Chapter 367: Gathering of the Three Forces!

Chapter 367: Gathering of the Three Forces!

The nether demonic energy that had enveloped Armament Sect for nearly a year gradually receded toward Flame Volcano like an ebbing tide.

In just half a month, the hundreds of miles of nether demonic energy surrounding Armament Sect slowly dissipated and flowed back into the city.

Without the nourishment of the nether demonic energy, the gray land regained its vitality. As the plants with savage appearances wilted, more and more Demon Cleansing Orchids were planted to accelerate the purification of the nether demonic energy.

In the wasteland ten miles away from Armament City, wilted plants of the Nether Realm were scattered across the ground, spreading a vomit-inducing stench spread through the air.

Many birds and spirit beasts slowly gathered. Under the golden sunlight, giant, golden chariot gradually flew over from the sky in the distance.

Eight Extreme Temple’s golden robed envoys, Mo He and Chang Qi, sat atop two Golden Winged Condors about ten meters long, majestically flying through the sunny sky while escorting the chariot at its left and right sides.

The Golden Winged Condor was a rank Five spirit beast and was also the mount of an Eight Extreme Temple golden robed envoy. It was renowned for its cruelty.

Behind the two Golden Winged Condors, there were a dozen rank four Green Hunting Bats on which Zhan Tianyi and other green robed envoys were seated. Further back, there were hundreds of Golden Boned Birds on which hundreds of white robed envoys were seated.

The golden chariot, Golden Winged Condors, Green Hunting Bats, Golden Boned Birds, and Eight Extreme Temple experts arrived from the sky in a grandiose manner. A powerful grandeur radiated outward and caused every force present to tremble.

Arriving at the wasteland, they saw that many land-based spirit beasts had gathered. There were spirit beasts such as Silver Armored Alligators, Dark Moon Thunder Snakes, Metal Wing Golden Horn Lizards, and more.

These spirit beasts were obviously tamed. They had their respective owners.

Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Nie Han, and other Profound Heaven Alliance experts stood beside their tents at the center of these spirit beasts. Several hundred Profound Heaven Alliance experts scattered across the land were raising their heads and looking into the sky.

Under the sunlight, a crimson tent that was ten acres large shone with glittering rainbow light at the edge of the perimeter. The tent continuously rippled with incredibly beautiful iridescent rings.

As Eight Extreme Temple’s Holy Master Li Yi sat atop the golden chariot and arrived from the sky in a grandiose manner, Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and Nie Yun walked out of the crimson tent.

“I trust you have been well since we last met, Brother Li,” Song Yu greeted him with a smile.

The huge luxurious chariot, Golden Winged Condors, Green Hunting Bats, and Golden Boned Birds slowly descended from the sky and landed beside Profound Heaven Alliance’s tents of varying sizes.

“I offer my congratulations to Alliance Master Song Yu for acquiring the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses.” Eight Extreme Temple’s Holy Master Li Yi, wearing a long golden robe and a warm smile, stepped down from his chariot and walked toward the three patriarchs of Profound Heaven Alliance.

The golden robed envoys, Mo He and Chang Qi, added to his grandeur, following behind him to his left and right.

“Hoho, our luck is quite good. We actually managed to exchange three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses from the evil races.” Song Yu smiled calmly and said as Li Yi walked over. “Brother Li does not need to be concerned about this. When the nether demonic energy above Armament City fades completely and the elites of the evil races are all exposed to the scorching sun, we will be able to capture them alive. Heh, we can use their lives to make demands of the evil races of the Nether Realm and acquire even more Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses. When that happens, Brother Li and the golden robed envoys of the Holy Temple might be able to use the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses and endure the burning effects of the Nirvana Fire.”

“This is one of our wishes.” Holy Master Li Yi smiled brightly.

While the two were speaking, melodious music rang in the distant sky. The music was played using the mouth organ, guqin, zither, ancient wooden pipes, flute, and other instruments. It was like sweet spring water that satisfied the soul, causing everyone to feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

A war chariot made of white crystal slowly flew through the sky as if it were traveling on flat land.

Dozens of women wearing see-through clothing played music from atop the crystalline war chariot and were absorbed in the world of music.

Atop the giant war chariot, middle-aged man who looked surprisingly ancient with long hair that was bundled straight up held his hands together in a formal manner. He naturally radiated an intimidating pressure that was as deep as the sea.

Beside the middle-aged man was a young man who resembled him. The young man was looking left and right in abject boredom.

A long ribbon fluttered behind the crystalline war chariot. Many men and women wearing revealing clothing stood on top of the ribbon, whispering sweet nothings to each other.

