Chapter 364: Defeated

Chapter 364: Defeated

In the dense black nether demonic energy, Qin Lie saw three dazzling rays of light discharge an overwhelming, limitless amount of energy that seemed intent on purifying the world of all evil and dispersing all darkness.

However, in the dense nether demonic energy, the remnant souls of the five Evil Gods expanded endlessly. They continuously swallowed up the darkness and increased their energy in a frantic manner.

Ku Luo’s powerful whistle shot through the sky and frequently echoed from the darkness, shaking and swaying like he wanted to destroy the Scarlet Tide Continent.

It was in this situation among the darkness that the Spirit Hunting Beast below him whistled past the dazzling rays of light, sweeping by the river full of Demon Cleansing Orchids. It buried its head into the dense nether demonic energy that covered the land.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The five revered Evil Gods swallowed up the nether demonic energy, their monstrous auras forming a cluster of pitch-black mushroom clouds that seemed as unfathomable as the depths of hell. Faint black flames silently spread throughout the clouds.

The appearance of the five Evil Gods howling wildly and stepping through the demonic clouds, their entire bodies covered in pitch-black flames, it was as if five vicious demons from a bygone era had returned to the world and were about to begin a new era of slaughter.

In the meantime, Ku Luo disappeared, seemingly transforming into a mass of pure darkness.

The bodies of Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xiao Yaoyang started to glow with spiritual light. Their every movement surprisingly managed to attract thick spirit energy from every direction as if in harmony with nature spirit energy, attacking the dense darkness from that side.

Nie Yun raised his longsword and a hundred meter long sword beam slashed out. Like a plunging waterfall, it rumbled into the darkness and charged, aimed at the five Evil Gods.

Duo Luo’s voice suddenly rang out. The Spirit Hunting Beast beside Qin Lie dashed toward the evil nether passageway at an extreme quick pace.

“Uncle forcefully summoned the Evil God. His body will sustain grievous injuries after this battle,” Ka Meng shouted gravely.

“Retreat to evil nether passageway first!” Duo Luo said.

The Spirit Hunting Beast flew wildly.

At the collapsed Flame Volcano.

A crowd of Horned Demon clansmen gathered at the foot of the mountain, the plaza area of the former Armament Sect.

Ling Yushi and the Ling Family clansmen were also scattered throughout that area. An extremely heavy expression could be seen on each of their faces.

The center of the area that they originally were in, the gateway to the evil nether passageway, no longer existed.

Countless stones fragments closed off the pitch-black abyss. Violent, disorderly energy was at the gateway while faint flashes of thunder and lightning could be seen.

“This is the Terminator Profound Bomb...” Ling Xuanxuan said with a bitter expression.

A quarter of an hour ago, a giant condor that shimmered with gold suddenly appeared above everyone’s heads.

On the giant condor, one of Eight Extreme Temple’s gold robed envoys, Mo He, faced the evil nether passageway and indifferently threw a number of metallic balls at it. All of them sank into the passageway.

At that moment, numerous Horned Demon warriors with four or five horns risked their lives to stop them.

However, Chang Qi, another gold robed envoy, sat on that giant golden condor.

Mo He was in charge of controlling the Terminator Profound Bombs, and Chang Qi was in charge of killing all the Horned Demon warriors that tried to interfere. When both gold robed envoys from Eight Extreme Temple worked together, the Horned Demon Race lost five of their four horned warriors and one of their five horned warriors. They died tragically, yet they still didn’t manage to stop the Terminator Profound Bombs from exploding.

The evil nether passageway was destroyed shortly after.

Mo He and Chang Qi didn’t stay for long. Both of them wandered around the area riding the golden giant condor and threw two more Terminator Profound Bombs where there were many Horned Demon clansmen. After that, they leisurely took their leave.

The Horned Demon clansmen suffered disastrous losses from just two Terminator Profound Bombs. At that moment, this nether demonic energy shrouded land wailed like ghosts and wolves.

“Sis.” Ling Xuanxuan looked at Ling Yushi.

