Chapter 360: Exchange

Chapter 360: Exchange

Qin Lie did not find it strange that Song Tingyu had seen through his Yao Tian persona. The fox skin mask he wore had come from Song Tingyu after all.

However, he hadn’t expected that she would also know about how he had played with Liu Ting emotionally.

“Did you specially investigate me?” Qin Lie furrowed his brows.

“You suddenly disappeared for ten or so days without a word. Since I was anxious to find you, I naturally put in some effort.” Song Tingyu sweetly smiled, not denying Qin Lie’s accusation. “I’m curious about why you would come to Ling Town and create the persona of Yao Tian. Furthermore, why did you go and mess with Liu Ting? I heard… that you were once part of Nebula Pavilion. So, were there matters between you and her? Even if there were, you went and messed with her emotionally. Isn’t that a little bit too vicious and despicable?”

Qin Lie sneered and didn’t reply.

“Also, are the deaths of the Feng Family clansmen connected to you as well?” Song Tingyu’s clear, bright eyes deeply observed Qin Lie.

“You came and found me because of the exchange between Profound Heaven Alliance and the Horn Demon Race. Let us only discuss that,” Qin Lie said heavily.

“Does your recent disappearance and your sudden reappearance here in Ling Town have to do with the usage of some kind of spatial spirit artifact?” Song Tingyu pried curiously.

Qin Lie didn’t respond.

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly turned into a rainbow as it flew in the direction of Armament City. On its back, two people sat side by side, facing the incoming wind.

Song Tingyu clearly still felt some uncertainty about Qin Lie’s sudden disappearance, reappearance, and recent actions in Ling Town as she used various methods to probe him, attempting to find the truth.

When she had previously entered Herb Mountain with Qin Lie, she personally saw Qin Lie use the wooden sculpture to receive some kind of message from one of the bizarre octagonal diagrams behind the mountain.

At that moment, Song Tingyu already realized that Herb Mountain wasn’t as simple as it seemed and guessed that the mountain contained Qin Lie’s greatest secret.

Currently, when all the martial practitioners of the various forces of the Scarlet Tide Continent believed Qin Lie to have defected to the Horned Demon Race, while he was facing crisis, Qin Lie had still come to Ling Town by himself. This only caused Song Tingyu’s doubts to grow even stronger.

The deaths of the Feng Family clansmen, the disappearance of two Dark Asura Hall martial practitioners, and the reasons behind the resignation of a group of youths from Nebula Pavilion all made Song Tingyu attentive on the inside. She believed that Qin Lie taking on the persona of Yao Tian and taking action in Ling Town must have some ulterior, personal motives.

She hoped to figure out what Qin Lie’s true goal was.

However, it was extremely clear that Qin Lie didn’t want to discuss this matter.

It only took about two hours to get from Ling Town to Armament City atop the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

After a period of silence between the two, Song Tingyu rolled her eyes in annoyance and gave up as she broke the silence. “Okay, okay, I won’t ask you about the matters in Ling Town. The things that you entrusted to me have all been accomplished. Everything you wanted is inside this spatial ring.”

“What?” Qin Lie didn’t react for a while.

”The spirit materials. You know, the ones that were to be exchanged for the Terminator Profound Bombs? I was able to obtain the Fate Crystals, the Ethereal Jade, and the blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle by sending people overseas to buy them. How come you aren’t thanking me?” Song Tingyu said with a chuckle as she nodded at the ring on her beautiful finger.

“Thanking you?” Qin Lie took out the long since prepared Terminator Profound Bombs from within his spatial ring one by one. “Why would I need to thank you? It’s not like you are giving them to me for free. As promised, these are your Terminator Profound Bombs.”

One Terminator Profound Bomb after another appeared in Qin Lie’s hand with strands of electricity snaking around them as the faint rumbling of thunder emanated from within.

Song Tingyu’s eyes brightened as she immediately snatched the Terminator Profound Bombs. Smiling tenderly, she said, “Trying to buy the Terminator Profound Bombs in your hands definitely wasn’t easy, but they still ended up in my hands.”

“My things!” Qin Lie opened his hand.

