Chapter 373: Have You Ever Thought Such a Day Would Come?

Chapter 373: Have You Ever Thought Such a Day Would Come?

The experts of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect were currently gathered at Herb Mountain.

They were waiting for Profound Heaven Alliance’s artificer, Gu Ping, to check out the spatial teleportation formation inside of Herb Mountain and see exactly where it went.

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan had not left. They both stayed in Ling Town.

They were tricked by Song Zhi yet again, and this time they had truly lost all faith in Profound Heaven Alliance. They hadn’t left yet because something would definitely happen since there was a teleportation formation in Herb Mountain, and Qin Lie had been there.

They also paid attention to how the situation was developing.

The son of Joyful Union Sect’s Vice Sect Master Zhao Changsheng, Zhao Xuan, had also remained in Ling Town for the past two days. He had been enchanted by the beauty of Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan, and he had recently been thinking of a way to get close to them.


A bestial, earthshaking roar came from deep within the Arctic Mountain Range and immediately echoed toward Herb Mountain. This caused the experts of the three forces, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan to be incredibly shocked. They did not know what kind of strange event had occurred in the Arctic Mountain Range.

The powerhouses of the three forces gathered inside of Herb Mountain. Song Yu, Li Yi, and Zhao Changsheng emerged from Herb Mountain and gathered at its peak.

“What a terrifying roar. What the hell are the spirit beasts in the Arctic Mountain Range doing?” Song Yu’s expression was harsh as he narrowed his eyes, probing outward with his mind. A while later, he shuddered and said, “This terrifying sound wave.. this savage aura… I don’t think even the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King could’ve done this!”

“Could it be that a more powerful beast king has been born in the Arctic Mountain Range?” Li Yi’s expression was also harsh.

“We will need to send someone to check out the situation!” Nie Yun said.


Another roar that shattered the sky came from deep within the Arctic Mountain Range. This roar was obviously different from the previous one, but it was just as powerful.

“Another one!” Song Yu’s expression changed greatly.

The second roar was filled with a savagery and bloodlust that seemed like it could destroy every living being in the world. Everyone who heard it felt as though their heart would break.

“Something’s not right!” Xie Yaoyang’s face also changed. “This terrifying aura is definitely not something that the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King could possess! Something unimaginable must have happened inside the Arctic Mountain Range!”


An earthquake came from the Arctic Mountain Range. All of the martial practitioners on Herb Mountain could feel the ground shake.

At this moment, Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan walked out of the stone houses in Ling Town.

“Miss Song, Miss Xie. You’re finally willing to come out.” Zhao Xuan looked handsome, and he wore a cool smile on his face. He glanced in the direction of the Arctic Mountain Range from time to time and asked, “Both of you are from the Scarlet Tide Continent. Do you know what the rank of the most powerful beast in the Arctic Mountain Range is? Those two roars were so shocking that the spirit beasts that made them are probably around rank six at the very least…”

Both Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan did not bother with him. They looked each other in the eyes and simultaneously rushed toward Herb Mountain.

“This is too strange…”

Song Tingyu frowned deeply. She didn’t know why, but she felt like the anomaly at the Arctic Mountain Range had something to do with Qin Lie.

“A bestial roar. Was it the Giant Thunder Python?”

Her eyes gradually brightened. She knew Qin Lie better than anyone. She had fought by his side in the Nether Realm.

She was well aware of the fact that Qin Lie’s body held the soul of an ancient beast inside of it. She didn’t know where he had gotten such a vicious soul, but she did know that Qin Lie and the Giant Thunder Python had a profound connection with one another.

Connecting the two loud roars with the words that Qin Lie had spoken before he left, she felt sort of anxious

She had a feeling that a terrifying change was about to happen in this world.

Deep within the Arctic Mountain Range.

The glaciers of profound frost shattered and collapsed one by one. After the mountains of ice had shattered, deep, gigantic pits appeared in the ground.

Inside the huge icy cave was a snow white world. This was the land of profound ice that Qin Lie had been coming and going from all this time.

The land of frost was situated deep within the Arctic Mountain Range. It was below the ice mountains that never melted.

At this moment, the ice mountains shattered and the giant frost cave was revealed. The underground land of frost had finally surfaced.


The angry roar of a giant beast resounded from underground. Ferocious beasts that were enormous and looked sinister were constantly breaking free. They were like small hills covered in scales and armor surfacing from deep within the Arctic Mountain Range.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was seated on the giant python’s head beside its baleful dragon horn.

Atop the giant python’s head, he gripped the Eye of Frost with one hand and pointed in a direction with the other. He said to Mang Wang, “Destroy Skypiercing Mountain! I want Eight Extreme Temple to collapse and for them to be wiped from the face of Spirit Realm!”

Mang Wang exploded into a roar.

Eight giant beasts, each about the size of a small mountain, followed suit as they roared madly and charged toward Skypiercing Mountain with an unstoppable momentum.

“Profound Heaven City is in that direction. I want you to flatten the most prosperous city on the Scarlet Tide Continent!” Qin Lie then pointed in another direction.

Mang Wang let out yet another explosive roar.

Another eight of the gigantic beasts roared madly and charged into the open. Like rolling mountains that destroyed every obstacle in their path, they rushed toward Profound Heaven City like lightning.

