Chapter 378: Wielding a Heavenly Sword

Chapter 378: Wielding a Heavenly Sword

In the northern sky of the Scarlet Tide Continent, a crimson tent was floating like a ball of bright red flames.

This tent was called a “Flowing Gold Firecloud Tent.” It was a flying spirit artifact similar to the giant golden chariot of Eight Extreme Temple and the crystalline war chariot of Joyful Union Sect. Profound Heaven Alliance bought this Earth Grade Three artifact from overseas, and it could carry objects and people through the sky.

For great Copper rank forces like Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, they naturally needed a flying spirit artifact to maintain appearances.

Flying spirit artifacts were a symbol of identity and status for the great forces.

Generally speaking, the more formidable a force was, the more flying spirit artifacts there would be.

Higher grade flying spirit artifacts would be faster and be able to carry more personnel. This would be a tremendous help regarding the dispatch of martial practitioners.

However, since such spirit artifacts are expensive, normal, smaller forces were often unable to afford them.

Even Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect did not have enough financial power to buy numerous flying spirit artifacts.

Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple only had one flying spirit artifact each. Joyful Union Sect was slightly better off, having two crystalline war chariots.

Apart from Vice Sect Master Zhao Changsheng’s crystalline war chariot, Sect Master Ruan Zhantian had another one that was even bigger and more complicated in structure.

Zhao Changsheng’s vehicle was an Earth Grade Three artifact, but Ruan Zhantian’s was Earth Grade Five!

At this moment, the Earth Grade Five flying spirit artifact of Joyful Union Sect appeared near the “Flowing Gold Firecloud Tent.”

A crystalline war chariot, the entirety of which was made with blue crystals, rumbled through the thick layer of clouds. It was forty meters long and ten meters wide. Symbols of flying fish flowed within each crystal as if they were swimming cheerfully, sparkling with blue light that dazzled the eye.

A majestic aura surged out from within the crystalline war chariot. At first glance, it was as though the chariot were a blue navy vessel at sea, braving the winds and the waves.

Atop the blue crystalline war chariot, a silver haired man who was wearing a robe stood tall, resembling a mountain with his imposing physique. His eyes glistened with light as he looked at the Flowing Gold Firecloud Tent in surprise. He raised his voice and shouted, “Is that Alliance Chief Song of Profound Heaven Alliance?”

Inside of the crimson tent, Song Yu, Song Siyuan, Xie Yaoyang, and Xie Zhizhang sat in a line together and hung their heads in despair, groaning and sighing.

Upon hearing the voice from outside, their expressions went stiff, and they couldn’t help but stick their heads out of the tent.

“A blue crystalline war chariot! It’s Ruan Zhantian!”

“Ruan Zhantian is actually here in person!”

Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang couldn’t tell at first glance, but their spirit soon returned. It was up to Song Yu to emerge and shout, “Are you Brother Ruan from Joyful Union Sect?”

“Brother Song! Have you seen my sect’s Sect Master Zhao?” the silver haired, white robed Ruan Zhantian screamed.

“Brother Ruan came at the right time!” Song Yu’s expression was full of excitement, and he nodded his heads at Song Siyuan. The Flowing Gold Firecloud Tent sped up and drew close to the blue crystalline war chariot. Once both flying spirit artifacts were close enough, Song Yu landed on the chariot.

For Song Yu, seeing the distant aura of each Joyful Union Sect martial practitioner on the war chariot was like seeing hope. He said, “A huge amount of ferocious beasts suddenly rushed out from the Arctic Mountain Range as if they had gone insane, watching us, chasing us, and killing us. Brother Ruan, you came at the right time. If you invite the powerhouses from the surrounding continents and bring them to the Scarlet Tide Continent to kill the beasts, we will be able to obtain a lot of unimaginably precious spirit materials on this trip!

“I came precisely for this matter!” Ruan Zhantian said with a serious face.