Fate Crystals and pieces of Ethereal Jade continuously appeared in Song Tingyu’s palm and fell into Qin Lie’s hand.

Lastly, Song Tingyu carefully took out an extremely small jade bottle. As she gave it to Qin Lie, she said, “This is the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle. Be careful with it.”

The fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle emanated a crystal, amber red luster from within the transparent jade bottle. As the bottle shook, faint rings of light appeared within the blood.

Qin Lie trusted that Song Tingyu wouldn’t lie to him, so he didn’t bother calling out Xue Li to examine it for him. He casually stored the bottle of blood inside of his spatial ring and then changed the topic, saying, “Oh yeah, can your Profound Heaven Alliance obtain Spatial Spirit Stones?

“Spatial Spirit Stones?” Those words startled her. “What do you need Spatial Spirit Stones for?”

“You don’t need to worry about what they are going to be used for. I’m just asking if you can obtain them.”

“I’ll try to think of something.”

“Okay. Next time, if you still want Terminator Profound Bombs, I will prioritize exchanging them for Spatial Spirit Stones.”

“I’ll ask around when I return.”

While the two conversed, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly passed through the airspace above Dark Asura Hall as it gradually approached Armament City.

“Joyful Union Sect has constantly sent over powerful practitioners recently. They have all gathered within the new Armament Sect situated in the poisonous bog. The experts of Eight Extreme Temple have also gone there and have been negotiating with my Profound Heaven Alliance regarding the eradication of the Horned Demon Race in one clean swoop, forcing them back into the Nether Realm.” Song Tingyu looked into the distance as she aimlessly muttered, “Even with the current circumstances, my father and the others still insist on dealing with the Horned Demon Race, even telling me to go as soon as possible. Yet I’ve always felt that it won’t be very safe. I am afraid of being discovered by the people of Joyful Union Sect and Eight Extreme Temple.”

“That has nothing to do with me,” Qin Lie said, his face calm.

Even if Profound Heaven Alliance’s exchange with the Horned Demon Race was exposed, it would only bring him benefits, not trouble. Therefore, he couldn’t bother to care about it.

“Of course you don’t care. After all, if Joyful Union Sect and Eight Extreme Temple learn of Profound Heaven Alliance’s transaction with the Horned Demon Race, they would only come after us, making us the enemies of the continent like Blood Spear.” Song Tingyu laughed bitterly.

“Enough. I will arrange for Ku Luo and the others to not expose this matter.” Qin Lie replied in a succinct but lazy manner. Afterward, he asked, “Have the time and place been decided?”

“There is a desolate mountain between your territory and the territory of Seven Fiends Valley. My father and the others will bring the Horned Demon elder with six horns somewhere around that deserted area.” Song Tingyu stated the place. “As for the time, you can decide that for yourself after talking it over with the members of the Demon Horned Race.”


Before long, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly brought Qin Lie to the previously mentioned desolate mountain.

It was several hundred meters tall and littered with grayish black stones. Furthermore, it was completely barren, and the nearby area was also quite exposed. There were no places to hide from the eyes of others.

Dozens of kilometers behind the desolate mountain was the territory of Seven Fiends Valley. Not far ahead of the desolate mountain was the west gate of the Armament City that was shrouded in nether demonic energy.

“The poisonous bog is separated from this area by Armament City and the area that has been occupied by the Horned Demon Race. Since all the practitioners of Joyful Union Sect and Eight Extreme Temple have decided to stay in the poisonous bog, this area will be more hidden and will also be very safe,” Song Tingyu explained.

Qin Lie observed the surroundings for a while and was unable to discover any abnormalities. After thinking about Profound Heaven Alliance’s exchange with the Horned Demon Race once more, he decided that they definitely wouldn’t want others to know. Thus, choosing this area for the exchange shouldn’t cause any problems.

“Alright. I will go find Ku Luo and discuss it with him. In two or three days, we will exchange the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses for the Horned Demon elder here. You should also discuss it with your father. Make sure that your Profound Heaven Alliance prepares accordingly. Let’s leave it at this.” After speaking a few more sentences, Qin Lie crossed over the river covered in Demon Cleansing Orchids in front of the desolate mountain and entered the land occupied by the Horned Demon Race.

