Chapter 377: Forbidden from Taking a Single Step In!

Chapter 377: Forbidden from Taking a Single Step In!

“Go! Leave this place!”

Eight Extreme Temple’s Holy Master Li Yi whistled as he watched the vicious, rampaging beasts. He knew that he wasn’t able to oppose them.

Changing into a bright, prismatic ray, the giant golden chariot rapidly flew from its position at the foot of Herb Mountain and landed beside him.

Li Yi no longer cared about tangling with the vicious beasts. He fled, landing on the giant golden chariot. With a whistle, he rushed in the direction of Skypiercing Mountain.

Watching his troops suffer heavy losses, Joyful Union Sect’s Vice Sect Master Zhao Changsheng also understood that it would be a mistake to stay any longer.

He boarded the crystalline war chariot with his son, Zhao Xuan, and some of his trusted allies, hurrying to escape.

Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang of Profound Heaven Alliance had already noticed that the Nie Family had practically been massacred to the last man. All of them cried loudly while dying miserable deaths to the horde of vicious beasts, causing every member of Profound Heaven Alliance to flee randomly.


The python body of Mang Wang flew out from Qin Lie’s body. He shook his body and rapidly swelled back up again.

Within a short period of time, Mang Wang’s body became a hundred meters long once more. With lightning and thunder condensed on his entire body, he exhibited his vast, terrifying energy in midair.

“Awooo! Aooo!”

Tremendous, earthshaking howls came from the mouths of the vicious beasts from ancient times. The horde of beasts responded Mang Wang’s howl, splitting up and chasing the martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect to eliminate them.

Qin Lie landed on the peak of Herb Mountain.

Although Herb Mountain was always shaking and swaying, neither the martial practitioners of the three great forces nor the horde of vicious beasts could really destroy it.

Herb Mountain was left unscathed from beginning to end.

The three great forces still had their hearts set on the spatial teleportation formation. Qin Lie also warned Mang Wang repeatedly to keep his clansmen from destroying Herb Mountain.

Therefore, after the three great forces were defeated and escaped from Herb Mountain, they also hadn’t damaged the plant life.

“Split up, chase, and kill!”

Under the Mang Wang watch, Qin Lie furrowed his brow and pointed in the direction that the three great forces had escaped toward.

Mang Wang angrily hissed once more.

From Herb Mountain, the vicious beasts chased and attacked every direction. When they twisted and turned their enormous bodies, a dull noise like an intense drumming echoed from the earth and pounded on everyone’s hearts.

“Qin Lie…”

Two silhouettes still had yet to leave the peak of Herb Mountain. After he landed, they walked over with complicated expressions.

It was Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan.

Floating high in the sky above Herb Mountain, Mang Wang resembled a heavenly dragon of lightning and thunder as he twisted his body, intimidating all in this area.

Qin Lie stood atop the mountain. Seeing that Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan hadn’t left with the others, he sighed secretly.

“I originally didn’t want to do this.” Under the gaze of two girls, Qin Lie walked beside a fragment of a giant boulder with his back to them. From the high ground, he looked to the vicious beasts that attacked in all directions. “Since I was capable of awakening the vicious beasts that had slept for so long, I was also aware of the fact that, once they woke up, a big change would occur on the Scarlet Tide Continent. I repeatedly kept myself from taking this step, but ultimately, we still reached it.”

Both Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan watched Qin Lie’s back. Their expressions were somewhat sad.

“I know that you are not entirely at fault for this.” Song Tingyu walked over, next to Qin Lie, and firmly stood beside him, shoulder to shoulder. She and Qin Lie watched the martial practitioners of the three great forces escape the foot of the mountain in defeat. She softly asked, “Do you… not intend to stop?”

“Qin Lie. The spatial teleportation formation is in the belly of Herb Mountain, the martial practitioners of the three great forces have been chased away, and you’ve already achieved your goal. Don’t tell me that you still want to continue with this,” Xie Jingxuan said in a cold voice, coming over as well.

A gentle, luxurious purple ring suddenly appeared behind the three. A beautiful woman slowly walked out from within the calm, purple light.

“If we hadn’t escaped Flame Volcano with the help of the spatial spirit artifact, how would Profound Heaven Alliance have dealt with us after the nether demonic energy had completely dispersed?” Ling Yushi wore a purple shirt, her appearance natural and graceful. It was not easy for her to restrain the corner of her beautiful mouth—she was getting close to a slight smile.

