Chapter 366: A New Hope!

Chapter 366: A New Hope!

For the past few days Qin Lie had been alone, quietly thinking about a way to help the Horned Demon Race escape their predicament.

He had thought of the Eye of Frost!

Right now, just as the Horned Demon clansmen were in despair, ready to charge out of their land covered in nether demonic energy and fight the three great Copper forces to the death, he suddenly walked out of the cave.

“I will lead you to Herb Mountain!” Qin Lie said seriously.

The Ling Family clansmen walked out from the caves one by one, all looking at him in surprise.

Even they had not known about Qin Lie’s decision, nor did they know how he was going to move all of the Horned Demon clansmen to Herb Mountain.

“How?” Ku Lu asked stiffly.

“Senior Ku Luo and Senior Ku Lu, please come with me.” Under the gazes of the Horned Demon clansmen, Qin Lie arrived before the brothers gripping the Eye of Frost tightly. Holding their shoulders, he activated the power of frost inside of it.

“Krak! Krak!”

A translucent icy light rippled from within the Eye of Frost. It wrapped around Qin Lie, Ku Luo, and Ku Lu like layers of a bright silver rainbow.

Their bodies began to turn translucent at an astounding rate. As the crowd cried out, their bodies slowly faded bit by bit.

It was as if they were melting into thin air.


“A spatial spirit artifact!”

“T-this is…”

Ka Meng, Duo Luo, and the many powerful Horned Demon warriors cried out when they saw that the trio had disappeared in a bizarre fashion and they could not find any trace of their presence.

Ling Yushi’s beautiful face let out a smile of relief. As if relaxing suddenly, she said softly, “He has a spatial spirit artifact.”

The minds of the Ling Family clansmen shook.

Within the land of frost.

Qin Lie and the brothers were now inside the peak of an glacier. They saw frozen hills of ice wherever they looked, and every hill contained a frozen ancient beast inside of them. These beasts were comparable in size to the five Evil Gods themselves!

A cold, ancient, and deep aura had mingled into the cold, biting wind that persisted throughout the world of ice.

The brothers raised their heads and were immediately shocked to the bottom of their hearts. In a trembling tone, they asked, “Wh-where is this place?”

Once he got a bearing on his surroundings, Ku Luo suddenly lost control and screamed, “Ancient beasts! This is… the legendary Giant Spirit Race!”

It was at this moment that Mang Wang condensed into an exquisite lightning python and appeared above Qin Lie’s head.

“The foreign race of the Nether Realm!” The lightning python formed by Mang Wang’s soul suddenly released bolts of dense lightning. “Qin Lie! Why have you brought outsiders here?”

Mang Wang appeared to be incredibly furious.

The Giant Spirit Race was a barbaric race of ancient times. They were also the ancestors of the spirit beasts of this generation. Their bodies were filled with precious treasures that were rarely seen throughout the world.

Anyone with ill intentions would feel greed if they saw this many ancient beasts imprisoned underground, and might try to kill the ancient beasts with all sorts of methods while they slept. They would flay their skin, extract their bones, dismantle their skeletons, muscles, flesh, and blood, using them as precious spirit materials to increase their own strength and refine powerful spirit artifacts.

When Li Mu had given Qin Lie the Eye of Frost, he told Qin Lie that he must not expose this place under any circumstances.

However, the Horned Demon Race had nowhere to go, and in order to move them to Herb Mountain and save them, Qin Lie did not hesitate to expose this place.

In Mang Wang’s eyes, Qin Lie had put its entire race in danger.

“I’m sorry, but I need to borrow this place temporarily and use it as a hub,” Qin Lie explained with a helpless look. “Don’t worry. I will do my best not to disturb your peace, and I will not allow outsiders to stay here for long. Once this is over, I promise that I will do my best to break the seals on your people so that they may once again see the light of day.”

“A hub?” Mang Wang went blank.

The Horned Demon brothers were also shocked to the core. They did not know how Qin Lie planned to lead them straight to Herb Mountain.

So Qin Lie patiently explained his plan to them.

With the Eye of Frost, he could lead groups of the Horned Demon clansmen, nether beasts, and Ling Family clansmen to the land of frost.

The Eye of Frost was unique in that its teleportation point did not change. Where one goes in is where one comes out.

His plan was to first teleport all of the Horned Demon clansmen, the Ling Family clansmen, and Nether Beasts to this place over a few days.

Then he would wear his fox skin mask and conceal his identity before heading to Ling Town and the belly of Herb Mountain by himself.

Within Herb Mountain, he would again return to the land of frost using the Eye of Frost. He would then teleport the Horned Demon clansmen to the belly of Herb Mountain one by one.

Once Qin Lie explained his plan, the Horned Demon brothers appeared incredibly excited. They saw a new ray of hope.

“This plan can work! This way, we will not have to sacrifice a single one of our clansmen to return to the Nether Continent! Good! Very good!” Ku Luo said.

“You truly are the grandson of the Venerable One!” Ku Lu’s attitude toward Qin Lie instantly improved, and when he looked at Qin Lie again, he immediately felt that Qin Lie was much more pleasing to the eye.