“The evil nether passageway here was destroyed by Eight Extreme Temple. Qin Lie must have also been caught in a plot on his end,” Ling Yushi said calmly, standing upright and unyielding atop a mountain of stones. “Let us stay here and await their return!”

Ling Yushi clearly understood that the strength of the current Ling Family definitely couldn’t oppose either Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple. Both were capable of easily obliterating the Ling Family.

Even if she were to go to Qin Lie’s side with the Ling Family clansmen, they wouldn’t be able to help very much. They might even become a burden instead.

That was why she could only wait.

Beside the crumbling desolate mountain.

With calm expressions, Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Nie Yun, and the others all raised their heads to look up at the sky.

Darkness drowned out the moonlight. Under the pitch-black curtain of night, in the middle of the darkness that five Evil Gods forcefully occupied, three rays of light seemed incomparably bright.

Every so often, terrible waves capable of stunning the souls and swaying the spirits of powerful individuals would burst forth.

The fight only lasted a moment.

Soon enough, the five Evil Gods suddenly rushed toward the land covered in nether demonic energy. Like five long, pitch-black dragons following Ku Luo, they went in the direction of the distant evil nether passageway.

The terrible events in the sky steadily went quiet.

With that, the moon revealed itself once more.

Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and Nie Yun came on hollow footsteps, landing beside Song Siyuan and the others who wore somewhat heavy expressions. Nie Yun said, “The six horned warriors of the Horned Demon Race are even harder to deal with than before. It would be impossible to kill them if we didn’t work together and go all out.”

“The evil nether passageway has already been destroyed. With this accomplished, everything else will be simple.” Song Yu waved his hands and smiled calmly. “Not only have we obtained Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses this time, we have also destroyed the evil nether passageway. Our goal has been achieved.”

“Yes. If we really want to thoroughly eradicate the evil races, we still need to work with Joyful Union Sect and Eight Extreme Temple.” Xie Yaoyang smiled as well. “It’s unreasonable for Profound Heaven Alliance to deal with the main force of the Horned Demon Race alone.”

“Brother Song, I didn’t really think highly of you in the past. After this… hehe, I finally approve of you.” Nie Yun suddenly looked at someone.

He was looking at the Song Family’s bank of knowledge, Song Zhi.

The plump Song Zhi squinted his eyes and smiled faintly.

“As long as we can injure that six horned warrior, it’ll be fine. We would definitely have to pay a price if the three of us wanted to kill him,” Song Yu said, smiling. “The evil nether passageway has been destroyed, the evil races that are up here can no longer return, and at the same time, they can no longer bring people from the Nether Realm. Now we only have to dispose of the Demon Armor Insects and the Spirit Corroding Beasts in order to gradually purify the nether demonic energy. After that, our victory is assured.”

“That’s right,” Song Zhi interrupted. “Once they no longer have nether demonic energy to use, they will gradually weaken under the scorching sun. At that time, we won’t have to waste a single soldier to eliminate all of the evil races with ease. Capturing them alive also won’t be a problem.”

“It’s pointless to capture them alive, killing all of them is more neat and tidy,” Nie Yun said.

“No, no, they can be useful,” Song Zhi shook his head and said sinisterly. “Members of the evil races with more than four horns are a threat to us and should be killed. We can still use those with four horns, three horns, or two horns in the Nether Battlefield, exchanging them for even more spirit materials from the evil races.”

Once he made his remark, everyone’s eyes became bright. They praised Song Zhi’s brilliant idea one after another.

“Ai, I’m afraid this trip has hurt Yu’er’s heart,” Song Siyuan exclaimed gently.

“I will advise her properly,” Song Zhi frowned and said indifferently. “She and that kid experienced hardship together in the Nether Realm. Furthermore, it seems that she admires Qin Lie quite a bit. Hiding this from her guarantees that nothing will go wrong. For the benefit of the family, she should be able to look at the big picture and gradually figure it out.”