“If any martial practitioners in the Netherpassage Realm and above dare to block your path, kill them without mercy!” Seated atop Mang Wang’s head, Qin Lie’s face was completely filled with violence as he said in a low tone, “Kill the strong and forgive the weak. I want these two great forces to be utterly exterminated!”

Mang Wang roared angrily at the sky once more.

His roars were the orders that he gave out to his clansmen to obey and execute.

“Come, bring me to Herb Mountain,” Qin Lie exclaimed in a low tone.

“Qin Lie, what about us?”

“What should we do?”

Ku Luo and Ku Lu cried out.

“Qin Lie!” Ling Yushi also exclaimed.

“Mang Wang, have your clansmen crouch down and bring them along!” Qin Lie gripped the Eye of Frost tightly and said. “As long as your Giant Spirit Race does this well, I will release the seals on all of your souls! After that, whatever you Giant Spirits do will no longer have anything to do with me!”

“Alright!” Mang Wang roared out his orders.

The remaining twenty or so ferocious beasts, which were as huge as mountains, crouched down as ordered. Under Qin Lie’s commands, a portion of the Horned Demon Race and the Ling Family clansmen shakily climbed up the bodies of the giant beasts.

Meanwhile, Ku Luo, Ku Lu, and the other Horned Demon elites, such as Ka Meng and Ka Luo, rode Spirit Hunting Beasts or other nether beasts.

“Go!” Qin Lie pointed at Herb Mountain.

Mang Wang turned his head and tail, and suddenly floated into the air. Like a giant lightning dragon, it carried Qin Lie through the sky and flew to Herb Mountain.

Behind him, around twenty giants were either flying as well or charging right through the forest, trampling all the giant trees beneath their feet and knocking over small hills.

The giant beasts that were flying in the sky resembled enormous black clouds. The giant beasts charging across the ground were like unstoppable, rolling hills.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom! Awoo! Aooo!”

An apocalyptic sound of activity rang from within the Arctic Mountain Range. A tyrannical aura that threatened to slaughter all beings and destroy the world gushed forth.

At Herb Mountain, all of the experts from Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, and Profound Heaven Alliance were terrified.

Right now, Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and Song Zhi were gathered atop the mountain. They were all looking in the direction of the Arctic Mountain Range with fear and shock.

“What’s going on? Just what the hell is going on?” Mo He screamed.

Li Yi’s expression was unimaginably heavy. He, too, was questioning Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Yu. “Alliance Chief Song, just what is going on?”

“Why are there so many ferocious beasts on the Scarlet Tide Continent? Just what the hell has Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple been doing?” Zhao Changsheng was also yelling.

Everyone noticed that the situation was far from encouraging.

Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, and many other experts were gathered at Herb Mountain, preparing to attack the evil races and shed light on the secrets of the spatial teleportation formation.

No one could’ve foreseen that such a shocking change would suddenly happen deep in the Arctic Mountain Range. So many ferocious beasts, which were clearly terrifying beyond measure just from sound alone, had actually appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone was anxious.

Yet no one could’ve imagined that this matter was related to Qin Lie. They couldn’t have known that their constant pressuring had finally driven Qin Lie into a corner, leaving him no choice but to make an unwise decision.

They had no one to blame for this but themselves!

While the experts of the three forces continued to grow worried atop Herb Mountain, Mang Wang’s terrifying body appeared in the sky.

His body was almost a hundred meters long when fully extended. It resembled a dazzling bolt of lightning when it twisted through the sky. Mang Wang’s body was covered in brilliant silver white scales, and when it suddenly appeared, the silvery reflection was so bright that the crowd below couldn’t even open their eyes.

Beneath the clouds, Mang Wang let out a roar and floated above the front of Herb Mountain.

Seated on the giant python’s head, Qin Lie gripped the Eye of Frost with one hand, and looked at Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, Nie Yun, Li Yi, Zhao Changsheng, and the others with an icy cold expression. He said, “I trust all of you have been well since we last met.”


Explosive roars resounded as ancient beasts appeared one after another. Like dark clouds above, and like falling mountains, they consecutively appeared behind Qin Lie. They shook the earth until deep chasms were opened.

Nearly twenty ferocious beasts, Ku Luo, Ku Lu, Duo Luo, Ka Meng, and many other Horned Demon elites were gathered at Herb Mountain this dark gray evening.

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

“It’s actually Qin Lie!”

Shocked cries rang from the martial practitioners of the three forces. Many of them recognized Qin Lie and shouted aloud.

Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xie Yaoyang’s expressions had never been as serious as they was at this moment.

“Alliance Chief Song, have you ever thought such a day would come?” Qin Lie grinned an icy smile that sent chills into one’s heart. “You pushed me again and again, using one devious scheme after another to plot against me. Did you really think I would do as you wanted?”

The three patriarchs of Profound Heaven Alliance wore ugly expressions.

“And you.” Qin Lie then looked at Li Yi and said, “You’re the one who sent Mo He to kill me, aren’t you?”

The face of Li Yi, Eight Extreme Temple’s holy master, also darkened.

“There are no debts without creditors, and no injustices without cause. There has not been any retribution yet, but that’s just because it wasn’t the time for it,” Qin Lie looked at the crowd and said indifferently. “Yet now… the time has come.”

Everyone’s hearts went taut.


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