“That’s wonderful! I also ask that Brother Ruan relay the great changes that have occurred in the Scarlet Tide Continent to the surrounding continents, and invite powerhouses to come annihilate those vicious beasts together!” Song Yu became excited.

“Brother Song might be mistaken.” Ruan Zhantian shook his head with a serious face and said, “I came to resolve this calamity. I was specifically ordered by superiors to meet Qin Lie.”

“Meet Qin Lie? Ordered by superiors?” Song Yu went blank.

The expressions of Xie Yaoyang and the Xie Family clansmen changed in a shocking manner as well, and they started to softly sigh one after another.

“Is it possible for you to contact Qin Lie and tell him there’s a person called Li Mu who entrusted me with meeting him and resolving the dispute on the Scarlet Tide Continent?” Ruan Zhantian’s expression was serious.

“Li Mu?” Song Yu was even more shocked.

“You know him?” Ruan Zhantian was also surprised.

“This person once moved about the Scarlet Tide Continent for a time. His relationship with Qin Lie is not shallow, but he mysteriously disappeared afterward.” Song Yu had people carefully investigate Qin Lie in the past, so he naturally knew of Li Mu’s existence. After explaining it simply, he asked out of curiosity,, “Brother Ruan, this Li Mu… who is he? How did he manage to ask this of you?”

“Command, not ask…” Ruan Zhantian face was full of agony. He explained, “He is a superior.”

The expressions of Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and everyone else changed.

“What is his identity as a superior?” Xie Yaoyang asked cautiously after muttering to himself for a while..

“I’m not sure about his specific identity, but I think that he wields a ‘Heavenly Sword.’” Ruan Zhantian exclaimed softly.

Once these words came out, Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and everyone else gasped cold air. Each of them started to feel deep respect.

“I will try having my daughter contact Qin Lie!” Aware that this matter was important, Xie Yaoyang took the initiative to express himself.

As they were talking, a huge mountain stood out in the distant wilderness. A giant ape that shimmered with gold from head to toe suddenly went into a frenzy and approached like a golden mountain.

“Faster!” Ruan Zhantian urged.

Xie Yaoyang hurriedly took out a hexagonal crystal. His pupils flashed, and an emerald green beam of light shot out from between his eyebrows.

The beam of light went directly inside the crystal.

At the same time, on Herb Mountain, a soft jingle reminiscent of a spring suddenly resounded from a luxurious jade bracelet on Xie Jingxuan’s moonlit wrist.

A puzzled expression appeared on Xie Jingxuan’s elegant, charming face. She said to herself softly, “I’ve already clearly told them to be faster in leaving the Scarlet Tide Continent. What do they still want to talk about at this time…”

She used her other hand to softly press on the jade bracelet while muttering.

A distinct surge of consciousness passed through her like a wave, transmitted from the jade bracelet to her mind.

“You are with Qin Lie, right? Tell him that Joyful Union Sect’s Sect Master Ruan Zhantian personally came from overseas. Say that he was entrusted by Li Mu, and he wants to speak to him immediately,” the impatient voice of Xie Yaoyang echoed in her mind. “Make that bastard stop those ferocious beasts for now. We want to properly talk with him!”

Xie Jingxuan went blank.

At this time, Qin Lie, Ling Yushi, and Song Tingyu were standing at the peak of Herb Mountain, discussing the topic of separation.

Xie Jingxuan was silent for a while and suddenly said with a strange expression,“Qin Lie, Ruan Zhantian, the Sect Master of Joyful Union Sect came in person. He says that he has been entrusted by Li Mu to see you. He wants you to suspend the pursuit of the three great forces.”

“Uncle Li!” Qin Lie appeared shocked.

“What’s happening?” Ling Yushi asked in concern.

The bloody shadow of Xue Li, which had wandered around outside Herb Mountain, returned at this time.

Seeing that Qin Lie’s expression looked strange, Xue Li couldn’t help but ask in a surprised manner, “Kid, this is the time to be in high, vigorous spirits. Why are you suddenly dumbfounded?”

