned to the continent. Only then did I gather some knowledge about your grandfather.” Li Mu smiled and waved his hands when he saw Qin Lie’s eager look. He said calmly, “Come to the Heavenly Wither Continent if you truly wish to know.”

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