The moment they saw that the people of Joyful Union Sect had shown up, Li Yi and Song Yu immediately stopped their conversation and looked toward the sky.

Soon enough, the crystalline war chariot stopped beside Li Yi’s giant golden chariot. Joyful Union Sect’s Vice Sect Master, Zhao Changsheng, along with his son Zhao Xuan, Revered Fearless, Revered Effortless, and Revered Thoughtful, strode together toward Li Yi and Song Yu.

“Temple Master Li, Alliance Chief Song, we haven’t met each other since the time at Flowing Cloud Continent ten years ago.” Zhao Changsheng laughed loudly and walked forward.

Zhao Changsheng was in the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm. As the vice sect master of Joyful Union Sect, his subordinate experts were as plentiful as clouds. At Joyful Union Sect, he could truly be called a person who stood above ten thousand others.

Joyful Union Sect initially wanted to settle on the Scarlet Tide Continent and support Armament Sect to oppose Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. This was to allow Joyful Union Sect’s influence to spread in the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Zhao Changsheng originally did not plan to come over personally. They simply needed to realize their plans one step at a time.

However, when he learned that the evil races of the Nether Realm had Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses, he immediately led Revered Fearless and Revered Effortless, who were at the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm, to the Scarlet Tide Continent in a rush. They rode the crystalline war chariot that Joyful Union Sect had spent a huge sum of money to purchase.

He sought to display Joyful Union Sect’s power by eliminating the evil races and splitting a portion of the rewards with Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. He would do his best to obtain the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses.

As a Copper rank force, Joyful Union Sect was more powerful than Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. Vice Sect Master Zhao Changsheng was already at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, and was equal in power to Song Yu and Li Yi.

Meanwhile, Joyful Union Sect’s Sect Master, Ruan Zhantian, was an elite at the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm. He was only a step away from entering the Nirvana Realm.

This was also why Joyful Union Sect was usually domineering among the Copper rank forces in the surrounding continents. Even Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple normally wouldn’t dare to fight Joyful Union Sect head on.

“It is truly touching that Vice Sect Master Zhao has come from afar to aid us,” Li Yi said with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

Half a month ago, Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xie Yaoyang had invited Ku Luo and his men to an exchange, whereas Mo He and Chang Qi had seized the opportunity to slip into Flame Volcano and destroy the evil nether passageway with the Terminator Profound Bombs.

This was the plan that Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had decided on after some deliberation. They had executed the plan, and they had succeeded.

In the eyes of Song Yu and Li Yi, the moment that the evil nether passageway was destroyed, the evil races were destined to be eliminated. There was no need for Joyful Union Sect to interfere in the matter at all.

However, the moment that Zhao Changsheng heard that Song Yu and the others had acquired the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus from the Horned Demon Race, they immediately departed from Joyful Union Sect’s main base and rushed over. His goals did not need to be said.

“Haha, I know that we, Joyful Union Sect, arrived too slowly to lend a hand,” Zhao Changsheng laughed loudly and declared his position on the spot. “We will naturally do our best when possible! Heh, what do you think about Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple resting on the sidelines while we, Joyful Union Sect, deal with the cleanup?”

“What is there to clean up?” Nie Yun smiled coldly.

“The evil races will not sit by and wait for their deaths. When the nether demonic energy is nearly depleted, and they are still unable to think of a way out of their predicament, they will naturally rush out to fight us to the death,” Zhao Changsheng smiled and said. “When that happens, you may leave dealing with the matter to us. Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple can just stand by and watch.”

It was only then that the faces of Song Yu and Li Yi softened.

They both knew that the Horned Demon Race would definitely rush out in an assault to pull as many people as possible to their graves with them.

Although their power would be greatly reduced since they would be charging out and fighting in an area without nether demonic energy, their final counterattack was still nothing to scoff at.

Seeing that Zhao Changsheng was willing to shoulder this major task, both parties nodded and felt that Joyful Union Sect’s work wasn’t completely unreasonable.

“Alright! Then that’s a promise. You, Joyful Union Sect, will deal with the Horned Demon Race’s final counterattack!” Song Yu did not waste any time on this matter. Profound Heaven Alliance had already acquired three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses anyway, and he did not wish to offend Joyful Union Sect. He said, “After this is over, whatever rewards we might obtain from the evil races or spirit materials we loot from their corpses will be split evenly between the three forces!”

“Deal!” Li Yi nodded and agreed as well.

“Alliance Chief Song and Temple Master Li truly are straightforward people! It’s a promise then!” Zhao Changsheng laughed loudly.

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