“Tingyu is the beloved daughter of Profound Heaven Alliance! A toad like Qin Lie would like to eat a swan?” Nie Yun said with a cold, gloomy expression. “We just gave him a chance, yet he did not take it and instead chose to assault us with Terminator Profound Bombs. I think that this kid should be considered an enemy from this point onward.”

“Capture him alive.” Song Zhi narrowed his eyes and said with anticipation, “He knows how to forge Terminator Profound Bombs. He also might have another spatial spirit artifact in his possession. We need to capture him alive and uncover these secrets.”

Song Yu sighed. He didn’t say much about the matter of handling Qin Lie.

Xie Yaoyang, on the other hand, spoke with a regretful expression, “It’s a pity. This kid is very good at being tossed around. He’s also a capable person. His future prospects are unlimited.”

“It’s just unlucky. He first went to Armament Sect, coincidentally coming across us wanting to destroy it. Not long after leaving Armament Sect, he found out that the Ling Family is of the evil races.” Song Zhi laughed mischievously. “This kid is seriously unfortunate.”

“I think he’s just a jinx!” Nie Yun grunted coldly.




Ka Meng and Duo Luo sat on the body of a Spirit Hunting Beast. Turning their heads, they realized that five dark rivers were approaching them from behind.

The five rivers originated from the energy that had been dispersed from the Evil Gods. Slowly turning into mist, they blended together with the nether demonic energy.

Ku Luo emerged, dejected.

He landed on the body of a Spirit Hunting Beast and looked at the eyes of Ka Meng, Duo Luo and his brother Ku Lu. All of them were overwhelmed with hatred, their expressions incomparably solemn.

Qin Lie sat on the Spirit Hunting Beast behind Ku Luo. Looking attentively, he discovered that fine cracks had appeared on the six strange horns on the back of Ku Luo’s neck.

Qin Lie clearly understood that not only were the horns on the necks of Horned Demon clansmen symbols of their identity, status, and strength, they were also vital points on their bodies and more important than the heart of a human.

Cracks on Ku Luo’s horns meant that he had sustained heavy injuries and that recovery would take a long time

“I didn’t know that they had set up a deadly scheme,” Qin Lie said softly.

“It’s not related to you.” Ku Luo’s eyes overflowed with deep hatred. “Blame me. Blame me for wanting to save my brother from the bottom of my heart. Blame me for underestimating their animosity.”

“I…” Qin Lie still wanted to say something.

Ku Luo waved his hands and said, “First, let’s look at the evil nether passageway.”

After a while, the Spirit Hunting Beasts that carried Qin Lie, Ku Luo, and the others arrived at the evil nether passageway.

Seeing the clansmen that had tragically died near the ruined evil nether passageway,the expressions of the three warriors with six horns, Ku Luo, Duo Luo, and Ka Meng, became extremely grim.

“The evil nether passageway has been destroyed. The Demon Armor Insects, Spirit Corroding Beasts, and all other Nether Beasts won’t survive for long.” Duo Luo took a deep breath.

“Once the Demon Armor Insects and Spirit Corroding Beasts die, the nether demonic energy here will gradually disperse. The land will return to its original state and all the plants will wither away.” Ka Meng wore a complicated expression. “Half a month... in half a month at most, this land will return to its original state. When that day comes, we will no longer have nether demonic energy to use. With everyone exposed to the scorching sun, it won’t be necessary for the enemy to kills us. Our clansmen will fall one by one…”

Qin Lie’s expression changed drastically.

From their conversation, he guessed that the survival of the Demon Armor Insects and Spirit Corroding Beasts was related to the unobstructed flow of the evil nether passageway.

Since the evil nether passageway was destroyed, they were now unable to return to the Nether Realm. The clansmen that were left in the Nether Realm were also unable to come.

After all the nether demonic energy dispersed and the scorching sun shone downward, the Horned Demon clansmen would gradually weaken.

This would bring disaster.

“I will help you guys survive this calamity at all costs!” Qin Lie said with dignity.

Yet Ku Luo, Duo Luo, and Ka Meng just smiled bitterly.

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