Chapter 376: You Can Die Now!

Chapter 376: You Can Die Now!

As the brain of Profound Heaven Alliance, Song Zhi played a vital role in recent events. He was held in high regard by Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, Nie Yun, and everyone else.

However, in Qin Lie’s eyes, Song Zhi was the main culprit behind terrible crimes.


A giant Thunder Lighting Ball exploded in midair. The rays of light from it wove together and instantly created an explosive force a degree stronger and more horrifying than the power of ten Terminator Profound Bombs exploding at the same time.

“Prak prak prak!”

Thick strands of lightning shot in every direction, bolstered by the sound of thunder.

Song Zhi’s corpse was reduced to small chunks of meat almost instantly, turning into a torrential rain of cascading blood.

“You reap what you sow!”

In a corner south of Herb Mountain, Song Tingyu wore a bright colored dress. She looked like a beautiful, glistening rose, and her pupils had an extraordinary splendor. She couldn’t help but cry out softly.

Song Zhi belonged to a subsidiary branch of the Song Family and was not related to her father by blood. But she still respected him a lot in the past and had treated him as her elder.

However, after this incident, she had finally seen this person’s true colors.

Song Zhi’s vicious scheme made use of her relationship with Qin Lie and achieved the transaction with Horned Demon Race. Not only did he obtain three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses, he even helped Mo He and Chang Qi destroy the evil nether passageway.

Hiding all of this from her, using her and the Terminator Profound Bombs that she had acquired... they were all Song Zhi’s suggestions.

When she quietly went to Herb Mountain with Xie Jingxuan on this trip, it was Song Zhi once again who discovered the clues, stealthily followed them, and waited for an opportunity to take action.

Song Tingyu harbored a belly full of rage toward Song Zhi. She felt that his despicable nature was the reason why Profound Heaven Alliance became enemies with Qin Lie, leading to the predicament they were currently in.

As a result, she secretly felt satisfaction when watching Qin Lie resemble a heavenly soldier, condensing a giant Thunder Lightning Ball and killing Song Zhi.

She couldn’t be happy for long, however, since she saw a ferocious light in Qin Lie’s eyes when he turned to look at her father, Song Yu.

Song Tingyu immediately became nervous.

“Q-Qin Lie!”

Seeing that Qin Lie wanted to attack Song Yu, Song Tingyu shouted in a delicate voice, unable to restrain her anxiety.

Qin Lie floated in the air above Herb Mountain, strands of lightning trailing beside him. After hearing her delicate shout, he couldn’t help but look at her from a distance.

Qin Lie was currently able to borrow the python’s frenzied lightning energy at will. He felt like he had an endless amount of energy at his disposal which gave birth to an unparalleled aura. He felt like he could fight and unleash his energy as much as he wanted.

Fine strands of lighting twisted within his pupils, and thunder rumbled with his every movement.

If he hadn’t seen Song Tingyu looking at him, he would have instantly launched attacks with the intent to kill at Song Yu.


From Qin Lie’s perspective, Song Tingyu spoke hesitantly, an awkward expression on her face. “Qin Lie. Song Zhi deserved to die ten thousand times for his crimes, but my father… he was only bewitched by Song Zhi. H-he is still my father after all…”

Qin Lie frowned in hesitation, then nodded his head and said, “Alright, I won’t do anything to your father.”

He said that he wouldn’t do anything, but he didn’t say that he wouldn’t let others do anything.

Song Tingyu could hear the difference from his answer. Her heart filled with sadness.

Qin Lie didn’t say much, and after abandoning this conversation, he suddenly turned to stare at Mo He.

When this gold robed envoy of Eight Extreme Temple was at the poisonous bog, he had always been glaring at Qin Lie like a tiger examining its prey. He had wanted to kill Qin Lie, strip him of his memory, and seize his spatial spirit artifact.

From Qin Lie’s perspective, since Mo He was the one that also destroyed the evil nether passageway, he definitely needed to die.

“Mo He!”

Qin Lie shouted fiercely, draped in thunder and lightning. He condensed the thunder and lightning into a giant rainbow dragon, advancing toward Mo He in a sudden attack.


Mang Wang, whose body had shrunk to a hundredth of its original size, also took advantage of the roaring of thunder. Amidst the clamor, thousands of volatile lightning bolts fell from the sky.

The bodies of Mang Wang and Qin Lie became one, solidifying into a giant ray of thunder and lightning. At the same time, thunder and lightning struck from the depths of the clouds once more, and Mo He no longer had any way to retreat.

Mo He, who had been working with Li Yi and Chang Qi to deal with the giant golden ape, held a longspear that shimmered with yellow rays of light. His body surged with undulating holy force.

As soon as Qin Lie made him his target, Mo He became furious.

“Kid… do you really think that you can do whatever you want by borrowing a bit of external force?” Mo He grunted coldly.

He turned and struck out with an explosive punch.


A dull rumble echoed throughout the sky. Mo He’s punch seemed to release a flowing river that ferociously advanced. Then, yellow spirit energy shined and solidified it into a flowing river that actually existed.

The river flowed through the air, releasing a majestic, surging aura. It seemed as though it wanted to break through all obstacles.

“Holy Heavenly River!”

Mo He turned and clenched his fist. The yellow spirit energy within it seemed endless and constantly rushed into the river.

The flowing river, which was made solid by pure spirit energy, powerfully rushed through the air toward Qin Lie. Its aura was extremely astonishing.

When that river flooded over, another wave of vigorous, mighty soul aura flooded over as well.

Qin Lie felt incomparably insignificant in that aura. Under the pressure of the flowing river, he felt like a pebble or a leaf that would be swallowed up. He felt like he would instantly vanish, completely losing himself.

