Chapter 358: The Eye of Frost’s Wondrous Change!

Chapter 358: The Eye of Frost’s Wondrous Change!

Qin Lie naturally didn’t go deep into the Arctic Mountain Range. He hid himself near Herb Mountain and observed the actions of Liu Ting, Wei Li, and the others.

He watched as the martial practitioners moved the bodies of Guo Ying, Guo Hao, and the Feng Family members into the tunnel that the Feng Family members had recently dug. Then the tunnel was securely covered.

Qin Lie believed that Liu Ting would deliberately conceal these corpses in order to prevent other people from finding them. To prevent the corpses of the Feng Family members from being exposed, she would not allow other people to dig at Herb Mountain.

He observed from the shadows and found that Liu Ting was sternly ordering Wei Li and the others to guard the secret. She clearly prepared to conceal today’s events as much as possible.

He did not have to guard the secret inside of Herb Mountain forever. After this, when the clansmen of the Horned Demon Race were able to return to the Nether Continent through the spatial teleportation formation, there would be no problem in having the secret of Herb Mountain become known.

So Qin Lie only needed to keep people from discovering the secret inside Herb Mountain while he accomplished his goal.

Liu Ting and the young martial practitioners of Nebula Pavilion cleaned up the matters surrounding Ling Town and did not continue to stay. They quickly chose to leave.

Qin Lie was not in a hurry to leave.

Using the Eye of Frost, he directly traveled to the frozen world underneath the Arctic Mountain Range from Ling Town.

At this time, he was sitting atop the enormous body of the Giant Spirit Race’s Mang Wang that  was sealed in ice. He appeared on top of the glacier with a flash. Mang Wang’s soul, which formed a thunder python, also appeared.

“I helped you restrain those people in that poisonous bog. After that, I fell into the Arctic Mountain Range and came here from underground.” Mang Wang’s soul essence flashed with electricity in front of Qin Lie. He said, “I hope that you will fulfill your oath and one day release my people from the frost seal. I promise that my race will not destroy the Scarlet Tide Continent. Once released, we will leave as soon as we are able.”

Mang Wang knew what Qin Lie was worried about, so he carefully expressed his attitude and said that they would not stay in the Scarlet Tide Continent for long.

The Ice Emperor had sealed the Giant Spirit Race and frozen them in ice to imprison them in the depths of the Arctic Mountain Range. It had been far too long since this event.

In Qin Lie’s opinion, the cultivation of the person who had shrouded the Giant Spirit Race in the frost concept was incomprehensibly frightening, but this Ice Emperor definitely meant to leave them a way to survive since the Giant Spirit Race had not been directly annihilated.

Many years after he had entered this place under Li Mu’s guidance, Qin Lie comprehended the concept that the Ice Emperor had left behind in the frost concept that never dissipated.

This was perhaps fact, or this was perhaps a chance for the Giant Spirit Race. The Ice Emperor’s frost concept was something that Qin Lie was able to deeply comprehend. It was also possible for him to remove the seal on this place.

As he comforted himself in this way, the conflicted feelings that Qin Lie had gradually lessened.

He was truly going to help remove seal from the Giant Spirit Race and focus on the matter of helping this race that had been frozen for so many years.

“It seems that I should pay more attention to this.” Qin Lie nodded.

Mang Wang’s eyes showed excitement.

“Frost concept, frost concept, and this Eye of Frost...”

Qin Lie slowly sat down in the lotus position on this glacier and thought. As he silently channelled Frost Arts, he felt this area’s brutally cold aura.

He gripped the Eye of Frost in his palm and used his mind consciousness to explore the profoundness within.

In the eyes of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, the Eye of Frost was a wondrous spatial spirit artifact.

With the Eye of Frost’s help, Qin Lie could enter this place and leave whenever he wanted. If he was able to activate the crux inside the Eye of Frost, he would be teleported with just a thought.

“Spatial teleportation formation, spatial spirit artifact...”

Qin Lie thought with a furrowed brow. Without realizing it, large amounts of cold mist gathered.

Once he channelled Frost Arts, the cold energy here would gather and be drawn to him.

Soon enough, Qin Lie’s body was completely frozen over. A thick piece of ice eventually encased his body.

