Chapter 368: Complete Transfer

Chapter 368: Complete Transfer

The twenty first day after the evil nether passageway was destroyed.

Deep below the Arctic Mountain Range, in a large compound at the center of a vast icy plain, all of the Horned Demon clansmen, Ling Family clansmen, and nether beasts were being moved here bit by bit.

Above their heads, ghosts and specters formed a black curtain that covered the compound.

Ku Luo issued a death order that did not permit any of his clansmen to put one foot beyond the walls of ice. He had everyone conserve their power for the battle that would occur in the future.

“As of today, more than two thousand and three hundred of your Horned Demon clansmen and more than seven hundred nether beasts have been moved here.” Qin Lie was holding the Eye of Frost with one hand, with how tired he was clearly evident on his face. His mind, however, had relaxed.

The Eye of Frost could continuously replenish its frost power from the frost energy in this location, so it could continue to support the transfers.

Yet, as the caster, Qin Lie was unable to bear the torment of constant teleportation.

He had felt dizzy in the past few days, and his mind was muddled.

Fortunately, he managed to hold on and persist until everyone was moved to the land of frost.

“As expected of the Venerable One’s grandson. If it weren’t for you, all of my clan would have died.” Ku Lu’s opinion of Qin Lie had completely changed. His expression was one of admiration as he said, “If we can safely enter the Nether Continent, my clan will be grateful for your help.”

Duo Luo and Ka Meng, the Horned Demon generals, also had pleased expressions and a different opinion of Qin Lie.

“When Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple see the nether demonic energy at Flame Volcano disappear and charge up the mountain, I wonder what expressions they will have when they find no one there.” Ku Luo snickered.

“You should stay here for now. I need to travel to Herb Mountain at Ling Town and find Spatial Spirit Stones for you.” Qin Lie didn’t dare to be careless.

He had to have Spatial Spirit Stones in order to activate the spatial transportation formation within Herb Mountain. Otherwise, if he teleported all of the Horned Demon clansmen into Herb Mountain, they would only be able to stare at each other.

“Qin Lie, who will you go to for the Spatial Spirit Stones?” Ling Yushi was somewhat worried. “You are currently the public enemy of the Scarlet Tide Continent. If you make any mistakes and expose your identity, you will have a hard time escaping death.”

“I will be careful,” Qin Lie reassured.

Not waiting for them to continue trying to persuade him, he returned to Flame Volcano using the Eye of Frost.

At this moment, Flame Volcano was empty and the nether demonic energy only covered one third of Armament City.

He put on the fox skin mask and traveled in the direction of the poisonous bog.

Recently, through the observations of the Horned Demon clansmen, he found out that the defenses behind Flame Volcano to the poisonous bog was generally lax.

The direction of the Nether Battlefield was heavily guarded. If anyone dared to charge that way, their only fate would be death.

Qin Lie needed to escape Flame Volcano, think of a way to contact Song Tingyu, and through her search for Spatial Spirit Stones.

On the twenty fifth day, the nether demonic energy retreated toward the edges of Flame Volcano and shrouded the area surrounding the evil nether passageway.

The enormous golden chariot and Golden Winged Condors of Eight Extreme Temple, the spirit beasts of Profound Heaven Alliance, and the crystalline war chariot of Joyful Union Sect gradually moved toward Armament City.

They slowly realized that something was off.

The nether demonic energy in the surroundings decreased, but the Horned Demons had yet to come out and fight to the death which thoroughly puzzled them.

So they moved into Armament City.

“Something’s wrong!”

Nie Yun was standing on a rusty tower as he looked in the direction of the evil nether passageway. Then, he looked at Flame Volcano that was shrouded in nether demonic energy. The crease in his brow deepened.

“What is going on?”

Holy Master Li Yi of Eight Extreme Temple was sitting high up on the enormous golden chariot. His mind consciousness gradually spread toward Flame Volcano.

Song Yu, Zhao Changsheng, and the top experts of the Scarlet Tide Continent couldn’t help but use their souls to inspect the area, trying to understand the situation.

It was a pity they didn’t know that, four days ago, Flame Volcano had been completely emptied of people.

“These isn’t the slightest hint of soul aura here at all!”

“No signs of life!”

“Oh no!”

Seconds later, many were shocked and couldn’t help but shout.

At this time, roars came from the crystalline chariot, the enormous golden chariot, the Golden Winged Condors, the Green Hunting Bats, and other spirit artifacts and flying spirit beasts.

Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xie Yaoyang stepped through the air and came to the last bit of land covered by the nether demonic energy—the edge of Flame Volcano.

Their gazes penetrated the thick black nether demonic energy and looked at the collapsed Flame Volcano that had broken into pieces, and the shattered evil nether passageway.

It was devoid of people!

Expressions of disbelief were on their faces. They were stunned.

What had happened? Why weren’t there any Horned Demons here?

“Alliance Master Song! Temple Master Li! Are you sure that the evil nether passageway was destroyed?” Zhao Changsheng’s expression was dark, his tone unfriendly. “If the evil nether passageway was truly destroyed, why have they disappeared? How come there’s no one here?”

This was what puzzled everyone.

Song Yu and Li Yi were unable to explain.

“Mo He! Chang Qi!” Li Yi, the temple master of Eight Extreme Temple, looked at the two golden robed envoys sternly in hopes that they could give an explanation.

