Chapter 356: Endless Taunting

Chapter 356: Endless Taunting

Dark Asura Hall’s first hall master and second hall master, Yuan Tianya and Cao Xuanrui respectively, were buried at Armament Sect.

Not long after the death of the two, Tu Shixiong sat on the second hall master’s throne with the Song Family’s assistance. Meanwhile, the former third hall master, Han Pu, replaced Yuan Tianya and became the new first hall master, wielding incredible authority.

It was rumored that Han Pu’s supporter was Profound Heaven Alliance’s Nie Family.

After the death of Yuan Tianya’s, the current Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion quickly sought connections with First Hall Master Han Pu.

Feng Yi had a great mind, and he had long ago improved his relationship with Han Pu on Shattered Ice Manor’s behalf by bribing the people around the first hall master with some of the rare spirit materials within Shattered Ice Manor’s domain.

Feng Yi was originally going to use the Fiery Solar Jade at Celestial Wolf Mountain to please Liu Ting. This was the only reason he had told her about the secret.

Yet, ever since that Yao Tian popped up out of nowhere, Liu Ting’s attitude toward him had undergone a huge change. She was already forgetting his existence.

This caused Feng Yi to feel both jealous and angry. Therefore, he no longer wanted Liu Ting to interfere with the mining of the Fiery Solar Jade at Celestial Wolf Mountain.

The two Manifestation Realm martial practitioners walking over from the town entrance were both from Dark Asura Hall. They were the two generals beneath Hall Master Han Pu called Guo Ying and Guo Hao. They were both brothers that had received many benefits from Feng Yi in the past.

Since Feng Yi had messaged Guo Ying and Guo Hao about the existence of Fiery Solar Jade at Celestial Wolf Mountain, he managed to invite them here.

“Big Brother Guo! Second Brother Guo!”

The moment he saw the two brothers, Feng Yi cried out to them fondly and waved to them over and over.

Guo Ying and Guo Hao were all smiles along the way, seeming to not notice how tense the current situation was. Upon arrival, they looked at Feng Yi out of the corners of their eyes as Guo Ying said, “You said that there is Fiery Solar Jade in Celestial Wolf Mountain. If you dare lie to us, do not blame us for being unkind!”

The two brothers came alone in order to take the Fiery Solar Jade mine for themselves and the Feng Family.

They did not notify Dark Asura Hall about this matter.

“How would I dare lie to my two brothers?” Feng Yi nodded and clasped his fist together with a humble look. He slapped his chest and promised, “The Fiery Solar Jade is in Celestial Wolf Mountain. I’ve mined them before, and we can begin again at any time!”

“What’s all this?” Guo Ying asked as if he had just noticed the situation.

He looked at Nebula Pavilion’s group, then at Feng Yi’s clansmen, before he began to frown and scold, “Hey, hey, hey, both Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion are supposed to work under the first hall master. Unity is of the utmost importance. Just what are you guys doing?”

When Liu Ting saw that the two newcomers were martial practitioners from Dark Asura Hall, that they were Guo Ying and Guo Hao who often came to Icestone City, and that Feng Yi appeared very familiar with them, she instantly became confused.

Wei Li and the others all bowed and saluted when they saw that the newcomers were from Dark Asura Hall.

Nebula Pavilion and Shattered Ice Manor were both vassal forces of Dark Asura Hall. Any martial practitioner who was from Dark Asura Hall would have a higher status than theirs.

This was especially the case since the brothers, Guo Ying and Guo Hao, often came to Icestone City representing Han Pu. One of them was in the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm and the other in the late stage of the Manifestation Realm. They had no choice but to treat them with care.

“There’s a person called Yao Tian who came to Ling Town a few days ago. He says that he is from overseas and was journeying through the Arctic Mountain Range.” Feng Yi’s hateful and venomous eyes glanced at Qin Lie’s position from afar.

Coincidentally, Qin Lie had just poked his head out of the window and locked eyes with him.

Qin Lie’s expression was calm and collected. He walked right out of the house and calmly leaned against the door, even smiling at Feng Yi slightly.