The python soul of Mang Wang observed for a while as it floated above Qin Lie’s head and then withdrew back into its body.

He seemed to know that Qin Lie needed a long time to comprehend the essence of the frost concept. It was not something that could be accomplished in a short time. Therefore, he returned to his original body and patiently waited.

For the first time, Qin Lie seriously studied the Eye of Frost.

When his mind consciousness ventured deep into the Eye of Frost, he immediately saw the crux that he frequently activated.

—It was a crystal inside of the Eye of Frost.


Qin Lie couldn’t help but exclaim out loud. He first retracted his mind consciousness and examined the Eye of Frost in his hand.

From his perspective, the Eye of Frost was a silver-white ball of ice. Inside the ball of ice, there was a crystal core. That crystal core was the crux he normally activated.

Up to now, he only needed to touch the crystal within the ball of ice with frost power and his entire body would be frozen. Then he would step into this world.

He had always used the Eye of Frost as a tool to enter this place. Today, after close examination, he suddenly discovered that the crystal core within the Eye of Frost looked unique.

Qin Lie suddenly put the Eye of Frost on the ground. He stood further away and examined it. When he did this, Qin Lie trembled.

If he looked closely, the crystal inside the Eye of Frost was clearly an eyeball.

Was this Eye of Frost really an actual eye?

Qin Lie’s expression became strange. He picked up the Eye of Frost again and it felt different.

This was an eye!

For some reason, he was suddenly sure that this Eye of Frost was the eye of a vicious beast!

When this thought appeared, he spread his mind consciousness into the Eye of Frost once more and sent it toward the crystal core—toward that eyeball.

In the past, Qin Lie would push frost power inside and activate the crux.

Today, he did not use frost power, but his mind consciousness. Just like when inspecting a spirit diagram, Qin Lie turned his mind consciousness into a pin and stabbed the crystal core!

Before, he had inspected the crystal core inside the Eye of Frost, but his mind consciousness would always be blocked.

Yet, he strangely did not encounter any resistance this time. His mind consciousness entered the interior of the crystal core almost immediately.

Countless complex shards of light and lightning flooded out of the crystal core with a bone-chilling, presence. They almost carried Qin Lie’s thread of mind consciousness as they flooded into Qin Lie’s mind.

Bright icy light exploded from the Eye of Frost in Qin Lie’s hand. A freezing power that disturbed even Mang Wang was released from the ball of ice.

“Krak krak krak!”

A freezing sound came from Qin Lie’s body. At this moment, the thick ice that encased his body grew thicker and taller.

Mang Wang’s soul flew out once more and looked at Qin Lie with surprise.

In just a moment, the thick ice had wildly expanded by ten meters with Qin Lie as the center. Qin Lie appeared as though he was also sealed in ice.

The way he looked now, Qin Lie became a new statue of ice in this glacial world, a newly sealed individual.

Qin Lie could not feel the state of his body. He did not know that large amounts of frost energy were flooding toward him and causing him to freeze at a rapid rate.

In his mind, countless shards of light, lightning, and thought writhed violently, like a hailstorm with a bone-chilling aura.

He wanted to hold his head and wail but he found he was unable to move. He could only endure this pain that he would not forget in his lifetime.

Mang Wang was beside him and could clearly see blinding icy lights being continuously released from the ball of ice in Qin Lie’s hand.

The icy lights invaded Qin Lie’s body and reached the depths of his mind.

Mang Wang was shocked and afraid. He did not know what just happened. He looked at Qin Lie but was unable to do anything meaningful.

Yet, to his delight, he found that the frost concept that froze his actual body and his people suddenly came to life.

Countless threads of ice, lines that the physical eye could not see, were wrapped around the bodies of him and his people. They tightly restrained them, preventing them from moving.

At this moment, these icy lines on their bodies moved strangely.

Mang Wang immediately understood that these ice threads were affected by the change in the ball of ice within Qin Lie’s hands.

A strong hope for being freed welled up in the shocked Mang Wang. He hoped that his people would be released and be able to see the light of day once more.

Yet, when he was preparing to work with Qin Lie and fight with all his strength, he realized that the ball of ice stopped releasing icy light.

Then Qin Lie’s expression slowly transitioned from one of pain to one of calm.


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