Chapter 375: Giant Thunder Lightning Ball!

Chapter 375: Giant Thunder Lightning Ball!

Under Qin Lie’s command, the group of ferocious beasts that had regained their freedom could no longer restrain the irritation in their hearts and charged forth.

For a time, all of Herb Mountain was surrounded as the stench of the giant beasts mixed with cruel, frenzied auras that flooded toward it.

Resembling a black cloud, a giant eagle extended its wings and covered its head, viciously swiping downward with its talons. They were like the hands of god, carrying a power that could rend the sky.

Shining with golden light, the giant ape let out an angry howl. The tremendous shockwaves caused by this howl continuously pounded against Herb Mountain as though they were solid.

With a body like branded iron, the scarlet lizard burned with intense mushroom clouds of red-hot flames, unleashing a terrifying fiery power from within. Clouds of fire flew out of its body and blazed toward the location that the martial practitioners of the three forces were gathered.

The crocodile, whose entire body was covered in scales of ice, shook its body while releasing a lengthy, freezing breath toward the crowd.

The freezing breath was a mix of ice pellets and ice blades, condensing into a glacial storm that blasted right into the faces of the martial practitioners.

Meanwhile, a giant spider crawled around. Its claws resembled shiny, sharp blades that carved dry, bottomless wells into the ground.

Any human martial practitioner that dared block its path would be swiped by its shiny spider claws and cut to meaty pieces.

Once in pieces, the corpses of the martial practitioners would be frozen by frost energy and covered in a layer of ice. Not even a drop of blood would fall from the corpses.

Suspended in the gray sky, Mang Wang howled continuously, drawing prismatic lightning from deep within the clouds to strike at the crowd of humans on Herb Mountain.

Resembling dragons and serpents, bolts of lightning swam across the land. The sky and the earth were connected by lightning, and at first glance, it seemed as though a bead curtain of long, thick lightning had descended from the sky.

Thunder and lightning rampaged through the sky. Mushroom clouds of scarlet flame that were the size of discs hurtled from the sky like flaming meteors. Chunks of ice and sharp, blade-like icicles also flew in from every direction.

The earth shook from the impact caused by the giant beasts. Herb Mountain quaked intensely and incessantly. The giant beasts ruined the land surrounding Ling Town and left no stone unturned, reducing it to shambles.

At this moment, thunder raged, flames fell, chunks of ice rolled, and stones crashed downward. It was like the world was coming to an end.

The martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance, Joyful Union Sect, and Eight Extreme Temple instantly suffered grievous losses upon being assaulted by the giant beasts. The martial practitioners beneath the Fulfillment Realm basically had no way to fight back and died almost immediately, either buffeted by fire, struck by lightning, or blasted by blades of ice.

Even experts in the Fulfillment Realm couldn’t hold on for very long as they were instantly pushed to the brink after the continuous explosions.

Wretched screams, hoarse cries, angry roars, tearful wails, and howls continuously resounded from the mouths of the three forces’ martial practitioners.

Qin Lie sat high atop Mang Wang’s head with an icy expression, staring coldly at the scene of the group of beasts charging into the three forces.

He was detached from all of it.

Song Yu, Nie Yun, Xie Yaoyang, Li Yi, Zhao Changsheng, and Mo He were the top experts of the three forces. They were currently surrounded by the ferocious beasts and had long ago moved to protect themselves. They either took out their spirit artifacts or executed their abilities as Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners to defend themselves against the attack of the ferocious beasts.

Unfortunately, these vicious beasts were nearly invincible. They were all the equivalent of a middle or late stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner at the very least. Furthermore, their bodies were humongous, and they simply needed to turn their heads or tails to cause massive damage to the weak martial practitioners around them.

“Qin Lie!”

Seeing that the battle was intense, Ku Luo grew excited and couldn’t help but chuckle strangely.

“Go!” Qin Lie nodded.

“Kill them!” Ku Luo’s spirits were running high.

The Spirit Hunting Beasts and nether beasts howled as they charged and joined the battle.

The martial practitioners of the three forces were already at a disadvantage under the attacks of the ferocious beasts.

Now that the Horned Demon Race had also joined the battle, the speed at which the three forces were losing tremendously increased!

Song Yu, Li Yi, and Zhao Changsheng had joined forces in an attempt to kill one or two ferocious beasts. They floated in midair and wielded sharp blades, long swords, and a fire hammer respectively, summoning the spirit energy of the world in an attempt to make the beasts pay in blood.

It was at this moment that Ku Luo, Duo Luo, and Ka Meng, the elites of the Horned Demon Race, rushed over.