However, the movements of him and Song Tingyu had already attracted the attention of several Horned Demon warriors nearby. They were already waiting for him when he entered. A four horned warrior riding atop a Spirit Hunting Beast quickly greeted him in the language of the Nether Realm. “Uncle has been awaiting your return.”

Qin Lie nodded. Mounting another Spirit Hunting Beast, he quickly arrived beside the collapsed Flame Volcano where he encountered the three six horned elites, Ku Luo, Duo Luo, and Ka Meng.

Curiously, Ling Yushi was also present and seemed to be speaking with the three of them. Upon seeing Qin Lie dismount from the Spirit Hunting Beast, traces of joy emerged from Ling Yushi’s purple eyes as she gently smiled at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie looked at her, his eyes brightening as he said, “Your strength is still advancing greatly.”

Although it had only been ten or so days since they last met, a new aura of grace now emanated from Ling Yushi’s body. Ever since her hair, eyes, and blood had changed color, she also seemed to have developed a sudden love for the color purple.

Today she was wearing a long purple dress which went all the way down to ground. It gave off the impression of a delicate purple flower in bloom.

As for Yushi, her exquisite figure seemed to be enveloped by the purple flower. With her purple hair and purple eyes, the image made Qin Lie feel an extremely powerful emotion.

Frankly speaking, the old Ling Yushi wasn’t as glamorous or expressive as Song Tingyu, nor as beautiful as Xie Jingxuan. However, after the awakening of her Evil God blood, she had undergone changes as her temperament, appearance, and mind experienced rapid growth with each passing day.

She seemed to be growing increasingly beautiful and attractive, as well as powerful and unpredictable!

From Qin Lie’s point of view, Ling Yushi’s changes were even more swift and unbelievable than his own improvements!

“Did Song Tingyu send you home again?” A strange shine that seemed to penetrate minds emerged within Ling Yushi’s purple eyes as she pursed her lips. She chuckled before continuing. “Several days ago, she came and found me, asking if you had returned yet.”

“I know.” Under the expectant gazes of Ku Luo, Duo Luo, and Ka Meng, Qin Lie smiled as he walked over. He said, “I determined that there actually is a spatial teleportation formation within the depths of Herb Mountain. It is a one-way spatial teleportation formation and should lead directly to the Nether Continent.”

Upon hearing this, a glimmer of astonishment flashed through the eyes of the three Horned Demon elites with six horns as they became extremely excited.

“The spatial teleportation formation is ready for use. As long as there are Spatial Spirit Stones, it can be used at any time,” Qin Lie continued.

“Spatial Spirit Stones?” Ku Luo slightly furrowed his brow. “We have quite a few Spatial Spirit Stones in the Nether Continent, but we have none here. It seems as though this will be somewhat troublesome.”

“I am also trying to think of a way.” After pondering for a moment, Qin Lie said, “Profound Heaven Alliance wants to exchange Ku Lu for three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses. The location of the exchange will be the desolate mountain in the direction of Seven Fiends Valley. As for the time, it would be in the next two or three days. What do you think?”

“If there are no problems, we are naturally willing. I would gladly exchange three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses for my younger brother’s life,” Lu Kuo expressed.

“Qin Lie, could it be a trick?” Ling Yushi interrupted. “That desolate mountain isn’t covered by any nether demonic energy. If any conflict were to occur over there, we would be at a disadvantage.”

“No matter. Even if Profound Heaven Alliance wants to make mischief, we are not afraid.” Ka Meng sneered.

“Just the lone Profound Heaven Alliance is beneath our notice!” Duo Luo expressed.

“Mn, let us go together. We are not at all afraid of Profound Heaven Alliance’s tricks,” Ku Luo said.

“Profound Heaven Alliance might be hoping to make more exchanges with you in the future. They shouldn’t cause any trouble,” Qin Lie said.

“Help us contact Profound Heaven Alliance and tell them that, in three days, we will take the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses to the desolate mountain and exchange them for my younger brother.” Ku Luo accepted the offer of exchange.

Qin Lie nodded.


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