Chapter 363: Fall Out!

Chapter 363: Fall Out!

Qin Lie felt an icy chill.

He did not think that the patriarchs of Profound Heaven Alliance’s three great families would actually come up with such a deadly scheme against the Horned Demon Race. He did not think that Song Yu would hide this, even from Song Tingyu.

In exchanging Ku Lu for the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses, Profound Heaven Alliance had lured Ku Luo, Ka Meng, and Duo Luo away from Flame Volcano and destroyed the evil nether passageway with the Terminator Profound Bombs in one strike while no elites were stationed there.

They had gotten the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses, but Ku Lu was completely exhausted and was not able to fight.

After the exchange was finished, Profound Heaven Alliance attacked, attempting to kill to the Horned Demon Race with the excuse that they were still enemies. It was an absolutely despicable act.

Amidst Nie Yun’s mad laughter, Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Nie Han, and the rest of the Profound Heaven Alliance experts spread out appropriately.

They attempted to intercept Ku Luo and the others.

“Qin Lie!”

Ku Luo’s ghastly eyes shone with a coldness that seeped to the bone as he shouted, shaking all over, “Did you betray my race?!”

He did not know what Song Yu and Qin Lie had been talking about, but he did know that they had fallen into a trap. He knew what the explosive sound at the evil nether passageway meant.

Ka Meng, Duo Luo, and the rest of the Horned Demon Race also stared at Qin Lie with dead eyes. The monstrous anger in their eyes could not be concealed.

“Qin Lie, there’s no way these evil races can return to the Nether Realm after the evil nether passageway has been destroyed,” Song Yu said seriously since he admired Qin Lie quite a bit. “Against the combined forces of Eight Extreme Temple, Profound Heaven Alliance, and Joyful Union Sect, any evil races who dare step into Scarlet Tide Continent will be slaughtered to the last man. We, Profound Heaven Alliance, hold you in high regard, and I believe that you have great potential. I hope you will not intervene, simply watching from the sidelines until the conclusion of this matter. Once this is over, the blemish on your record will be wiped away. Not only you will become a Moon rank foreign delegate of Profound Heaven Alliance, you will even receive an enormous sum in contribution points.”

Song Yu looked at Song Tingyu beside him and said, “Yu’er, don’t worry. As long as Qin Lie only watches from the sidelines, I will make sure to give him everything that rightfully belongs to him.”

Song Yu was well aware that his methods had hurt his own daughter. This was why he wished to make amends.

Song Tingyu, however, could only shake her head repeatedly. She backed away as she did and said, “No matter how this matter ends, I will never work for the family again. I will leave the Scarlet Tide Continent.”

Song Tingyu was completely shattered by this outcome.

Song Yu’s expression changed as he said, “Yu’er!”

Without another word, Song Tingyu climbed aboard the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly and actually flew away under the gazes of Xie Yaoyang and Nie Yun.

“Qin Lie, run! Run away as far as you can!”

She was leaving with the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly, but her voice reached Qin Lie’s ears.

She knew Qin Lie’s personality better than anyone. She knew that Qin Lie definitely wouldn’t abandon the evil races and return to Profound Heaven Alliance after their deliberate deception.

She knew almost instantly that, from this point on, Qin Lie would consider Profound Heaven Alliance his sworn enemy.

Yet, at the same time, she also knew that the current Qin Lie definitely wasn’t a match for Profound Heaven Alliance even if he joined forces with the evil races!

“Qin Lie, come down from the Spirit Hunting Beast and watch from the sidelines. Once this is over, you will become a Moon rank foreign delegate, the blemish on your record will be wiped away, and you will receive an enormous amount contribution points from Profound Heaven Alliance in return.” At this time, Song Yu did not chase Song Tingyu and instead looked at Qin Lie. “As long as you come down, I guarantee that you will enjoy all kinds of luxury in the future, and that Joyful Union Sect and Eight Extreme Temple will no longer pursue this matter!”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I can, however, afford to give you a few more Terminator Profound Bombs.” Qin Lie yelled in an icy tone.

Qin Lie threw down seven metallic balls, which were covered in lightning and accompanied by the dull rumbling of thunder.

He tossed it in the exact direction of Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and Nie Yun.

“Go!” Qin Lie suddenly yelled at Ku Luo.

Ku Luo recognized the Terminator Profound Bombs, and the moment that he saw the seven Terminator Profound Bombs land at Song Yu’s location, he immediately realized that Qin Lie was proving that he had nothing to do with this trap.

“Retreat!” Ku Luo looked toward the sky and roared angrily.

The four Spirit Hunting Beast flew toward the other side of the river like four clumps of demonic clouds in the night sky.

“What a blind man!” Nie Yun laughed coldly.

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!”

Resembling the sun, seven earthshaking explosions brightly flashed at the same time.

At this moment, everyone was temporarily deafened by the shockwave, and they saw that space had suddenly collapsed. It was as if an invisible abyss had been forcefully torn open in the sky itself.

The countless tiny cracks in space clearly appeared in the sky as they were followed by lightning that cut through everything, violent thunder, and a deafening, angry roar.

The desolate mountain was instantly blown to smithereens, shattered stones falling like small drops of rain.

It was only an instant, but the desolate mountain, that was several hundred meters tall, was completely flattened by the explosion. Throughout the sky, large chunks of rock violently rained down in every direction.

“Amazing! What violent fury! It looks like these things truly are capable of destroying the evil nether passageway!” Nie Yun’s dark laughter rang through the sky full of shattered stones. “It’s unfortunate that, despite its strength, this power isn’t concentrated enough! It is not enough to kill a martial practitioner in the Fulfillment Realm, much less us in the Fragmentation Realm.”