“If you do this, won’t every foreign race in the Nether Realm know of our existence?” Mang Wang roared in dissatisfaction.

“No, they won’t. I had these two seniors come over so that they could lay down some restrictions and limit all foreign races of the Nether Realm to a specific area. They will only be able to move within a confined zone and will not see all of you.” Qin Lie had thought about this long ago.

“Leave this to me!” Ku Luo exclaimed. “Don’t worry, I will control my clansmen and properly lay down the restrictions. I promise that they will not know about the secrets of this land!”

“Qin Lie, you are saying that they will soon leave the Scarlet Tide Continent? At the very least, they will not be returning for a while?” Mang Wang asked.

“All of them will be transferred to the Nether Continent from Herb Mountain. They probably won’t return for several hundred years,” Qin Lie confirmed.

“Fine then. Do what you need to do,” Mang Wang finally agreed.

“Follow me.” Qin Lie gripped the Eye of Frost in one hand and moved toward an area where there weren’t any glaciers. Mang Wang and the brothers followed him.

Qin Lie sat down on an empty spot of the icy stone floor and sent his mind consciousness into the Eye of Frost.

Wisps of icy light abruptly gushed from within the Eye of Frost. A mini map of the land of frost appeared in Qin Lie’s mind, and he attempted to move it with his mind consciousness...

His body emanated a freezing aura.

A tremendous attractive force began spreading from him to the surroundings with.

The frost aura scattered throughout the surroundings and turned into wisps of white mist, condensing into translucent, crystalline ribbons that merged into one like a stream.


Thick ice walls suddenly appeared from the ground as the white fog and ice fragments gathered in this empty area.

Under the effects of the land of frost’s frost mist and streams, simple housing made from ice was formed in just an hour.

Ku Luo looked at Qin Lie in shock. He quickly came over and took out his white bone staff, powerfully waving it and changing clumps of dark souls and wraiths into thick clouds above the ice housing that shrouded the surrounding area like a gray cover. This would prevent the Horned Demon clansmen who entered later on from detecting any outside activity.

Ku Lu, who had just recovered a portion of his strength, was riddled with scars and as thin as a ghoul. His grudge against Qin Lie had been considerably deep.

However, after seeing Qin Lie attempting to save his clansmen even at the risk of exposing this place, he could not help see Qin Lie in a new light.

“He carries himself with the same demeanor as the Venerable One…” Ku Lu quietly thought.

“He is using the Eye of Frost to manipulate the frost energy in this land. He seems to have truly mastered it!” Mang Wang was well aware of the fact. “I wonder if he could directly break our seals using the Eye of Frost. Perhaps there is a real possibility…”

Mang Wang also felt like he saw hope.

With Qin Lie and Ku Luo’s combined efforts, it didn’t take long for a gigantic manor built from ice with dark souls and ghouls to form.

Some time later, Qin Lie emerged from his miraculous state and looked at the mini map in his mind. He examined the pocket-sized glaciers, taking in the icy lines and lights restraining the Giant Spirit Race clansmen inside them. He seemed to have suddenly understood something.

“This is an ice formation… and also a spirit artifact!”

The land of frost that sealed the Giant Spirit clansmen formed a giant, mysterious, and extraordinary formation, and the Eye of Frost was the main control switch of that formation!

“Qin Lie, with this place my clansmen will definitely not learn about the outside surroundings. Furthermore, I guarantee that I will watch them closely and forbid them from taking a single step out of here!” Ku Luo hurriedly promised when he saw that Qin Lie had woken up, hoping to transfer his clansmen over as quickly as possible.

This place never saw the light of day, so the Horned Demon clansmen did not need to worry about the blistering sun after arriving.

In this place, the speed at which their strength leaked would also slow down considerably.

“Wonderful, just wonderful!” Ku Lu cried on the inside.

“Should I begin now?” Qin Lie asked.

“Please do your best to transfer our Horned Demon clansmen over as soon as possible!” Ku Luo begged.

“Alright. First, you come with me and persuade them so they will feel at ease.” Qin Lie nodded.


After activating the Eye of Frost once more, Qin Lie took Ku Luo with him and reappeared at the foot of Flame Volcano.

Originally thinking that an accident had occurred, the Horned Demon clansmen who had been waiting for some time were growing anxious.

It was only when Qin Lie and Ku Luo reappeared that they finally relaxed. Duo Luo and Ka Meng, the two Horned Demon generals, hurriedly questioned, “Uncle..?”

Ku Luo nodded deeply, declaring happily, “Qin Lie has found a way for us to survive!”

Everyone was overjoyed.

“Save the questions. Follow Qin Lie and teleport away from here in groups,” Ku Luo ordered.

The Horned Demon clansmen who were already despairing, ready to emerge from this place surrounded by nether demonic energy and fight to the death, immediately became noisy when they heard his words. The light of hope had reappeared in their eyes.

With that, every Horned Demon clansmen, nether beast, and Ling Family clansmen gathered and left with Qin Lie in groups under Ku Luo’s command.

The figures accompanied by nether beasts gradually disappeared.

They disappeared from Armament City.

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