Feng Yi had the feeling that he was being looked down upon. His expression was cold, and as if his aura had abruptly surged with the arrival of the Guo brothers, he pointed a finger at Qin Lie and exclaimed in a low tone, “That’s him!”

Following his finger, Guo Hao and Guo Ying both frowned and looked at Qin Lie.

“I suspect that this man may be from Eight Extreme Temple and Joyful Union Sect. The reason he came to Ling Town may very well be to investigate the Ling Family and Qin Lie.” Feng Yi laughed coldly from the bottom of his heart and immediately began to smear Qin Lie’s reputation. “This man must be up to no good!”

The fact that Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were only friendly on the surface was something that every force in the Scarlet Tide Continent knew. Even a Limestone force like Nebula Pavilion, and even a person like Feng Yi, knew about this, so naturally Guo Hao and Guo Ying were even more aware of it.

Ling Town fell under the jurisdiction of Nebula Pavilion and was managed by Dark Asura Hall. Naturally, it belonged to Profound Heaven Alliance.

If a martial practitioner from Joyful Union Sect and Eight Extreme Temple had openly declared their identity before coming over, the situation might have been slightly better, but if it were a sneaky attempt to inquire about specific news, then that would be breaking an unwritten rule.

“It is also possible that this man is a person from the Ling Family or might be related to that traitorous spy, Qin Lie!” Feng Yi’s father, Feng Bin, was even more insidious than Feng Yi. His tiny eyes shone with a cold and venomous light as he said softly, “Both Qin Lie and the Ling Family are remnants of the evil races. The fact that this man secretly came to Ling Town may be because he is related to the evil races! In my opinion, we should capture this person and search him. We will see who he truly is! Perhaps there may be a shocking discovery.”

He urged Guo Hao and Guo Ying to take action, “If there really is a discovery, then this will be a great achievement. Both of you will garner great reputations in Dark Asura Hall.”

Both Guo Hao and Guo Ying originally thought nothing of Qin Lie, but the moment that the father and son duo pressured them, their eyes lit up. It was obvious that they were moved by their words.

Off to the side, Qin Lie’s expression did not change as he continued to listen with a smile, greatly admiring Feng Yi and Feng Bin’s methods.

“No wonder the Ling Family nearly died by your hands. Truly, you are filled to the brim with insidious tricks…”

Muttering on the inside, the smile on Qin Lie’s face did not fade as he fearlessly walked out into the open. “Are you guys talking about me?”

He looked at the crowd mockingly.

“Big Brother Yao came from overseas, and he was just hunting spirit beasts around the Arctic Mountain Range to accumulate experience as a Manifestation Realm martial practitioner. How could he possibly have any relations with the Ling Family and that traitor Qin Lie?” Without waiting for Qin Lie to explain himself, Liu Ting jumped out immediately with glaring eyes. Staring at Feng Yi, she yelled, “Feng Yi! Don’t you dare slander without reason!”

“That’s what he told you, sure. You may believe it, but we don’t.” Feng Yi smiled coldly and turned his head toward the brothers, saying, “My two brothers, this person’s background is unknown and should be investigated thoroughly. What do you think?”

“I see what you are now, Feng Yi! You despicable little man. You are unable to woo me, so you’re purposely attacking Big Brother Yao, aren’t you?” Liu Ting yelled loudly.

Guo Hao frowned and waved his hands, gesturing for both Feng Yi and Liu Ting to shut up.

Guo Hao came from Dark Asura Hall, and he often appeared at Icestone City. He was always accompanied by the big shots of Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion, which was why he possessed a certain level of intimidation in front of the martial practitioners of Limestone forces.

Seeing that Guo Hao was unhappy, Liu Ting had no choice but to keep quiet. She stared worriedly at Qin Lie, afraid that he would suffer by their hands.

“Brother Yao, you said that you came from overseas. Which continent do you come from? Which force do you belong to?” Guo Hao demanded in an interrogative tone.

Qin Lie smiled calmly and looked at the two brothers arrogantly, saying, “Who are you two supposed to be? You think you’re qualified to know where I come from?”

Since he had already confirmed that there was a teleportation formation inside Herb Mountain, his business on this trip was already finished.