Mo He and Chang Qi did not say a word. They rode the Golden Winged Condors as they charged into the last area covered by the nether demonic energy, the entrance to the evil nether passageway. They jumped down to inspect it.

The two, who were in the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm, found that the opening which had originally been a deep abyss was firmly blocked off by thick boulders. Extremely unstable vibrations occasionally came from the cracks in the rock below.

The two silently felt it. A moment later, they exchanged looks, and each saw the confusion of the other.

The raging spatial turbulence within the evil nether passageway proved that it had been destroyed. There wouldn’t be chaotic spatial vibrations otherwise.

After pausing for a few seconds, the two quickly returned. Under everyone’s suspicious gazes, Mo He said, “I just closely examined the evil nether passageway. It is truly destroyed. No one can navigate the chaotic turbulence!”

“Xuan’er, go look!” Zhao Changsheng ordered.

“Siyuan, you should go see as well,” Song Yu said.

Zhao Xuan of Joyful Union Sect and Song Siyuan of Profound Heaven Alliance also went down.

Minutes later, the two returned with furrowed brows and said, “The evil nether passageway has been destroyed.”

When the words came out, a huge question was on everyone’s minds.

What had happened?

At Profound Heaven Alliance’s Spirit Material Stores, Song Tingyu moved among the large cupboards to pick out the spirit materials that she needed.

The spirit materials here filled her vision. The names, levels, uses, and required contribution points were marked on each cupboard.

From Profound Grade one to seven and Earth Grade one to five, there were many spirit materials here.

After experiencing the lies of her father, Song Tingyu’s spirits had fallen. She had no face to see Qin Lie. She also didn’t dare to listen for news from Flame Volcano.

From her perspective, Qin Lie, the Horned Demon Race, and the Ling Family would be killed by the coalition of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect.

She didn’t want to hear news of Qin Lie’s death.

Instead, she was preparing to leave Profound Heaven Alliance and the Scarlet Tide Continent for a faraway land.

Before leaving, she wanted to get enough spirit materials to cultivate to the Fragmentation Realm, so she was very careful in current her selection.

A cold, beautiful figure suddenly appeared in the Spirit Material Stores. She walked until she was in front of Song Tingyu before she stopped. “I heard that the great victory of Profound Heaven Alliance was your achievement this time. Since you tricked Qin Lie and the Horned Demon Race into an agreement with us, we were able to let Eight Extreme Temple destroy the evil nether passageway. Oh, right, the Terminator Profound Bombs that destroyed the evil nether passageway... you got them from him, right?”

The one that spoke was Xie Jingxuan.

Song Tingyu’s left hand, which had been reaching for a fire demon stone, suddenly trembled. Her beautiful eyes dimmed for a moment. Under Xie Jingxuan’s cold gaze, she said indifferently, “I did not deceive him.”

“That’s not what they are saying. Everyone thinks that it was your accomplishment, that your intelligence that allowed us to not only obtain three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses, but also destroy the evil nether passageway.” Xue Jingxuan’s tone was as cold and hard as usual.

“Let them say whatever.” Song Tingyu shook her head. She sighed inwardly and did not explain.

This plan against the evil races and Qin Lie hadn’t been concealed from just Song Tingyu. Since Xie Jingxuan had also  helped Qin Lie once, the two fathers had also concealed it from her.

In Song Tingyu’s view, it was rational for Xie Jingxuan to misunderstand her.

“Even though many people think that you lied to the evil races and Qin Lie, he, the victim... still believes in you,” Xie Jingxuan suddenly said.

Sing Tingyu’s beautiful face was full of shock.

“He needs Spatial Spirit Stones. He told me to tell you that he hopes you can help him obtain them,” Xie Jingxuan said reluctantly. “You have good connections with some of the overseas spirit material merchants. He said that if you can help get the fresh blood of Scarlet Spirit Turtles, you can help get Spatial Spirit Stones. He hopes that you can help him with this favor.”

Song Tingyu was very shocked. “He’s surrounded. How did he get in contact with you?”

“He didn’t just get out—even the Horned Demons at Flame Volcano mysteriously disappeared.” Xie Jingxuan’s tone was cold. “You haven’t paid any attention to alliance news recently, so it is natural that you don’t know what has astounded all of the Scarlet Tide Continent. You don’t know that all the martial practitioners of the continent are searching for the location of Qin Lie and the evil races.”

Song Tingyu’s body shook as she exclaimed, “How is that possible?”

“All the experts of Profound Heaven Alliance, Joyful Union Sect, and Eight Extreme Temple, multiple figures in the Fragmentation Realm, the enormous golden chariot, and the crystalline chariot—they all went to Flame Volcano and the evil nether passageway, but they didn’t find even one Horned Demon.” Xie Jingxuan’s eyes were filled with a wondrous light. “No one knows where they went, and no one can find them. This is the greatest mystery as of late.”

Song Tingyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, and there was spirit in her expression once more. She shouted, “That is extremely hard to believe!”

“Qin Lie could always create miracles.” Xie Jingxuan nodded gently.

Song Tingyu did not ask where Xie Jingxuan had gotten the message from. She thought, then said solemnly, “Tell him that I will do my best to get him Spatial Spirit Stones!”

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