A silver sword beam, dozens of meters long, shot through the sky amidst the falling stones. The sword beam was like a flowing river that glowed with a godly light, so harsh that it seemed as though it could pierce the sky.

Within the iridescent sword beam, Nie Yun’s arrogant figure flashed as he floated in midair. He held a glittering silver sword aloft, clad in dense armor that resembled fish scales.

Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang did not take out spirit artifacts or clad themselves in armor, instead just calmly floating in the air.

Those in the Fragmentation Realm were capable of shattering the sky. They were capable of standing in midair.

The patriarchs of Profound Heaven Alliance’s three great families did not rely on any external forces to suspend themselves in the air. They were still at the river bank where the Demon Cleansing Orchids were planted, cutting off the retreat of the Spirit Hunting Beasts.

“Qin Lie, you disappoint me.” Song Yu frowned.

“Qin Lie, when all is said and done, the evil race is the evil race. Walking too closely beside them can only be detrimental to your future growth,” Xie Yaoyang said sincerely, seeming to think rather highly of Qin Lie. “Perhaps, on any other continent, the great forces could peacefully coexist with foreign races. Yet this is the Scarlet Tide Continent. Here, even if we were able to change our opinion of the evil races, Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, and many other Copper forces probably wouldn’t be able to reverse their own. We, Profound Heaven Alliance, do not dare take the risk and offend the entire world. This is why we have no choice but to come up with such a scheme.”

“The Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses are in our possession, and these evil races have lost their worth. What’s the point of wasting our breath any longer?” Nie Yun was more straightforward than Xie Yaoyang. He laughed coldly, gripping his sword. “With just these evil races alone, there’s no way they will be able to resist the combined might of Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, and Profound Heaven Alliance. Since the evil nether passageway has already been destroyed, these evil races who have dared step into the Scarlet Tide Continent must be completely wiped out!”

“Leave, Qin Lie! They are delaying you on purpose! The elites of Eight Extreme Temple and Joyful Union Sect are swiftly gathering at this location. Leave as soon as possible!”

“Charge through them!” Qin Lie exclaimed in a low tone using the language of the Nether Realm.



Ka Meng and Duo Luo cried out in unison. Their eyes shone with a nearly uncontrollable gleam. They looked like they wanted to abandon everything and fight Profound Heaven Alliance to the death.

“I will break through the defenses of the three Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners. You guys will charge through them immediately after that.” Ku Luo suddenly departed from the Spirit Hunting Beast and floated in the night air.

Step by step, he walked through the air toward Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xie Yaoyang. An item suddenly appeared in his hand—a wooden sculpture.

It was just a single size smaller than Qin Lie’s. It was the wooden sculpture that Qin Shan had given to him as a gift in the past.

The moment they saw Ku Luo bring out the wooden sculpture, the expressions of Kang Meng, Duo Luo, and Ku Lu changed.

They seemed to know that Ku Luo could unleash a secret art with the wooden sculpture and a force large enough to tear through the defense line formed by Profound Heaven Alliance’s three patriarchs.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, spirits, wraiths, grudges, and evil spirits all flew out of Ku Luo. It was as if the tormented, unwilling souls of the Nine Hells had broken free of their restraints and madly rushed into the area.

Countless tormented souls and wraiths gushed out of Ku Luo’s nose, ears, mouth, and pores. They all seeped into the wooden sculpture.


A cracking noise could be heard from inside the six odd horns around Ku Luo’s neck. They were as black as iron and represented his status and identity as a six horned warrior.

“Uncle!” Ka Meng and Duo Luo’s eyes were red.

“Get ready.” Ku Luo gripped the wooden sculpture with both hands and faithfully began summoning something in the ancient language of the Nether Realm.

Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and Nie Yun frowned as they stared at Ku Luo coldly. Their expressions gradually became serious.

They could faintly sense five tremendous, but vague consciousnesses swiftly gathering inside the wooden sculpture.

“He’s summoning the Evil Gods!” Nie Yun suddenly realized.


Another shocking explosion rang out from the direction of the evil nether passageway. When they listened to it closely, it sounded like the rumbling collapse of the mountain itself.

Ku Luo howled in anger.

Five gargantuan shadows flew out of the wooden sculpture with a whistle. An apocalyptic aura that threatened to destroy the world instantly filled the entire Scarlet Tide Continent.

These were the five, same exact Evil Gods that Qin Lie had seen at the Demon God Mountain Range!

However, these five great Evil Gods did not have actual bodies. In fact, they could not even be called avatars.

They were just the accumulation of the unrelenting will that was scattered throughout this world, condensed into the fragmented souls of the Evil Gods through the power of the tormented souls, wraiths, and evil spirits.

The instant that the five great Evil Gods were formed, they immediately began to roar soundlessly. It was as if there were five gigantic typhoons that carried a terrifying, apocalyptic aura that covered land and sky, instantly rushing toward the three patriarchs.

After the fragmented souls of the five great Evil Gods had gathered, the nether demonic energy on the opposite side of the river bank began to flow madly. It looked like a pitch black, overflowing river that slowly consumed the moon, truly blackening the entire world until no one could even see their own fingers in front of them.

Qin Lie heard mad howls that shook his very soul.

At this very moment, he saw Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xie Yaoyang become three shining suns that glowed with endless light.

Then he found that the Spirit Hunting Beast beneath him willingly dove into the endless darkness before it completely flooded over them.

“Retreat, now!” Ku Luo’s terrible cries echoed through the darkness.


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