Right now, the issue of highest priority was kicking the Feng Family out of Ling Town, preferably for good so that the secrets inside Herb Mountain would be preserved indefinitely.

Therefore, Qin Lie couldn’t wait to make this trivial mess as big as it could get so he would have an excuse to kill someone. His tone obviously wouldn’t be polite.

“This is Ling Town, the domain of our Dark Asura Hall, and we are the martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall!” Guo Hao identified the identity of his superiors before snorting coldly. “You are in this land, so you are in the domain of Dark Asura Hall. You tell us whether or not we have the qualifications to interrogate you about your origins.”

“You do not.” Qin Lie’s expression was relaxed and filled with arrogance. Without waiting for permission, he walked until he was beside Liu Ting before saying softly, “This is nothing. Let’s not waste time with these people and continue to talk inside the house.”

He was intentionally enraging the other party.

“B-Big Brother Yao…” Liu Ting looked worried, thinking of persuading him to cooperate, but was afraid that she would make him angry.

“Don’t worry, these small fries are nothing in my eyes,” Qin Lie said coldly.

While speaking, he openly grabbed Liu Ting’s small hand and looked like he would forcefully drag her into the house. He truly treated the brothers Guo Hao and Guo Ying like air.

“My two brothers, this man truly does not know right from wrong. What do you think?” Feng Yi continued to fan the flames.


He had just finished speaking when a loud slap rang out. Then Feng Yi flew a dozen of meters into the air.

He was slapped right off of his feet by Qin Lie.


After landing on the ground, one half of Feng Yi’s face was completely swollen. His eyes, his nose, and the corner of his mouth were filled with blood. He looked absolutely terrible.

“You say I do not know right from wrong? And who the motherf*cking shit do you think you are?” Qin Lies even swore with a cold expression after beating someone.

“Yao Tian! How dare you act villainously in Dark Asura Hall’s domain! Dark Asura Hall will never let you go free!” Feng Yi clutched his face and yelled harshly at Qin Lie, his gaze venomous.

“Hoh? You think you can talk just because you have a backer to straighten your spine?”

Qin Lie let go of Liu Ting’s hand and, like lightning, instantly arrived beside Feng Yi once again. Before the crowd could react, he stomped his foot right onto Feng Yi’s face.

A single stomp was all it took to draw blood from Feng Yi’s handsome face once more. Mingled in blood and snot, Feng Yi looked remarkably savage and ugly.

The hatred in his eyes grew even more as he stared straight at Qin Lie and stood up madly. “I’ll kill you!”

“Like hell you will!”

Qin Lie stomped down yet again, and the instant he raised his foot, the tip abruptly shone with a ring of brown yellow light.


He stepped right onto Feng Yi’s chest, and the sound of shattered bones resounded clearly.

Feng Yi spat out huge mouthfuls of dark blood. They spilled out of his mouth uncontrollably as the hatred in his eyes disintegrated with a single stomp.


It was only now that Feng Bin had come to his senses, charging madly at Qin Lie while yelling loudly, “Kill him! Kill him!”

At this instant, every Feng Family clansman cried out threateningly, and under Feng Bin’s leadership, charged Qin Lie.

“Fools rushing to their deaths.”

Qin Lie did not even look at Feng Yi behind him after turning around. Suddenly the layer of bright yellow rings surrounding his body was unleashed.

Circular bursts of yellow spirit energy shot out from between Qin Lie’s hands, descending directly to the center of the charging Feng Family clansmen.

In an instant, as if they were being run over by tanks, the Feng Family clansmen cried and screamed as their bones were shattered by the yellow rings.

The force of the earth was famed for its weight, density, and absolute power. The yellow rings contained the powerful energy of the earth, and this tremendous impact wasn’t something a Natal Opening Realm martial practitioner could endure.

Furthermore, many of these Feng Family clansmen had yet to even enter the Natal Opening Realm.

“This man is too savage!”

At this point, Guo Hao was angered by Qin Lie’s arrogance and lawlessness. He was initially going to wait until he had finished questioning Qin Lie before acting against him, but after being taunted repeatedly, he was completely furious.

The two brothers shared an unspoken understanding. After looking each other in the eye, they angrily roared and attacked.


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