Chapter 372: Unsealing the Giant Beasts!

Chapter 372: Unsealing the Giant Beasts!

Underneath the Arctic Mountain Range.

After the walls of ice were broken, every Horned Demon clansman emerged from the ice field.

All of them saw the tall glaciers and the huge monsters that were sealed, frozen in ice. Apart from Ku Luo and Ku Lu, every Horned Demon clansman’s face was obviously shocked.

That’s right, shocked!

No one could have imagined that, at the center of every glacier in this ruthlessly cold field of ice, vicious beasts from bygone eras would actually be sealed.

Furthermore, there were more than thirty of them!

Ling Yushi was especially shocked since it was her first time seeing such a sight.

If one were to look carefully at the pure white sky above the bone-chilling land of profound ice, they would realize that it was actually a thick layer of powdery frost.

Cold wind shrieked with reckless abandon, wandering through the cracks of the glaciers and over the cold, desolate earth. The piercing howl of the wind was capable of freezing people’s spirits. That ear piercing howl of the wind even made the spirits of people bitterly cold.

At this moment, under the watch of the small thunder python, Qin Lie walked to the middle of the glaciers. Each and every one of his steps were on solid ice.

In the eyes of everyone present, Qin Lie’s solitary walk toward the glaciers appeared somewhat insignificant. However, at that moment, an aura appeared on Qin Lie’s body that was so oppressive that it threatened to suffocate them.

This was because Qin Lie was about to undo the seals here!

Having once ravaged the earth in ancient times, every vicious beast displayed overwhelming brutality and a tyrannical visage from bygone eras..

They had been sealed underground in glaciers and fallen into an age-long slumber. Ten thousand years removed from time, they were frozen solid and resembled enormous lions and dragons.

Today, under the constant pressure of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect, Qin Lie was seriously angered. He was finally determined to awaken these beasts that didn’t know the difference between good and evil. With them, Qin Lie sought to crush Profound Heaven City and pulverize Eight Extreme Temple’s Skypiercing Mountain.

“I don’t know what sort of horrifying devastation the Scarlet Tide Continent will suffer when these monsters are awakened. Does Qin Lie really want to do this?” Ling Chengzhi’s voice trembled slightly.

Every Ling Family clansman was visibly anxious. All of them felt uneasy in their hearts.

They felt insignificant at the sight of the vicious beasts within the glaciers. Compared to these monstrous creatures that roamed freely in ancient times, human beings appeared much weaker.

If these slumbering beasts woke up one after another, would this part of the world be able to endure their rampage?

Would Qin Lie be in control of them? Would he be able to pacify them?

Ling Chengzhi did not dare to continue that line of thought.

“I h-hope that, after these vicious beasts awaken... we will still be able to communicate with Qin Lie normally.” Ling Xuanxuan exhaled softly.

“Qin Lie definitely would not have done this if we had not been forced into a corner. He has always known of this place, yet did not make use of it this entire time.”

Ling Yushi believed in Qin Lie. She knew that Qin Lie must have run into a major problem and become thoroughly exasperated to have no choice but to do this.

“He did this in order to protect us, honor the promise he made to the Horned Demon clansmen, and to resist the constant pressure from Profound Heaven Alliance, Joyful Union Sect, and Eight Extreme Temple.” Ling Yushi sighed faintly, her eyes showing a purple of unyielding determination. “Regardless of what decision Qin Lie makes, and whether or not this decision threatens the Scarlet Tide Continent, he is the benefactor of the Ling Family! Without him, our Ling Family would have long since died many times over!”

Hearing what she said, all of the Ling Family clansmen nodded their heads one after another.

“Uncle! Th-this is…” Ka Meng of the Horn Demon Race said with a frightened voice.

“You guys knew about this place?” Duo Luo shouted as well.

Ku Luo and Ku Lu nodded their heads slightly.

“We knew about this place, but we didn’t know that Qin Lie had a way to awaken these vicious beasts!” Ku Luo’s face was also full of shock.

“It’s unbelievable that Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect have actually targeted him so many times.” Ku Lu was secretly pleased. He had been imprisoned by Profound Heaven Alliance for many years and had endured all kinds of torturous abuse. He hated Profound Heaven Alliance with his very bones. “Qin Lie wasn’t wrong when he said that the heavens didn’t want to eliminate the Horned Demon Race, but Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple! Those people pressured us over and over, flagrantly proud of themselves, yet they finally made Qin Lie determined enough to awaken these slumbering beasts!”

Ku Lu took a deep breath, his eyes full of ferocity. “If this area of land is dyed with blood, it will be because the other party asked for it!”

“Krak krak krak!”

Sounds of ice being shattered suddenly echoed over from the glaciers. Threads of silver white ice resembling lines of swimming fish appeared within the glaciers.

Brilliant rays of ice appeared along with the ice that was shattering, appearing one by one. The icy strings came undone from the top of the glaciers as if they were being moved back and forth by invisible hands.

Qin Lie stood between the glaciers. Holding onto the Eye of Frost, he used his soul consciousness to bring the mini map up inside of his mind. He pulled at the threads of ice, removing them from the bodies of the Giant Spirit clansmen.

As if being cut by a razor, large pieces of ice continuously fell and shattered.

The glaciers gradually started to rupture, shatter, and explode.

Mang Wang’s spirit, which had solidified into the small thunder python, floated above Qin Lie’s head.

The python violently twisted and turned with excitement. Strands of mysterious soul consciousness flew into the bodies of every Giant Spirit clansman like currents of electric and bolts of thunder.