This was a high level martial practitioner’s mind suppression toward a low level martial practitioner, caused by the huge disparity between their realms.

“Against a soul attack, you need to fight against the pressure on your soul with your own tenacity and willpower. As for the physical pressure, I can help you deal with it!” Mang Wang’s soft shouting echoed within Qin Lie’s mind, telling him how to fight against high level martial practitioners.

Qin Lie immediately stopped. His pupils emitting holy light, he looked resolutely at the yellow river rushing over, feeling the concept held within it.

“The boulder stands motionless and resolute regardless of the river’s pressure!”

Condensing his power, Qin Lie’s body instantly became a thick cube of ice. It was as if he had transformed into a boulder that had been sitting firmly beside the sea for millions of years. No matter how turbulent the waves were, or how much it needed to endure them, the boulder remained motionless.

As if rooting himself in empty space, Qin Lie firmly fixed himself in the sky. His body generated a solid, steady aura.

As this aura grew, Mo He’s soul suppression soon seemed to lose its effect.

“Good! As long as your will is strong enough, even if it were a tornado or a tsunami, I will not fall!” Mang Wang praised.


An enormous surge of unrivaled thunder and lightning energy quickly emerged from Mang Wang’s body, immediately permeating all of Qin Lie.

His body, which had partial completion of "Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body," blossomed with blinding brilliance at that moment. Arcs of lightning as thick as one's arm madly rushed out of his sleeves, nose, eyes, and all the pores on his body. Thousands of bolts of frenzied lightning were instantly formed.

Qin Lie directly controlled the thunder and lightning energy that didn’t belong to him.

Qin Lie used his soul consciousness to control the thousand wild thunder snakes, condensing his body into a river that cut across the sky, surprisingly charging head first into the yellow river that Mo He had released.

The two rivers of light ferociously clashed in midair~

Bursting into bright flames, dazzling rays of light filled the dull gray sky and created a radiance more magnificent than the scorching sun.

Everyone subconsciously raised their heads and looked at the sky.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

The place in which the two rivers intersected was the most dazzling area of all. A blindingly bright figure, accompanied by the sound of thunder and lightning, suddenly accelerated.

It rushed headlong toward Mo He’s chest.

To the side, all of the yellow rays of light exploded, turning into splashes of starlight one after another.

At this moment, the punch in which Mo He had solidified his spirit energy clearly fell apart. Astonishment appeared on his face as he subconsciously condensed his energy to form a protective cover of light.

“Thunder Soul Lock!”

Mang Wang’s looked at Mo He coldly. Two faint rays of electric light shot out from the python’s eyes.

The electric light died away in the blink of an eye.

Two giant thunder pythons suddenly appeared out of nowhere within Mo He’s mind. They writhed inside of it, taking the shape of a soul destroying power.

Thunder, flames, and countless rays of lightning burned inside of Mo He’s mind, overwhelming his willpower and shattering his resolve.

This was also the soul suppression of a high level spirit against a low level existence. The only difference was, the intentions of Mang Wang could be immediately solidified into a giant thunder python, directly reaching Mo He’s mind and ruthlessly destroying his soul.


Currents of electricity flowed out from Mo He’s seven orifices. He hugged his head and started to shriek, his vision gradually blurring.

Grayish black smoke escaped from the pores of Mo He’s body as if he had been bombarded by thunder and lightning from within. His entire body spasmed and trembled as it gradually took the appearance of a burnt corpse.

Mo He died a tragic death!

Amidst the rays of thunder and lightning that filled the sky, the light on Qin Lie’s body began to dim. He turned to look at Nie Han.

Nie Han and the Nie Family clansmen staunchly protected Nie Family’s Patriarch Nie Yun. When Nie Yun had previously attacked Qin Lie, he was assaulted by Mang Wang’s countless rays of lightning, and he had not yet recovered from his grievous injury.

Seeing that Qin Lie had suddenly looked at him, Nie Han outwardly pretended to be strong. “Qin Lie! You colluded with the evil races and massacred the martial practitioners of the Scarlet Tide Continent. Everyone here will treat you as a traitor and kill you! You won’t be happy for long!”

“Is that so?” Qin Lie looked at him with a cynical expression and then looked at Nie Yuan beside Nie Han. “I’m not really sure how long I’ll be happy, but I’m afraid you won’t be there to see it.”

Qin Lie enthusiastically took action.

At this moment, the giant spider suddenly shoved everything on its path out of the way on the way over. It waved each of its enormous spider claws like shining daggers, slicing through the crowd of Nie Family clansmen.

With each swing of the spider’s legs, the heads, limbs, flesh, and blood of the Nie Family clansmen went flying in every direction underneath Qin Lie.

Even Nie Han was pierced through the chest by one of the giant spider’s legs, as if his high grade jeweled armor and protective rays of light didn’t have the slightest bit of defensive power.

Nie Han had been penetrated through the heart, nailed to the floor by the spider’s claw. Both of his eyes bulged, and he brutally died in an instant.

“Qin Lie, I’ll fight you!”

Nie Yuan grabbed onto a blue shield full of decorative designs. Blue rays of energy converged onto the shield as if preparing to display a secret skill.

“You can now die as well.” Qin Lie shook his head.

Transparent threads of silk, each as thick as a finger, sprayed out from the giant spider’s mouth and quickly stuck onto Nie Yuan’s body.

Once the transparent threads of silk were pulled back in, Nie Yuan’s body spun in a loop and was pulled into the spider’s mouth.

Soon enough, the corner of the giant spider’s hairy mouth overflowed with traces of scarlet blood.


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