Qin Lie furrowed his brow, muttered to himself for a while, then suddenly told Mang Wang hurriedly, “Tell your clansmen to temporarily suspend the chasing and killing of the three great forces’ martial practitioners. Make them behave for a while.”

Mang Wang was floating in mid air, his serpentine eyes also full of confusion.

“Just do as I say!” Qin Lie said impatiently.

As a result, Mang Wang didn’t say anything, faced the sky, and roared. His roar rumbled like rolling thunder, resounding in every part of the Scarlet Tide Continent.

The ferocious beasts that were moving in every forest and plain in the Scarlet Tide Continent heard his roaring voice and stopped unwillingly.

The giant ape that was attacking toward the crystalline war chariot and crimson tent, about to ruthlessly tear and bite, heard this roaring sound and also suddenly stopped.

He looked behind him suspiciously, appearing puzzled over why Mang Wang had given the order to stop.

On the crystalline war chariot, Ruan Zhantian saw that the giant golden ape didn’t continue to rush over. He secretly sighed in relief and smiled in embarrassment. “It seems that Li Mu’s name is still really useful.”

“What are we going to do next?” Song Yu smiled bitterly.

“You communicate with Li Yi of Eight Extreme Temple, and I’ll have someone contact Changsheng. We will go meet Qin Lie together,” Ruan Zhantian ordered.


On top of Herb Mountain.

Qin Lie furrowed his eyebrows as he watched the Horned Demon Clansmen gather at the foot of the mountain one after another. He also watched the Ling Family clansmen enter Ling Town. They seemed to be fondly recalling the past.

“That Li Mu... has he had such a large influence on you?” The beautiful eyes of Song Tingyu overflowed with disbelief. She asked curiously, “You respect him this much?”

“There wouldn’t be a Qin Lie without Uncle Li,” Qin Lie said faintly.

“That time at Icestone City, under the covetous glare of Yuan Tianya and the experts of Dark Asura Hall, it was Li Mu who helped you escape easily.” Xie Jingxuan recalled the events of the past and was secretly amazed. “After that event, we all investigated Li Mu because we wanted to know the origin and identity of this person. Unfortunately, we ended up empty handed and never discovered any other traces of Li Mu. This Li Mu... who is he exactly?”

“I also don’t know,” Qin Lie said honestly.

He always knew that Li Mu came from mysterious origins. From how Li Mu gave him the method to forge the Terminator Profound Bombs, he could vaguely guess just how extraordinary Li Mu was.

The Terminator Profound Bomb was the exclusive secret of Forefather Terminator from the Heavenly Silence Continent. According to Xue Li, Forefather Terminator was an impressive, well-known figure in the Heavenly Silence Continent. In the five continents of the Land of Chaos, he could be ranked as one of the strongest experts.

Li Mu actually had the exclusive secret of this kind of expert, which was sufficient to prove that Li Mu could not be underestimated.

For Li Mu to actually entrust Joyful Union Sect’s Sect Ruan Zhantian to come in person, having Ruan Zhantian find Qin Lie and talk to him… this also proved that Li Mu’s identity was definitely revered.

“You really have amazing luck. You actually got to know such a noble senior.” Song Tingyu sighed with emotion.

“I hope that Li Mu can resolve this calamity in the Scarlet Tide Continent,” Xie Jingxuan said faintly.

In the southern part of the Scarlet Tide Continent, Li Yi of Eight Extreme Temple sat upright on the giant golden chariot, rushing toward Skypiercing Mountain as quickly as possible.

At this moment, he also received word that Ruan Zhantian, the sect master of Joyful Union Sect, wanted him to return to Herb Mountain to discuss important matters.

Li Yi did not want to turn back, but Ruan Zhantian mentioned that he was following the orders from his superiors. As a result, Li Yi complied immediately and obediently turned the giant chariot around.

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