Seeing her appear, regardless of whether it was Song Tingyu or Xie Jingxuan, their expressions became a bit unnatural.

Both of them wanted to use their friendly relationship with Qin Lie to persuade him to stop here. They hoped that they could plead for some breathing room for Profound Heaven Alliance, trying to find a way out for their families

Once Ling Yushi came over, they both started to feel uncomfortable. They subconsciously distanced themselves from Qin Lie.

As if to show their innocence...

Their subtle movements didn’t escape the purple eyes of Ling Yushi. After pursing her lips, she said, “Regardless of how sincere you were, I will first thank you for willingly helping us find Spatial Spirit Stones.”

“Of course.” Song Tingyu quickly became calm. “I feel like Miss Ling changes a bit every time I see her, becoming more beautiful, mysterious, and unfathomable.

“Thanks for the compliment, Miss Song.” Ling Yushi laughed reservedly, then looked at Qin Lie. She knitted her black eyebrows. “Qin Lie, what do you plan to do next regarding Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect?”

When she asked this, both Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan became nervous and also looked toward Qin Lie with worry.

Having clearly seen the events up to this point, both of them understood that Qin Lie had total control over the ferocious beasts that had suddenly appeared.

The entire horde of ferocious beasts listened to Qin Lie’s commands.

As for Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect… even if they worked together, the three great forces still wouldn’t be a match for the horde of beasts. Besides, wasn’t the Horned Demon Race still around?

If this battle continued, the ones to suffer defeat, and even annihilation, would definitely be the three great forces.

There was no doubt about that.

Yet Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan were both from Profound Heaven Alliance. Profound Heaven Alliance was their home. Their fathers, relatives, friends, and attendants were all in Profound Heaven Alliance. If Profound Heaven Alliance were completely exterminated, how would they live with themselves?

This was why they remained, hoping that, through their greatest efforts, Qin Lie would open up and be magnanimous in the midst of this battle.

Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang clearly understood the situation as well. That’s why they didn’t bring them along when they left.

Through the relationships their daughters had with Qin Lie, the two of them still harbored the thought of begging Qin Lie for peace.

“If the Horned Demon Race doesn’t leave… if these beasts stay in the Scarlet Tide Continent... would there still come a day for Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple to get out of this predicament?” Qin Lie suddenly said without explanation.

“No. If the Horned Demon Race and the horde of beasts are still here, Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple will be completely annihilated,” Song Tingyu couldn’t help but say honestly. She could see the situation clearly in just one look. “If that’s really the case, Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple must do everything they can and flee as far from the Scarlet Tide Continent as possible, as quickly as possible!”

“Without any mishaps, Profound Heaven City will be destroyed, and Skypiercing Mountain will also collapse,” Qin Lie said with a gloomy expression. “I have already commanded those beasts to refrain from touching the Limestone rank and Black Iron rank forces. They will only chase and kill the powerhouses from Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect. The range of their deadly pursuit is only limited to the Scarlet Tide Continent. If your parents’ generation can escape the Scarlet Tide Continent before being chased down and killed, then they will be safe and sound.”

“You still want to attack?” Xie Jingxuan’s expression became cold.

“The chasing and killing is only limited to the Scarlet Tide Continent. They can escape with their lives if they are capable,” Qin Lie nodded his head and said coldly. “If they can avoid this calamity, they can still return to rebuild Profound Heaven City in the future.”

Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes brightened. “You’re saying that… the Horned Demon Race and the giant beasts are still going to leave?”

“All of them will leave, as will I.” Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and shouted, “However, they will be forbidden from taking a single step in this continent while we are here!”

“Thank you, Qin Lie. I will tell my father to take the Song Family clansmen and quickly escape from the Scarlet Tide Continent. I will tell him that they absolutely must not return to the Scarlet Tide Continent before you leave.” Song Tingyu’s expression became happy, and she hastily took out a spirit stone in front of Qin Lie and conveyed those words.

Xie Jingxuan was not foolish and hastily did this as well.

“I hope they will be lucky enough to leave the Scarlet Tide Continent alive.” Qin Lie smiled coldly.

He had already told Mang Wang that, from now on, the ferocious beasts of the Giant Spirit Race would chase after and kill the martial practitioners of the three great forces in the Scarlet Tide Continent.

He wasn’t sure how many of these people would be torn and bitten to death, but he did know that many would definitely suffer.

From his perspective, this was the price that Profound Heaven Alliance had to pay.

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