Ku Luo waved his white bone staff and a sky full of ghouls, ghosts, and vile souls roared into existence. It was as if he had somehow forced an evil nether passageway to open in this world and released the ghastly specters from the depths of the Nine Hells.

Clad in bloodstained armor, dragging their long tails behind them, the Horned Demon generals Duo Luo and Ka Meng released a continuous stream of light that resembled black water. As their powers condensed and discharged, pitch black, demonic rays of light blasted the surroundings from within their bodies.

These demonic rays of light emanated an eerie, freezing aura capable of destroying one’s will and soul. It would slowly arouse the evil thoughts within the hearts of their enemies.

Qin Lie noticed that the ferocious beasts grew even stronger after the pitch black demonic light had spread.

On the other hand, the eyes of Song Yu, Li Yi, and Zhao Changsheng flashed as if they were doing their best to restrain something.

“What a grand scene!” Xue Li’s screams echoed within Qin Lie’s mind. “Kid, quickly! Let me out so I can watch!”

Qin Lie immediately released his bindings.

A dot of blood about the size of a grain of rice flashed at his forehead before condensing into a stream that slowly gathered in front of him.

It assembled into the appearance of Xue Li.

The moment that Xue Li got out and saw the ferocious beasts surrounding and attacking the martial practitioners of the three forces, he immediately laughed in excitement. “Interesting! How interesting!”

The moment he saw Qin Lie sitting on Mang Wang’s head, Xue Li immediately guessed that these beasts had been unleashed by Qin Lie.

Xue Li had known for the longest time that Qin Lie was hiding something from him. He already knew that Qin Lie had formed a relationship with the group of ferocious beasts using a specific method. He had known since the first time he saw Mang Wang transform into the giant thunder python.

This was also why he knew that there would eventually come a day where Qin Lie would go on a rampage caused by the constant pressure from Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.

In fact, the truth did not exceed his expectations. With nowhere to go, Qin Lie finally exposed his long hidden secret and released the ferocious beasts of an ancient era.

“Awesome! Awesome work! This Scarlet Tide Continent has had a horrible stench for far too long and already deserves to be swept clean!” Xue Li looked rather excited.

“I will bestow my powers unto you. You can do whatever you wish.” It was at this moment that Mang Wang sent a mental message to Qin Lie after realizing that the situation had stabilized. Suddenly, his wriggling, dragon-like body rapidly shrank.

In just ten breaths of time Mang Wang’s body, which had been nearly a hundred meters long, shrunk into a silver, two meter long python the width of an arm.

This python began wrapping around Qin Lie, coil by coil, starting from his waist.

Mang Wang’s head settled at Qin Lie’s neck, just beneath his mouth.

“Prak prak prak!”

An impossibly violent power of thunder and lightning exploded from Mang Wang’s true body. This power caused Qin Lie’s body to boil all over.

He realized that he could manipulate this power!

“Use my power to kill whoever you want,” Mang Wang said.

Qin Lie grinned and laughed madly. “Alright!”

He summoned the power of thunder and lightning, and like a bolt of lightning that pierced through the sky, he fired at Song Zhi’s position.

“You are the brain of Profound Heaven Alliance and the one who came up with one devious scheme after another!” Qin Lie laughed loudly in midair as he channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication and attempted to condense the power of thunder and lightning into a Thunder Lightning Ball.

“Zzzt zzt zzt!”

A giant Thunder Lightning Ball that resembled the sun and was about seventy meters in diameter swiftly formed in front of him.

The thunder and lightning energy inside of the giant Thunder Lightning Ball was earthshaking, scaring even Qin Lie.

“Qin Lie! As a member of the human race, you dare to conspire with a foreign race! You deserve death!” Seeing the creation of the giant Thunder Lightning Ball, warning bells rang inside of Song Zhi’s head, and he couldn’t help but roar in fear and anger.

“I’d like to see who dies first between the two of us!” Qin Lie laughed crazily and hurled the Thunder Lightning Ball.

Sharing one mind with Qin Lie, the giant Thunder Lightning Ball violently rushed straight toward Song Zhi like a sun formed from thunder and lightning.

“Prak prak prak!”

The bolts of lightning flared out first, as if homing in on their targets.

The lightning stunned Song Zhi for an instant, causing a hint of lethargy to appear in his eyes.

Before he could react, the giant Thunder Lightning Ball descended and consumed Song Zhi’s body whole.

Song Zhi’s short, fat body was enveloped by the Thunder Lightning Ball before it was carried into the sky, visible to everyone. Only then did it leisurely explode.

The explosion killed Song Zhi instantly.


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