He called out to his clansmen with his soul consciousness, helping them to slowly regain their own consciousnesses.


The thick glaciers suddenly shattered and opened up, spewing forth countless fragments of ice.

After the glaciers shattered, Mang Wang’s original body finally struggled free!

This was a giant python with silver white scales covering its entire body which was nearly a hundred meters long, and even thirty meters tall when coiled up on itself.

Rings of silver lightning wound around the giant python when the giant python extended its body. Like the water within a river, strands of dazzling lightning zigzagged across its body. Not only was it bright, it even discharged a godly, thunderous might that shook the earth.

A spectacular silver horn protruded from the python’s head like the sharp horns of a dragon.


In a flash, Mang Wang’s soul shrunk to the size of a grain of rice and sank into the python’s eyes

After his soul vanished, a glaring burst of lightning violently shot from both of its eyes.

In a split second, a wave of oppressive, primal air covered the entirety of this frost filled landscape. It was as if a giant hand had enveloped this area of land.


The giant python angrily hissed at the sky.

The hiss brought forth a surge of thunder and lightning. In just a moment, the land of frost was filled with flashing lightning and roiling thunder, hastening the breaking of the glaciers.

“Boom boom boom!”

When the glaciers shattered, the ground below everyone’s feet resounded with an ear-splitting explosion. Everybody was shaking as if a great earthquake had occurred.

A giant ape, whose body was more than fifty meters long and covered in bright golden fur from head to toe, grinned and laughed wildly. Once he opened his mouth, a fang at the corner of his mouth was revealed. That fang was two meters long and as sharp as a razor blade.

After the glaciers shattered, a giant, octagonal spider shook its body. Ten spiders that were each the size of a palm leaf flew out of its fur. The small spiders creaked in a strange way. Having smelled fresh blood, they rushed toward the Horned Demon clansmen and Ling Family clansmen.

A scarlet lizard, whose body resembled small mountain with its granite-like skin, spewed orange flames. The flames were like giant lanterns, bubbling out from inside of the lizard’s body and starting to melt the land of frost.

“Mang Wang!”

Qin Lie gripped the Eye of Frost with one hand and stared at the giant thunder python coldly, violently shouting, “The seals on your physical bodies have been undone, but the seals on your souls are still under my control!”

He suddenly closed his eyes, concentrated his soul consciousness, and punished them a little.

The octagonal giant spider and the scarlet lizard that had spewed torrents of flame began to frantically twist and turn. Just as they were about to destroy everything in this land, their eyes and noses suddenly emitted traces of cold air.

All this time, threads of formless ice had been hidden in the depths of their souls As long as Qin Lie activated the Eye of Frost, the threads of ice hidden within their souls would solidify, freezing their souls and sealing them once more.

The giant spider and the scarlet lizard had only been alive for a moment before they stopped moving, their eyes covered in a layer of icy frost.

“All of you be quiet!” Mang Wang roared in an ancient language.

Every Giant Spirit clansman that had just struggled free from the glaciers immediately went quiet.

One after another, they quickly focused their attention on Qin Lie. Every pair of murderous eyes stared at Qin Lie as if they wanted to him chew up and swallow him whole.

“I had an agreement with this human youth. Our race was only able to escape because of his hard work.” Mang Wang looked toward the Giant Spirit clansmen. He looked at each and every one of them and yelled, “All of you act on my orders!”

“Listen to the chief!”

“Whatever the chief asks us to do, we will do it!”

“Damn it, I want to find Ice Emperor and bite him into pieces!”

“That wretched Ice Emperor!”

“I want to strangle him to death!”


Every thundering voice rumbled and echoed within everyone’s heads. The vibration caused a splitting headache for many Horned Demon clansmen, and it made blood to flow from the eyes and noses of the Ling Family clansmen.

“Mang Wang! Break the ice above our heads and charge out from this place!” Qin Lie shouted.

“Leave it to us!” Mang Wang agreed.

“Allow me!” the giant golden ape roared while advancing. The golden fur on his body emitted a sun-like splendor that, at first glance, looked as if he were made of molten iron. With an overwhelmingly powerful aura, he looked like he was capable of knocking down mountains and destroying everything.


The giant golden ape gave an explosive roar. Like a golden spearhead or a sharp, pointed mountain, he thrusted his body high into the clouds.

“Boom boom boom!”

With a thundering sound, the thick ice above their heads fell to the ground like meteorites.

Watching ice fragments that resembled millstones drop down swiftly and forcefully, the faces of Horned Demon clansmen and Ling Family clansmen went deathly pale. All of them screamed one after another.

“Mang Wang!” Qin Lie couldn’t help but shout angrily.

“Leave it to us!” Mang Wang roared as well.

Each giant creature waved their limbs, striking and shattering the giant ice boulders one after another.

To the Horned Demons and the Ling Family, the boulders were far bigger than their bodies. To the vicious beasts that had roamed freely in ancient times, however, the boulders were just small stones.

“Continue the assault!” Break apart the ice barrier, escape from here!” the vicious beasts roared with excitement.

“Boom boom!”

Deep within the Arctic Mountain Range, a mountain of ice covered in snow rocked, swayed, and shattered open.

A fragmented ice boulder hit the chief of the Arctic Mountain Range, the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King that had been occupying the peak of the mountain, and threw it several hundred meters into the distance.


The giant golden beast soared out from within the shattered icy peak with a howling sound that resonated throughout the earth.

This shocking commotion caused a loud rumble, making the peak experts in Herb Mountain shake.


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